New Promotional Video Donated for Parent March on Washington: Share it with Court Victims


As the momentum grows behind our May 3, 2019 Parent March on Washington, contributors are growing as well. After our last nationwide conference call of March 6, 2019 and meeting the same day at Courtyard Marriott in Manhattan, New York City resident Marcello Roque produced this promotional video. Less than a minute and a half long, it nicely summarizes the purpose and itinerary for this event. Currently going viral, we need everyone to share it.

If we are ever going to get accountability and reform to our abusive divorce and family court processes, a large showing is needed in our nation’s capital. There has never been an effective presence of parents anywhere to convince leaders that an epidemic is underway. This video does not include our lobby campaign in the halls of Congress on May 2, 2019. For details, hit upper link.

We are also hoping to have a vehicle caravan of American parents to shift focus from illegal immigrant separations to parent separations occurring in our courts. If enough interest is shown, a New York caravan could begin at 10 a.m. on May 1, 2019 at Liberty Park, New Jersey. Other cities could do the same. A suggested ending is the Veterans Memorial in Washington to commemorate the horrific number of suicides traceable to parental alienation. Check out: Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class

While we remain focused on the March as the main event, these options will be available for those who want to make their mark in other ways. As of today, our advertised hotel, The Harrington, is sold out. But there may be cancellations or a waiting list. Richard Monzone is working on a group rate at the Washington Plaza Hotel. There is also the Days Inn at 4400 Connecticut Avenue NW, one of the lowest cost lodging in the area. We will keep you posted.

We have flyer templates for you to use and pass out in courthouses and their parking lots or anywhere else that can grow our numbers. Soon we will offer news releases for people to sponsor and submit to media in their home towns. As we all know, mainstream media has not been reporting on this epidemic but small town and social media can be exploited to overcome it.

IMPORTANT: Join our weekly Thursday conference calls at 7pm EST to get involved in strategy sessions and updates, call (605) 313-4165. Punch in 763491 access code when prompted.

Finally, you can call event sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420 anytime.

Parent March on Washington: What it’s about and why you should come on May 3rd

Dr. Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute, has been lobbying Congress for an oversight hearing and the Justice Department to investigate abuses of federal funding in our nation’s divorce and family courts. He practiced civil rights law in federal and state courts for over two decades and has conceived this March as a long overdue event to get reform.

Request for Congressional Oversight Hearing and Justice Department Investigation of Widespread  Abuses of Parents in Divorce and Family Courts

Why the March?

While our federal government obsesses itself with illegal immigrants separated from their children, American parents are being separated for years, even permanently, in divorce and family courts across our country.

It is an insidious form of separation, far worse than the kind experienced by the immigrants, because children are programmed to ignore, even hate their parents, for no reason other than lawyer profits and court revenues from the federal government.

Worse yet, it is done every day without so much as a pause from the lawmakers who caused it. Parents are kept in the dark on why this is happening to them.

It is long past the time to express our outrage over this horrific injustice, and the best way of doing that is to confront those lawmakers where they least expect it, in the halls of Congress and the streets of our nation’s capital.

Welcome to the Parent March on Washington set for May 3, 2019. Parent alienation is the outcome of an antiquated child custody system which attracts billions of dollars in federal funds and a gold mine for those who feed off this system. Oversight authorities created and occupied by these beneficiaries are failing us in their duties to prevent this outcome. They are the foxes watching the chicken coop.

For too long, our federal government has been ignoring an epidemic created by a federal funding scheme under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act which incentivizes parent conflict in these courts. Gas is being poured upon family disputes which are better resolved in non-litigious environments.

This may be largely due to vital information which is not being presented to congressional representatives due to the fee and revenue benefits to those who exploit our children for profit. As a result, it leads to exponential costs for our society and a federal government facing an ever-growing budget deficit.

Such abuses of our Social Security program also produce human rights violations that have now reached epic levels. Suicides, homicides, domestic violence, worker productivity, and the psychological, financial and physical harm to parents, families and children make this a national concern.

