Corona Chronicles #27: Top 15 Movies while in quarantine, what are yours?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay, during this time of crisis, let’s try a lighter side to my Corona Chronicles: my Top 15 movies to watch. Each has a distinct reason for my infatuation, it could be adventure- #1, history- #2, principle- #13, bravery- #8, romance- #6, 7, 9, 10 & 11 (you can tell I’m a romantic),  humor- “Road Trip” (too many for this one to make the list), “daddy’s little girl”- Taken Two (Taken One also close on the list), my daughters’ favorite-Polar Express, or some other aspect which has enamored me sufficiently to watch them over and over again.

Often these movies simply make me smile, provide inspiration or realize that I’m not alone (we’re all in this together, hoping for a great final outcome). The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz and Titanic are not included since I consider them (and others) to be all-time classics. This list gives you a better insight on who I am and why I stand so strongly behind my principles. Tell me your top picks, and I’ll give you the reasons for mine. I hope my selection motivates you to cheer up:

1)  Last of the Mohicans

2)  Stand By Me

3)  The Patriot

4)  Perfect Storm

5)  Sleepers

6)  Holiday

7)  Wedding Date

8)  Gladiator

9)  Something Borrowed

10)  P.S. I Love You

11)  Nights in Rodanthe

12)  The Polar Express

13)  First Blood

14)  Jaws

15)  Taken Two

Corona Chronicles #26: As predicted here, expert report confirms outdoor exercise as our best medicine against Covid-19. Join our hikes in upstate New York.

One of many rewarding views during March, 2020 hikes in upstate New York

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As our regular followers know, I have been focused lately on the coronavirus pandemic as it impairs the family, health and employment relationships among parents across our country. I postponed our annual Parent March on Washington indefinitely and have substituted this Corona Chronicles series in its place.

These Corona Chronicles provide fellow victims with a road map for change, to input your ideas into this “New Normal” initiative. Typically ahead of my time, and ruthlessly persecuted like the whistle blower doctor in China, I warned that our virologists cannot save us quickly enough from Covid-19 deaths.

In short, we have to take matters into our own hands until a vaccine or cure is found (predicted to be 12-18 months away). In Corona Chronicle #10, published on April 3, 2020, I urged my followers to exercise in remote outdoor environments to improve immunity systems as our “best defense” to this killer microbe.

Now comes a report by Zhen Yan of the University of Virginia, School of Medicine which concludes that “regular cardiovascular workouts may help protect future coronavirus patients from developing a severe complication and major cause of death known as acute respiratory distress syndrome” (ARDS).

My own experience over a six-decade period concluded the same and much more. As supported in Chronicle #5, I have survived countless viral exposures, having not fallen ill in over 40 years. I have not had an attending physician during that period and required no surgery beyond stitches or skin conditions.

I attribute that immunity to other factors as well, such as laughter, social interaction, life purpose, family genetics, good sleep, proper diet, and yes, a few bottles of Bud from time to time (alcohol, fluids, barley and hops are good in moderation with the last ingredient, a plant derivative, believed to ward off disease).

When retaliation destroyed my budget, I simply transformed my exercise regimen to near zero costs, such as jogging near my home and hikes in the 6 million acre Adirondack Mountain Park in northern New York. I have climbed the high peaks and taken friends on the smaller climbs an hour away near Old Forge, New York.

These outdoor escapes have done wonders for my health, spirits and confidence levels to withstand years of persecution of the cruelest kind. Devoid of employment capacity, I was forced to work from my home. As a result, when the virus epidemic ambushed our society, a fateful reversal occurred in my world.

Suddenly the world was quarantined and persecuted, something to which I was, so to speak, already immune. That is why I believe I can be of great help to those struggling with the current crisis. I am now offering to be a guide and entertainment for small groups, couples and families in hiking excursions tailored to each.

I am no medical doctor, but I have a gold mine of experience in the courts and in society which could have you returning home immensely revitalized at a time when you need it most. Share this post with home-bound victims everywhere. You could be saving a life.

If interested, e-mail me at or call me personally at (315) 796-4000.


