New Book: Tamara Sweeney Story Targets Parental Alienation and Court Corruption

It’s time for a documentary to influence meaningful reform to our nation’s divorce and family courts. Dr. Leon Koziol, Director of Parenting Rights Institute is in Philadelphia seeking investors for book and television promotion. A public interest show could look something like this video. If you are interested or wish to retain us for your own book, contact us at (315) 796-4000

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Video Coverage From Las Vegas Family Preservation Conference

One Nation Under Socialism

Controversial Painter Depicts Obama With Burning Constitution:


“I pledge allegiance to the United States of America,
And not to an ideology, which can never stand,
One nation under socialism, divisive,
With no liberty or justice for anyone.”

This November, you will make a choice. Will you choose One Nation Under Socialism?

McNaughton’s Answers to Questions Regarding This Painting: Why the title “One Nation Under Socialism?” Our federal government has been moving in the direction of socialism for over one hundred years. Many presidents and politicians have compromised the Constitution as we have given away our freedoms under the guise of entitlements and government intervention. When the people are willing to sacrifice the next generation for their current lifestyles and allow the federal government to have all the power for an illusory mess of pottage—you have chosen One Nation Under Socialism.

What do you mean by an ideology, which can never stand? I will not support an ideology, which will lead to the destruction of America. In the history of the world, never has there been a recorded example where Socialism has led to the betterment of the human condition or improved the liberty of the people. I know there are varying degrees and definitions of “socialism.” Even the European model of Democratic Socialism has proven to be a dismal failure. Do you want to see our country become like Greece, Italy, Portugal, or even Great Britain?

What do you mean by “divisive, with no liberty or justice for anyone?” Socialism uses the illusion of offering fairness and justice for everyone by redistributing the wealth of the nation; picking and choosing winners and losers. This administration has taken over our health care system, given bailouts to the automotive industry, banking industry and energy industry. They support the “Occupy Wall Street” movement of increased taxing of the rich to pay for the welfare of the “less rich.” The Constitution never guaranteed equal things—only equal rights and justice. In America we should be FREE TO SUCCEED and FREE TO FAIL!

At this very moment our Constitution is literally going up in flames. What will you do to preserve the Constitution and save America? How do you feel about the demise of your parental rights? Feel free to comment:


Today’s post comes from good friend Don Meehan, who has asked us to share both this video and his message with our followers:


I wrote my book, “Best Interests of the Children” after fighting the Long Island system 77 times in court in one of the most corrupt situations ever and the worst neglect and custody cases ever in Long Island.  (‘70s) We survived the nightmare and I save my kids after being almost totally bankrupted. Things apparently haven’t changed after 35 years. I will be doing a documentary that will include that and other judicial mafia acts and want you to also see the trailer on it AND JUSTICE FOR ALL(MOST????) at:

Feel free to send this to any and all.

The deep cancer within the judicial and prosecutorial mafia has grown so deep that it will take a miracle or some kind of superhuman leadership to form an army, and a multi-million dollar press campaign to conquer and overhaul the big mess that has spread so wide. The corruption goes from the smallest rural communities to the largest cities, and continues to grow, totally hidden from view by the masses.

We need a Commanding General to step forward and take charge in forming an army to fight for JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Special talents are needed to band an army together with strong and competent leadership and generals, who can lead the fight and attack on all fronts. Celebrities have the limelight, and if on board, can play a huge part in joining the fight. However, getting them interested is another story. For once again, nobody cares about the suffering going on among those who have gone up against the strong and powerful system and have lost.

There is no doubt that the death penalty has snuffed out some innocent souls, too weak or too poor to fight such a corrupt system. And many, like me, were trampled on with judges getting paid and with political favors handed out, judicial and prosecutorial misconduct allowed, to where one runs out of the energy and resources to continue the fight. Once you lose in the lower courts it is a fight that you have nowhere to go but to higher courts, where judges are content with protecting their own, and know well, how to keep you spending thousands to gain nothing. Thank God there are still a few good ones out there.

Ignorance is bliss!

