Approaching Midnight 2020 at Times Square: Over 1 Million in Attendance


Only one of many sections of Broadway below my hotel room. Crowds are checked through security before being allowed into these cordoned off segments of avenues. They’re moving slowly under police escort toward Times Square. Large screens at each corner gives crowds something to watch as they progress. All streets and avenues around Times Square look like this. No way out for people or cars until the Ball drops!

2020 New Years Celebration at Times Square is Under Tight Security: Literally Thousands of NYPD Everywhere


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights institute

After completing another assignment here in Manhattan, I spent New Year’s Eve afternoon jogging around Central Park and trying to access Times Square to see how New York handles the hundreds of thousands who come to celebrate the world’s greatest New Year’s event. It’s as if the New Year is not official until that famous ball drops on Times Square.

I’m only a few blocks north of the Square at the Courtyard Marriott and I was lucky to gain access when I returned from Central Park. That was 3 pm. Earlier you could still shop the area but by mid-afternoon, all sidewalks and roads were closed all around Times Square. I was given a hotel pass for later access when the roads are opened to pedestrians only. Even my hotel lobby had NYPD officers on duty.

According to ABC News today, “thousands of officers, both uniformed and plainclothes, heavy weapons teams from ESU, CRC, and SRG, along with the Technical Assistance & Response Unit, Canine Teams, and the Harbor Unit will be on hand to ensure the safety of the celebrators.”

I could hear and see helicopters from my hotel window. Yeah what an event. I’ve been to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my daughters in the day at this same location, but the security then was not a fraction of this one.

Nearer to the Square, lines across entire streets like Broadway and Seventh Avenue were already building since early morning. People from all over the world were friendly and excited. The uproars everywhere are already underway. I was fortunate to meet and hang out with couples and professionals from Texas and Ohio. I will keep you updated.


Trump’s Epic Move to Void Articles of Impeachment

When Donald Trump was nearing his nomination in June, 2016, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg began a series of news conferences from chambers disparaging the candidate through an abuse of judicial office. At the time I had a case under consideration before that court and moved for Ginsburg’s disqualification since it featured a family court gag order and violations of my First Amendment rights on the side of the candidate. That motion was accepted but never expressly decided. Ginsburg subsequently acknowledged her indiscretion after liberal media took issue against her. The same court may now be called upon to address crucial issues relevant to impeachment. How can Ginsburg sit in judgment on such matters today?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

This is the third and last segment of a series I call the Christmas Day Trilogy. It is directed to reforming America’s family courts, ending parental alienation and securing a federal investigation of Title IV-D funding abuses.

Followers know that our lobby efforts in Congress, a march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort, and my report discussed personally with Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsay Graham have failed to result in any action from any member of Congress. Instead our federal government is focused on parent-child separations at our borders and the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Hence, we parents legally residing here must enter the political fray so that our vital rights are respected. To that end, I was dismayed by White House lawyers who proposed to treat the Articles of Impeachment as a non-event simply because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was holding back on any submission to the Senate.

She was doing so under a condition that she receive assurances of a fair trial there for Trump’s removal. I don’t know how much they pay these lawyers, and let’s face it, Rudy Guiliani is the one who got his client in trouble with Ukraine in the first place, but the timelines are not so much the issue as is her condition.

Understandably our duly elected president wants to derail the agenda of stigmatizing his presidency in the history books. The impeachment vote came along party lines without any criminal charge, thereby sabotaging any principle through a witch hunt.

There are parallels to be made to the witch hunt against me in family court after my run for Congress in 2005. That is why I am publicizing a more viable track for Trump’s objectives, but first, it is necessary to offset the defamation of my character in retaliation for my ongoing exposure of court corruption.

This won’t take long so bear with me. A reading of a high profile case in Oneida Indian Nation v County of Oneida, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000) will verify the skills I possessed nearly twenty years to invalidate a billion dollar casino compact. I was representing a landowners’ group (UCE) which had been held hostage by a 250,000 acre Indian land claim.

I was up against Cravath, Swaine & Moore, of Manhattan, a global law firm and one of the most prominent in the nation. They represented the Oneida Indian plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit to seize land from 20,000 landowners based on a 1794 treaty.

I counter sued to invalidate the Indian gaming compact which had produced the sprawling Turning Stone Casino and Resort, something which Donald Trump might know something about given his vast casino interests.

My strategy was “in your face” and logical, namely, that if you want to dispossess politically weak and hard-working farmers, small businesses and home owners based on illegal deeds traced to that treaty, we will invalidate your gaming compact and disgorge you of all your wealth you obtained through that void compact.

