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Television clip of Dr. Leon Koziol’s accomplishments as a trial attorney which he has drawn upon to create these products and services for those victimized by divorce and family courts

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From a book publishing contract, video documentary, or both, to a Court Strategy Program and trustworthy referrals, we feature a unique “store” which is sure to save you or a loved one thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and court costs. Indeed there are few other gifts that can truly protect your children from the vast harm which routinely occurs in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Unlike gifts or purchases which eventually fade, these can benefit future generations while safeguarding those most vulnerable to lawyer greed and state controlled child rearing. We see the damage everywhere in society.

The Court Strategy Program may be the best purchase you will ever make at roughly the cost of a single consultation with an opportunistic lawyer given access to your financial information. Their untold purpose is to gauge how long you can pay for the controversies they generate until your assets, college funds and bank accounts are drained. Our websites and document vault are proof of this. So don’t wait until it’s too late, when foreclosure, bankruptcy and irreconcilable custody wars ruin everything you worked hard for in life. Instead, you can relax and enjoy a novel.

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