Such abuses may eclipse that caused by tobacco, drug and chemical companies. There has never been a congressional inquiry on this subject despite countless victim reports including CDC statistics showing a record high level of suicides and drug addictions. It is an epidemic suppressed by a media policy of avoiding family issues and federal court abstention practices which defer such matters to state courts.

What are we demanding?

1) We want to end billions of dollars in federal kick-backs that reward judges by the size and number of support orders they issue.

2)  We want a national shared parenting bill to mitigate abusive custody laws that alienate children from their parents.

3)  We want better oversight of judicial misconduct, lawyer over-billing practices, child protection and support collection agencies.

4)  We want parental rights to be protected without discrimination.

5)  We want an end to debtor prisons and excessive childrearing dictates.

6)  We want to end lucrative referrals for needless evaluations.

7)  We want accountability for custody tactics and false charges.

When and where:

May 3, 2019, March begins 1pm at the White House

How it originated:

The Parent March was conceived by Dr. Leon Koziol, a parent rights advocate who practiced law for more than two decades without blemish. He successfully challenged gag orders, racist and sexist practices, and won substantial awards in federal and state courts. He obtained judgment invalidating the largest casino compact in New York.

Leon was featured on 60 Minutes, New York Times and CNN. When he took a stand against corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts, a horrific agenda of retaliation followed causing an indefinite suspension of his law licenses and child contact. That 12-year agenda was executed through criminal means and without accountability

Who is sponsoring it:

The March is being promoted principally by the Parenting Rights Institute as an umbrella sponsor with others assisting. PRI is a judicial watch and parent advocacy organization founded by Dr. Leon Koziol in 2010. It has conducted parent conventions, lobbying initiatives and traveled the country assisting moms and dads. It has offered book publishing services, self-representation and court strategy programs, video documentaries and professional referrals for parents.

The PRI relies on donations and purchases but has remained grossly underfunded. The March seeks to bring together groups and advocates from all states to finally be heard in a place where true reform can happen. We are hoping that you could join us as a co-sponsoring person or entity.

What is its purpose:

The uniting purpose of this March is to get our Justice Department to investigate corruption in our domestic relations courts and Congress to open public hearings on the horrific cases that are erupting there. Justifications for federal involvement include widespread abuses of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

States abuse billions of dollars in federal money through protracted litigation and custody mandates which preclude shared parenting alternatives. A trillion-dollar industry has resulted to benefit lawyers, psychiatrists, drug companies and countless others to the demise of families and children.

Highly protected and suppressed from public knowledge, these abuses include Medicaid fraud, domestic violence, overbilling practices, parental alienation and a fatherless society contrary to the purported “best interests of the child.” This March seeks to bring universal awareness to an epidemic that is destroying the moral fiber, constitutional fabric and productivity of an entire nation.

What is the agenda?

Thursday, May 2, 2019 – A lobbying day on the eve of this March seeks to impact our nation’s leaders. An action plan will be confirmed, 8 a.m. at the Harrington Hotel, 436 11th Street NW, Washington D.C. located ideally between the White House and Capitol. The PRI has used this hotel for lobbying events including a news conference at the Supreme Court to announce the docketing of precedent seeking cases.

Groups with lobby packets will head to both houses of Congress with the hope that every elected member is notified at their offices. By our experience, these representatives pay little or no attention to their constituents unless backed by a high-profile special interest group. This will change when they see the seriousness of our message the next day.

Friday, May 3, 2019 – The White House

After a morning review session with key organizers at the hotel, marchers will begin assembling at President’s Park in front of the White House. A permit is required for events having more than 25 participants, and it will be obtained upon confirmation of a worthy number. Here we will be calling upon the president and Justice Department to open an investigation of our nation’s family courts. We will also request support for a National Shared Parenting Bill.