Corona Chronicles #25: God can’t save us from Covid-19, only Andy Cuomo can if you translate his rhetoric



Above: a segment of Andrew Cuomo’s daily news conference was featured on The Ingraham Angle. Ever the deceiver, New York’s bombastic governor declares that God, faith and science are not behind our progress in slowing viral spread. He is?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Has anyone loved himself more?

He condemned President Trump’s travel ban from China as early as January, he opened the floodgates at JFK when the head of the Port Authority became infected there, he boasted of New York City as the world’s welcoming center, he opposed the earliest quarantine of New York City proposed by its mayor, he did the same weeks later when considered by President Trump, he threatened to sue Rhode Island’s governor when she ordered a self-quarantine of all incoming New Yorkers, and he ordered a mass transfer of infected patients to upstate New York while a hospital ship sat empty at a Manhattan pier. In doing so, he violated expert protocols of “shelter in place.”

Yes, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a giant hypocrisy of himself throughout this coronavirus pandemic. Like that grandstand in March calling out Florida spring breakers 1,000 miles away while failing to shut down his own playgrounds one mile away until April. Shockingly he did so during closed door news conferences with staff and reporters only inches apart. He decried social distancing of college breakers as highly “unintelligent,” but his example was brilliant as their high level example.

All the while, haughty-naughty Andy was presiding over the greatest human holocaust in modern history. His eminence dominated authority to such a degree that he even failed to put his lieutenant governor to use unlike the logical sharing of missions by the president and vice-president. He single-handedly escalated the spread of a killer virus overnight to make New York the world’s new epicenter, a stigma that will harm a great city and its hard-earned reputation for decades.

New York now has more infected human beings than entire nations such as Italy, Spain and China (the latter having 1.4 billion residents). Italy has three times the population of New York while the states of Texas and California, with twice the land area and population respectively, have only a fraction of the number of infections. Now how does this guy manage to get accolades as “America’s governor?” Such a performance record in any business enterprise would cause immediate discharge without pay, but in politics it is elevated to the highest levels.

And there is no shame in the failure. While urging cooperation, he is emulating the antics of his silver spoon, thug brother, “sissy Chrissy.” Andy has been picking fights with everyone, Senator Schumer, Mayor DeBlasio and President Trump to name a bi-partisan few, so as to deflect from his incompetent handling of this epidemic. Then he has the nerve to claim some kind of success because of a slowing of the carnage this past week.

I had all I could take of the egomania when a segment of his daily news conference was featured on the Laura Ingraham show last night. Now, Andy is greater than God himself! Check it out above. You don’t need to hire a politics interpreter to understand that when Cuomo says “we,” he means “I” in his brag session. “We” are far from clear of this virus, and if and when it does subside, history will confirm that Andrew Cuomo did more to cause the spread of Covid-19 than any other politician, orator or virology expert.

Even when asked by a timid reporter why he does not wear a face mask after ordering his “subjects” to do so, and what would happen if he became infected (like his brother), he arrogantly retorted that he would continue his dictatorship from his home throne. OMG, let’s hope not! He’s apt to have a sibling meltdown and condemn all the innocent virus victims for causing their own illnesses.

Yeah, Andy cannot even accept partial blame after quietly sliding through a record spending plan with fat raises while the rest of us struggle with unemployment, shaky stimulus payments and collapsed businesses. Who is going to pay for all these tax hikes?

It’s easy for a guy who’s never lived a poor day in his life to dictate that these lock-downs must last for months, even years, until the virus is eradicated. It’s easy to pontificate from his heavily guarded state mansion, but that is suicide for the people he is charged to serve. Or did he forget his constitutional role as a servant of the people. His “emergency power” is not limitless.

How do we get these politicians to stop bragging, stop spreading death and stop projecting failures on others? Just do your jobs! Do not exploit a crisis to extend dictatorial power. If you are a victim with some thoughts, send them to: or join our free conference calls every Monday and Thursday at 7pm ET. You can also call our office at (315) 380-3420.

