Federal Court to Hear Precedent Case Regarding Parental Alienation, Support Abuses and Whistle Blower Retaliation

Participants of our Parent March on Washington were rewarded with a police escort down Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and Capitol Building on May 3, 2019. We spent the prior day in the halls of Congress lobbying for a federal investigation of human rights violations and federal funding abuses in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

On November 15, 2019, at 9 a.m., at the United States Courthouse in Albany, New York, a federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments regarding a precedent-seeking case entitled, Leon Koziol, Individually and as Natural Parent vs State of New York, Child Support Processing Center, Acting Family Judge Gerald Popeo, Support Magistrate Natalie Carraway, Chief Court Clerk Barbara Porta, Support Investigator Katie Lawrence, Custodial Parent Kelly Hawse-Koziol and Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol.

This case features inhumane retributions which I sustained as a model parent and attorney who blew the whistle on corruption in our divorce and family courts. That corruption is twofold: first the systemic bias among judges rewarded by the number and size of support orders they issue under a federal funding law known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, and second, a particular bias ranging from my pedophile custody judge removed from the bench (Bryan Hedges) to a racist, unethical and abusive judge censured by a judicial commission (Gerald Popeo, a defendant here).

It was filed on August 7, 2019 in New York Supreme Court after I was denied court transcripts and evidentiary subpoenas to show a major fraud during a support violation proceeding. My rights of due process, free speech and equal protection were violated incessantly after federal judges in upstate New York referred my complaints to state court over the years. In a shocking irony, the New York Attorney General (representing the state, judges and court clerk) then moved my case from state court back to federal court on August 29, 2019.

Nearly 40 trial level judges have been disqualified or removed from my originally uncontested divorce. Over a period of 12 years, my livelihood, reputation and parent-child relations were utterly destroyed through such concoctions as a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” (a wedding toast) and fabricated college degrees (PhD and Masters) to elevate my support obligations.

It has set new records for unmitigated corruption. For example, ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me have opposed my reinstatement to practice as long as I continue to blow the whistle. This has been ongoing for a record 10 years. The same lawyers were then allowed to resign without any criminal or ethics charges after being caught falsifying their time sheets.

As observers across the country have warned time and again, if they can do this to a model parent and unblemished attorney (for more than 23 years), imagine what they could do to the rest of us. A sort of Gestapo atmosphere is growing in our family courts to advance a trillion dollar industry. Anyone courageous or conscientious enough to stand in the way of this gold mine will be squashed, immediately or over time.

The greed and corruption are so rampant that I was subjected to a “shoot on site” threat arising from an unlawful support warrant one year ago. That warrant was issued by Defendant Judge Gerald Popeo who accepted an assignment to my support case six months after complaining of my supposed participation in a “witch hunt” that led to his  public censure by a judicial commission. Defendant Sheriff Robert Maciol admitted during a radio program that this high alert warrant was unlawfully leaked to the media. Read more details by clicking on to the link below:

(Koziol Complaint Dated August 7, 2019)

This is a watershed case seeking to declare excessive enforcement practices unconstitutional, to establish parental alienation as a constitutional violation, and to secure legal protection for judicial whistle blowers. Bradley Birkenfeld recovered $104 million in an IRS whistle blower case after serving a 30 month prison term in retaliation for his exposure of a Swiss Bank scandal involving billions of dollars in federal revenue losses. I am seeking to set precedent here for those parents sent to debtor prisons and punished for protecting their children. Over time, it could result in billions of dollars in federal tax savings.

Precedent cases in recent years have proven me correct in my long held positions while paving the way for justice to finally occur. These include unanimous Supreme Court decisions in Exxon Mobile v Saudi Industries, 544 US 280 (2005); Marshall v Marshall, 547 US 293 (2006), Sprint v Jacobs, 571 US 69 (2013) and Rippo v Baker, 580 US __ (2017)(per curiam). They are reversing a 50 year trend by lower federal judges of denying family court victims their rightful access to our federal courts whose paramount purpose is to preserve our most basic federal rights.

