Mediation and Referrals

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Office Conference Room for Parenting Rights Institute

Regardless where you reside or your case may be pending, we provide referrals for the most effective advocacy or expert assistance for your family matter. We are committed to protecting your interests in any divorce, custody or support case. We will research your area for the best referral and return on your dollar. When we make the right connection, we then monitor progress so that your lawyer or expert is acting in your best interests.

We also offer mediation assistance for quick resolution of conflicts that can save your many thousands of dollars and suffering. Why rely upon a so-called “expert” with little or no actual court experience to close the deal? The obvious benefit here is that any person referred by us will give your concerns greater attention because he or she is being scrutinized by an advocate with nearly 30 years of trial and appellate experience.

Mediation and referral, just one more benefit to family members who may be victimized in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Call our office for details at (315) 380-3420 or Dr. Koziol direct at (315) 796-4000.

2008 Television clip of Dr. Leon Koziol’s accomplishments as a trial attorney prior to creating the Parenting Rights Institute as its Director.