Blue-Ribbon Commission votes to eliminate forensic custody evaluations while ignoring accountability and defective hearings

Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Would it have been such a burden to notify hearing presenters of a report issued on January 11, 2022 by a state Blue-Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluations? Instead, a final report was released to media with no indication that many who made presentations at two virtual hearings were respected. Those hearings in September were conducted in haphazard fashion, some presentations without video recognition, and no reply to complaints regarding their conduct by a domestic violence employee.

Welcome to New York, land of useless oversight bodies appointed at taxpayer expense to create an illusion of public accountability. Like the 2013 Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, this so-called blue-ribbon commission assumed the mantra of a window-dressing entity. By a vote of 11-9, it recommended that forensic custody evaluations be eliminated in the state’s divorce and family courts. It also recommended that in the event such evaluations are continued, evaluators be monitored, qualified and stripped of qualified judicial immunity from civil liability.

Of course, none of these recommendations will be adopted by New York Governor Kathy Hochul whose predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, created both the Moreland and forensic panels. His non-elected replacement is being publicly criticized as a state leader who may be worse than her predecessor, preserving that long entrenched “culture of corruption in Albany” which these oversight panels were created to address. But the corruption has only worsened as the “band plays on” in Albany.

There were presenters who identified certain judges, evaluators and wrongdoers but none were mentioned in the report. Moreover, if the evaluators are to be stripped of their immunities from civil liability, i.e. from a consequential child murder, parent suicide or court-induced mental condition, why were judges given a free pass, those who often rubber-stamp the reports of these same evaluators? We all know that lawyers in robes will never consent to waiving their “absolute” immunities as they impose million-dollar judgments for comparable negligence on their litigants.

Therefore, we victims must take matters into our own hands as the time is long overdue for a legislative enactment or constitutional amendment to eliminate that self-protection. Let’s face it, the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission is yet another useless window-dressing entity investigating less than 10% of complaints annually. Civil suits would make up for that void. Besides, if judges are complying with ethics and criminal laws, they have nothing to fear. And you know that few would leave these prestigious posts if immunities were removed to comport with the accountability applied to the rest of us.

This blue-ribbon commission has yet to respond to my complaints, separately submitted from my testimony, which addressed the conduct and outcomes of these public hearings. This includes severe parental alienation caused by judge-appointed evaluators and a requested referral to the Justice Department and state attorney general for a comprehensive investigation. Such disregard in advance of the recent final report shows how state government remains an elitist body far removed from the people being served.

These evaluators, often appointed to yield campaign contributions, have produced horrific outcomes that warrant monetary compensation. When the Moreland Commission was prematurely dissolved by Andrew Cuomo to evade growing evidence, a federal prosecutor seized commission files resulting in federal prison terms for the state’s legislative leaders and a top Cuomo aide. The federal-state corruption investigation known as Operation Greylord ended with the convictions of nearly 100 judges, lawyers, law enforcement and state officials in Chicago.

In contrast, this impotent blue-ribbon panel proved to be yet another political exercise without accountability or reform. And where was any genuine investigative report from our mainstream media despite all the notice given to them? We victims need to join forces and protest government corruption as the population exodus from New York continues to escalate along with the abuses, taxes and overregulation of the people.

Due to the oversight dysfunction, a citizen commission was recently organized as a nonprofit known as the Citizen Commission Against Corruption. Get the details at or call its office at (315) 864-8176.

Some Court Humor for the Season: “It’s Beginning to look a lot like New Year’s”


Going viral by the minute, this newly published holiday carol is sung by Judge Ive Gotsalot to the music of: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Enjoy and Share!

It’s beginning to look a lot like New Year’s

Everywhere you go

Take a look at the family courts, lawyers of all sorts

With lots of files and sleezy smiles that grow

It’s beginning to look a lot like New Year’s

Fees for every whore

But the ugliest sight to see is the summons that will be

On your own front door

A kind of go-along suit and a staff that can loot

Is the wish of Cohen & Tale

Pals they can mail who will pay for their bail

Is the hope of clients in jail

And Tom and Chad can hardly wait for the cops to lose their trail

It’s beginning to look a lot like New Year’s

Everywhere you go

There’s a friend that will never tell, one on the bench as well

The dirty kind doesn’t mind the doe

It’s beginning to look a lot like New Year’s

Soon the case will start

And the thing that’ll make it ring is a retainer you will bring

Right within your heart

It’s beginning to look a lot like New Year’s

Fees for every whore

But the ugliest sight to see is the summons that will be

On your own front door

It’s just a new year once more. 

So you want to write a book? Read this to ward off scam artists and disappointment

Dr. Leon Koziol

Author, Advocate and Litigator

Note: An e-mail from one of my followers today sought input on a book idea. Inasmuch as I have authored and published a number of books over the years, both fiction and nonfiction, I was quick to reply so that he could be spared all the predator publishers anxious to prey upon unsuspecting victims. By the time their scams are discovered, it’s too late, and the valuable time and money put into these projects are never recovered. You should share this message with other would-be authors. It’s a short one exposing yet another scam industry.