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Corona Chronicles #24: A Perfect Storm is dropping on Family Courts. Learn more on our conference calls every Monday and Thursday 7pm

Family Court children services

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing across the states, and protesters in Michigan revolting against extreme control over our citizenry, another pandemic is coming when our nation’s divorce and family courts re-open this summer.

How ironic it is that my motorcade idea to open last year’s Parent March on Washington was the main aspect of the one in Michigan (over 1,000 vehicles).  We have to do the same as victimized parents before these courts attempt to open with business as usual.

Lawyers (and lawyers on the bench) are anxious to open these antiquated and corrupt courts overflowing with fee predators hungrier than ever. Already I have been told of lawyers returning calls in timely fashion and driving to client homes to pick up their retainer (stimulus) checks.

But when opening day comes, we cannot allow the usual suspects to destroy families as they have been unrestrained for decades. Brutal money grubbing tactics like imputed income and Title IV-D funds from the federal government will come under great scrutiny. Debtor prisons will give way to violent felons released due to the pandemic and the escalating crime which it brings to communities everywhere.

This virus will root out corruption on its own. Parents alienated from their children during lock-down will be more furious than ever, unemployed support debtors will have a national crisis as their unassailable defense to non-payment. In short, family courts as we have come to know it is long gone.

So take heart, justice is coming. We should already be planning a nationwide march in our communities to make sure that family court business changes for the better. That will be the subject of tomorrow’s nationwide conference call. Join us. It’s free and open to the public, an opportunity to do something real positive from your sheltered locations.

So let’s get to it. Contact fellow victims and help us form a powerful parent union against corruption. Call (605) 313-4427. Access code when prompted is 583326. Every Monday and Thursday at 7pm ET until the crisis subsides. You can also call me at our office at (315) 380-3420 or

Corona Chronicles #23: King Cuomo trumped while Fredo freaks: Can it get any worse?


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Parents in America during this time of crisis have it bad enough struggling to make ends meet during an unprecedented home quarantine, trying to convince our children that they are in good hands with leaders on the front lines of this coronavirus pandemic.

Then comes the juvenile Chris Cuomo and a gang of governors intent on upstaging our federal government (we’re in charge now) as to the supreme power to reopen our national economy. The last time that happened, it was called the Civil War. President Trump referred to it as a mutiny of Democrat ingrates who got everything they demanded from our federal taxpayers.

How ironic it is then that only a few days ago I posted a feature regarding upstate New York which has historically sought to secede from downstate (the nation’s coronavirus epicenter) using West Virginia as precedent when it seceded from Virginia in 1863 over a slavery dispute. Upstate and downstate are entirely different worlds which Governor Andrew Cuomo commingles too often in his speeches.

Like brother Chris, confederate coup leader Andrew Cuomo picks fights with everyone, Senator Schumer, Mayor DeBlasio and President Trump to name a few. After sowing controversy he then takes credit for unity if and when that occurs. Now he’s at it again with his state superiority claim to reopen our national economy unlike any other nation in the world.

When called to task, Andrew deflects from his self-appointed power by telling us that we have a president and not a king. Duh, right Andy, but you’re neither. Just how much attention is enough for that glacial ego of yours? Can’t we all just get along? This is not the time for turf wars. Any union of states should have been coordinated with our federal government beforehand.

During the same week, Andy’s little brother Chris was also looking for fights, a near brawl on his front lawn with a biker when he should have been inside while stricken with coronavirus. It harkens back to last August when “sissy Chrissy” threatened to throw a kid heckler down a flight of stairs for asking the innocuous question why people keep referring to him as Fredo. You remember that lame character in the Godfather sequel who kept screwing up in the shadows of his brothers and father in the fictional Corleone family. It led to the front page photo above.

Sissy Chrissy lived up to the Fredo character when he made a big show of that insult and again this week with that biker. He should have been charged and arrested for his public threats as the rest of us might. But because he was a member of the Cuomo (not Corleone) family, he was allowed to slide.