At 1 pm, the March proceeds along Pennsylvania Avenue (or the National Mall depending on logistics) to Upper Senate Park where a stop will be made to request congressional hearings regarding the abuses of Title IV-D funding and family court corruption. Such abuses continue to yield a fatherless America through debtor prisons and draconian enforcement practices that cause suicides, homicides and health impacts. The March will then resume to the Supreme Court a short distance away behind the Capitol Building.

Here we will offer victims an opportunity to present their individual cases and pleas for an end to parental alienation caused by judges and lawyers in these courts. At 7 pm, we will end the day on the opposite (front) side of the Capitol with a candlelight vigil for suicide and alienation victims.

Important:  The subjects and itinerary are not cast in stone. We anticipate input and modifications from volunteers as they join the event. However, we do not wish to jeopardize our effectiveness with a multitude of “beefs” that dilute our main message, that of ending corruption in these courts.

Why should I come?

Your involvement may change history. We parents love our children, but they are being exploited for money, turned against us, and taught to disrespect other authority figures. We have to stand up for our parental rights which the Supreme Court has declared to be “the oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution.” That liberty is being eroded with each passing day because parents lack an effective watch dog in Washington. This silent epidemic is very serious.

Our message is not being heard because government is steadily minimizing parenthood for an eventual take-over of our children much the way education was institutionalized. You may be traumatized because you do not understand what is happening. Now you can do something about it. It is a truly patriotic cause.

How can I get involved?

We are a loose collection of court victims, parent advocates and reform groups committed to securing justice for those being ignored by oversight agencies. In large numbers, we can protect one another, network more successfully and apply our energies more effectively. We have nationwide conference calls every Thursday at 7 pm EST. Nearly all 50 states are represented. You can participate by calling (605) 313-4165. Access code when prompted is 763491.

You need to make plans now. The Harrington Hotel is in a safe location, and easily accessed at the center of it all in our nation’s capital. The huge edifices, monuments and stately grounds are your property, the people’s domain. Don’t let them steal it from you. Make the pilgrimage to where it all began.

This hotel has good accommodations as low as $125 daily for a single room. Train and air fares can be very low if obtained in advance with free cancellations as close as two days prior to arrival. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

We need your help and contributions now. A Go-Fund Me page has been established and can be accessed by clicking anywhere on the link at the bottom of this page or at Details on the March are regularly updated on the latter site. You can also call our office at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail Leon directly at Welcome to our family!

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This short documentary video by Parenting Rights Institute with a concluding home interview of its Director, Dr. Leon Koziol, explains the reasons behind the Parent March on Washington.

It was produced by an NBC crew and catalogues only some of the divorce and family judges nationwide who were sent to federal prison for taking custody bribes, harassing their mistresses and presiding over child support cases while impregnating a mom in chambers.




This first of a documentary series entitled, Parents Under Siege, is a 6-minute video describing the need for a Parent March from a lawyer standpoint. Released in December, 2018, it exposes the “Lawyer Epidemic” in our nation’s divorce and family courts.




The Patriot: A historical movie comparison to the upcoming Parent March on Washington


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In an effort to boost the ranks of court victims attending our Parent March on Washington, advisors have recommended a video production on the seriousness of our cause. Today’s society is focused on fame, drama and sound bites as opposed to lengthy reading. We live in a world of fiction, short attention spans and ever declining moral fiber.

With that in mind, I decided to answer this reality with segments from the blockbuster movie “The Patriot.” It has remarkable parallels to the modern day patriots who will join our March on May 3rd. Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, this March is supported by a growing number of groups and court victims.

However, unlike the actors and fictional scenes of the movie, the people here are real, the court drama cannot be edited, and the fighters are caught in a war between the state and parents over the control of our children. It’s the antiquated child custody mandate versus progressive shared parenting at the center of today’s domestic revolution.

Indeed the entire family court structure is based on a “best interests of the child” doctrine which enables the state, its judges and lawyers to exploit our children for revenues much like the British did to our colonists. That doctrine is still known as “parens patriae” or the power carried over from Great Britain which had the King (or Crown) as the father of all people.