Dear follower:

Your book idea is an honorable one, but I’m going to take some time aside on a light day to walk you through the project you are proposing with the goal of encouraging you to take up a cause against the publishing industry. Fate?

This will be a fascinating read to say the least based on nearly 20 years of experience. And you are welcome to share it with any like-minded soul who needs real guidance. You can become a lion at the outset instead of the one harmlessly caged in these vital reform movements. 

A book project is a massive undertaking with con-job publishers that take your advance and drop you like a rock. I successfully sued my first one in 2006 for such “minor” errors as upside down pages buried in books sold to third parties. If I did not know one victim personally, I never would have discovered the bad batch.

In addition to my monetary recovery, the AP news feed at the time of first filing eventually put that publisher out of business. The article which started the social media outrage was quite catchy, titled “The next chapter of this book will play out in court.” Ironically if the defense firm did not move that case from state to federal court, the creative reporter would not have discovered it in the docket, a huge tactical blunder.

Amazon was a co-defendant as its parent company believe it or not, and the way the two worked together can show how unsuspecting authors might easily be scammed. It also proves again how many giants I have slayed with merely a stone to benefit “the little guy” before the retributions began for my judicial whistleblowing activity in 2008. 

As an aside, you should check out a 2004 story in the Las Vegas Sun which featured my David-Goliath slaying of a “billion dollar” casino compact against high powered law firms such as Cravath, Swaine and Moore in Manhattan. The publisher’s law firm retained to defend my later case in federal court was similarly high profile.

Despite all this, I did not fare much better with my next three publishers, a small local and two global “vanity” firms.  They proved to be no different than the courts I was writing about (although Voyage to Armageddon was a 2014 novel focused on nuclear terrorism). 

You have to do your best scanning the scammers until you settle on one with a long enough existence. Short term sites can simply reorganize under a different state and corporate title after robbing you blind and being slapped on the wrist. It’s yet another epic con-industry that I got sucked into like so many others that simply wanted to publish a book. 

This experience can be compared to unsuspecting parents who simply want to separate in divorce or family court but without the lawyers, innocent children and millions involved, You might think of my publishing ordeal as another destiny for public accountability. However, I won’t fall into the latest rabbit hole without money or people support. Sound familiar? 

And so, this particular scam industry persists like those who sell “storage” in the tech scam industry, no real warehouse costs or “products” to manufacture using satellites we taxpayers made possible. It can turn greedy profiteers without a conscience into billionaires overnight. 

To be sure, I learn now that it’s Barnes and Noble producing my latest book, Whistleblower in Paris, at an up-charge to the cut taken by my publisher to leave me with a few dollars at best on each purchase. I have yet to receive an accounting or payment on my first quarter sales since its release in July. 

You are surely cognizant that a lot of hard work goes into each manuscript by a good faith author regardless of relevant quality or marketability. But that is precisely what these inept predators prey upon. In my case I could not trust any editing and did it all myself leaving less work for publisher “Author House.” 

Adding insult to injury, I’m doing all the marketing to enrich these giants. Still, it gets better (more hideous). After your book is given great reviews (a five-star rating in my case by Amazon) with no indication anyone has even read your manuscript or published product, suddenly you are inundated with calls and electronic offers of book promotion. 

These minions assure you that your book is a “page-turner” but when you ask the caller if he or she has read anything, you’re referred to a supervisor who allegedly did, only to receive no return call from that unidentified person. And yes, you guessed it, such promotion comes at more cost. It’s an endless “a la carte” menu with no exit from the restaurant you wandered into.

We’re talking about so-called “packages” that range between a thousand to thirty thousand dollars (and more if you’re sufficiently gullible and financially positioned). The “consultants” and marketing “experts” for both the publisher and later con-marketers are largely out-sourced with dialects that leave you gasping for logic. They struggle to speak English, change constantly, and never even read the material which they are incompetent to digest anyway. 

Despite the pathetically obvious in a society that welcomes criminals at our borders, these “publishers” still have the audacity to hire such foreigners for pennies from “branch locations” (their homes) in Singapore, Philippines, etc. I have personally verified all this with sophisticated complaints and yet they continue contacting me anyway. 

I have concluded that the publishers and post-release marketing “firms” are all connected. They obtain your book release from one another or troll for them on-line in a routine spiced with cue card introductions (some by robot). They come across like shameless pigs that snort about for left-overs (easy money). 

They contact you not to buy your book but to con you for more “up front” thousands to simply place an ad in the back section of LA Times (making you think they’re targeting Hollywood film producers) or a 3 am upstart talk show. Yes, this is a “highly sophisticated” service that you could do yourself with better results in a matter of minutes as I have done with local press and a better targeted market.  