The obstacles that are preventing healing, I believe, lies with the ignorance and bliss of the general public. And the media is also apparently blind to the reality of it all, and take their sides or only report what sells. And the cancer remains hidden. Any one of us fighting alone can easily be brought down and nobody cares. Their weapons are strong and fierce and many. Even attorneys are targets if they dare to cross the line. Attorneys filing any kind of complaints against judges are committing suicide with their careers. And if the layman doesn’t know the law, s/he loses in any righteous battle, but they know now to bankrupt you and completely destroy you.

As some of you know, since you probably have seen my trailer on the Internet about the corruption at I have strong aspirations to make the documentary and expose it all, and certainly have the talents and experience in that area. It will be a huge undertaking and will require a lot of time, money and expertise. Right now, this is on hold while I attempt a promotion campaign to gain more of a following. In fact, I am working on a plan to even increase my capabilities regarding show business and production, that will play a vital role in our publicity. I’ll send you a link within a week or two.

I propose now that all of us who are involved with getting the word out there at the present time, whether and individual or a group, or an established organization, put our heads together and start building the army and seek the right solutions that will inform the American public about the things that need to be done to cure this cancer. We need a leader with the necessary talents to proceed in that direction.

Will someone please step forward and assume this position? For some, with talents in other directions, the task would be impossible. But word is also desperately needed from those with talents who can organize and plan and do public relations.

Thank you Don for this submission.

Family Courts: Have They Been Compromised?

Have Our Family Courts Been Compromised?Have our family courts been compromised?

Since the inception of this website, our staff here at has tried to keep the majority of our content focused largely upon issues surrounding what we believe is the state’s ever-expanding intrusions upon private child-rearing matters. Occasionally, there is sufficient reason to feature other stories and information which may not necessarily have anything to do with parental rights, but rather illustrate the growing frustrations that American’s are experiencing with our government today when conventional remedies such as the family courts and public acts of civil disobedience simply do not work.  In no way are we advocating or suggesting violence. However, we will continue to ask the same question that repeatedly goes unanswered when our public officials are called upon; what recourse do citizens of the United States of America have when they continue to be ignored by their government?

What are the family courts afraid of?

There is little doubt that the drum beat is growing louder with each new day. American citizens are being wrongfully and systematically pushed to a breaking point of disenfranchisement with their government. The first video is eerily similar to what many non-custodial parents (particularly fathers) routinely experience as they are unfairly treated in our nation’s family court rooms today. In this video, there are many parallels that can be made between Jesse Ventura’s frustrations with the court system’s refusal on the basis of jurisdictional reasons to hear his case involving what he believes is the Transportation Safety Administration’s unreasonable search and seizure policies not unlike what civil/parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D. has experienced when attempting to bring test cases “on behalf of parents similarly situated” before our high courts. The truth is, these cases are simply falling on deaf ears because they are not politically correct and more than likely pose a specific threat to a predetermined political agenda. Rather than hear these cases and the Constitutional grounds for which they are built upon, we now have an entire legal profession dedicated to protecting itself by using the influence of the family courts to discredit those who dare challenge the system. Our role here at is to better educate and inform the reader as to what is actually occurring free of both government and corporate influence.

The second video depicts an agitated police state that will do whatever it takes to “neutralize” a perceived threat in order protect the “status quo” which would include shooting an innocent camera person. The logical question one is left to ponder is, are we now living in a third world country? Or, as Jesse Ventura best puts it, “the Fascist States of America.

Family Courts: Are they biased towards men?