So follow me as I enlighten you to our parent revolution using symbolism, principles and the “worthiness of our cause.” The Patriot movie opens in 1776 South Carolina where French and Indian War hero, Captain Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) is trying to convince the colonial legislature to vote against a levy that would help finance our war for independence.

Familiar with the horrors of the earlier war, Benjamin Martin stresses that unlike all others, this one would be fought “amongst us,” that our “children will witness it with their own eyes,” and “the innocent will die with the rest of us.” He is asking everyone instead to plead with the King for recourse “again and again” but to no avail as his friend, Colonel Harry Berwell, insists.

It is a remarkable parallel to family courts which profit from the pleadings that parents bring “again and again” due to needless custody wars incited by lawyers. Such wars caused Walter Scott, a loving dad, to be shot dead five times in the back by a traffic cop in 2015 while fleeing unarmed from a support warrant. It occurred in South Carolina where the Patriot movie was based. I was subjected to a similar “shoot on sight” threat by a New York traffic cop years later. States are now killing for money, and our children witness this as victims.

Suicides, homicides, domestic violence and premature deaths are common outcomes. Prophetically, when one of the Assembly representatives, “Mr. Howard” complains of “a tyrant 3,000 miles away,” Captain Martin answers with the blunt question, “why should I trade one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away.” Family Court Judges have been described as “petty tyrants.”

The unexpected reply draws laughter but the point he follows with is that “an elected legislature can trample a man’s rights just as easily as a King can.” How ironic it is that this prediction has come true today with bar associations and special interests that control Congress and our legislatures. They have long been passing laws which are taking our rights away. The Supreme Court has long declared that the parenting right is “the oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution.” And this liberty is most under fire today. Here’s our first scene:

In the scene (below) which follows, Captain Martin is put to task by Colonel Harry Berwell of the Continental Army (played by Chris Cooper). Having fought along side him under George Washington in the earlier war, Berwell is shocked at Martin’s change of attitude on a war with England.

Martin justifies his position: “I’m a parent, I haven’t got the luxury of principles.” Ironically that was the phrase I used ten years ago to avoid a custody war with my ex-spouse, Kelly Hawse (Koziol), but like the victim in the movie, I was drawn into it with my children when she threatened to replace me as their father for money. That’s the way these custody wars work:

In the next scene below, Captain Martin (“Father”) is thrust into the war when his young son is killed by the British Dragoon Colonel William Tavington (played by Jason Isaacs). It occurs in front of Martin’s family and home as he predicted in the Assembly. Tavington is the villain who is killing women and children, burning down their homes, and engaging in “brutal tactics” in order to bring rebels into submission. In family courts, punishments are doled out for the same purpose.

Those who complain are hit with “brutal tactics” such as parent alienation, loss of custody and debtor prisons. Draconian court orders are designed to force parents to accept the state as a super-parent. Here, Captain Martin regrets “doing nothing” to fight these brutal tactics and his eldest son Gabriel (played by Heath Ledger) is determined to do his duty contrary to his father’s orders. In a scene common to parents in court, Captain Martin laments that he is losing his family:

Forced to join the Continental Army, Captain Martin asks his friend, Colonel Berwell, to have his son Gabriel placed under his command. They are then assigned to recruit militia to prevent British General Lord Cornwallis (played by Tom Wilkinson) from marching north to attack George Washington. Father and son split up with Gabriel coming upon town residents hung by the British from a tree.

Undaunted, he enters a church to make a recruiting call but is criticized. Ann Howard, whom he falls in love with and later marries, answers with a fevered pitch for joining this militia. “Is this the sort of men you are?” she asks, challenging them to act upon their beliefs. It works, and her challenge could easily apply to all the apathetic fathers who are scared to protest today, i.e. “If they can nearly kill a judicial whistle blower, they can do it to anyone.”

In a scene immediately following the one in church, Gabriel attempts to get permission from Ann Howard’s dad to “write her.” In those days, parents were highly respected and daughters were highly protected. Today, fathers are made out to be incompetent, placed on the defensive in our family courts and their authority over children is undermined in countless ways.