This year alone, in the case of Timbs v Indiana, 580 US ___ (2/20/19), the Supreme Court declared that excessive fines and asset confiscations violated the Eighth Amendment. Although applied in the criminal context, parallels can be made to the civil case abuses which lead to needless bankruptcies, parent-child separations and premature deaths. Throughout my highly isolated crusade, I have exposed excessive court orders which, like the seizures in Timbs, benefited the state and third parties more than they did the “best interests” of any parent, child or family.

Only weeks ago, a federal appeals court issued a “Precedential” decision in Surender Malhan v Secretary U.S. Department, et. al., 18-3373 (3rd Cir. September 18, 2019). Citing two of the cases listed above, the court reversed a lower federal ruling which had dismissed a father’s civil rights case seeking to curb excessive support enforcement practices. It rejected Rooker-Feldman and Younger Abstention practices which deferred federal claims to pending or completed proceedings in state court. The case was remanded back to the lower federal court. That means it is unlikely to reach the Supreme Court any time soon.

Court arguments will begin and conclude on my case in the morning of November 15, 2019 and are open to the public. It took a horrific sacrifice to make this happen for the benefit of court victims everywhere. Spread the word, attend the hearing, and donate to this site to cover our vast litigation costs. For more information, contact our PRI office at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me personally at leonkoziol@parentingrightsinstitute.com.


Are You Sick of the Criminals in Public Office? Clean House by Supporting a New Corruption Watch Firm!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Has it ever been this bad? Crooks and criminals, even convicted felons, are finding their way to elected and appointed office like parasites with no shame. When conscientious insiders come forward to expose such corruption among all political parties, they are targeted, falsely accused and discredited to detract from a reality that has invaded every aspect of an ever growing bureaucracy.

In May, 2019, parent advocates, judicial whistle blowers and good government groups from across the country joined us, the Parenting Rights Institute, in a March on Washington with police escort down Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and Capitol.

Expert speakers addressed this epidemic at our forum at the Congressional Ballroom. We ended our three day affair with a candle light vigil in front of the Capitol in memory of veterans, parents and children lost to this epidemic. This is an epidemic that is bankrupting entire families to enrich lawyers and politicians.

The so-called judicial commissions are populated by the very people who are benefiting from the carnage. They investigate less than 10% of all victim complaints. In my case, the ethics lawyers engaged in the retaliation for my whistle blowing activities were allowed to resign after being caught falsifying their time sheets.

Seriously? If that was you or I, we would have been arrested for felonies. These are the lawyers charged with a duty of preventing over billing practices. Like so much other corruption, they merely “swept it under.” Traffic cops do better with seat belt violations.

This is why I have formed a highly confidential firm to root out corruption and bring accountability to public office. Based out of New York, Philadelphia, Saratoga, and Utica, NY, we have received investments to grow our operation. There will be no websites, identities or other aspects of this firm to risk retaliation for those who report corruption to us.

Daily reports from Congress stress the importance of protecting whistle blowers who can take down Donald Trump. But there is no mention of the protection needed for whistle blowers who can take down members of Congress or judges in our third branch of government.

Indeed, during our Lobby Day, May 2, 2019, over 100 parents and whistle blowers hand delivered a corruption report to all members of Congress involving billions of dollars of federal funding abuses in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Despite meetings with congressional aids, direct contact with members of Congress, and follow-up visits, not a single member has shown any concern.

Seriously now, what does that tell you about the people you entrust with our taxes, laws and good faith? Do we need any more proof of the internal corruption and political divorce which has our nation on the verge of anarchy?

Help us help you get some measure of sanity in a government that is insulating itself more and more each day from the people they are charged to serve under our Constitution. Send us a donation. Contact me personally if you have a verifiable corruption report, and spread the word regarding our new firm.

In time, we will be publicizing mainstream commercials and a hotline to secure the justice we deserve. The time for useless talk and keyboarding from the comfort of our homes is over. Call our PRI office at (315) 380-3420 if you are interested in making this happen!

Improve Your Condition While Saving Costs With PRI Court Education Program


From Dr. Leon Koziol and the

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After hearing ordeals from countless unsuspecting victims, their financial and emotional devastation by the lucrative family court machine, Dr. Koziol knew that he could no longer just sit back and watch these atrocities continue.