The same occurred when top leaders and a close (family) aid to Governor Andrew Cuomo were indicted after his Moreland Commission on Public Corruption was shut down early due to testimony that began implicating his administration. Andy was one of the few who escaped accountability at the top of this corruption pyramid (He knew nothing).

On his show at CNN the same week, Chris Cuomo threw yet another tantrum, attacking both Democrats and Republicans who came on at his invite. He continued his tirade against his own colleagues and the network itself. He declared President Trump to be “full of shit” leaving only himself as the great one, free of all error.

On a roll, sissy Chrissy even bragged that he was too wealthy to need his CNN show. Had this ego-maniac been a member of any other credible news network, he would have been fired on the spot. But suddenly, today, he really didn’t mean what he said the prior night. And just like his brother’s spend-happy corruption, it was all swept away like it never happened.

In the Godfather movie, the eldest son (sonny) threw a temper tantrum which led to his ambush murder at a toll booth. Compare that to the tantrum of Andrew Cuomo when he challenged the federal government to pick which people to die at his epicenter due to a “fake” shortage of ventilators. It was the focus of last week’s Tucker Carlson show:



Corona Chronicles #22: As the rich raid our $2 trillion relief fund, left-overs may never trickle down to the peasants


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Wake up America! I don’t have the time or patience for any more documented warnings. So here goes: the “Corona Chronicle” of today, Monday, April 13, 2020.

While you were sleeping, the rodents of the rich were busy stealing from your $2 trillion relief fund, creating shell businesses to soak up loans that will never be repaid and using their preferred bank status to get way ahead of the pack. It’s true! Do your own research.

At the same time, make no mistake, despite the glossy advertisements of corporate giants claiming to be our allies, very little will trickle down to the people to whom this publicly financed fund was directed. And why should that shock you? Donald Trump is already ditching his supporters to make love to the Cuomo regime to form an alliance before the real storm hits.

It is evident today that both sides of the political spectrum have been placating the rest of us strictly for personal gain. And between the two, it will be proven that more American lives were lost due to their oratory incompetence and  greed than any war in our history. You are their victims. Don’t be idle, join the resistance.

Do that by reviewing these Corona Chronicles and other secondary media that are not reliant on advertising. Take care of your own while you still can. Our elected “representatives” and “public servants” are doing the same, leaving the people to fend for ourselves.

For the still naive unbelievers, how can you be oblivious to plain facts that are shamelessly admitted, like the senate and house members who used insider information to pull out of the stock markets with huge profits in February? And the celebrities who can’t get enough of themselves by lamenting their “horrendous” conditions of home confinement at poolside mansions.

Just go away self-lovers. We “the real people” have a crisis to deal with. Even our experts are dictating that we cannot re-start our economy for 18 months or more until the virus miraculously disappears for their personal benefit. By then, the rest of us will be among the rodents scrambling for food while they feed on their ill begotten wealth and guaranteed paychecks.

For some semblance of sanity during this pandemic you are invited to our bi-weekly, nationwide conference calls, every Monday and Thursday at 7pm ET. Call tonight at (605) 313-4427. Access code when prompted is 583326. Also sign our petition at Parenting Rights Institute and make our “wake-up” message “viral.”

As a corruption-fighting whistle blower and civil rights attorney for more than two decades, I have nothing to gain here. You can call me direct at (315) 796-4000.

Godspeed my friends!

Happy Easter to all: Corona Chronicles #21 and #16 (XVI) may be helpful to you on this special day.

The Name of An Amish Farm in Upstate New York 250 Miles From the Epicenter

Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

While many violent and hardened criminals will get phone calls, well wishes and even hugs from their children today, countless model parents will not, victims of a satanic family court system which profits from needless conflict and parent- child separations.

Perhaps the only thing more evil than this system are the so-called “custodial parents” who milk it for personal gain. They bear no conscience as they lodge false accusations for sadistic pleasure. Over time, they become adept at gaming their own offspring with no concern for the life impacting harm. So sickened do they become by this system, they surrender to it.