The scene then switches to Gabriel’s father who is recruiting along with French Colonel Jean Villeneuve at a tavern. In my conference calls I have emphasized that the Revolutionary War was started in pubs and taverns. This is a comical scene which shows that. I’m hoping we can recruit in the same places for our March. Unfortunately, bar talk today rarely turns into action.

The recruiting culminates in a secluded swamp where the new militia is encamped. However, Gabriel, who has spent time with the colonial regular army is disgusted with the low character of the recruits. “These are not the sort of men we need,” he complains to his father, but veteran Captain Martin counters that these “are exactly the sort we need because they’ve fought this kind of (guerilla) war before.”

Gabriel is shocked by his father’s molding of British toy soldiers belonging to his younger murdered son into musket balls for use against his killer, British Colonel Tavington. One can make parallels to those victims devising ways to slay their elitist oppressors in divorce and family courts. Only for the love of God and family do they rarely act on their emotions.

Gabriel later asks his father not to allow revenge to hurt the greater cause of freedom. This can be compared to marches in Washington sponsored by experienced groups. Parents have never mounted a serious March, but that can change by recruiting talented victims who leave their local foxholes and turn energies to our greater cause

The militia is granted leave to tend to their homes and families. During that leave in a remote beach village, Gabriel marries Ann Howard. After the ceremony, Captain Martin sits down to chat with the sister of his late wife who has been caring for his children during the war. She emphasizes that she is not her sister. Captain Martin misunderstands her romantic overture and promptly acknowledges her obvious status. When she turns away disappointed, Martin acts on her invite.

The next morning, Gabriel and his father are saying their farewells to return to the war. The youngest daughter has not been speaking purposely to protest her father’s absences, a form of parental alienation. She steps back from his attempt to hug her. In an earlier scene she insists that she hates her father.

A visibly hurt dad is forced to accept this. As he gets on his horse, the little girl finally breaks down and runs for him. It is an emotional reunion which our family judges do not promote. Instead, out of pure arrogance and self-advancement, they allow parent alienation to fester until it is permanent. Family in this movie is a core theme, a cherished value upended by war. The same is occurring with custody wars.

After completing the leave from war activity, only three volunteers return to the swamp camp to resume militia operations. They are depressed until suddenly the rest show up in large numbers due to a recognition of their vital cause. My hope is that a similar recruiting success keeps our volunteers on course.

Colonel Tavington orders the burning of a church with town residents inside which include Ann Howard and her father. When discovered, Gabriel strikes out to find the murderer of his wife ahead of companions. Tavington ends up killing him too, leaving Captain Martin with two dead sons.

In this scene, while Captain Martin is mourning Gabriel, Colonel Berwell tries to convince his friend to continue with the cause but Martin replies that he’s finally run his course. It parallels loving parents forced to acknowledge that their efforts to maintain a relationship with their children have been ended by a corrupt regime, a sort of living death without logic.

In family courts, parents lose their children to custody wars. In my case, the ex would not even facilitate a farewell to my daughters when I left for Paris to escape persecution for my reform activity. It is an evil reaching levels never seen by any prior society. The alienation today is typically permanent without crime, abuse, abandonment, neglect or rational purpose.

After Gabriel is buried, his father starts heading for home until he discovers the ragged colonial flag which his son had stitched together and kept in his horse bag. In this scene, Captain Martin surprises his militia by returning with that flag high above the march to the cheers of everyone. Those who join our March in Washington should receive a similar welcome.

As civilians, we cannot relate to the intensity of our soldiers at war when they face serious odds of survival. We take the rights for which they sacrifice for granted. In this scene, Captain Martin recognizes that his end may be near as the militia prepares to advance toward a far superior British army. A plan was devised to send the militia out first with colonial army hidden behind under a hilltop. Martin asks Berwell to keep a message to his family in his coat pocket. He nods solemnly.