“We have an epidemic here in America and no one is doing anything to cure it. There’s a direct correlation between family courts and suicides among parents, veterans and children. And the statistics show it is occurring at an alarming rate. If I can save one person from taking his or her life, then I have made my contribution to society,” Dr. Leon Koziol, J.D.

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U.S. Copyright Registration No. TXu 1-832-192

From Joltin Joe Biden to President Pocahontas, is Congress only interested in political whistle blowers?

Parenting Rights Institute Representatives in a recent meeting with presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar in her Senate office at the U.S. Capitol

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In a never-ending 2016 election, we may be witnessing the most dysfunctional Congress in U.S. history. Scandals on both sides of the aisle have mainstream Americans screaming for an end to this massive political divorce that is tearing our nation apart. After boxing wanna-be Joe Biden is investigated, we may end up with President Pocahontas.

But what about the rest of America? What about the crises that affect every day citizens? What about the judicial corruption report delivered by more than 100 whistle blowers to every member of Congress on May 2, 2019? Is there a special office for judicial whistle blowers to be heard? Do we get the same attention and protection as the political ones?

These are only some of the questions that court victims must pose to their representatives in government. Our report entitled, Federal Funded Epidemic, identifies veteran suicides, premature deaths, drug abuse, parent alienation, abuse of Title IV-D funding and much more. Two entire sections are devoted to legal protection for judicial whistle blowers.

Where is the interest in any of this in Congress. Its inaction compelled me to file a precedent seeking civil rights action in New York Supreme Court which was recently moved to federal court by the New York Attorney General. We need to get behind this litigation and our whistle blower report upon which it is based. Make the calls, write letters and get involved. After all it’s our country too, and these media seekers are still our public servants.

If you have something vital to report, contact us at our office: (315) 380-3420 or leonkoziol@parentingrightsinstitute.com. And help us spread the word regarding our whistle blower report and precedent seeking litigation.

(Koziol Complaint Dated August 7, 2019)

Should someone “blow the whistle” on this lawyer at his client’s sentencing?

IMG_1189 (2)

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay, you be the judge! Is he just snoozing or completely passed out? This was a front page local photo of an attorney at his client’s sentencing on lewd conduct charges. A city fire fighter, the client was found guilty after a bench trial and is pictured here wide awake and highly concerned about his fate. Not so with his lawyer who was presumably already paid for his “professional legal services” by advance retainer.

It would appear that the newspaper photographer was trying to send a public message but there was no mention of the lawyer’s condition in the story itself. Should we wonder why this guy lost his case at trial? As a practitioner for over two decades, I have seen lawyers and judges in a drunken state.

One judge was quietly referred to treatment. Another lawyer reeked of alcohol during plea bargain discussions in chambers. So concerned was I for his client (not my case) that I asked if the judge would take action. None to my knowledge ever was. The client there certainly had cause for malpractice and ineffective assistance of counsel.

Any attorney who tries to override a judge can face severe retributions through an abuse of discretion and judicial office. My whistleblower reports to the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption (Pace University, 9/17/13); Judicial Conduct Commission (2010-present) and Congress (May 2, 2019) led to horrific retributions including a loss of child contact without any criminal charge, moving violation, child protection report or evenly applied ethics violation. It also caused a record 10 year suspension of my law license.

Despite all this, the ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me stated at a closed hearing in 2013 that they would continue to oppose my reinstatement as long as I continued to expose judicial corruption. They even attached seven (7) posts from this website as examples to support a continued suspension (to eternity). Shortly afterward, a family judge put a gag order on this site which was removed six months later after I sued him in New York Supreme Court.

As fate would have it, that judge was removed from my case and those attorneys (chief ethics lawyer and his two deputy lawyers) were caught falsifying their time sheets only weeks later. They were allowed to resign without any public charges, criminal or ethical.

Those ethics lawyers (Torncello, Zayas and Devane) were charged with a duty to stop over billing practices. Instead they were rewarded with a return to private practice. Who knows how many clients have been over billed since then.

Throughout this website, first opened in 2010, you will find examples of horrific corruption in our courts which is getting no public exposure or accountability by state judicial commissions (which investigate less than 10 % of complaints). Despite my testimony, reports and civil rights litigation, the corruption is only growing.