If I haven’t entertained you enough already (my belated Christmas gift) and you’re still sincere about getting any book out, you have to navigate this mine field because the real publishers will not pay you the time of day unless you’re famous or represented by a connected agent (at a hefty cost even if they take you). 

The real “traditional” publishers, i.e. Harper-Collins, Penguin, will pay you a portion of royalties with no up-front requirement because, unlike the opinions of cheap, pre-paid foreigners, your manuscript is actually worth something. But even here it could take years to run the gauntlet on quality, editing and defamation risk. Just ask the two Cuomos. 

I’d call this another epidemic, but it does not harm innocent children. So now you want to start a book project, co-producing it no less with all of the additional complications which that brings? And this is only a briefing after, as stated, nearly 20 years of tribulations. It’s only gotten worse with today’s technology and overwhelmed oversight agencies. 

It’s also why I charge a fee for all this, an agent with a conscience. I’m only one person but maybe I could spare others the pain and disappointment. FYI: of course there is the very rare success story among the millions conned. I hope to be one of those success stories but only because I have the requisite drive, skill, experience and highly marketable story.

I put the time into this response because I value your own genuine commitment to me and a vital cause for families abused by the divorce industry. Your modest contributions continue to reap benefits many times over. 



(315) 796-4000

PS: I want to thank the followers who expressed sympathy and future hope regarding the lack of contact from my precious daughters over the holidays. As we know, this is a product of severe parental alienation caused by deranged “custodial parents” and the biased judges who facilitate it for profit and revenue. My ongoing ordeal summarized here at, further supports the drive to expose this epidemic in my latest book, Whistleblower in Paris.

Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big State combine to suppress a silent epidemic in our nation’s divorce and family courts: You need to get active!

By Leon Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

As a former trial attorney and victim of parental alienation, I have seen first hand the corruption in our divorce and family courts which is leading to escalating carnage among parents, families and innocent children. I took a stand against my profession to end federal funding abuses and human rights violations here that together are causing a silent epidemic.

This epidemic is very real, but due to the lucrative nature of an antiquated child custody system, it is being highly censored in mainstream and social media. This is following the lead of the tobacco and drug industries which have yielded millions of victims with little or no accountability over the past five decades.

Despite full knowledge of the crises they promoted for profit, they went on with their carnage anyway by influencing lawmakers and oversight agencies to turn a blind eye with their astronomical campaign contributions (blood money). Today the same is occurring with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other tech giants who are blocking vital exposures of this epidemic. They have been given free reign to control public thought through immunity laws given them by our government.

My case is a prime example. In 2013 my testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption resulted in a targeting of my law licenses, livelihood and parent-child relationships. In 2016 a family judge gag order on this blog site, http://www.leonkoziol. com, was removed after I challenged it in New York Supreme Court. The same kind of targeting impaired the Parenting Rights Institute. At one time we received thousands of public reactions to our postings. Today we receive only a few.

In May, 2019, I sponsored a three-day gathering entitled, Parent March on Washington. It featured valuable networking among parent activists from around the country, a lobby day in Congress, expert speakers at a hotel ballroom, a march down Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and Capitol under police escort, and a candlelight vigil dedicated to the lives lost to this epidemic. No media showed up for any of these peaceful events, and the federal government elected to stay focused on party politics and parent-child separations at our borders.

On July 31, 2021, my latest book, Whistleblower in Paris, was published and made available at Barnes and Noble and major book sellers on-line. It received a 5-star rating on Amazon, but was quickly targeted with all sorts of suspicious impediments. It took two weeks to secure a costly advertisement in a New York newspaper promoting it. The ad was intended to inject real issues being ignored during a family judge election. In the end, it was published only on the day before election. The $1,200 cost was never pursued after weekend runs never occurred.

When I opened a YouTube channel and live talk show earlier this year, my ability to go live was eventually undermined when our message and followers began to grow. The same occurred on Facebook. Despite 5,000 followers accumulated over the years, many repeatedly informed me now that they are blocked from sharing my posts. This was particularly the case with a short video entitled “Hope for Alienated Parents during the Holidays.” A rapid-fire assault on corruption and carnage in these courts, it was released on December 20, 2021 and makes a highly convincing case for parents to stay out of profit-making litigation.

A December 18, 2021 petition on seeking federal action to end parental alienation has garnered only five signatures as of this posting in contrast with others, less compelling, that report thousands of supporters. My September 23, 2021 testimony before New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s Blue-Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluations was blacked out on video with no logical explanation despite follow-up e-mails and phone calls.

