New York Supreme Court Justice Purchases the Corruption Book, Satan’s Docket!


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Yes you read that correctly. In the past week alone, the new release, Satan’s Docket, has been hand delivered to the likes of George Stefanopoulos and former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara at New York University School of Law. Three Congressional committees are reviewing the same book on a request for a federal investigation of the abuse of Title IV-D funding among America’s divorce and family courts.

Now a New York Supreme Court Justice has made an unsolicited purchase of this book on-line. Consistent with my personal but not legal requirement, I will not disclose the names of purchasers. This particular judge was honorable enough not to hide behind some third party “ghost” purchaser.

But I have also been approached by lawyers, court clerks and aggrieved parents with inside information on additional corruption which may lead to a better understanding of why I was so vilified for my conscientious stand against my profession on behalf of moms and dads everywhere. I want all of you to know that I will maintain confidentiality behind all the informants who need to come forward. My own unprecedented stand and sacrifices should be proof enough of the trust you will get with me.

After the last one hour radio program which featured my book and full page advertisements exposing court corruption, I am now working with select individuals to host my own program focused on our divorce and family courts. What a program this could become, like an octopus of issues that leads to all others on our society. Only hours ago I was approached by a mom at a restaurant so moved by my book that she commended my stand when her own ex-husband showed no interest in child involvement after their divorce.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 18, 2017, you should tune in to the next radio program as momentum grows behind Satan’s Docket. I have been invited to the White Lake Inn among New York’s Adirondack Mountains to participate in a radio program known as “Gomez and Lisa.” It will air live on Utica, New York AM station WOUR 96.9 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. We sold over 20 books there on the first night of my release of this shocking true story. Now you can get your own autographed copy at the discounted price of $20 if you join us at the White Lake Inn.

And as always, kindly share this post, support our cause with donations to this site, and participate in vital services we offer at You can also contact our office at (315) 380-3420. You can also contact me personally for confidential disclosures at (315) 796-4000.


Radio Program Shocks Parents, Families and Even Lawyers


Dr. Leon Koziol, author of Satan’s Docket, at a recent symposium at NYU Law School with host George Stefanopoulos who was presented with a copy of the book by a professor. Featured guest Preet Bharara was also given a free copy. This shocking new release is now being featured in full page newspaper ads and radio shows such as upstate New York’s “Talk of the Town.”

A popular upstate New York radio program was scheduled to last only a half hour, but it continued past a full hour due to the corruption being exposed by a parental advocate with over thirty years of litigation experience. Dr. Leon Koziol was the featured guest on radio station, WUTQ, 100.7 FM in Utica, New York.

His interview was aired on November 15, 2017 on a program known as “Talk of the Town,” and it was focused on his newly released book, Satan’s Docket, Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. It was hosted by Rocco LaDuca, a veteran newspaper reporter, more recently employed as a legislative aide for New York Senator Joseph Griffo. Also participating was veteran divorce lawyer, Mark Wolber.

You can listen to this shocking interview which included bouts of laughter and shock over the insanity that now defines our nation’s divorce and family courts. Followers of this human rights blog site, Leon are already familiar with Dr. Leon Koziol’s ordeal as a judicial whistleblower. But the corruption he has exposed is now reaching mainstream media and high level officials in New York and Washington. Leon has collected victim stories from Paris to Hawaii in his crusade for justice and reform.

At one point in the interview, Attorney Wolber cut in to question how all this was being financed due to a suspended license. And for a moment the listeners could experience what it was like to be under cross-examination at a child support hearing. Mr. LaDuca and his other co-host were far more impressive with their own cross-examinations as non-lawyers familiar with all the horror stories in these courts.

Key quotes from the book cited by both brought startling revelations to an unsuspecting public. Indeed even the lawyer seemed shocked, at one point even corroborating the abuses of the Psychiatric DSM-5 manual used by family courts and psychiatrists. After all that Leon had researched over the past ten years, he concluded that with over 300 accepted disorders in this manual, “every lawyer and judge he ever knew, including Mark Wolber, could be diagnosed under this manual.”  Attorney Wolber then added, “every person out there could be diagnosed.”