Historically, children were regarded as the fathers pre-industrial assets and custody was out of question. Consequently, the ‘tender years’ doctrine dictated that young children be kept with their mothers (Newsweek, [Online], 1995). But as perceptions about parenthood changed, fathers have become just as much involved as mothers in nurturing their children. For this reason, today, many fathers in family court are seeking primary or joint custody of their children when a marriage or partnership is dissolved. However, it is questioned whether the  family court system is biased against men in matters involving custody and access to children when these family breakdowns occur. It can be argued that, when deciding custody and visitation, a family court gives the best interests of the child the highest priority and not gender (Levin ; Mills, [Online], 2003). Apparently, it is clear that in most custody cases; approximately 90% of the time, primary residential custody of children is awarded to mothers (McNeely, [Online], 1998), thus indicating the presence of gender bias in the family courts. It is our belief that children are deserving of equal time with both parents whenever possible. In theory, this sounds like a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, nothing is going to change anytime soon until those who have been affected by current draconian child support and custody laws decide to unite for the purpose of letting both our elected public officials and family courts know they’ve finally had enough.

However, there is one person who is uniquely qualified given his civil rights background. That man is Dr. Leon Koziol, J.D. Leon understands our complex legal system and recognizes that behind every major civil rights movement, the fast track for change has always been through the courts. Mr. Koziol continues to incur tremendous litigation costs for exposing what he believes is an inherently flawed scheme of multi-billion dollar child control laws that are designed to fleece mainstream parents of their financial resources through unnecessary court room manufactured controversies. In retaliation for his work, the state damaged Leon’s ability to represent people like yourself in various test cases litigated over the past few years. Rather than abandon the cause, Mr. Koziol simply restructured the litigation and continued in a pro se manner under the constitution which is his right. Unfortunately, this has left him with no financial resources to conclude these test cases on behalf of “parents similarly situated.” Over the next few weeks, Mr. Koziol will have to decide if there is enough financial support for him to continue with this important cause. Please show him your financial support today!


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Have our <a href="">Family Courts</a> been compromised?

Family Law Judge Brutally Beats 16-Year-Old Disabled Daughter

11/3/2011 Update:

The tremendous feedback that we received on this post supported the need for greater mainstream news media coverage to the issues we are promoting here at It’s refreshing to see that the news coverage is finally being accorded to some of the issues that we provide regularily on this site. However, we are seriously concerned that this event in child treatment not be exploited by the state to interfere more intrusively into private family child rearing matters. Aransas County, Texas, Court-At-Law Judge William Adams who has presided over family matters, is no doubt an aberration in responsible parenting. This post was made to bring attention to instances where Judges are not held to the same standards as litigants that come before them. A review of the litigation featured elsewhere on this site underscores the need to hold judges more accountable.

WARNING: This video is disturbing in nature:

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Why is the mainstream news media not covering this story?

Read story here:

See what was written previously about Judge Adams in October 2010:

State budgets are broke, parents are being fleeced, what’s next?

Self-help information product for child custody & support cases being developed

1518  Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000

TO:                   All Media and Interested Parties

FROM:           Leon R. Koziol

RE:                  Self-help information product for child custody and support cases being developed

CONTACT:   Leon R. Koziol   (315) 796-4000


February 1, 2011, Old Forge, NY – Civil rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., announced today that he is developing a critical and timely information product for self represented parties in child custody and support cases.

Koziol, who has gained widespread recognition for his parenting rights efforts in federal and state courts, emphasized that this self-help package will save mainstream parents thousands of dollars in litigation costs while at the same time giving them a proper working knowledge of the court system. The package will even benefit those having legal representation by enabling them to better evaluate their lawyers and options.

“This one of a kind product has emerged from twenty five years of experience in divorce, custody and Constitutional law”, said Koziol. “For about the cost of a single hour in lawyer consultation fees, subscribers can gain thousands of dollars in benefits.” Skiing in the Adirondack Mountains recently, Mr. Koziol was approached for a quick comment (see video).

A tentative release date is scheduled for early spring 2011. Those looking to be notified of a pre-launch discounted price special are encouraged to send an email to with the words “notify me about pre-launch special” in the subject line before February 15, 2011. Please be sure to include your name, address and telephone number.


See a copy of the news release on Leon Koziol’s Scribd account. (View Here)

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The Child Documentary – Coming Soon!

America’s battle for the next generation. A documentary exploring the rights of parents in America – what they are, what they mean, and what should happen if they disappear.

New Divorce Law To Keep Lawyers Busy