While the list goes on, this level of suppression, censorship and targeting shows beyond doubt that my public message remains a threat to a gold mine in these courts. I will therefore continue to promote my December 20, 2021 holiday video above designed to give hope to victimized parents. I ask you to do so as well because I cannot do this alone. I have worked hard and sacrificed enough. It’s time for all of us to unite and take action of the kind I have itemized at the conclusion of that 12-minute video.

Yes, this crisis is real, and we cannot sit idle as the carnage grows around us. For more information, you can contact me directly at (315) 796-4000.

Hope for Alienated Parents during the Holidays: Help victims by sharing the short video here

NOTE: The above video is reproduced in text below

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

My name is Leon Koziol, a parent advocate who practiced law in federal and state courts. I am also a parent victimized for my exposure of court corruption. As a result, my livelihood was destroyed and my precious daughters alienated from me.

I am therefore well positioned to address this phenomenon known as parental alienation, and I am here today to give hope to fellow victims. So stay with me, it’s worth your time.

This video may lead to parent-child reunions or, at the very least, prevent harm to families and future generations. It verifies that you are not alone in your struggles. Parent alienation is now a national crisis, and the courts that caused it require overhauls.

But it requires much more. We must unite to get our Justice Department to open a human rights investigation. Because federal funds deliver such outcomes, Congress must also step up with public hearings to study misappropriations. Child custody has become a pay-to-parent scandal as I will elaborate.

To that end I need your help to bring parental alienation to the forefront of national policy. All of us have a stake in this, whether or not a parent, because the injustices harm our extended families, health care systems, community interests, worker productivity, education and law enforcement.

Yes, parental alienation has reached crisis levels, but it is being ignored as part of a lucrative framework for adjudication which still infects our divorce and family courts. Judges there end parent-child relationships with little or no cause to serve the growing demands of a lawyer glut that has invaded our society.

There are now more than 300,000 lawyers in California and New York alone anxious to advance their fee interests. There is scant accountability for the greed they generate through needless conflict, and the resulting carnage is ripe for public outrage. But we have to channel that outrage to achieve overdue reforms.

To begin with, it should be no shock that any conscientious attorney who makes a stand against his profession will be targeted. My whistleblower activity elicited horrific retributions which I seriously underestimated. Their brazen nature can be explained by the gold mine I was threatening.

Despite my unblemished reputation and principled litigation for more than 23 years, I was deprived of my children, assets and income capacity while subjected to inflated support obligations to justify a jail term for violations. It left me alone to pursue recourse in creative ways including a stint in Paris, France.

With that behind me, I can now proceed with undivided loyalty to a joint mission because there is little else that can be done to scare me off. I will get to the hypocrisy of family judges shortly. But for now, let us look at those who facilitate parent alienation.

Despite being charged with a duty of dispensing justice, protecting our liberties and assuring equal treatment, there are too many judges violating that duty when they turn a blind eye to this crisis. But make no mistake, parent alienation is a legalized form of child abduction fueled by profits and revenues.   

If you’re a victim, you already know that these abductions are real. When your offspring are seized by your own government, a part of you goes with it. You then become isolated, dreading these festive holidays because of the pain they bring.

Like a solar eclipse, the lack of love or contact with your children darkens your spirits and may lead to dire reactions. Parent suicides, homicides and child murders are on the rise.

This carnage stems from an antiquated child custody system derived from a day when moms stayed home and dads worked. In contrast with shared parenting models, custody laws require parents to fight over their offspring for a winner-take-all award. It can become a brutal contest that pits loved ones against each other and their government, breeding new forms of evil.

Despite a professed concern, judges welcome these battles because they are rewarded by the number and size of support orders they issue. This comes in the way of federal grants that few know about under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

We’re talking billions of dollars annually in revenues for the states and astronomical fees for service providers. Like the tobacco, drug and tech industries, you are merely their pawns, collateral damage to quench unmitigated greed. Sure, you can complain endlessly on social media to wanna-be lawyers with voo-doo advice, but no one with influence is paying attention.

So why aren’t these judges, lawyers and service providers being held accountable? Well for starters, you have to recall that judges are lawyers on the bench. Because they wear robes and enter tribunals with great fanfare does not eliminate that reality.

As for oversight, a single statewide commission that meets sporadically is routinely overwhelmed. Reports show that California and New York investigate only ten percent of complaints. It’s mostly window-dressing as the band plays on.

Beyond that, it would be a hypocrisy for judges to admonish their own, a blemish on high office. So let’s examine a much greater hypocrisy about that high office and its ethics.

My custody judge, Bryan Hedges, was banned from the bench after admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped five-year old niece. What sort of thought was he harboring while interrogating children in private chambers? I was fortunate to have him removed from my case before my girls could be traumatized.

His replacement, Michael Hanuszczak, was then exposed for sexual harassment of his court clerks. Yet another, Gerald Popeo, was censured for threats and racist remarks from the bench. A record forty trial jurists were removed from my originally uncontested divorce.