The compact at issue was VOID because it had been signed by Governor Mario Cuomo but never approved by the state legislature as required by the New York Constitution. To make a long story short, my strategies in both federal and state court cases resulted in success and the land claim was ultimately overturned by the Supreme Court.

The cited case lays out the complexities which may be compared to the ones I face today in the same federal and state courts regarding a challenge to Title IV-D funding and First Amendment retaliation.

The land claim/casino cases were considered matters reserved for elite firms. A sole practitioner was not welcome here any more than I am in my high profile litigation today.

To illustrate this, my successful representation was reported in the cited case as a lawyer with the prominent law firm of Bond, Schoeneck & King. As my client (UCE president Scott Peterman) later disclosed, he had never even spoken to a lawyer from that firm, let alone retained them for any case. Yet the inaccuracy remains.

With this backdrop, let us now address the current impeachment crisis which is tearing our nation apart and will continue to dominate Congress over our domestic needs.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already stated for the record that she is withholding any submission of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate until she receives unspecified assurances of a fair trial for the removal of Donald Trump. The Constitution is clear that the House of Representatives has the “SOLE” power of impeachment whereas the Senate has the “SOLE” power of removal through a trial.

Here Pelosi is emphatically usurping the power of the Senate. Her condition is already a matter of public record and VOID from its inception. Why bother then with timelines when White House lawyers can already rely on this record for a senate resolution to void the entire process, hence achieving Trump’s objectives more immediately and soundly.

As the media has reported, the impeachment process in the House can be compared to a criminal indictment process before a grand jury. Such indictments can be voided based on facts and charges which do not match, a grand jury improperly constituted or sworn, or a jurisdictional impediment. I have won every grand jury and petite jury I faced in the day. They may not be many but the tactics can be compared to Pelosi’s usurpation of her own jurisdiction under the Constitution.

Speaker Pelosi has no authority to condition articles on the manner in which the Senate proceeds. She has her “handlers,” but not her dictates. Her job was completed on December 19, 2019. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court merely presides over the Senate trial, he too cannot direct any outcomes.

Regardless, because there is little precedent with only two prior trials in the 19th and 20th centuries, and no precedent for withholding Articles, this approach is eminently logical. It can withstand the test of time. A decision voiding the Articles can be offered by Lindsay Graham as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Now these are simply my citizen thoughts related to my currently pending litigation. Given the usurpation of our rights to congressional action on domestic needs, a swift conclusion to this Election 2016 witch hunt would be in America’s best interests.

Merry Christmas to all good government advocates and family court victims


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

My daughters called today, and our dialogue was wonderful. There is no way we can turn the clock back and make up for six long years of parental alienation but maybe  it’s a start.

I have been involved in the family court reform movement for over twelve years. I’m not sure how much I accomplished in that time; the lawsuits, rallies, conventions, news conferences, marches and lobby initiatives, but I like to think that with so many moms and dads joining our cause, great things may be right around the corner. The judges and politicians may finally be feeling the pressure to take real action.

And so maybe those victimized by the court system can obtain a measure of hope on this Christmas Day. I have come across some very special people during my reform efforts: the good folks out on Long Island exposing corruption, the ones in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania seeking to end parental alienation, the guys at the 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco seeking judicial accountability, the advocates who joined me in conferences at the United Nations and those who rallied at our Parent March on Washington this past May.

From New York to California, and countless places in between, I was fortunate to meet so many fine parents wrongfully denied family relationships. They include victims from other countries, the ones I came to know in Paris where I sought international protection during Christmas season, 2014, the professionals like Dr. Mario Jimenez in Miami who joined four professionals at a 2016 news conference at the Supreme Court, Steve Boyd and the Boyd Foundation taking serious action to stop child victimization, the many groups represented on the Capitol lawn whose leaders gave victims profound hope with the realization that they were not alone.

There’s Dr. Carlos Rivera who sacrificed time in a child support jail and went on to demand justice for dads in debtor prisons, John Murtari who has been arrested countless times for his courthouse protests over a three decade period, Chris DiMaggio and Glenn Svoboda, two warriors I would want on either side of me in any foxhole. They show up regularly at crucial events.

I attended the 2014 Family Law Reform Conference sponsored by Dr. Joseph Sorge and Divorce Corp, I participated in his video series and cannot sing his praises enough in any website post. I will never forget Tamara Sweeney and all her good work to correct parental alienation, Christine out in Maui (Hawaii) who flew me out to write her memoirs.