Meanwhile a white militia man, previously critical of a slave member, discloses now that he is free and honored to serve with him. As they advance for the final showdown of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown, Captain Martin asks French Officer Jean Villeneuve about his two daughters. They had been “burned alive” by a British ship firing upon the vessel they were sailing on. He asked their ages and how lovely they must have been. Jean then replies that they were 12 and 10, the same ages as my daughters when they were taken from me by New York Lewis County Family Judge Dan “Kangaroo Court” King.

In our last segment from the movie, The Patriot, Captain Martin heeds Gabriel’s request to place the cause above his personal quest for revenge. He forfeits an opportunity to kill Tavington with his specially prepared musket ball when discovering that the patriots were retreating. He seizes a flag and heads toward the British while yelling for those running in the opposite direction to turn around and join him.

The patriots are ultimately successful and Captain Martin does get his revenge by slaying Colonel Tavington. Like the movie, we modern day parents can never retreat from the duties to our children, country and future generations. This movie contains graphic details of the sacrifices made so that we can exercise our rights in Washington. Let us now honor all who have served to the present day by recruiting and joining fellow marchers on May 3, 2019.

Parent March organizers urge victims to pass out notices for our May 3rd event in court parking lots

Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, the short videos below give the reason and itinerary for the May 3rd Parent March on Washington to end corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. One version of a promotional flyer is found at the bottom of this Post.





Among the ideas coming out of our third nationwide conference call of February 21, 2019, is the dissemination of posters, mailers and flyers in family court parking lots and community locations. Even those victims without resources to come to our Parent March on Washington, May 3rd, can help our cause in this manner. One version of a flyer is offered below. You can copy it, add or subtract with your grievance, and get started today for the sake of your children, families and future generations. Help us raise needed funds.


Join the Parent March on Washington to demand a federal investigation of our corrupt divorce and family courts!

 1) We want to end billions of dollars in federal kick-backs that reward judges by the size and number of support orders they issue.

2)  We want a national shared parenting bill to mitigate abusive custody laws that alienate children from their parents.

3)  We want better oversight of judicial misconduct, lawyer over-billing practices, child protection and support collection agencies

4)  We want parental rights to be protected without discrimination

5)  We want an end to debtor prisons and childrearing dictates

6)  We want to end lucrative referrals for needless evaluations

7)  We want accountability for custody tactics and false charges.

 It’s time for aggrieved parents to make a long overdue stand against court abuses that are destroying families and harming our children!

This March will start at the White House, 1 pm on May 3rd and end at the Supreme Court. Plan now, spread the word, bring your signs and grievances, and get details from the event sponsor, Parenting Rights Institute at or call (315) 380-3420.  


Legal and Illegal Bribery in our Courts: Know Why You Lost Your Child and Take Action at the Parent March on May 3rd

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Our third nationwide conference call was completed with growing enthusiasm this past Thursday regarding our May 3rd Parent March on Washington. It was hosted live at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Manhattan where a group of aggrieved parents met before and after the call to discuss strategy.

Among the topics was our main purpose of getting Congress and Justice Department to hold hearings and order an investigation of corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. We feature a regular posting of judge corruption on this site and it is posted again here. That short video produced by an NBC crew catalogues only a few judges who were sent to prison for taking bribes in divorce, custody and support cases.

One of those at our meeting had not viewed this video because he was unaware of the “Kids for Cash Scandal” in Pennsylvania, one of the corruption cases selected for this video. We all recognize that taking kickbacks from detention center contractors in exchange for false juvenile convictions to fill those centers is a serious crime for which two judges were sent to federal prison.

But what about legal bribes or kickbacks in federal funding for mandatory and elevated support awards that fill our county jails, nearly 100% of which are fathers? Under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, state judges are rewarded by the size and number of support orders they issue. These orders are enforced through draconian practices such as debtor prisons and forced suicides.

Where is the accountability for this sort of barbaric and criminal behavior? How does an imprisoned dad serve the “best interests” of his children? Billions of dollars are needed by states such as New York which recently disclosed (after Election Day) a record 2.3 billion debt. And the federal government which is handing out these kickbacks is growing a record federal deficit which may result in an economic depression of massive proportion.