Although much of this can be explained by proper self-recusals, others abused office to discredit my public message. Mine is only one case. How can you know if your judge is taking a bribe to fix a custody case as Gerald Garson and Thomas Spargo were in New York? Both were apprehended by chance and convicted.

Or how about Michigan Judge Wade McCree who impregnated a litigant in chambers. He was exposed only because he was a married man. The adversary in that case then sought recourse but was denied on grounds of judicial immunity. It begs the question: Is judge adultery in court a protected act? Seriously?

Then there’s the kids for cash scandal in Pennsylvania and the list goes on. But now let’s turn to the victims. Thomas Ball, a father and veteran, burned himself alive on the steps of a court to protest extended separations from his child. No major outcry, no national exposure. They merely swept his ashes into a sewer.

Joe Longo, a police investigator exited support court only to secure his own justice by committing a murder-suicide at the former marital home using a common kitchen knife. It left four children without parents and a permanent end to child support.

Walter Scott could no longer endure recurring terms in a debtor prison, so it was no surprise that he ran unarmed from a support warrant at a traffic stop. But it was a shock when the cop gave chase and elected to shoot his target dead five times in the back.

That cop is now doing time in a federal prison. Police officers should be doing police work. Instead, they are being exploited as debt collectors. It raises another question of whether government is now killing for money. Without a concealed by-stander and video, this cop would have gotten away with his false reports.

Only last month, Chad Read was also shot dead unarmed by the boyfriend of his son’s mother. That killer interrupted an argument between the parents during a child exchange at her home. Such arguments occur every day across the country.

But now, picking up your children can become a scene from the wild west as the killer’s lawyer claims self-defense under a no-retreat law in Texas. Is it any wonder that many parents today are walking away from their responsibilities, yet another form of alienation? A human being can handle only so much court insanity only to be blamed for it with costly psychiatric exams.  

And how about the children who are supposedly being protected by those courts? Two-year old, Gabriella Boyd, was murdered by her mother in 2018 rather than surrender to a custody change order. She is now serving a life sentence.

Eight-year old, Thomas Valva, died of hypothermia due to the abuse of his NYPD father last year, and two-year old, Kyra Franchetti, was victim of a murder-suicide by her father who burned down their home. A news reporter disclosed that more than 700 deaths are not publicized by child protection agencies.

This holiday season, countless moms and dads will be denied contact with their little ones. Meanwhile parent alienators will be working overtime to brainwash them to hate the other parent. Their motivations are boundless and often psychotic.

Here at my websites, You-Tube channel, publications and reform events around the country, you can obtain highly qualified options for taking action to stop the carnage. Judges, lawyers and politicians only respond to numbers and influence. 

First, visit my personal site, Leon for updates and valuable information. There is no legal fee for this. You can also subscribe to my talk program, Leon’s Library, on YouTube.

Second, log on to the Parenting Rights Institute website. The programs there focus on mediation, self-help and strategies to keep you out of these courts. It may save you thousands in fees.

Third, in dire matters, contact the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, a nonprofit doing the job of oversight agencies. Precedent litigation is among our weapons. Your donations are tax deductible, without which we cannot fight special interests.

Fourth, my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, provides education and intrigue. It can be obtained at any Barnes and Noble store, Amazon or major bookseller on-line.

Fifth, I have published a citizen petition against parent alienation on All you have to do is sign it, short and simple.  

Finally, you can join any of the reform events I sponsor around the country. They include a three-day gathering known as the Parent March on Washington which I hope to repeat.

In 2019, it featured a lobby day in Congress, expert speakers at a hotel ballroom, a march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort, and a candlelight vigil for the lives lost in these matters. Currently a networking program, Amber Appeal, is underway to provide information regarding absentee children.        

Spread this holiday message, a genuine gift for countless victims. You can also contact me directly at (315) 796-4000.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

December 20, 2021

Amber Appeal: A network program for alienated parents which has already produced results in less than 24 hours

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

Yesterday I introduced a new concept for helping moms and dads victimized by parental alienation. It was patterned around successful Amber and Silver Alert programs. While still in developmental stages, it could use input. For now, we are focusing on the social site releases of victim identities and their needs which could lead to discovery of child locations, schools attended, safety aspects and other vital facts.

I have offered my own case as a test run and already, in less than 24 hours, I have learned where my teen daughters reside and the unfortunate demise of their maternal grandmother. Sadly, she once had a wonderful relationship with me, secretly contacting me regarding issues of child concern even after my cooperative separation from her daughter went bad. This breakdown, a custody and support war, occurred as a result of the mother’s opening volley of court filings contrary to my forewarnings in 2006.

This grandmother revelation adds another dimension to all the harm caused by a lucrative, adversarial and antiquated child custody system. Having known her for over seven years prior to the end of that last co-parenting year, I believe that this ever-escalating divorce process caused much needless conflict and grief in her life. Whether it contributed to her early demise is not known and may never be.