Attorney Larry DeMarco, a great family man, dropped everything at the last minute to video our three day Parent March on Washington. Let us all applaud James Kelly, Chris DeVol, Anthony Paress, Rick and Wendy Sassone, Jack Frost, Missy Arnold, Lena Wilson, Doug Staneck, and those on social media keeping us all motivated, my good buddy Charles who supports the Title IV-D cause with a vengeance, Mike Whitney, Dan Barney, Jim Ginther, Eric Sinderman, the list goes on.

Finally there’s my family and countless personal friends like Brian Albert, Tom Barnaba and the “Gutter Rat” boys who, without my knowledge, started a “Save Leon” rally at our local family court last year. I don’t know how I would have survived without the profound commitments and concern from my adopted brother John in Saratoga and Tony Pappas in New York City.

The people and groups to be recognized here are far too great in number for this very special Christmas post, but I encourage all to stay the course. These are our children, our courts and our government, one nation still under God!

Merry Christmas to my Daughters, Kristen and Cassandra!

The above video was produced at Times Square days before Christmas. No matter where my work takes me, I’m always thinking about “daddy’s little girls.”

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

What a great many Christmas holidays I had with my little girls, Kristen and Cassandra. Sadly they’re not little any more but the fond memories remain. It’s as if they occurred yesterday.

Like the time I had a lawyer friend show up at my home dressed as Santa Claus. My 4 and 5 year old girls at the time could see him out in the snow covered yard approaching our dining room window with that big bag of presents.

Of course we had to invite him in, but when he made himself known with all the boisterous, “ho-ho-hos,” my younger one hid behind me in fear, only peaking out when her elder sister convinced her that he was the real deal.

And then there’s the Christmas’s years later when I would mimic the Polar Express movie by carrying each daughter out into the snow covered yard as if they were flying like the fictional characters. Out they would soar into the cold, star-lit sky, over their silent playground and across the terrain until I returned them safely next to our warm fireplace.

They knew exactly the moment when they would take flight during the film and could not get enough of it. Such experiences seemed to exceed anything they discovered the next morning under our Christmas tree. Money and presents were never their priority then.

Yeah, those days are long gone. They live now only in my memories. But they take special emphasis as a victim of parental alienation inflicted by a “custodial parent” named Kelly Hawse-Koziol. ” She did everything she could to shatter my precious father-daughter relationships and a professional career which she did nothing to advance. She did all this out of scorn and greed despite the harm to our children.

The evil of Kelly Hawse-Koziol is beyond depiction here and not what I would like to display on Christmas Eve or Day. Instead I will follow up with a history that will convince you that this woman is the very embodiment of Scrooge, Grinch and Herod himself.

I have been denied six years of contact with my daughters so that she could replace me as a father. So far, all three attempts have failed. As a kid I could never imagine a Christmas without my dad. But the dysfunctional, money lusting family courts of America made such a holocaust “a-okay” today.

How my daughters will not even call me regularly is a sad commentary on the corrupt and evil world we live in today. But regardless of the morally depraved environment in which they were raised by this “psycho-mom,” I will never abandon my little girls or fail them in their time of need for as long as I should live.

I know there are literally millions of fellow parents sharing the same pain as I am this Christmas Day. But we also share an immutable truth: the knowledge that we were on the right side of morality and remain the only true loving parents in our children’s lives.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

While the Politicians were Impeaching…

This 1-second video was taken north of Times Square, not far from Trump Tower on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. It was taken around 6 pm as politicians were wrapping up their day long testimony for a vote on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. 

Curious as to the unique culture surrounding homeless people, I monitored events to learn that the man in red was visiting fellow homeless victims to assure that they had sufficient protection for the night against the single digit snow squalls which I personally fought en route to my hotel. The forecast was a low of 15 overnight.

The guy in red had just delivered some additional cardboard bedding for the man buried under those blankets on the ground. I overheard that guy tell him that he would return to sleep on his other side as soon as he checked on others nearby.


This photo shows a man buried under blankets beneath the marquis of a worship center in Hell’s Kitchen just west of Times Square. While he was fighting to stay alive on the sidewalks of Congressman Jerry Nadler’s district, Jerry was preoccupied with impeachment as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It was a cold, bright sunny day on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 as I drove down the New York Thruway on another assignment to uncover court corruption in Manhattan. A one hour traffic jam at the George Washington bridge made me late for my appointment. Six lanes at the New Jersey side toll booths narrowed to a single lane on the bridge due to vast stretches of ice being removed by construction crews on its south span.