As a veteran writer who has critiqued countless books and news articles, Mr. LaDuca remarked during a commercial break that he was amazed to find not a single grammar, spelling or even a typo error in Satan’s Docket. Intrigued by not only the title, he proved his journalistic skills by locating excerpts from the book which best summarized this epidemic of court corruption across America. Surprisingly, none of the hosts mentioned the romance, adventure and humor which also spiced this “human rights odyssey” as the author put it.

You can get your copy of Satan’s Docket at or by calling Parenting Rights Institute at (315) 796-4000. You can also listen to the entire radio feature at

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Don’t Miss Radio Program “Talk of the Town” Featuring Dr. Leon Koziol and his new book, Satan’s Docket, November 15th

Paris, France: the setting for Part One of the book, Satan’s Docket, where Dr. Koziol and a fugitive mom from California meet by chance to discuss strategies for protecting their parental rights


This interview will be aired on Radio WUTQ 100.7 FM in Utica, New York tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. It is sure to be exciting. Here is an excerpt from chapter 2 of the book which may convince you to tune in:

Chapter Two: Overground Railroad at pages 15-16

Unlike victims of domestic violence and child abduction, there was no established network for aiding victims of child support abuses. After ten years in the parental rights movement I could only discern a collection of keyboard warriors, few committed protesters and no lobbying group. Gender discrimination was routinely overlooked, and whistleblowers were made to appear crazy.

In my experience with divorce victims, growing numbers have been subjected to psychiatric evaluations on the slightest allegations of a scorned ex-spouse or money-grubbing lawyer. The psychiatrist, employed by the court, had little or no confidentiality duties to a non-patient, just another protected anomaly of a sick system that few knew about until it was too late.

In the end, parents rightfully stressed over the threat of losing their children in a custody battle, or debtor imprisonment for child support, would be made to believe they were basket cases. If the parent was a father, his condition might be nothing more than resistance to a justice system sworn to equality which still discriminates on account of sex. In my reports and court filings, I compared it to the anger issues of slaves opposed to their condition prior to the Civil War.

These terrible Americans had a lot of audacity to oppose such corruption, raising constitutional rights no less. They must be suffering from some made-up disorder which can then be treated by experimental medication prescribed by a legalized drug dealer. It bore striking resemblances to Nazi practices designed to quell opposition to the Third Reich.

By the time the system was done protecting itself, the whistleblower could be dispensed as a nut case to any media inquirer or oversight investigator. Accurately put, it was more proof of dysfunctional justice, voodoo therapy for court created chaos having a ready cure at any local bar, coffee shop or fitness center.

These particular court predators would issue all sorts of alarming reports to fill their egos while currying favor with their employers. There were some 300 human disorders and 600 discernible conditions in the DSM-5 manual that were accepted for insurance purposes. Most of them were subjective, encompassing every kind of natural behavior, and the only condition not defined in it was normalcy. Every lawyer and judge I ever knew could be diagnosed under this manual.

The involuntary referral practice begged the obvious question: what would a psychiatrist have to gain by reporting accurately to his employer that a parent was normal, an “atta-boy” award at some banquet? A psychotic psychiatrist might even justify the greed by concluding that a normal report would rise to a level of contempt. After all, if a judge ordered an evaluation, it must be serious even though that judge knows nothing about psychology, parenting or our children.

Indeed, the judge and psychiatrist might be more likely candidates for therapy given their callous indifference to this epidemic. During my law practice, I pleasantly came across psychologists who refused to accept court assignments due to the aggravated harm which the system itself inflicts. The drug industry may be the most unconscionable predator of them all with a ready flow of addicts that yields untold profits. The medical profession then weighs in, treating all the cancer and physical side-effects to yield the most comprehensive whore house ever imagined.


We Found Him! Judge James “Dweeby” Eby of Oswego Family Court



Judge James K. Eby of Oswego Family Court. You’ve got to admit, the cartoon and this guy really do look the same!

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

If you’re a regular follower of the parenting blog site, Leon, you probably recall seeing that cartoon judge we’ve posted from time to time, the one yelling down at some mom or dad, barking out orders on how we should raise our children. Some of you may have thought we were referring to my pedophile custody judge, Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677.

Or maybe you thought it was federal judge, Gary “Not-So” Sharpe of New York’s Northern District who announced a gene for making judicial decisions, one that would not be discovered by scientists for “another fifty years,” United States v Cossey, 632 F.3d 82. His bizarre concoction earned him a removal order from a higher court. These characters have all been exposed in my recent full page ad series during a family judge election.

No, it turns out we finally found this guy. He is a family judge in Oswego, New York named James “Dweeby” Eby. The nickname connotes his spineless nature in line with his chief judge in Syracuse, James “Bond” Tormey who was successfully sued for $600,000 by his chief family court clerk for improperly directing her to conduct “political espionage,” Morin v Tormey, 626 F.3d 40.

Yeah, hard as these cases are to believe, you learn about them here. We don’t make things up at It led me to offer an early release version of my book, Satan’s Docket, a real world look at the corruption which is growing in our nation’s divorce and family courts. You can get a copy at along with other valuable fee saving services.

We also use the term “dweeby” because it assists in the pronunciation of the last name. Dweeby Eby is the 37th judge assigned to my 12 year originally uncontested divorce after so many predecessors were removed for bias, corruption or other reasons. He simply took up where disqualified judge “Kangaroo” King left off by continuing to harass me using my daughters in retaliation for my judicial whistleblowing activities. I have been kept out of their lives for over 1,500 days, nearly four years!

I have never been found to be unfit as a parent, no report has ever been made, let alone investigated by child protection agents, and I have never been accused of any crime or alcohol related incident. All offense petitions including King’s gag order were thrown out after I sued him in New York Supreme Court. Meanwhile heroin addicts were being reunited with their offspring.

The “dweeb” was not about to clean up the mess. He was simply going to show “who’s boss” by continuing with this judicial retaliation agenda. So evil was he, instead of conducting a teleconference like his predecessor judges, he forced the parties to make a 180 mile round trip to a family courthouse at Lake Ontario for arguments on a decision he had already completed. Pure harassment! And you taxpayers paid for the judge-appointed child attorney, William “F. Lee Billy” Koslosky.

In my book, I detail how Eby had it in his mind to finish me off once and for all. Here is the relevant closing paragraph of my last Chapter 22 titled “King Eby” in Satan’s Docket:

Although my girls live only a few miles away, I will continue to be denied interactions with them due to these sick conditions. We are entitled to genuine family relationships under our human rights laws. Recalling the way King Eby stared me down on that dreary morning in Syracuse, I could only imagine what he wanted to say regarding my crusade for justice. He reminded me of Emperor Commodus in that movie staring down the Gladiator after so many thugs were slain in defiance of tyranny at the Roman Coliseum. This petty tyrant in a robe probably wanted to say:

“What am I to do with you? You just won’t die!”






Satan’s Docket and Corruption Politics to be Featured on Radio Program

Here I am pictured with Sean Hannity at a gala in Manhattan last year when I was able to get Sean to make his first public prediction of Donald Trump’s running mate. The following day he disclosed it on his show as Newt Gingrich.


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

I was in Manhattan this past week lobbying for a federal investigation of family court corruption, I attended a political panel discussion at New York University School of Law headed by George Stefanopoulos with a New York Times journalist, New York Post editor and former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara as his guest commentators. My book, Satan’s Docket, was hand delivered by a professor to Mr. Stefanopoulos and another copy delivered to Mr. Bharara.

While there, I received invites to a pair of radio programs in upstate New York. The first came from a talented and veteran newspaper reporter, Rocco LaDuca, who recently left his position as a legislative assistant for New York Senator Joseph Griffo to head a talk show known as Talk of the Town, WUTQ, 100.7 FM. It will be aired on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. If it is anything like the ones I once attended for his competitors, it should be very exciting.

Rocco covered many of my high profile cases and campaigns for public office, and he will be the first to answer the many questions raised in central New York regarding my absence from law and politics since my conscientious stand against my profession ten years ago. Indeed he is among several footnotes in my book which he is now anxious to read prior to the show.

His invite was inspired by my recent series of full page news advertisements exposing corruption in a family judge race. The write-in votes which I lobbied for were never published but I know they were sizeable. I will discover the number now that I have returned to my home town. I agreed to come on to Mr. DeLuca’s program because my book campaign is only beginning.

The second invite came from the owner of White Lake Inn to do another book signing at the end of a popular radio program known as Gomez and Lisa. That show will be conducted on site. You can listen to all the excitement there next Saturday, November 18, 2017 beginning at 10 a.m. on WOUR, 96.9 on the Utica, New York AM radio dial. If you would like me to speak before your group or program, call me direct at (315) 796-4000.


Trump Bashing Causes New York University Event to Crash with Parallels to Family Court Corruption


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

I went there to gain an intellectual perspective on American politics in light of all the corruption occurring in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The event was entitled: One Year Under Trump: Solutions for Restoring Law and Democracy. It was a sold out panel discussion which I was invited to attend by a professor in Manhattan, and it was held at New York University School of Law (Vanderbilt Hall Auditorium).

The panel was headed by George Stefanopoulos and included a New York Times Magazine Writer, New York Post editor and former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara who is currently a faculty member at the law school. I testified along with Mr. Bharara and Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University in 2013.

Barely into the discussion today, it was clear that this was organized as a Trump bashing session. Everything was focused on the negative, all the so-called “norms” ( not laws) which our duly elected president was violating. How can anyone expect overdue reforms to a self protecting bureaucracy in Washington without violating “norms?” Isn’t that what Bill Clinton was “doing” with Monica Lewinsky? Was it a norm for Bill and Loretta to discuss a pending federal investigation on the Tarmac in Arizona?

There was no mention of the promises being fulfilled by this president less than one year into his term, nothing regarding job growth and stock market improvements. I learned nothing other than the double standards and extent of venom which liberals were willing to exact in violation of the paramount law of democracy, and that is the will of the people at the polls. I could not last in this audience. I left early across from a guy who may have chosen another option of being passed out and snoring.

But there were good aspects. Preet Bharara was entertaining and eloquent. He gave valuable insights into the prosecution of corruption, and he even complimented his former boss before giving his own analysis of our titanic state of affairs. I can relate to his ordeal because I too was terminated by my boss, the mayor of my city as its corporation counsel for sticking to democracy and rule of law by opposing his gag order on city employees, Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp. 2d 170.

There were other good aspects. The professor was able to personally deliver a copy of my book, Satan’s Docket to Mr. Stefanopoulos, and another will be delivered to Mr. Bharara at his law school office tomorrow. One highlight of the panel was a joint claim that this president did not seem to know when he was lying, as if Hillary or any other politician was different. Indeed it was the same theme of divorce and family courts where false accusations are routine and never held accountable. What is the purpose of swearing under oath in those “constitution free” tribunals?

Prior to the NYU law school symposium, I visited the U.S. Attorney’s Office in lower Manhattan with a goal of securing a federal investigation of my horrific ordeal, other cases of family court corruption and the abuse of federal Title IV-D funding in these courts. Suffice it to say, my book is making its rounds to places of authority and influence.


Protester in Poland Burned Alive Like America’s Thomas Ball With Far Greater World Attention


Parental Rights are everyone’s concern

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

According to this week’s Associated Press, hundreds of people marched in the streets of Warsaw, Poland “to honor a man who set himself on fire to protest policies by Poland’s ruling (political) party.” He was protesting a destruction of the rule of law and democracy in the country. Sounds a lot like our government bureaucracy in Washington which is destroying parental liberties through the rule of money and taxation.

The article goes on to report that this human rights hero, Piotr Szczesny, a 54 year old chemist, “set himself on fire on Oct. 19 and died more than a week later… (leaving) a letter explaining that he was protesting a government (that was) limiting civil liberties, violating the constitution and making Poland an object of ridicule internationally.”