Those who challenge this family-destroying culture are targeted with biased decision making. That, in turn, only encourages the alienators to new levels of evil. But make no mistake, there will be a reckoning, a reward for those who refused to pay homage to this modern day temple. Maybe there’s a message, a paradox in this pandemic which has brought humanity to its knees.

In a series I call Corona Chronicles I have endeavored to give fellow victims a candid perspective of our current crisis so that you might manage your lives with some measure of hope or understanding. On Good Friday, for example, I featured a piece regarding Amish farmers in upstate New York coexisting peacefully with the insane world around them.

For those who think that post may have been on the fringe of the issue, NBC featured a story the next day on that very subject. It emphasized a need to keep the Amish informed of events, as if they cared or needed it at all. The article relates how these faith-based farmers lived among us in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois with no mention of upstate New York where my photos were taken in Chronicle #21 only three days earlier.

I took those photos to emphasize just how different upstate is from downstate to require distinct treatment by a governor who has yet to respond timely to any of the warnings given to him by the experts. Like JFK Airport, metro New York, and now upstate, he continues to open the floodgates to infection without remorse or accountability. Instead he is getting accolades for his vast blunders which have directly caused thousands of coronavirus infections.

Andrew Cuomo is now the governor of the world’s largest pandemic epicenter, exceeding the entire nation of Italy which has three times the population of New York. And the “Band Plays On.” Read my whistle blower series, it is remarkably on point and proven correct with each passing day. Also, please sign our petition at Parenting Rights Institute.

In the end, I ask all of you to stay informed, healthy and faithful to the one who matters most, our creator, and don’t let the politicians or celebrities deceive you. Regardless of our trials and tribulations, today is a celebration of hope for a better tomorrow.


Corona Chronicles #21: Upstate New York Amish: Pandemic? What Pandemic? Is there a message here for the rest of us?




By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

I guess you could just freak out over all the insanity erupting from this coronavirus pandemic, or you could simply take it all in with old fashioned values, hard work, inside serenity and an unyielding faith that God will get us all through it.

In these Corona Chronicles I have attempted to help families ambushed by this unexpected holocaust by bringing you candid updates, debunking political opportunists and fear-mongers, coping conferences, advance preparation, a religious perspective, helpful tips to improve your immunity (viral defenses), and even a prophesy side to things. This is one of the latter.

But first, some real world background. As I have emphasized in these chronicles, upstate New York and metro New York City are worlds apart. For too long, residents of both have demanded a severance as those in West Virginia did when it seceded from Virginia in 1863 (due to a moral dispute over slavery).

And there is good cause for our state to do the same today. Upstate is highly rural, small city and mountainous with the largest state park in the lower 48 states. Downstate is the polar opposite with dense population, skyscrapers and liberal views, typically lamenting that it carries upstate economically.

Of course, it is unlikely that Lower New York and Upper New York states will emerge any time soon, but we remain burdened by a governor of both who defies a serious conflict of interest in his handling of this pandemic. After opening the infection floodgates from the world to lower New York, he learned no lessons. For weeks now, he has been doing the same to upstate.

In the midst of all this chaos, a tiny state of agrarian people known as the Amish have been going about their own business as they have for centuries. The above photos and two-second videos were taken only ten miles from my home and 250 miles from the epicenter. Only weeks ago, there were no confirmed cases here.

The unshaken faith and practices of these people caused the Supreme Court to allow home schooling, rejecting a state power challenge based on tradition and religious tolerance, see Yoder v Wisconsin, 406 US 205 (1972)(a ruling that Hillary Clinton unsuccessfully sought to have overruled during the 1990s).

It should be no surprise then that the Amish have found a home in upstate New York where they could never in Central Park. Self-sufficient and oblivious to the glitz and greed of the epicenter, they have maintained a peaceful co-existence with our world mobile society.

That sort of faith in a higher power influenced me once again to flip open the Bible to a random page on this Good Friday observance. I was looking to get another perspective of this virus. We have had such plagues among us since the beginning of humanity, but this one was recklessly invading our world powers all at once.