However, there is no dispute that severe parental alienation of the kind I experienced can have a devastating impact on one’s health. It shows just how far these dysfunctional courts can go to harm extended family. Ironically, in her secret haste to exit our region following the 18th birthday of my youngest daughter, Kelly Hawse-Koziol (Usherwood since her remarriage in May) directed in a text that all future communications concerning my girls should go through that maternal grandmother.

Where do I go now for vital information? As yesterday’s post explains, Kelly Usherwood has shot herself in the foot time and again with her schemes, but now her “energizer-bunny” conduct has gone beyond evil, it’s diabolical. Hence, the value of this new information networking program is obvious. I will keep you updated in upcoming posts here at Kindly spread the word and help us bring this new program into fruition for the benefit of parents, children, families and future generations.

YOU CAN ALSO HELP BY SIGNING OUR PETITION AGAINST PARENTAL ALIENATION ON CHANGE.ORG. The short video below provides a great book background on parental alienation from a mom and dad standpoint.

Amber Appeal: Help me find my alienated daughters, Kristen and Cassandra Koziol

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Amber Appeal: It’s a new concept I have devised to help parents locate their alienated children. As a victim of severe parental alienation (PAS), it was easy for me to identify with fellow victims across the country. After New York’s family court system unloaded on me as an attorney whistleblower, I was forced to navigate through the jungle of non-custodial parenting. This subjected me to one of the worst cases of legalized child abduction.

Like most, my ordeal is a torturous one summarized on my website, and my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris. I am offering this parent assistance program with the hope that readers will help me find my daughters, Kristen and Cassandra Koziol. Last I knew, they were attending college, one rumored to be at Virginia Tech in her freshman year and the other, a sophomore in Albany, New York or Stony Brook, Long Island.

The peculiar circumstances of their missing nature led me to conclude that I would never learn of their condition if something bad were to happen to them. It’s a horrible thought but true. The recently re-married “custodial parent” (I refuse to call her a mother anymore) made a hurried exit from our region only days after my youngest turned 18. That parent is Kelly (Hawse-Koziol) Usherwood, formerly residing at 16 Terrace Hill Drive; New Hartford, New York.

After delivering a birthday present to that location in late, August, 2021, I discovered a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. An electronic message thereafter stated simply that the custodial parent was moving to points unknown with a contact address at the ex-mother-in-law’s home. Such an option was designed to “push my buttons” as those familiar with this woman would say because I had a hideous rapport with that ex in-law and she could not be trusted anyway.

My suspicion of deviate behavior grew when circumstances demonstrated that Kelly Usherwood was using nefarious e-mails to communicate with me. She was playing daughter until her escape could be completed. By all indications, the newlywed husband was unaware of this when he greeted me at the former home to receive the birthday present. A decent man with adult children, he would be oblivious to the antics of the real woman he had just married.

As I re-examined our e-mail exchanges, I noted all capital letters in the first name of my eldest daughter and an extra middle initial and abbreviated last name of the youngest. This deception would pattern the absence of an “l” character from my own e-mail address which was used five years earlier to fake a re-location notice to the home of her last partner Joseph Flihan. That scam came to a head when I was forced to seek (in vain) a custody change before Judge Daniel King.

Unfortunately, this was the same judge who had just placed a gag order on my website. That order was removed when I challenged it in New York Supreme Court. Judge King stepped down days later after putting the parental alienation in motion. He did this in retaliation for my damning testimony regarding his incompetence before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. He recklessly used two college degrees I had never earned to elevate my support obligations. It’s in the record, I’m not making this up.

Joe Flihan quickly ended his partnership with Kelly, no doubt as a result of these revelations and needless proceedings. The scam artist then became a victim of her own folly as she was forced to return to her humble home. And like most alienators, she placed the entire blame on me. I could do nothing to offset the poisoned minds of my daughters who were already alienated and had refused to converse or visit with me since the move to that home in 2014.

You would think that this scam artist would have learned a lesson from it all, but in the course of pretending to be my daughters in the last (September, 2021) e-mail, she emphasized that she (my daughters) still “loved Joe.” One could assume that she would again suffer from her latest folly if her new husband, Lou Usherwood, learned of this. But with bizarre relationships, swing partners, and other moral depravity these days, who knows what anyone thinks anymore.

Critical to this appeal, if it succeeds, the process could be repeated to benefit other victims. It could become a highly beneficial program, an offset to severe parental alienation, and a reform weapon against a lucrative, antiquated and dysfunctional custody system. We cannot all become sleuths, but could certainly assist one another to achieve the justice we were denied. In one anonymous letter, I was informed that Lou Usherwood resided in Oswego County, New York.

As an FYI, there has never been a complaint to any child protection agency, no criminal record or finding of unfit parenting to justify the retaliation and alienation inflicted on me. Indeed prison inmates get better treatment from our courts. In coming posts, I will reveal more details with the hope that good folks out there will help. At the very least, every parent has a right to know where his or her children reside.

If you or someone you know has helpful information, call me at (315) 796-4000 or mail it to 1336 Graffenburg Road; New Hartford, New York 13413.   

The Supreme Court can no longer ignore judicial retaliation against attorney whistleblowers

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Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Constitutionl Rights Advocate
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New Hartford, New York 13413

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The Supreme Court can no longer ignore judicial retaliation against attorney whistleblowers

There are a number of cases being heard by the Supreme Court these days regarding free speech. We also see it revisiting a privacy right in abortion first recognized in 1973.[1] However, the high court remains silent on the subject of judicial retaliation against attorney whistleblowers. There is no independent forum to hear such cases.

Mine is an exemplary one involving both free speech and parenting rights. The Supreme Court has declared the latter to be “the oldest liberty interest” protected by the Constitution. [2] Yet it has refused to hear my case since a witch hunt was initiated years ago to suppress my alarming reports of court corruption. They include my custody judge banned from holding judicial office due to pedophile admissions, [3] another found guilty of sexual harassment of court clerks by a judicial commission, [4] and a bullying judge censured for racist remarks from the bench.[5]

The Court’s refusal to act on this issue has harmed all of us because such retaliation continues to chill disclosures of misconduct from qualified insiders. Legal protection for this class of whistleblowers remains elusive or nonexistent. Any reports carry the high risk of punishment which in my case led to the loss of livelihood, child relationships, and unblemished reputation as a civil rights attorney. This kind of persecution is commonly associated with tyranny.

Meanwhile the same court heard one case which gave protection to a 14-year old cheerleader punished for off-campus vulgarity against school officials. The value in such expression paled when compared to the abuses I was exposing. They featured veteran suicides, unprecedented violence, parent-child separations, and vast declines in productivity caused by a federal funding scheme that incites conflict between cooperating parents in separated environments.

Due to my status as attorney and parent, exposed wrongdoers were able to censor a vital message of reform by exploiting highly confidential and intertwined domestic and disciplinary processes. Real or invented, the resulting complexity insulated them from investigative reporting and public accountability. Unlike others obtaining whistleblower recourse in our courts, I was being violated by the justice system itself.

Concededly my ordeal remains an extraordinary one. But the genius behind our form of self-governance is that each and every one of us is protected by virtue of individual rights against any abuse of power. The third branch is not above the law any more than the persons who are brought before it. To assure that equality then, our Supreme Court must take up this long-neglected case or join the movement to expand its number in conformity with our nation’s growth and not its politics.

[1]  Roe v Wade, 410 US 113 (1973)

[2]  Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000)

[3]  In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013)

[4]  NY family court judge resigns over misconduct accusations, (9/21/20)

[5]  Bullying Utica judge censured for calling lawyer a ‘cigar store Indian” 2015/02

Judge King’s “Alcohol Related Gesture” shows how far an ego will go to avenge public critics

On November 25, 2013, Lewis County Family Judge Daniel King was prepared to throw a judicial temper tantrum. He was eager to avenge public exposure of his gross incompetence by Leon Koziol two months earlier before the state’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. Among other things, King had used two college degrees that this attorney-father never earned to raise his support obligations in a family court case then pending.

Some background is in order. Judge King was newly elected, demonstrably inexperienced and assigned to an outside case. That assignment was exploited to concoct degrees as a means for punishing a qualified whistleblower of court corruption. This would please other judges similarly exposed, and Dan was anxious to be a part of their club. He would issue the highest of obligations to justify a jail term for support violations while income was being deprived through similarly orchestrated license suspensions.

Now, on this day, November 25, 2013, King was hearing a custody matter involving the same targeted father of two girls. Based on the slightest allegations of a scorned ex-spouse bent on replacing this father with a substitute boyfriend, he issued an order directing both parents to refrain from any alcohol use in the presence of the children. He also directed that these same children be lodged in separate rooms at any hotel near the location of a wedding reception involving the dad’s niece one week earlier.

The nefarious agenda of this judge came into focus again when the attorney-whistleblower-dad was accused of alcohol consumption at that reception. A so-called “mini-hearing” was therefore held on a first appearance that day to decide whether King’s conditions for attending this reception were violated. Because the proceeding was not duly noticed consistent with due process requirements, no witnesses or evidence could be provided.

Nevertheless, Judge King concluded that a champaign toast, even if never consumed, constituted a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” sufficient to justify a suspension of parenting time, one that would extend over an ensuing eight-year period to the present day. To further support that barbaric outcome, he found that the girls, aged ten and eleven at the time, although lodged in separate bedrooms of a hotel suite, were not technically in a separate location from the dad’s then fiancee.

An appeals court temporarily blocked that bizarre decision unsupported by any unfit parenting. Indeed, there had never even been a complaint to any protection agency, no alcohol related event, and no criminal record while prison inmates were being favored. However, for reasons never disclosed, the same appeals court allowed a second fully noticed hearing to go forward one month later. In that proceeding, Judge King simply set aside basic trial protocols to orchestrate a record that could support his earlier bizarre rulings. It forced the victim to walk out of that hearing after undue threats were made from the bench.

It was all simply a foregone conclusion that this so-called family judge would abuse public office for illicit reasons. Accordingly, the victimized father commenced his own inquiry into the hypocrisy of this judge based on his rumored alcohol use in the presence of his own children at a bar near the family courthouse in Lowville, New York. Together with other court victims, he was able to find that Judge King was a regular at Jeb’s Restaurant.

The interviewed bar staff even had King’s standard cocktail committed to memory with his own children seated at a nearby table. It was much more than a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” because his subjects in the courtroom could not possibly know what such a gesture might be for violation purposes. Beyond the obvious, Daniel King was a judge held to the highest standards of public office exhibiting a hypocrisy of monumental proportion.

There is so much more to the abuses of judicial office not only by King, but by many of the forty trial level jurists removed or disqualified from Leon Koziol’s 15-year proceedings. The human rights violations and whistleblower punishments over this needlessly protracted period are more than sufficient to justify an investigation by the Justice Department and Civil Rights Bureau of the New York Attorney General. Complaints before both have been filed. The ordeal is detailed in a newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, available at any Barnes and Noble store, Amazon, publisher Author House or major bookseller on-line.

If you are a resident, litigant or voter at Judge King’s upcoming re-election in 2022, you should make your own inquiry into this judge and his protected misconduct. Many readers have expressed doubt that such bizarre orders and outcomes could be real. But a copy of the December 2, 2013 decision containing them is available for inspection. If you have anything more to offer, feel free to contact Leon directly at (315) 796-4000 for the sake of victims, parents and children everywhere.

Lawyers to Litigants: Thanks for the fees in divorce and family courts, $10 million from three clients alone!

Dr. Leon Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

Former trial attorney and judicial whistleblower

$5 million was spent in divorce fees by Dr. Eric Braverman, now in bankruptcy, $2 million by Professor Anthony Pappas without child custody issue, both in NYC, and another $2 million from small business owner, Mike Seale, to become a record for upstate Warren County. That’s nearly $10 million for three clients alone. Unlike other professions, there’s no insurance for this.

As I continue to warn such victims, if you have the resources, they’ll take every last dollar for every needless service they can concoct. They will remind you that “it’s the law” (which they created) that requires filings, petitions, motions and appeals. They dupe you into believing they are acting in the “best interests” of your children even though they know nothing about them, never conceived or birthed them, and had nothing to do with the demands of upbringing.

Indeed, many of these court predators never had children after exiting law school during a lawyer glut hungry to find anything for a fee. And yet, time and again you fall prey to their slick sound bites, only $5,000 up front before they bill you to death. You have fallen into the web of a black-widow spider, and you can’t do anything to escape, scrambling from one law office to another after regular disappointments or malpractice in search of elusive justice.

If you are successful in any of this, you might boast of your exploits against your “adversary” (the mom or dad of your own children). But the truth is, in the end, it’s the lawyers on both sides of this barbaric process who are celebrating in chambers or local country club. Come on man, as Joe Biden would say, why do you think they scrutinize your financials? It’s not so much to get you that so-called “award.” It’s to gauge how much they can bill you.

When you are tapped out, it’s suddenly time to settle. Phone calls are not returned so regularly. And your children have been deprived of their college funds, the other parent with an extended family and/or their faith in your example. So why should anyone wonder why a whistleblower like me was so viciously targeted? I’ve been exposing this corruption for more than ten years only to confirm that this is a gold mine beyond reach of accountability.

To be sure, what can a “lone wolf,” victimized dad, and conscientious attorney accomplish without financial or organizational support against bar associations and special interests?

So the best thing we can do in our foxholes is to educate one another on the realities of this epidemic. We must choose private resolution over greed, ego and vendettas. The latter is what these predators crave. Putting them out of business turns out to be your best weapon based on their refusal to restrain and reform their gluttonous practices.

To that end, subscribe to our YouTube channel, Leon’s Library, our highly censored website at, and get vital assistance at If your ordeal is sufficiently outrageous, contact the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc., a nonprofit devoted to keeping our public institutions accountable at (315) 864-8176.

Help us where you can. At the very least we all deserve a thankful greeting card from these unscrupulous lawyers and service providers during the holidays.

A great holiday gift for your lawyer, judge, the unwary litigant and those who properly seek to educate themselves: newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, publisher Author House, or any major bookseller on-line,