There is hope through perseverance. Only last month New York’s top attorney, Attorney General Letitia James, moved my latest precedent seeking case from New York Supreme Court to federal court. We need to join as victims and mount a multi-faceted protest in front of court buildings nationwide. As long as you stay in the comfort of your homes keyboarding to no one who cares, the carnage will live on. If you have something serious to report, contact our office at (315) 380-3420 or leonkoziol@parentingrightsinstitute.com.


IMG_1188 (2)


Appeals Court Issues Precedent Decision Expanding Parental Rights in Federal Court

New York Contingent After a Conference in Senator Chuck Schumer’s Office at the Capitol during Lobby Day, May 2, 2019 and our 3-day Parent March on Washington

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Two weeks ago, a federal appeals court issued a “Precedential” decision which promotes the rights of parents to challenge family court injustices in federal court. I promised you a post on that case and here it is.

In Malhan v Secretary U.S. Dept of State, Attorney General of New Jersey, et. al., Case No. 18-3373 (September 18, 2019), egregious child support enforcement practices were challenged in federal court. The federal district court of New Jersey dismissed the action using abstention and jurisdictional technicalities that have kept family court litigants out of federal court for more than fifty years.

A federal appeals court has now ruled that lower federal courts have been abusing these technicalities for too long, citing more recent opinions of the Supreme Court which condemned such abuses. This comes after three decisions of the federal court of the Northern District of New York which dismissed my similar challenges to family court abuses in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Indeed the last one was supplemented by a conditional filing order, future filings that have to be pre-approved. Had the recent federal appeals court ruling preceded those decisions, it might have dramatically altered my fate and prevented the alienation of my daughters, retaliation for my judicial whistle blowing activity, and abuses which collectively “shock the conscience of civilized societies,” see Rochin v California,  342 US 165 (1953) and progeny (substantive due process).

A reading of the Malhan decision shows how arguments that I have been asserting for years are now “the law” and helpful to all those who require justice and constitutional protections outside the tyrannical scope of our nation’s divorce and family courts. The interface between state and federal court jurisdiction remains highly complex, this post does not constitute legal advice, and anyone seeking to access the latter should rely on attorneys with expertise in this area (i.e. not family court lawyers).

However, as the Malhan decision was being published, my precedent seeking case filed in New York Supreme Court on August 7, 2019 was removed to federal court by the top attorney in New York, Attorney General, Letitia James. She was a civil rights attorney and New York City Public Advocate prior to election to her high profile position. The basis for removal was a substantial federal question at the center of my lawsuit.

Actually there are three major federal questions, namely, due process, equal protection and First Amendment violations. The stunning removal decision has its greatest irony in the prior attorney general who successfully dismissed my earlier federal cases on grounds that state family courts had a greater interest in domestic matters than our federal courts did in federal constitutional matters.

Put another way, after keeping me out of federal court for over a decade, the ones representing the state, a family judge and support magistrate are now asserting that I belong back in federal court. Don’t try to figure this out. As we have stated often on this site: “You just can’t make this stuff up!” Unfortunately, the damage is already done and may be irreversible. That is why I am seeking additional precedent which compensates the victims of family court abuses in federal court.

The Malhan case was remanded to the lower federal court for further proceedings. Hence, because the appeals court ruling is non-final, it is unlikely that the case will reach the Supreme Court, if ever, any time soon. My case may have a better chance of getting there sooner using the same precedent. You can view my state supreme court complaint, now under federal court caption, by clicking here to an earlier post.

These developments and others have impaired our protest preparations set for this month locally. However, we continue to ask the participants and supporters of our last one in Washington D.C. to submit verbal and written complaints to House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff. He is claiming protection for whistleblowers. Therefore, demand action on the 500-plus whistleblower reports we delivered to every member of Congress on Lobby Day, May 2, 2019 (middle day of our three-day Parent March on Washington).

We cannot sit on our progress lest we lose it altogether. Join our efforts and help make this post viral. Perseverance in the face of horrific odds may finally pay off despite the many critics. For more information or assistance, you can call our Institute office at (315) 380-3420.