I had already spent travel hours listening to testimony of congress members regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump which was approved later in the evening. Initially I was impressed with most of the statements including those with which I disagreed. However, even as a former office holder and trial attorney, I soon found myself anxious to switch my radio dial to something more interesting, like latino music which I do not get upstate.

That’s how predictable the testimony became, such that the traffic jams I so detest were becoming tolerable. The many reserved and yielded time for glory speeches could not be more boorish. If it was a Democrat, Trump was a treasonous villain compared to the likes of Benedict Arnold. And if it was a Republican, “colleagues across the aisle” were history’s most profound hypocrites, the likes of which would make Alexander Hamilton turn over in his grave.

In the end, the lofty presentations turned cold and grey as the weather was becoming as I finally reached midtown. They were entirely connected to party loyalty and not the gravity of events that would further divide our nation. So partisan were these representatives that the process lost its luster. There was no merit or genuine principle behind any of it. Whatever respect I had for this impeachment process, it was tortured by politicians focused on self-advancement.

Congressman Jerry Nadler represents the 10th District of New York. His district is the second smallest in the nation and one of the most gerrymandered ones on the planet. It stretches from Central Park down along a west side strip of Manhattan deep into the heart of Brooklyn. Obviously this district was carved out for Jerry’s re-election prospects and not for any constituent benefit in such diverse, chopped-up neighborhoods.

Jerry was the “gentleman from New York” who dominated the hearing as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. I must have counted at least four times when he was recognized in a single hour, yielding time to select Democrat colleagues to impress the few outsiders who bothered to hear any of it. I was particularly offended because I visited Nadler’s office with his constituents during the lobby (middle) day of our Parent March on Washington (May 1-3, 2019).

I had been to Washington many times lobbying for court reforms and a federal investigation of Title IV-D funding abuses which are needlessly separating parents legally residing here from their children. Such abuses are causing veteran suicides and aggravated domestic violence, but because of the lucrative nature of this funding scheme in America’s family courts, you will not hear any lofty speeches from these same members of Congress supporting our requests.

Indeed, not a single member or staff in Congress responded to our reports and march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort. After a packed meeting in the conference room of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in which we were promised a reply, none has materialized even after follow-up visits and calls. This is how obsessed he and other Democrat colleagues have become with the impeachment agenda which began shortly after the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile the people and constituents are literally left “out in the cold” based on the many homeless people in Nadler’s congressional district that were taking cover from deadly cold and snow squalls on the day of impeachment. They could also be found only blocks away from that district at Trump Tower on the other side of Central Park. To hear these epic hypocrites recite their “oaths of office” repeatedly during the same day hearings made me cringe given their violations of those oaths among the sidewalks of Manhattan and the family court victims of America.

Federal Judge Directs Attorney General to Present Position on Parental Rights Case

Title IV-D Incentive grants: The “Elephant in the Courtroom” now targeted in federal court case: Leon Koziol v Judge Gerald Popeo, New York Child Support Processing Center, et. al.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

This past week, a federal judge directed attorneys defending my civil rights case to present their positions regarding an amended complaint drafted to meet federal court standards. The amended version was made necessary by the New York Attorney General who removed my case from state supreme court to federal court on August 29, 2019.

To be sure, this is a complex case but no small matter as a “shoot on sight” threat was made against me by a traffic cop claiming authority of a high alert support warrant. That alert was secretly crafted and unlawfully “leaked” to media according to a local sheriff. The threat was made to a driver of my vehicle on August 30, 2018, and it was eerily similar to the police murder of Walter Scott in South Carolina on April 4, 2015.

That murder was caught by a hidden by-stander using his i-phone, otherwise it would not have been believed. I addressed national media and a member of Congress at the Walter Scott funeral to shift attention from race relations to federal funding abuses under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, 42 USC 651-669b. That Act incentivizes parental conflict, aggravates domestic violence and causes needless murder-suicides.

Walter Scott was shot dead in the back unarmed while fleeing a support warrant at a traffic stop. Fortunately I was not present in the vehicle when the “shoot on sight” threat was made to my driver three years later. In my amended complaint, I compare the abusive proceedings in retaliation for my whistle blowing activity to the show trials, death threats and child propaganda of Nazi Germany.

The fact that no judge to date has shown any concern for these draconian, Nazi style enforcement practices should make every good American very alarmed. It could be you or a loved one under attack tomorrow. I endured 12 years of persecution due to my exposure of this human rights crisis, one that now supports a conclusion that our government will kill for money, i.e. the Title IV-D scheme rewards family courts by the number and size of support orders they issue.