Epidemiologists have found that viruses in particular are not even living things. So what really are they, some kind of evil spirit, a rambling parasite, a microbe that is superior to its predecessors such as flu, SARS or H1N1? To be sure, AIDS was heralded early on as a warning against unnatural sex. If so, that has only gotten worse.

Could it be then that this virus, originating in a Godless nation, represents a condemnation of all evil escalating world-wide? Even without religion, can we ignore what we do know about this one, our uncertain defenses of cleanliness, distancing and immune system strength?

Can we prevail long term against a virus with mutation resistance to vaccines and drugs (several strains already), a virus predicted to return in later waves of infection? For what it is worth, here is what I found:

Mathew 12:43-45:

The Return of the Unclean Spirit

When an unclean spirit goes out of a person it roams through arid regions searching for rest but finds none. Then it says, ‘I will return to my home from which I came.’ But upon returning, it finds it empty, swept clean, and put in order.

Then it goes and brings back with it seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they move in and dwell there; and the last condition of that person is worse than the first. Thus it will be with this evil generation.

I could never really make out what this passage was all about. After all, it was authored nearly 2,000 years ago, someone who may have known about plagues but was no epidemiologist. But take a look at how a modern day expert describes this virus in plain terms.

According to Johns Hopkins virologist Andrew Pekosz, “these virus particles are a ‘destructive burglar.’ They break into your homes, eat your food, use your furniture and have 10,000 babies. And then they leave the place trashed.”

So let us focus on the things we can control and stop this burglar in its place. Your families, children and future generations depend on it. You can help by signing and sharing our petition to prevent viral spread and the crime it brings using the link below:

Petition Link:

CONTACT: Dr. Leon Koziol directly at (315) 796-4000, Parenting Rights Institute office at (315) 380-3420 or electronically at

Corona Chronicles # 20: Another Upstate New York County Executive Warns Against Unchecked Viral Spread From NYC Epicenter




By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s happening! When will upstate New York finally make a stand against viral spread as other states have done in response to America’s epicenter. When will we finally heed the warnings originating from China three months ago, then Italy one month ago and downstate New York weeks ago. Any early recovery here is gone!

As many website and Facebook followers know, I have been publishing a series entitled “Corona Chronicles” to bring you vital news regarding the viral pandemic that is devastating families, businesses and facilities everywhere. It’s my nature as a whistle blower.

My early focus was to debunk political grandstanding, grow support behind an in-state quarantine of the New York City metro epicenter, and to plan for a “new normal” which promises a serious escalation of violence if family courts reopen with business as usual.

Unfortunately, victims remain largely apathetic or sedentary on these crucial issues while hunkered down in their homes. We need to take advantage of our time now to secure a better future for our families.

It is likely that you will be unable to afford an attorney in these courts when they reopen, so we are offering self-representation and court strategy programs on this site,, and the Parenting Rights Institute website.

We are also asking you to sign and promote our citizen petition to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection to upstate New York and other regions:

Petition Link:

You can reach Dr. Leon Koziol at or call our office at (315) 380-3420. Promote this post!



Corona Chronicles #19: When Family Courts Reopen, Will Violence be the Norm?


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In yesterday’s nationwide conference call, the question was posed on the “New Normal” as applied to our nation’s divorce and family courts. What will these courts look like if and when the coronavirus pandemic runs its course?

The answers appeared relatively unanimous: 1) the crisis will NOT humble any lawyers, service providers or judges; 2) the players will be hungrier than ever, inventing new grounds for lucrative conflict; 3) violent criminals will continue to be let out of jails while non-criminal support debtors will replace them; 4) these tribunals will be worse than pre-virus courts, and 5) overwhelmed victims will resort to mass violence.

Like so many whistle blower warnings I have made over the years regarding corrupt government practices, I am once again way ahead of the curve on this subject. Already lawyers interviewed by media are reporting a sharp spike in divorce cases due to home quarantines and emphasizing the need for virtual courts to handle emergency applications. Such courts should reduce waiting and travel time fees, but see # 1-5 above.