To the hundred whistleblowers at Parent March on Washington: You have been given a moral imperative to contact Congressman Adam Schiff. Ask why he ignored our Whistleblower Report delivered to Congress on May 2nd?

Open Hearing with Acting Director of National Intelligence on Whistleblower Complaint against Donald Trump for impeachment purposes

September 26, 2019

A small portion of congressional office cards retained by those participating in our Parent March on Washington, May 1-3, 2019, who delivered our Judicial Whistleblower report to all members of Congress during Lobby Day, May 2, 2019.


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute


It’s an outrage! This past week, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff went on a crusade to protect whistleblowers. According to a slew of righteous public statements, he condemned President Donald Trump and the Intelligence Community for failing to submit a whistleblower report to Congress in a timely fashion.

That report had already been found to be a politically biased concoction authored by a person who had not even been a part of the events he was complaining about, namely, an alleged attempt by Trump to influence a Ukraine president to investigate Joe Biden’s son in his country.

The Justice Department had already investigated that report and found it to lack merit. But Chairman Schiff jumped at the opportunity to praise the whistleblower for impeachment purposes prior to receiving that report. President Trump, preoccupied at a United Nations Conference, promised it to him the next day.

When the actual report proved dubious, Schiff began back-pedaling, even mimicking Trump in a made-up version of events that was woefully short of Alec Baldwin’s talent. Schiff took even more heat on his re-written version of the facts. This is how desperate and divided our leaders have become in Washington.

But that’s only the background and not the purpose for this post. Chairman Schiff focused on the right of all whistleblowers, no matter his position or accuracy, to reach Congress with their reports. His speeches were profound but his sincerity was non-existent given the hundred whistleblowers who converged on Washington for our Parent March on Washington this past May.

Parents from all over the country helped put together a lobby packet on May 1st to deliver to every member of Congress the next day. It featured a Judicial Whistleblower report entitled:

“Federal Funded Epidemic: Vital Report Justifying a Federal Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in Divorce and Family Courts.”

An entire section of that report was devoted to judicial whistleblower protection. I personally headed a contingent from New York which met with key staffers in the conference room of Senate Leader Chuck Schumer on May 2nd. It included a doctor, university professor and experts in the field of court reform. We were promised a reply to the reports we delivered that day.

I delivered an earlier one directly to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsay Graham and discussed it with him outside his committee hearing room. Other whistleblowers did the same with their own disclosures with their own representatives. Yet not a single member or staffer has replied to this day.

So what do we conclude from all this? Is Chairman Schiff a fraud? Is the call for whistleblower protection on the part of these same members of Congress a giant hypocrisy? Is political narrative the standard for deciding which Americans are important to our representatives?

The 500-plus reports we delivered to every office of Congress, backed by a march with police escort the next day down Pennsylvania Avenue, provided an overwhelming statement to Congress. Indeed you could not get more “in-your-face” than that from a true grass-roots perspective.

We weren’t backed by any political party, special interest or impeachment agenda. We were there to report an epidemic caused by the disregard of crisis-level issues such as parental alienation, abuse of federal funds and court induced suicides.

Since our march, events have occurred which have bolstered our cause and we must act on them or lose the momentum. On August 7, 2019, I filed a precedent-seeking case in New York Supreme Court. Two weeks later, New York’s top attorney, Attorney General Letitia James, moved my case to federal court.

Three weeks after that, a federal appeals court handed down a precedent decision which gave a green light to a father to challenge abusive child support enforcement tactics that were violating federal law. I have reviewed that case to conclude that it supports my case in a more profound way. I will report on it soon.

Now comes an opportunity to turn our efforts into results by contacting members of Congress to shed light on the Schiff Hypocrissy. Now you have a profound duty, certainly within your personal ability at home to accomplish, by calling on Schiff and his colleagues to make good their rhetoric by holding a hearing on our reports.

Our time is now. Don’t squander it with apathy or excuses. We all talked the talk in Washington. Now it’s time to walk the walk. Why did our representatives ignore one of the most pressing issues of our day that we carried to their very doorsteps? Do your part now while time allows, contact the media, spread the word or call us at PRI office (315) 380-3420.


IMG_1169 (2)