Here is the opening segment of my amended complaint:

     Leon R. Koziol, as and for his amended complaint, sets forth the following:

                     PRELIMINARY  STATEMENT

   1)  The United States Supreme Court has long declared that the right of parents to raise their children is the “oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution.” This right is not lost or waived when two parents decide to raise their children in separated environments.

   2)  However, in the State of New York, this parenting right has been dismantled in countless ways through an antiquated system of custody, support and visitation processes that can permanently and needlessly separate parents from their children. For parents to legally divorce or separate, they must expose themselves to these unduly adversarial processes to a point of being forced out of their children’s lives. Parental rights are effectively terminated through overregulation and invasive conditions imposed on a substandard level of proof.

   3)  While our national government focuses on parent-child separations at our borders, wrongful separations among legal residents are occurring on a far greater scale. They are highly influenced by federal incentive (performance) grants which reward the states by the number and size of support orders issued. Under this scheme, parents are forced to name a “custodial parent” or war over that title for states to receive billions of dollars in aid for their court operations. This, in turn, creates a systemic bias among decision makers against the noncustodial parent.

   4)  In addition, a 12-court trial level structure has been erected, in part, to maximize these revenues. As this case will demonstrate, a parent could be forced to litigate in three separate trial courts at the same time with evidentiary fictions that expedite support orders in violation of basic due process. The state’s top jurists have condemned this structure with a former chief judge depicting it as “absurdly complex… difficult to understand, hard to navigate and a burden to administer.” The state’s bar association has repeatedly issued reports calling for major overhauls.

   5)  The U.S. Supreme Court has also declared that the right to exercise free speech is more than public expression, it is a right of self-governance critical to any free society and it deserves special protection by our judicial branch. Despite practices to the contrary, that protection is not limited to speech directed at our executive and legislative branches.

   6) Against this backdrop, plaintiff, an attorney and parent victimized by this system, set out in 2008 to reform it through community forums, lobbying initiatives, news conferences, public protests, editorials, website postings and formal complaints. With each event, there arose a corresponding act of retaliation continuing to the present day. Over time, it resulted in the loss of plaintiff’s livelihood, licenses, law practice, motor vehicles, bank accounts, established credit, personal health and precious daughters, among many other liberties, without any criminal charge, moving violation, child protection report, malpractice or evenly applied ethics violation.

   7)  For example, before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in 2013, plaintiff reported judges who fictionalized college degrees to inflate his support obligations for punitive incarceration purposes. Only weeks later, plaintiff lost all meaningful contact with his two daughters based on such concoctions as a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” (wedding toast) when no unfit parenting could be proven. The retaliation has escalated to the extreme now where plaintiff is prohibited from contact at school events under penalty of criminal contempt.

   8)  Plaintiff’s website continues to feature the Moreland testimony and reports to various commissions regarding judicial misconduct. In 2016, Family Judge Daniel King issued a gag order disguised as a protection order on this website. It was removed only after a show cause order was signed against him by a state supreme court judge. Judge King then dismissed the tactical family offense petition on his own motion and recused himself without explanation.

   9)  Plaintiff’s pro bono efforts were consistent with ethical duties to improve our judiciary, but he was targeted by system beneficiaries to the extreme of a “shoot on sight” threat by a traffic cop purporting to enforce an unlawful child support warrant in 2018. It mirrored the police murder of Walter Scott three years earlier in South Carolina, leading the public to conclude that our government is now killing for money. Like Nazi practices in the day, plaintiff was subjected to show trials, death threats and propaganda which exploits the child for money.

   10)  Unlike other types of whistle blowers, attorneys who expose corruption in their profession have no legal protection. They are isolated in a way that impedes genuine reform and accountability. This action seeks precedent, declaratory relief and compensation for a level of persecution over a twelve-year period that “shocks the conscience.” When addressing the totality of structural, financial, systemic and retaliation flaws with a permanent loss of children and an ultimate death warrant, that standard is easily satisfied by the extraordinary facts of this case.

                    JURISDICTION  AND  VENUE

   11)  This court has jurisdiction over this action pursuant to 28 USC 1331, 1343 and 1441. It is authorized by 42 USC 1983. A private right of action is inferred under 42 USC 669b.

   12) Venue is proper under 28 USC 1391(b) because all parties are in the Northern District of New York, and the events giving rise to this action occurred here.

   13)  This action is also brought pursuant to the Title IV-D scheme, more particularly 42 USC 651-669b. Under the latter provision, federal funds are earmarked to assist noncustodial parents to improve child access and mediate disputes. No such programs were provided here.

   14)  Supplemental jurisdiction over state law claims is authorized by 28 USC 1367.