Someone has to stand up to this insanity which exploits our children for money. Enough is enough. Join our movement now. Call in to our Thursday evening conferences, learn vital information to benefit your case and make plans to attend our March on May 3rd. You can come up with countless excuses to stay home but in the end, you’re only harming yourself, your families and future generations.

Don’t expect others to do this March for you, because they’re thinking and acting with the same apathy. No-show means no-change, more lawyer fees, endless conflict, parent alienation without justice and corruption without accountability. It is corruption of epic proportion. Now how hard is that message to understand? We are marching to end it in the courts which take our children at great profit to the legalized kidnappers.

Call our PRI office at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me personally at to offer your donations or assistance to this vital cause. Spread the word.

Parent March on Washington (May 3rd): Join our next Conference Call this Thursday, 2/21 at 7 pm, live in Manhattan



We will be hosting our next nationwide conference call for organizing the May 3rd Parent March on Washington tomorrow, Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 7 pm. An update from our last meeting is available by clicking here. A number of reports regarding buses, car-pooling, local and regional organizing groups, state coordinators and funding is expected. A Go Fund Me page has been up for about a week.

The first week of May in Washington typically has temperatures of mid-seventies for a high and mid-fifties for a low. Hence, for those staying in vans, campers or cars, the environment is very conducive. Temperatures after May can be unbearable, and spring in our nation’s capital is beautiful this time of year with flowers blooming everywhere. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival starts in late March and concludes roughly three weeks prior to our May 3rd March.

There are sign companies near the route of our March that specialize in events such as this. Heritage, Next Day Sign and Commercial Printing are examples. We want to solicit as many court victims in the Capital Region as possible since they are more likely to attend and assist. Tomorrow’s meeting will be hosted at the Courtyard Marriott; 1717 Broadway; 4th Floor. This will allow us to meet in person for those in the New York Metropolitan Area who would like to join us. Several are already committed.

After state-by-state roll call and an introduction, we will continue with ideas and strategies for growing our numbers. Reports are expected with the hope that all callers from our first two conferences will join newcomers to double participation every Thursday at 7 pm. Use the the same call number and access code every time. If you do not have it, call me personally in the city on my mobile number at (315) 796-4000. We are screening out “moles and trolls.”

A single defining purpose of this March is the sake of Liberty. Most people are not aware that the Supreme Court has declared the parenting right to be the “oldest liberty interest protected by our Constitution,” i.e. Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000). We are losing that right every year, my friends, as these divorce and family courts erode it without resistance of any kind. We will record each case example in Washington. Again we are demanding congressional hearings and a Justice Department investigation of these courts.



Tomorrow’s conference call will be hosted here at Courtyard Marriott; 1717 Broadway, 4th Floor Business Conference Center, one block up from Sullivan Theater (Stephen Colbert Show).

Short video documentaries below produced by an NBC crew summarize the reason and itinerary for the Parent March on Washington.




UPDATE: May 3rd Parent March on Washington. Spread the Word!



The above video documentaries produced in December and February describe the reasons and itinerary for the Parent March on Washington set for May 3rd. Its agenda can be found on a prior post (click here). Both videos were sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute and released by an NBC production crew.


Here is a report on some of the participant offerings at our last weekly conference call of February 14, 2019:

DIXIE BANNER, Anchorage, Alaska, operates Legal Shield, a consulting agency. She has agreed to be our point person for veteran recruitment to our March. She has interacted with Sarah Palin and uniquely became a court victim due to her service in the military as a single mom. I recruited her as a newcomer to our last conference, and she promptly called the next day with her plan of action.

I believe it was JEREMY THOMPSON who was to set up a Facebook Page, Twitter and other social media expansions for our March. No report yet.

EVERETTE STARKATZ  (spelling could be erroneous) from New York has offered travel agency assistance to coordinate transportation. We’re hoping to solidify this when the participant numbers are better known.