Lawyers find a way to exploit a crisis as much as they do the good times. Foreclosures, bankruptcies and business reorganizations are only some of the practice areas that will yield a new wave of profits. Clients subject to over billing practices will have no remedy since the foxes will still be watching the chicken coop.

Proof of the latter can be found in a shocking example repeated time and again on this website.  Ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me announced at a closed hearing that they would continue to target my law license as long as I continued to seek recourse against lawyer and judicial misconduct. Only weeks later, the same ethics lawyers were allowed to resign quietly after being caught falsifying their time sheets.

Unlike the rest of us, no criminal or ethics charges were lodged. These are the standard-bearers of lawyer ethics charged with the duty of preventing client over-billing. Yet they not only stole from taxpayers, they stole from the judges who hired them, New York’s Third Judicial Department in Albany, see Times Union article, July 11, 2013. They have been in private practice ever since.

For this reason it is important for all parents seeking relief in these courts to be prepared for the onslaught which awaits us. This post is a serious forewarning that should be actively shared on the internet. It is also one which can prepare you well in advance. On this site, http://www.leon, and the Parenting Rights Institute website, you will find a self-representation and court strategy program which does exactly that.

Because these sites prevent or reduce lawyer fees and federal funding kick-backs to these courts, they have been suppressed and censored. Indeed we had to sue a family court judge in New York Supreme Court to remove a gag order on this one. If you doubt the coming violence, here is a sampling of shocking events which support our predictions. They occurred prior to this economically devastating crisis and were ignored in our report to all members of Congress on May 2, 2019:

On September 28, 2009, police Investigator Joseph Longo was ordered to pay $1,800 in monthly child support. He answered the same day with a murder- suicide leaving four children without parents. Even the district attorney could not predict this. A $2 million recovery was based on a zone of danger created by city officials as opposed to family court, Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp. 2d 367 (2011) LaDuca, Rage built Longo to murder-suicide, Observer Dispatch, 12/30/09. 

On June 15, 2011, a father and war veteran, Thomas Ball, burned himself alive on the steps of a family court to protest years of abuse and separation from his children. It stemmed from a single incident of slapping his daughter, and he left behind a manifesto on how to firebomb courts. Even after such a horrific death, the ex-wife stubbornly defended herself by complaining that her children’s dad failed to comply with court counselling. This is how demented the process has become, see Mark Arsenault, Dad leaves clues to his desperation, Boston Globe, July 10, 2011. 

On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott, an unarmed father was shot dead five times in the back by a traffic cop while fleeing a support warrant. The shocking murder was videoed by a concealed bystander. Contrary to national hype focused on racism, the victim’s funeral pastor blamed it on draconian child support confinements. Many concluded that the state was now killing for money given the revolving door outcomes. In vain, two reporters warned of this trend, see Robles and Dewan, Skip child support. Go to jail. Lose job. Repeat. New York Times, 4/15/15 at pg. 1.       

On July 30, 2018, a physical therapist with a practice in Manhattan fatally shot his ex-wife, their 6-year old son and current wife in his Astoria (Queens) home. It became the final edict in a protracted custody battle fueled by judicial war games. After a failed Go-Fund-Me effort to pay his lawyer fees, in a page titled “Child Kidnapping,” the abused dad, James Shield, explained, “I had the perfect life a few years ago but it has spiraled out of control,” Moore, Musemeci and Sheehy, Custody battle led dad to family murder suicide, New York Post, July 31, 2018. 

Less transparent are the countless cases swarming beneath these four which can easily explode. Their cause is wrongfully blamed on the parents. The public is duped into believing that an adversarial process yields truth and justice in our courts. That may be true in other forms of litigation, but when children are taken hostage by untethered lawyers, the opposite is true here. Parents commit perjury on an artificial premise that they are protecting their offspring. Sparks convert to forest fires, children emulate the dysfunction, and the perpetrators profit. See pp 10-11, Dr. Leon Koziol, Federal Funded Epidemic: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry.

You can reach Dr. Leon Koziol, Parent and Civil Rights Advocate, directly at (315) 796-4000 or e-mail him at Also, please sign and promote our petition to prevent coronavirus spread below: