Parental Advocates and Family Court Victims Hoping For Supreme Court Writ in Koziol v Chief Judge DiFiore Case

At times it feels like a one-man crusade for justice but the victims of court corruption number well into the millions. The censorship of this epidemic by the media and its suppression by the bench and bar require bold action by parents everywhere. This photo of Dr. Koziol and three such victims was taken in front of the Supreme Court where a writ may soon be granted

Dr. Leon Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

On November 2, 2018, the justices of our new nine-member Supreme Court reviewed the petition and supplemental brief which I filed in a family court accountability case. Entitled Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, it was filed on August 14, 2018 and docketed on September 5, 2018 under Case No. 18-278.

Our nation’s high court agrees to hear only one percent of petitions filed each year or roughly 100 of 10,000 submitted globally. While the odds of hearing my case are obviously daunting, it has been nearly 20 years since the Supreme Court took on a parental rights case involving American-born citizens (Troxel v Granville).

Due to the extraordinary nature of my case and its design to promote parental rights across the country, the odds of a writ being granted here may be better than average. If enough court victims keep knocking on the courthouse doors, they may finally be opened to “justice for all.” The text of my Supplemental Brief accepted by the Court this past week is reprinted below. You may be shocked but encouraged by it in light of your own ordeals. Please share this post from our court reform website,

Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, Case No. 18-278

Supplemental Statement of the Case

This is a judicial whistleblower case featuring a civil rights attorney and model dad persecuted by his profession due to widespread exposure of corruption in family courts. The recurring persecution over a ten-year period has cost him all access to his precious daughters, permanent diverse alienations, a nine-year indefinite suspension of his law license, calculated destruction of a stellar lifelong reputation, and incessant threats of incarceration based on a money debt euphemistically termed “child support.”

The victim petitioner, Leon Koziol, has been deprived access to this Court to review the constitutionality of this “witch hunt” and continuing validity of an archaic statutory scheme which destroys countless parent-child relationships. Judges intent on punishing his exercise of federal rights have erected obstacles, both on and off the record, to foreclose such access. Among other things, they include a venue statute and joinder rules together with a denial of a hearing transcript by a family judge to conceal systemic corruption.

The background here has been summarized in the petition for writ of certiorari filed on August 14, 2018. That petition also seeks alternate conversion to an extraordinary writ under Rule 20. Since petition filing, the witch hunt and retributions have escalated to where petitioner can no longer speak at local public meetings, participate in organizations committed to court reform or function safely as a citizen. He was subjected to an unlawful arrest warrant and “shoot on sight” warning by a traffic cop on August 30, 2018.

That incredible warning necessitates elaboration here because corroborating evidence is being undermined, hence the additional support for Rule 20 treatment. The transcript deprivations are in addition to denials of all discovery rights in domestic, appellate and attorney proceedings since the current witch hunt was conceived on June 9, 2008. Such evidence is also crucial to a report now summited to the Senate Judiciary Committee and discussed with members of both major parties such as Senator Lindsey Graham.

The “shoot on sight” statement came during a traffic stop at the intersection of interstate routes 87 and 90 in Albany, New York. The events are presented in a witness affidavit filed among the papers submitted in support of a stay order in this case (latter affidavit of Michael Brancaccio). The grave warning was made despite the civil nature of a subject arrest warrant procured unlawfully in a child support proceeding.

This threat was issued despite the lack of any violent or criminal background, weapon ownership or arrest experience. It was made to the driver of a vehicle insured by petitioner and targeted by adversaries, occurring within days of a secret police bulletin that was “leaked” to the media consistent with prior unlawful disclosures by the Oneida County Family Court. Such a malicious act placed this father and law enforcement at serious risk of bodily harm. It was an ultimate edict in an originally uncontested divorce.

The risk of harm to law enforcement did not derive from this petitioner. It arose from the background of the driver which these officers could not know let alone understand. Michael Brancaccio was a former client of petitioner and fellow child support victim. He had been placed on regular suicide watch by prison officials and agency personnel due to a six-month child support confinement order issued by the same respondent judge, Daniel King, who was named by petitioner in prior petitions filed with this Court.

Like Walter Scott, the unarmed father murdered by a traffic cop in 2015 South Carolina, Mr. Brancaccio was not about to submit to any more debtor prisons. The last one placed him in a near death condition and three-week hospital stay. As explained in his earlier affidavit of the petition appendix, Mr. Brancaccio was acquitted of criminal assault charges which petitioner defended in 1994. They involved an off-duty Utica city police officer brandishing a badge and gun during a house party. A civil rights recovery afterward added to the many reasons fueling the current witch hunt.

During the stop at issue here, Mr. Brancaccio was on parole for an assault conviction related to a sister’s abusive boyfriend aggravated by yet another warrant for child support issued by Judge King. The latter was discovered by one of the many officers rushing to the scene, one featuring as many as seven state and local police cars with law enforcement priorities elsewhere.

The Brancaccio support warrant was issued after the putative contemnor was being committed to a full year term of confinement for arrears accumulating during his prior jail and hospital stays. It prompted him to run out of the courtroom and leap over an obstacle to his exit from the courthouse. Neither the “suspect” nor these traffic officers could predict what might later erupt during this highway confrontation.

After hours of abusive threats in a shackled condition, a thorough but vain ransacking of petitioner’s vehicle for drugs, and Mr. Brancaccio’s steadfast refusal to honor the “shoot on sight” statement by delivering the armed officers to petitioner, the driver was released without any drunk driving charge as the stated basis for this stop. It left petitioner in a highly isolated state, unimaginable by any member of this Court, and it occurred because he was duped into believing that his basic human rights would be protected, that they would take precedence over the unbridled greed of his profession, or the revenue interests of his government.

The malicious treatment derived from a series of petition denials by this Court. They are itemized in the petition’s “Statement of the Case.” As stated there, judges, lawyers, court staff and local sheriff have acted in lawless fashion on the presumption that those denials represented carte blanche permission to violate petitioner’s federal rights with impunity.

These and other calculated retributions arose in proximity to petitioner’s 2017 published book and 2018 editorials in Syracuse and regional media. They were all critical of respondents, family court and New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. An unlawful process for obtaining jurisdiction over this father was then orchestrated, a $45,500 child support payment was never credited to him by the state Child Support Collection Center, and an arrest warrant with maximum jail term resulted as a punitive device.

The fraudulent support delinquency was clearly shown in the record of a violation (contempt) hearing conducted by a New York support magistrate on May 17, 2018. In contrast to three pretrial transcripts obtained prior to this hearing, two retained court reporters mysteriously reneged on their commitments to produce the one showing the $45,500 fraud. That transcript would also show the combined liberty impairments which foreclosed income capacities. It would also be necessary for any misconduct reports.

A first adjournment request was granted by a reviewing family judge. However, when the fraud was cited in a second request, that judge confirmed the willful violations based on his purported, exclusive review of the CD recording.  Further adjournment to provide similar access or transcript was denied by this “acting” family judge who was assigned out of Utica, New York city court by respondent (Syracuse) administrative judge James Tormey.

Because the transcript was usurped, it cannot be added to an appendix here. For the same reason, the newly arising facts behind this supplemental brief cannot be made part of any other original or appellate proceeding. A federal court anti-filing order was the subject of Koziol v United States District Court, Case No. 15-1519. A 2010 disqualification of New York’s appellate Fourth Department was the subject of Parent v New York, also filed with this Court and cited in the petition. That state appeals court has inexplicably resumed jurisdiction and denied relief.

As stated in the petition and available record, this latest (41st) assigned family judge, Gerald Popeo, possessed a racist history with the petitioner civil rights attorney. He was publicly censured by a state judicial commission on February 12, 2015 after being found guilty of making racist remarks to an African-American attorney, violent threats from the bench and wrongful contempt commitments. He improperly accepted a calculated assignment to petitioner’s case not for legitimate deliberation but to avenge his false belief that petitioner was a part of that 2015 censure, or judicial “witch hunt” as he called it during a bar conversation initiated with petitioner months earlier.

For his part, the same sheriff deputy who improperly served the violation summons at the request of a family court clerk during a separate custody hearing placed a call after this petition was filed for petitioner to “turn himself in.” Like the abuse of his security duties, such a call was unlawful after already giving free service of process to petitioner’s opponent. Such service required a fee as prescribed by law in his Civil Division, a criminal act by any other perpetrator.

At about this time, petitioner received former inmate information that if he turned himself in, a plan was in place to have another inmate admit himself to a “protective custody” location for punitive assault purposes. As a trial attorney, petitioner had secured civil rights recoveries of $300,000 against the relevant Oneida County Sheriff and jail. Prior to license suspension, his last jury trial in Syracuse federal court featured a Russian national subjected to cruel treatment and injury during his incarceration there.

By the time of this August, 2018 deputy sheriff phone call, the criminal activity was escalating without even the courtesy of a reply to petitioner’s complaints to the county sheriff, state attorney general and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore as the chief court administrative officer. Those complaints began in January, 2018 and remain unanswered. Faced with the choice of a jail beating or outside self-defense, petitioner advised this deputy that he would resist any unlawful arrest.

In court papers over the past few years, petitioner depicted his brutal mistreatment as a “Rodney King beating with the fists and batons replaced by orders and edicts.” This was proven again by a post filing ethics complaint containing three 2018 recordings of public statements made by petitioner at a town board meeting. As a state resident, he was seeking to gain public access to a stated owned lake being privatized by this town. No specifications were provided to allege how an 8-year license suspension order was violated. There were no fees, legal opinions or clients involved.

On September 4, 2018, petitioner filed for a stay of state proceedings designed to incarcerate this judicial whistleblower using a federal child support statute as justification. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg denied the stay on September 24, 2018 despite life-threatening events graphically depicted therein. Such events were predicted in a 2015 report to a congressional oversight committee and U.S. Justice Department after the traffic cop murder of Walter Scott in South Carolina.

           Supplemental Reasons for Granting Writ

In Apodaca v Raemisch, Case No. 17-1284 (October 9, 2018), a statement was published by Justice Sonia Sotomayor after this petition was filed to emphasize that cruel and unusual punishment has long included mental anguish. While agreeing with a denial of writ in that case, she evidently felt compelled to address the vast human injury inflicted by protective or solitary confinement. This case raises the very same manner of confinement without commission of any crime in the county jails of upstate New York.

Petitioner became a near victim of such confinement due to his status as a whistleblower, civil rights attorney and police target. The driver of his vehicle on August 30, 2018 did incur such confinement in another county jail and was nearly killed because of it. Due process and Fourth Amendment are typically the textual rights employed in detainee and arrest cases, but a “cruel and unusual punishment” analysis is proper here under a “shocks the conscience” rule announced in Rochin v California, 342 US 165 (1953).

In Sessions v Dimaya, Case No. 15-1498 (2018), a deportation case invalidating a vague statute, Justice Neil Gorsich wrote that “vague laws invite arbitrary power.” In this case, a “best interests of the child” law is challenged due to the arbitrary power abused so extensively during petitioner’s ten-year ordeal. It has reached an arguable extreme of “murder for money” in light of the vast carnage resulting from mandatory custody classifications. For the Title IV-D funding scheme to work, American-born children are routinely removed or permanently alienated from one parent who is then made to pay for the state kidnapping even to a point of terminal incarceration.

In the highly praised statement of Senator Susan Collins at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, various standards of proof were analyzed which led her to vote in favor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. In family court, there is no standard for a growing variety of lucrative forensic orders that purportedly assist in decisional processes. They range from “comprehensive psychological evaluations” to “parent education programs” that can bankrupt or addict a parent on the whim of a judge acting without a jury. The ones exposed here provide ample proof that many suffer from worse disorders

The still escalating fact pattern here is not one that can be ignored based on any development of a record that has been foreclosed in a myriad of ways. It is also not one to be ignored based on political affiliations or a desire to avoid reputational harm to our justice system. As Justice Elana Kagan emphasized in public comments on October 7, 2018, such allegiances will impair the “legitimacy” of our nation’s highest court.

The corruption exposed here threatens this legitimacy on a far broader scale given the public impacts and inhumane retaliation inflicted on a whistleblower who enjoys no legal protection. Beyond that, a self-imposed judicial immunity offers no compensation to such victims while judicial misconduct commissions exemplified by those in New York and California routinely act on only ten percent of complaints.

A favorable outcome on this petition will show that recourse will be provided when the judicial branch of government breaks down as seriously as it did here. Such a break-down allows victims to take matters into their own hands for life saving purposes. A writ could reverse the suppression of a nationwide epidemic caused by a federal funding program that incentivizes parental conflict in our domestic relations courts.

The human rights tragedies here have now reached epic levels. Suicides, homicides, domestic violence, worker productivity, and the psychological, financial and physical harm to parents, families and children make this a national concern. Such harm may eclipse that caused by tobacco, drug and chemical companies. It is an epidemic suppressed by a media policy of avoiding family issues and federal abstention practices which defer such matters to state courts.

All too often, a growing epidemic is ignored until a horrific event captures national attention. The recent wave of violence is exemplary. As relevant here, a scathing Justice Department Report on March 4, 2015 was triggered by the police shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It identified routine violations of federal rights by judges and patrol officers engaged in false arrests in a scheme to raise revenues through court fines. The petition here provides an identical revenue driven abuse of parents.

The extraordinary record of this case provides all the necessary support for a writ under Supreme Court Rules 10 or 20. If its highly uncontested facts are insufficient to draw the Court’s interest, such civil rights statutes are meaningless for those who do not satisfy traditional victim status, that is, those who act on a government promise of fair treatment for all.

A white male parent raised in poverty conditions whose own father spent five years in a Nazi camp should not have to endure all the man-hating prejudice that is being fomented everywhere today. It has taken father discrimination to unprecedented levels. A severe back-lash is underway because our courts continue to pretend that dads, victimized only by their birth status, are getting fair treatment. 


The American public cannot know about judicial misconduct unless the professionals within the court system are allowed the liberty to report it. Due to abused federal court abstention practices, state domestic relations courts have seized the power to destroy families. Such power would be the envy of the CIA, FBI and IRS. A resulting crisis promises to bring infinitely more harm to our schools, communities, workplaces, families, and moral fiber as a nation.

Like parent victims, our national government is going bankrupt trying to put out all the fires which this assault upon moms and dads is causing. Indeed, illegal alien fathers are receiving far greater legal recognition as demonstrated only last year by the opinion of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Sessions v Morales-Santana, 580 US __ (2017).

Shared parenting and consensus are crucial to reversing this ominous trend. Exemplary is a 2010 agreement here approved by court order which set the stage for a repayment plan of support money pilfered by petitioner’s ex-secretary. It called for license reinstatement, a productive future and prevention of the many court filings that followed.

However, an improper tax lien on support arrears enabled law enforcement to execute a swat team invasion of dad’s suburban home. Armed police and tax agents converged to seize vehicles prohibited by that court order (in the case Appendix). It occurred only weeks after that order was sent to state officials.

The arrangement collapsed, and the “shoot on sight” order was its outcome, all for the “best interests” of these two little girls. As innocent victims of unchecked government oppression, they have been severely harmed well beyond the mental capacities of their “custodial parent” to understand.

The abuses of power in this case range from an admitted pedophile custody judge to an administrative judge successfully sued for directing clerks to commit “espionage.” Most are still on the bench including the racist, vengeful city judge who caused this petition and seeks approval by denial.   

On each morning for a period of years, this whistleblower victim awoke with the severe pain of knowing nothing about his precious daughters. The sadistic, oversensitive judges who inflicted such punishment upon a model parent, attorney and citizen must now be held accountable for the federal crimes clearly demonstrated here.

This Court has declared the parenting right to be the “oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution,” Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000). If that is still true, this case presents a watershed opportunity to show it. Free speech, due process and equal protection are additional rights ruthlessly violated. Action is now required because no one is above the law in America.

October 29, 2018                                                    

Respectfully submitted,

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

(315) 796-4000

New York reinstates law license of jailed, terrorist-protecting lawyer while judicial whistleblower still suspended for 9 years!

This is the front page of the New York Times edition where the attorney reinstatement story can be found on page A18

Unbelievable you say? Unless the New York Times is making this up, it’s true!

Followers of this judicial corruption site, Leon, may already know that its sponsor, civil rights advocate, Dr. Leon Koziol, has had his law license suspended for nearly nine years. Never even accused of a crime, the suspension traces itself to a conscientious stand against his profession regarding father discrimination, federal funding abuses and corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

On May 22, 2013, ethics lawyers stated in closed proceedings regarding reinstatement that they would oppose his applications so long as his complaints and public criticisms of our courts continue. Only weeks later, they were forced to resign after a state inspector general discovered that they had been falsifying time sheets. No public charges, criminal or ethical were brought against these standard-bearers of attorney ethics, and they continue practicing law (Torncello, Devane and Zayas).

Now comes a feature story in today’s New York Times regarding Stanley Cohen, an attorney known for his representation of police murderers, terrorists, members of Hamas, Al Qaeda and even a convicted son-in-law of Osama bin Laden. Recently released from prison for tax evasion, he has now been returned to the practice of law by the same court system which has kept Dr. Koziol in a state of turmoil and limbo. Attorney Cohen quickly returned to representing shady figures. 

A full page article with Cohen’s half page photo outside his Catskill Mountain home is found on page A18 of the October 22, 2018 edition of the New York Times. The article was written by Corey Kilgannon, and it presents a quintessential paradox between good and evil in the courts of New York. A child support debt was orchestrated through a destruction of Koziol’s livelihood with the same earnings level as practicing attorney to set monthly support payments. One family judge (Daniel King) fabricated a college degree for alternate employment to keep those payments beyond a manageable level.

And only weeks ago, a fraud was committed when the state support agency failed to credit Leon with a $45,500 support payment in 2015. An acting family judge, Gerald Popeo, was publicly censured for misconduct by the state Judicial Conduct Commission, and he later issued a jail order while denying a timely court transcript which shows that fraud. It resulted in a “shoot on sight” threat by a traffic cop who targeted a vehicle driven by a Koziol assistant.

Yet no one in government seems concerned about any of this, leaving the victim to fend for his life as best as he can. The moral of this story is that First Amendment does not apply to our third branch of government, the same one that seized the power to interpret our supreme laws under the Constitution.

Dr. Koziol is now petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court for recourse and to prevent ratification of this human holocaust through high court inaction. Share this message and Dr. Koziol’s latest corruption report with your Congress representatives, media and fellow court victims. If you can help, call Leon personally at (315) 796-4000. Because when they can do this to a model parent, lawyer and citizen, they can easily do it to you or your loved ones.

Help needed to promote corruption report seeking federal investigation of family courts.

Dr. Koziol & Associates at Supreme Court

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

The support for a federal investigation and congressional hearing continues to grow from all parts of the country. The ordeals are shocking and they share one important element, the need for a united front to get our federal government aware of the carnage it is causing to moms, dads, children and families in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

I have been involved in the parent advocacy and court reform movement for over ten years. As a judicial whistleblower, I sustained horrific retributions which led to an indefinite suspension of my unblemished 23 year law license together with a five-year loss of contact with my daughters. I have never faced any criminal charge, malpractice or child agency report.

During my ten year crusade, I attended and sponsored numerous conferences in New York, Washington, United Nations and other locations from Paris to Hawaii. Along the way I met many wonderful moms and dads in need of vital assistance. I did what I could to help, but the scrutiny of my website and activities impaired those efforts. A family judge went so far as to issue a gag order against me which was removed after I sued him in New York Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts and those of other parental advocates, a united front has never materialized, hence the carnage is actually growing unabated. The consequences of my efforts have recently elevated to a life threatening level not unlike that which led to the demise of former Georgia Senator, Nancy Schaefer. We were both scheduled as keynote speakers in Washington in 2010 but she was a no-show for that reason.

The opportunity to unite now exists in a report I have shared with select members of Congress and its oversight committees. It is a report which also seeks support behind my Supreme Court case, number 18-278, docketed on September 5, 2018. A congressional hearing could alert members to a growing crisis and lead to a comprehensive investigation of corruption exceeding that conducted by the Justice Department in Ferguson, Missouri in 2015 and Operation Greylord in Chicago.

How many more suicides must occur before our government, all three branches, take notice of a growing epidemic in these courts? How many more children must suffer the loss of one or both parents to unchecked parental alienation, lawyer abuses and judge misconduct? How much more domestic violence and family bankruptcies must also occur? When do we finally make a united stand demanding justice and accountability?

The answers to these questions may now be in front of you with the promotion of this report. Unfortunately the trolls are already out in full force. Given some of their bizarre and defamatory commentary, I must conclude that they are hired or influenced by our common enemies who profit from our misfortunes. In one case, a disbarred lawyer acting under another name has now lost his mind after attacking his own radio guests and followers. Most or all quickly defected, and he required psychiatric treatment on a number of occasions. This is what these courts can do to you.

But others “get it.” On the same day, a highly intelligent mom (divorce victim) spent an hour on the phone encouraging me to stay involved. But I can no longer do that without meaningful assistance and financial support. I am asking fellow advocates from around the country to help share my report with members of Congress, the media and any other key contacts. I will e-mail you a copy if a serious commitment is made. You can contact our office, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420.

In a highly listened to radio talk show yesterday, I was lured into a debate with a divorce lawyer who was exposed for many of the abuses detailed in my corruption report. You should treat yourself to it for motivation or entertainment purposes if nothing else. The entire half hour show can be accessed below or by searching WUTQ radio FM 100.7, Talk of the Town:



Nationwide Support Growing for Federal Criminal Investigation of Family Courts

Knocked down, beat up and nearly killed, I’m still standing, now in the halls of Congress seeking to elicit a federal criminal investigation of corruption in our nation’s family courts. The persecution by judges, lawyers and county sheriff has only increased my resolve to give abused moms, dads and children justice for all their needless suffering.

Parenting Rights Institute

Today, PRI Director, Dr. Leon Koziol, continued with his quest to elicit a federal criminal investigation of corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. An upgraded report was submitted to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after last week’s personal interactions with Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A copy was also submitted to a highly intrigued reporter of the Associated Press.

In only two days, highly enthusiastic support has come from across the country by phone, e-mail and our thousands of Facebook followers. Most are highly informed victims who “get” what Leon is trying to do. A special thanks to all of you from our volunteers at Parenting Rights Institute.

We need a groundswell of support behind a lobbying blitz in Congress. Pontifications from keyboards in the comfort of our homes is accomplishing nothing. Feel free to contact our office at (315) 380-3420 or Dr. Koziol personally, wherever he may be these days, at (315) 796-4000. Below is an excerpt of his upgraded report which may be of great value to those who doubt the reality of court corruption. Kindly share it with all.


The petition and record in Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, et. al. provide all the necessary support for a federal criminal investigation of the civil rights abuses found throughout a ten year whistleblower ordeal. The case exemplifies or exposes a national epidemic supporting a separate congressional inquiry into federal funding abuses in state family courts. The Supreme Court site under docket number 18-278 offers a petition, appendix, stay motion and affidavits at the end to verify the foregoing and to alert the public of a crisis in federal law violations. 

If these highly uncontested facts are insufficient to draw the interest of our federal authorities, such criminal statutes are meaningless for those who do not satisfy traditional victim status. A white male parent raised in poverty conditions whose own father spent five years in a Nazi war camp should not have to endure all the man-hating prejudice which surrounded the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process. That process has now taken father discrimination to unprecedented levels. A back-lash of severe proportion is pending because our halls of justice continue to pretend that dads, victimized only by their birth status, are getting fair treatment.  

Related to this, judicial accountability is routinely overlooked based on an elite presumption of superiority. Yet it is easily countered by such events as a federal sting operation (Greylord) involving judicial criminality in Chicago during the 1980s. 93 people were indicted after an undercover investigation by joint effort of the FBI and state law enforcement. They included 17 judges, 48 lawyers, 10 deputy sheriffs, eight policemen, eight court officials and an elected official. Nearly all were convicted of crimes ranging from bribery to mail fraud and racketeering. Three committed suicide including a state judge. Another died in 2011 shortly after his release.

More recently, a predecessor of New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore was sent to federal prison for extortion and false reports to FBI agents during an investigation of complaints made by the judge’s mistress. He also directed taxpayer financed court clerks to harm the law license interests of the attorney who was assisting the victim and her daughter regarding those crimes. Ex-New York Chief Judge Sol Wachtler directed a horrific campaign of crime, ultimately conceding in a subsequent book, After the Madness, that judges were trained to think of themselves as gods. 

Brooklyn judge Gerald Garson was convicted for accepting a bribe to fix a child custody case. Upstate Judge Thomas Spargo sought a bribe behind a threat to harm a lawyer in a divorce case. In the Pennsylvania “kids for cash scandal,” two judges were sent to prison for accepting bribes from detention center construction contractors. Some 4,000 juvenile convictions had to be thrown out by the state’s high court whose own justices have been the subject of misconduct in recent years. Judge Wade McCree of Detroit was removed from the bench after he impregnated a mother litigant in his chambers. The father was placed on a child support monitor. He sued for compensation but was denied relief in federal court based on judicial immunity. The list goes on.

On September 18, 2018, the New York Post featured a story about petitioner’s Congresswoman, Claudia Tenney, who sent a memo to her staff warning of “thuggish” retaliatory behavior connected to her opponent. Claudia was present in petitioner’s home in 2010 prior to her first political victory when the current reform effort was announced. Her opponent, Anthony Brindisi, is a state assemblyman, attorney, law partner and son of Louis Brindisi, a reputed mob lawyer charged with seven felonies during the 1990s for operating a drug ring out of the law firm’s offices. A lawyer there was earlier found tied to a chair and murdered in the law office basement. The underworld activity here was the target of a federal sting operation during the 1950s. It was all well depicted in a Utica, New York newspaper series by Rocco LaDuca entitled “Mob Files.” 

Attorney Louis Brindisi escaped with a misdemeanor plea after he began releasing the names of all prominent people who attended his law office parties. He never lost his law license. This is the same community where this petitioner maintained an unblemished law practice until it was destroyed by a secretary influenced by outside parties to sabotage office calendars, pilfer bank accounts and conceal client material to create ethics violations. Her crimes were discovered in 2009, but local police and prosecutors failed to act on petitioner’s criminal complaints. She was convicted of felonies upon later law office employers and sent to jail in 2016.

The victim now petitioning for a federal investigation has been accumulating evidence to show that an illegal drug operation remains alive and lucrative in the Utica, New York region. His ex-secretary was a loyal and efficient employee for years until she began boasting of parties she attended where cocaine was being abused by all. She also began a gambling addiction at Turning Stone Casino supported by a clandestine law practice finally ended with petitioner’s assistance in 2012 by her arrest in another county. After her 2009 firing by petitioner, it was learned that she had developed ties to certain lawyers for purposes of harming this whistleblower’s career.

Editor’s Note: Those lawyers are exposed in the report.

Dr. Leon Koziol submits report to Senate Judiciary Committee seeking criminal investigation of family court corruption

Before and after this October 11, 2018 meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dr. Leon Koziol discussed his recent report regarding court corruption with several key members. Each one committed himself and senate staff to a review. Hopefully it will lead to a long needed federal investigation of our state family courts.

Breaking News from Site Administrator

Parenting Rights Institute Director, Dr. Leon Koziol, has just returned from a week long trip to Washington D.C. He has been lobbying the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Oversight Committee, Justice Department and others for a federal investigation and committee hearings on the subject of judicial corruption in our nation’s family courts. He hopes other victims will join.

At the center of his effort is a report describing his Supreme Court petition docketed on September 5, 2018 entitled, Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, et. al. Case No. 18-278. That case relates the ten-year ordeal of Dr. Leon Koziol as a trial attorney and model parent with a request for judicial whistleblower protection. All documents are accessible on the Supreme Court site.

Depicted graphically throughout this website, Leon, his ordeal dwarfs the one related to the same Judiciary Committee by Dr. Blasey Ford during the recent confirmation hearings. Newly seated Justice Brett Kavanaugh will now review the Koziol case featuring claims of discrimination in our family courts, judge corruption and the targeting of men everywhere. 

The horrific mistreatment of this whistleblower climaxed this past year to include violations of law, procedure and government policies in a clandestine effort to literally kill a highly qualified reform messenger. Oneida County, New York  Sheriff Robert Maciol admitted that a secret police bulletin was improperly leaked to the media, one which led to a verbal “shoot on sight” order by a town patrol cop. It was compared to the police murder of Walter Scott on April 4, 2015. Unarmed and fleeing a child support warrant at a traffic stop, this dad was shot dead five times in the back leading to a $6 million settlement.

Sheriff Maciol has ignored Dr. Koziol’s complaints since January regarding the targeting of his free speech, parenting and due process rights, making him complicit in a conspiracy to violate federal law. The volatile situation which this has triggered can be compared to the needless killing of another deputy under his command, Kurt Wyman, during a domestic stand-off.

In the Koziol case, a subordinate deputy was reported for abusing court security duties, providing free service of a support summons as a favor to a court clerk, and depriving taxpayers and sheriff civil division of the fee prescribed by law. In a comparable case successfully defended by Dr. Koziol followed by civil rights recovery of $80,000, a city employee who abused his position in a similar way was quickly charged with a felony.

Dr. Koziol’s formal request for a federal investigation was discussed personally with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, some of the same ones featured during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. That process alerted the public to our third branch of government which is neither “above the law” nor immune from accountability under our Constitution.

As relevant here, and set out fully in Dr. Koziol’s report, the violations of our federal rights can elevate from civil to criminal status. A key example is “Operation Greylord,” a federal sting operation regarding judicial corruption in Chicago. Also cited in the report, it led to indictments of 93 civil rights violators that included 17 judges, 48 lawyers, 10 deputy sheriffs, 8 policemen 8 court officials and an elected politician. Nearly all were convicted. One judge committed suicide and another died in 2011, one year after his release from prison.

These are the federal criminal statutes relied upon in the Koziol report supporting a comprehensive criminal investigation of his horrific ten-year ordeal:

Title 18, section 242 of the United States Code provides as follows:

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;

(A)nd if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Title 18 section 241 of the United States Code provides as follows:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or if two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Free speech, due process, equal protection and the fundamental parenting right were all crucified here. As always, Dr. Koziol needs your personal and financial support after losing everything behind this worth cause. That cause is benefiting parents, families, children and future generations at great risk to a conscientious whistleblower and court reformist. Kindly share this post with your congressional representatives, media and other contacts.

Warrant Removed, U.S. Supreme Court to Review Horrific Events Surrounding a Near Fatal, Support Enforcement Fiasco


Thousands of “men’ died so that the human right of equal treatment under the law could have true meaning. They did not sacrifice for women and minorities only. They also sacrificed for men increasingly prejudiced and persecuted in family courts based on their birth status. Welcome to what may be the first men’s rights case docketed before the United States Supreme Court, entitled Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, et. al. Docket No. 18-278

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Only by the grace of God am I still alive sending you this message. I remain in New York City where I am advocating for a federal investigation of the Oneida County Sheriff, Family Court and certain judges who engaged in an unprecedented attack upon my free speech. So horrific were their abuses of public office that my life and family were placed needlessly in danger. It is reminiscent of Deputy Kurt Wyman who was also placed needlessly in harm’s way under the administration of Sheriff Robert Maciol.

The public admission of a “leaked” APB to the media by Sheriff Maciol, his deputy who abused security duties to provide free service of process to a private litigant (Kelly Hawse-Koziol) and a Utica, New York city judge who abused judicial office to avenge a public censure by the Judicial Conduct Commission are only the tip of the iceberg. New York’s corrupt Fifth Judicial District is at the center of it all, those attorneys whose livelihoods are being threatened by my reform efforts. There are also those who made defamatory public statements that will face a civil lawsuit when my work here is done.

Recently, New York 22nd District Congresswoman, Claudia Tenney, leaked out her own memo depicting opponent, Anthony Brindisi, as some kind of mobster whose family would react with violent acts upon her staff. She claimed this would occur because his political career was coming to an end (evidently by her presumed victory in November). She gave only vague events and possibilities of retaliation, thereby proving that this was all a scam to dredge up dirt by association and ethnic heritage.

When called to task by the New York Post, Claudia back-pedaled, claiming she did not mean to refer to the younger Brindisi (law partner and Assemblyman), and not even his father who was charged at one time with seven felonies stemming from a drug ring operated from his law office. She was referring to unnamed “thugs” somehow connected to the Brindisi family. The elder Brindisi was a reputed mob lawyer. A young attorney in the same law office was found tied to a chair, gagged and dead in the basement.

Welcome to my home town where I served as city councilman and corporation counsel. Known once as “Sin City,” the abuse inflicted on me for exposing corruption here should not surprise you. When news was “leaked” to the media behind this major man-hunt against me for “child support” (a conscientious attorney never even accused of a crime), there was no concern expressed by Claudia for me as one of her constituents. She knew my ordeal when interviewing me in my home in 2010 as a secondary media representative prior to winning her first election. She knew the stand I was making for abused fathers and non-custodial mothers. But evidently it was only her own interests that were important.

I filed complaints with Sheriff Maciol, the Judicial Conduct Commission and Chief Judge Janet DiFiore in January of this year outlining the crimes committed against me and even predicting what was to come. Not a single one gave me the courtesy of a reply, leading to the logical conclusion that crimes by judges, lawyers and court staff were perfectly acceptable. Under these circumstances, and our Constitution, the citizenry is entitled to fend for itself. That is how our nation began.

Now it is all before the United States Supreme Court. Today, I received notice that my motion for stay filed during the time of Judge Gerald Popeo’s warrant was formally docketed (dated September 4, 2018). It is currently being considered by Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. It has interesting parallels to the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings with the twist that men are now becoming a discriminated class in America. Indeed the first issue presented asks our high court to take up that very question. You can view the entire petition on-line on the Supreme Court website, search docket, Leon Koziol v Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, et. al. Case No. 18-278.

In closing, I want to thank those around the country who sought to give me support and assistance, most importantly those who combined to make the support payment needed to lift the Popeo warrant. We need to share this post and wage a campaign for accountability never seen before. Corruption is growing at all levels of government while the rest of us who follow the rules are abused as victims. I got no calls from my daughters. The alienation for money waged by their “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse-Koziol would make Satan herself cringe.

Traffic cop: Kill (Leon Koziol) on Sight? Breaking news of a loving dad, civil rights attorney, and model citizen who dared to criticize our third branch of government.


I know this post may shock some of you, blow your mind, whatever, but as a parent and American citizen, you need to read it, share it, make it viral, and overcome the censorship which surrounds it. I’ve not communicated with my followers for some time because I did not want to alarm family members or friends about events accumulating recently which have now placed my life in serious danger.

You might say, I am a “dead man walking,” and I will be contacting the United States Supreme Court tomorrow morning to discern, perhaps for the first time ever, whether there is any court procedure to protect a citizen from a “kill on sight” order issued verbally by a traffic cop against me for a child support debt. As fate would have it, I have a petition pending there along with a motion for a stay of the proceedings which caused all this (before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

Some of you may recall former Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer. She was supposed to be a featured speaker at a parenting rights convention in our nation’s capital along with me in 2010. She never made it because she was found mysteriously dead along with her husband of 52 years in her home. She had been exposing family court corruption no differently than I have been. It is literally a trillion dollar industry that is destroying families and our moral fiber as a nation.

Today, my hours may also be numbered. For the time being, I have found a temporary place of safety. Hence, I can now explain what is truly going on in connection with a story leaked to WIBX radio in upstate, New York last week. Concerned parents have called from around the country offering support. Some have asked me to surrender to a so-called “child support” warrant issued by a corrupt, Utica, New York criminal judge assigned as an “acting family judge” to my custody and support cases. His name is Gerald Popeo.

Don’t bother trying to figure out any of that jurisdiction or assignment stuff. Even New York’s bar association condemned a justice system in our state which features 11 trial courts in contrast to our largest state of California which has only one. But hey, such complications are highly lucrative for lawyers even if it means murders and suicides among the people they incite. And that leads me to this horrific event exposed for the first time.

On Thursday night, August 30, 2018, at approximately 9 pm, at the toll booths of interstate 87 and 90 near Albany, New York, a former client and friend was headed northbound toward Lake George, New York in my black truck (H-3 Hummer). He was quickly pulled over by a patrol cop. There was no real traffic issue, he was likely tagged by a registration, computer-generated, sticker on the windshield, having been accused of erratic driving, failing to signal, etc. Talk about citizen monitoring!

Anyone coming through that maze of intersections knows how ridiculous such charges would be, and he was also cited with speeding, 66 in a 55, coming out of those toll booths. For at least two hours, this man was berated and threatened with multiple felony charges because the registration came back to my name. He was required to disclose my location based on some sort of “all points bulletin” depicting me as a dangerous suspect (of nothing at all because it related to a civil child support debt).

These Albany guys were relying on an Oneida County deputy sheriff-initiated phone conversation. What they were not told is that my statements (long present in my court papers) were premised on a logical belief that I was being set up for a violent arrest (more on that shortly.) I would never resist a “lawful arrest,” but that’s not how it was portrayed in an “All Points Bulletin” of sorts that was, as stated, sadistically  “leaked” to the media.

At one point, it was learned that the driver had a child support warrant of his own, but the applicable law enforcement agency (Lewis County bordering Oneida County) refused an offer to pick him up. This was likely based on a realization that the situation was getting way out of control. I mean, after all, weren’t there real criminals somewhere to be focused on with our tax dollars?

Judge Daniel King in that (Lewis) county case was the same person who caused this driver (and me) to lose our children, in my case to facilitate substitution by an unfit, childless millionaire who went so far as to nearly run me over with his black cadillac last summer (witnessed by a nearby restaurant manager). You may have heard the stories of at least two New York Supreme Court judges who were sent to prison on child custody bribery charges (Albany’s Thomas Spargo and Brooklyn’s Gerald Garson).

The driver was finally released despite all the felony threats. When he finally reached me, the story he told would make any free world citizen cringe. How ironic it was that I was proudly wearing an NYPD shirt when he described his ordeal. It had seven patrol cars and one in cop in particular who threatened him with all sorts of harmful consequences unless he led them to me. The others apparently did not correct him when he stated that they would “kill on sight” regarding that APB put out against me for this money debt. He also accused the driver of trying to protect a “cop killer.”

Remember Walter Scott? Probably not. That’s because, often times, when the “black lives matter” movement comes around in the media, they conveniently leave him out of the serial carnage. Yet he is the worst case from all the other killings. Walter was running, unarmed, from a child support warrant at a traffic stop in South Carolina. He was murdered by that traffic cop and shot dead in the back five times. If not for a cell phone video by an unseen by-stander, no one would have believed the story.

While everyone at Walter Scott’s funeral (I was there) tried to make it a race issue, the funeral pastor saw it differently. He blamed it on these draconian child support enforcement practices. No one cared, no reform resulted from this dad’s needless murder. The family recovered $6 million in a wrongful death lawsuit but how did that help his little ones spend the rest of their lives without their loving father? Is murder by a traffic cop the newest form of “child support?”

Our government learned nothing from the Walter Scott murder, Thomas Ball’s self-immolation or the family murder suicide in Astoria only a few weeks ago. To prove that, I am today, literally a “dead man walking.” I may be dead only minutes from now because I will not surrender to the corruption of our courts any more than Martin Luther King did with his “Letter from Birmingham jail” or Susan B. Anthony did who refused to pay her fine for the crime of voting in a congressional election.

What’s the chance that the courtroom named after Susan B. Anthony in Rochester, New York is the same one where my law license was suspended in 2010 for refusing to pay “sexist” child support. Even now, well into the 21st century, our Census Bureau continues to report that nearly 85% of all parents paying child support are men, 90% of (antiquated) “custody awards” go to women, and nearly 100% of all parents sent to a debtor prison for so-called “child support” are men.

I want to thank all of you who have offered me assistance. We have the dubious distinction of having the most imprisoned population in the “free world,” all for the sake of money (i.e. kickbacks to judges in Pennsylvania for prison construction contracts that landed juveniles falsely in prison). I have retained a video regarding the foregoing incident and sent it to three people for my personal protection. Every minute now may be my last, but it was a sacrifice which needed to be made.

For “the record,” the APB thing originated from a telephone conversation initiated by a security deputy at the Oneida County Courthouse in Utica, New York. Out of concern only for himself due to his unlawful conduct, he asked me to surrender myself to Gerald Popeo. I don’t even know this deputy’s name but his manner of treating me like a common criminal incited my emotions. I’m wondering if he ever offered such privileges to other dads who simply failed to appear for a family court hearing on a money debt.

Anyway, this is the same guy who was asked by a family court clerk there to serve me with the support violation summons which is now leading to my imminent death. He did so to benefit Kelly Hawse-Koziol, the so-called “custodial parent” of my two daughters. This deputy sheriff abused his court security duties by interrupting a separate custody proceeding to serve that summons. Meanwhile I was required to pay for such services through the same deputy sheriff’s civil division.

What’s even worse, the support magistrate, Natalie Carraway, who recommended the Popeo-approved six-month child support incarceration, failed to rectify a $45,500 tax-free child support payment I made in 2015, making the whole support debt a fraud upon the court by the robotic state “Child Support Collection Center.” Gerry Popeo allowed an adjournment to obtain the relevant hearing transcript showing that fraud, but curiously, two stenographers that I hired for that purpose, changed their minds for its production.

In short, the entire family court was placed on the side of my adversary with no concern from any judge, supervising or presiding. Did this deputy not commit a crime by abusing his assigned duties and stealing from taxpayers what they were entitled to at the Civil Division of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Department? I made all the appropriate complaints to New York’s Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, the court administration and Sheriff Robert Maciol, even following up with phone calls where my complaints were acknowledged (in January of this year). As of this publication, I have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply.

As for the judge who issued my “death” warrant, Gerald Popeo was censured by the New York Judicial Conduct Commission on February 12, 2015 for physical threats made to litigants from the bench and unlawful (civil contempt) jail sentences. A Commission judge concluded after hearing the evidence that Gerald Popeo had made jokes while on duty to an African-American attorney that “downstate blacks refer to upstate blacks as country niggers.” He should have been arrested by court security for his threats and thrown off the bench for his racist remarks. Instead he was given a mere censure which he blamed, in part, on me as a “witch hunt.”

Gerald Popeo was recently assigned to my support case as revenge and to complete the persecution for my public criticisms of these courts.  Coupled with my twelve year divorce ordeal, it is all sufficient for me to conclude that I have been targeted for physical injury in an unlawful arrest. By law, I have the human right to defend myself as Rodney King could have when he was nearly beat to death on a roadside in California. Robert Maciol, his deputy, Gerald Popeo, Daniel King and others must be held accountable for my death should that occur.

As for attention-deprived, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, she is obviously enjoying all this. She could end it all by simply withdrawing her demands for money but she seems to literally want “blood.” This has nothing to do with any child’s “best interests.” I cannot pay gender biased “child support” after all my means for obtaining income were taken by the state’s judiciary and child support machine. The people need a federal investigation into my case. All I ask now is for my daughters to contact me so that I can say good-bye. You girls were always my whole life while it existed.