MARCEL  (last name not provided) from Montana has followed up our last call with a recruitment and fundraising effort of his own focused on the contacts he has obtained in the movement.

FRANCESCA AMADO BANKROFT  from New York has offered to grow our numbers through contacts she has developed over the past two years and to improve our conference call effectiveness through video conferencing and other tools. No report yet.

RICHARD MONZONE from New York offered to contact participants from both conference calls to date for one-on-one strategies strictly to grow our numbers. This is the overriding goal of our first three Thursday calls. There is little point to obtaining March permits, transportation and other requirements until we can conclude that something real is developing. The enthusiasm is definitely growing but woefully short of actual effort needed to make this a reality.

Richard has predicted an easily attainable average of 20 participants from each state to make a minimal 1,000 strong event, many times the largest known to date. (Divorce Corp Family Law Reform Conference in 2014 had roughly 300 attendees but that was not a March). That would be a decent number but we need many thousands. There is no upper limit, and if too few show, we will fall back on our lobbying effort as in the past. I have sent Richard our two call lists but he will be tied up for three days. He does not have all the names, only the phone numbers, so expect a cold call soon.

A DOCUMENTARY PRODUCER from California joined our second conference call and gave an extensive rendition of court corruption on the west coast. He hopes to cover our March and share his findings.

MELISSA ANTIO from Michigan has followed up with a posting to collect case summaries for delivery to Congress during our pre-March lobbying day on May 2nd. I have suggested changes to her format and it is now approved and underway.

AN  UNNAMED  PARTICIPANT  during our first call suggested that someone open a Go Fund Me page to help finance such an ambitious March. No one stepped forward, so I did it myself  last week with a $50 starting donation from KATHY LYNCH. You can click anywhere on the link at the bottom to add your contribution or referral. Donations since our Thursday call: ZERO.

There were many other great ideas and suggestions but my experience with these sorts of things is that ideas are a dime-a-dozen. To be of any value, they must be turned into reality. That takes serious commitment. The parental rights movement tends to betray a one-and-out character with no follow-up. People actually believe that someone else will do the work for them, but that someone else does not exist. It must be you today!

Your participation will bring credibility and action to your grievances. Countless organizations that have become splintered, ineffective and even conflicting will obtain overnight credibility. Our unifying theme is court corruption and parental rights. We will not allow “moles and trolls” to infiltrate these calls. Fortunately nearly all participants to date have been constructive and serious-minded, having recognized some early attempts at hijacking or derailing that core theme.

I define “moles” as those planted within reform organizations to suppress their efforts for self-serving reasons. In our case, it could be a divorce lawyer, secretary or court clerk. I define “trolls” as those who infect a good cause with bizarre ideas that waste valuable time better committed to recruitment and fundraising. These aren’t all bad people as the moles are, but we cannot allow fringe or conflicting causes to dilute or swallow whole our main purpose. Such invasions have been the cancer for destroying so many other attempts to get noticed. Our ultimate goal is to influence congressional hearings and a federal investigation of our divorce and family courts.

Granted, it has been only two days since our second call and little more than a week since this March began in earnest (introduced with lawyer video in December). But the foregoing report does prove that we need to get a full time paid staffer through funding efforts. I cannot do this alone and part time commitments will falter. If we can get $10,000 on the Go Fund Me page (below), I will recruit such a person and the results will be immediately impressive. Special interests have large staff and finance. A key way to overcome that influence is our numbers. And that will take daily commitment.

To that end, starting next month, I will add Monday night calls at the same time with same access info to make them twice per week. In April, it will become a nightly event, perhaps afternoons on weekends. Our next meeting this Thursday, February 21, 2019, will be hosted live from the Courtyard Marriott, 1717 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City. There are participants who have already committed to attend in person as this March graduates into a ground game. We hope to get meetings in every state hosted by volunteers across the country. There are potential donors monitoring our progress but they will not invest unless convinced that we are professional and real.


Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Office: (315) 380-3420