Wow! This Szczesny guy could be living here in America and making the same statement about our bureaucratic liberals, their incessant attacks on our duly elected president, and what they are doing in Washington to take away our human rights. Their socialist manifesto is the only form of free speech allowed in this country. Any other opinion will be suppressed, censored and discredited in the most ruthless manner.

Thomas Ball was a 58 year old American father whose family roots trace back to Mary Ball, the mother of George Washington (whose statues may soon be torn down by these same fanatic leftists). On June 15, 2011, he sat down quietly on the steps of a New Hampshire family court to protest child control practices which deprived him of contact with his offspring. He poured gas over his head, lit himself up and died almost instantly.

There were no street protests, no court reforms, no international news coverage, indeed this human holocaust barely made the Boston Globe. They merely washed his ashes into the sewer. Granted, he left a manifesto of his own urging people to firebomb these courts, but the constitutional violations he cited have only grown worse in our nation’s family courts (supported by federal Title IV-D funding).

Everyone is then aghast at the growing forms of domestic violence and mass murders occurring across the country, our most recent horrific event this past Sunday in a church no less. When citizens are deprived fair and just treatment in our courts of law, they will take their grievances to the streets, securing their own forms of justice. Until meaningful reforms occur in these “constitution-free” tribunals, that violence will only grow. There is no escaping it.

It is a rule of last resort when a good parent is turned evil in the face of a debtor prison for a parenting tax which has no accountability. Family courts hide this reality with propaganda such as “child support” and “custody awards.” To make this lucrative system work, one parent has to be marginalized, alienated or outright removed from his or her children’s lives. “Noncustodial parents” are actually paying for government’s seizure of their own offspring.

Shared parenting legislation is routinely crushed because it generates no revenue from our federal government and much less family controversy for lawyers to exploit. You will find no accountability from a self-regulating court system or investigative reporting because the rule of money controls our media through advertising and gutter politics have eclipsed common sense and human rights, leaving confused victims to self-help remedies.

Today is election day for family judge candidates throughout the country. In the upstate New York county of Oneida, a family judge race is on the ballot. There has been no debate on the real issues, only the standard fraud that “I’m doing this for our children” en route to a $2.5 million salary intake over the course of a ten year term (when looking at the graduating scale of increases set annually by a new “commission” in place of our Legislature).

This giant farce prompted me to pay for advertisements behind a write-in candidate, a sort of “none-of-the-above” protest against not only the perpetrators of this sick anti-family system but the selection process which leaves us with no real choices. Although I have received resounding support (as a former city corporation counsel and county executive candidate), it is unlikely that voters will make the quick trip and write in a preference (even though voting is free of charge).

There were only two ads in a single newspaper making the write-in suggestion, no signs, radio or television commercials. And there was no request to vote for me in particular. Hence no great expectations exist because there has never been a write-in candidate who made the voting radar here. But we can make a statement for reform and that depends on the victims taking action for their own sake.

Ironically, the family judge election is the lead race in this year’s off-season. Yet a look at the same newspaper’s election day editorial encouraging people to vote reveals a full range of local races highlighted. Not one mention is made of the family court race. Coincidental? Is it also coincidental that secondary and social media like this one, Leon, are being monitored and censored?

As Adolph Hitler once said in Mein Kampf, if you can convince the people that the state is looking out for their children, they will “happily” give up their rights. Kindly share this message, and as always, feel free to contact me at our office at (315) 380-3420 or my cell at (315) 796-4000. I will be in Manhattan again this week lobbying for a federal investigation of my ordeal, other horrific cases and family courts generally, but I will get back to as many callers that I can.


And if you don’t think there are a lot of angry moms and dads out there, here is one of many write-in votes being committed to me today. This one has no name, caller ID or presence on any of my contact lists. But to write me in with capital letters and a photo taken at the voting booth for proof, I have to feel good about it despite the overwhelming odds.

This addition to today’s post comes at 3:35 pm and election district records will show that I have not voted yet. I’m not sure how many of these write-ins they will recognize because I have no poll monitors, but it’s nice to see the boldness in commitment to my reform message.