Parent Advocacy: Your Hired Gun

Dr. Koziol & Associates at Supreme Court


Here you will finally discover your hired gun. That’s how one front page news story described our director, Leon Koziol. He is a parental advocate with thirty years of litigation experience in federal and state courts. As detailed on other pages of this site, he has secured large verdicts, settlements and legal precedent which earned him interviews on the CBS program 60 Minutes, CNN and front page of the New York Times. But he has done much more, and now he can become your hired gun.

At some point in a divorce or family court ordeal, indeed in any court case, the abuse becomes so rampant that conventional recourse such as appeals and oversight complaints become futile. In such situations, you may have to launch a campaign to elevate public awareness and influence the involvement of outside authorities to achieve ultimate justice. Obviously this is no small task and must be done right to avert collapse or adverse media coverage. Here at the Parenting Rights Institute, we have sponsored numerous events of this caliber with profound impacts.

 One such event was known as the Parent March on Washington, a three-day event designed to alert the Supreme Court, members of Congress and the Justice Department of a silent epidemic in America’s divorce and family courts. Conducted on May 1-3, 2019, it featured an organizational and planning session on the first day, a lobby initiative in Congress on the second, an expert speakers event at a congressional ballroom on the evening of that day, a march under police escort from the White House to the Supreme Court on the third day, and a candlelight vigil that evening in front of the Capitol building to commemorate the lives lost to dysfunctional courts.

 This event involved victims and parent advocates from across the country seeking congressional hearings and a federal investigation of these courts. The goal was to achieve a sting operation of the kind in Chicago known as Operation Greylord. It resulted in the convictions of nearly 100 judges, lawyers and officials for bribery and other criminal conduct. Our event required permits from various agencies and a major venue to host speakers and media conferences. With a fledgling budget that was quickly exhausted, and organizational requirements supervised by our director, the entire event was completed without incident.

The affair was especially beneficial to attendees who had felt isolated and operating alone in their respective ordeals. So moved were the participants that one of them, a Philadelphia attorney, produced a video summary that was made available on You-Tube and other social media. That video can be viewed below. Such events, sponsored by lobby groups, special interests or private corporations, could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here we can arrange one that can grow financial contributions as experienced with the Parent March on Washington.

If this kind of approach to your ordeal is appealing, contact our director at (315) 796-4000 for a logistics consultation and cost estimate.

2008 television clip depicting Dr. Koziol’s achievements as a trial attorney prior to founding the Parenting Rights Institute in 2010.

PRI Director Dr. Leon Koziol and co-host Tamara Sweeney conduct video-documentary of St. John’s University Professor Anthony Pappas

18 thoughts on “Parent Advocacy: Your Hired Gun

  1. I am ready to talk or take action if you have the time? It looks like you are going or getting busy with that police shooting. Are you going to have any time to help a guy (me) out? Steve

  2. Tanya

    I would like to see what it takes for your organization to help assist me. I am suitable to adopt from state and provide care for state children however the family courts are denying me and hurting my children

  3. Anonymous

    I have experienced one of the worst cases of civil rights and victim abuses in family court. I have been led out of family court in handcuffs and shackles. I have evidence to prove all the counsel colluded and engaged in racketeering, even broke Federal Obstruction of Justice Laws, in an attempt to shut me down. The DOJ, referred me to the attorney generals office, their rep referred me to the FBI. Only they say they can’t touch my case until it comes to a close… In the meantime, I was told to contact the ABA who told me to report the attorneys for misconduct… Only it turns out, the counsel reviewing my complaint is of the same local bar as all the counsel and judge in my complaint, and says my problem can be resolved in the same jurisdiction of the court… HA! Yeah, that’ll work! Have the Cat guard the Canary.

    It is time. It is time. It is time.

  4. I am up against washoe county school district (Reno, Nevada)–possibly the whole county-state–IEP—Civil rights –justice for my 17–almost 18 yr. old daughter (senior)–me–disabled 59 yr. old single-parent –Air Force Veteran. apparently, schools can do whatever they want—IEP did nothing. Nobody cares about the chilfren.
    Any & all assistance ill be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Lydia Reyes

    775-337-8519 ( I have all documentation)

  5. Jacqueline Allen

    I haven’t had both of my son’s for visitation since July 24, 2010. I took my case back to court to hold my ex responsible for failure to allow me visitation, phone calls, etc.. The judge didn’t change anything and I was told that ma’am do you really want to see him go to jail for not following the court order and he still didn’t put in the visitation agreement that law enforcement can intervene. That’s the real reason my ex got away with not allowing me my visitation besides a narrsacist​. I originally got my boys in the divorce but two years later I was falsley accused of sexual assault which was a complete lie and they never showed up for court and it was dismissed. I lost my children over this and then I get treated horribly by CPS who promised I’d get them back and then CPS went against the judges order stating that neither one of us were to consume alcohol in the presence of the Children but they told me that he had a roof over their heads, cleanest home they’ve ever seen and at his job almost 15 year’s and he can have a few. Much more details but I can’t think about it without knowing they’re to old now at age 17 and 20. I still want the CPS and judge to be held accountable. Their father passed away last year in May and I’m just at my ends with.

  6. Christina L. Wright

    I lost custody of my daughter in 2010 for no reason. I was a full time college student and a live in aid for my dying grandmother. I resided there, with my two other children, but it was an “unstable” environment because I was planning to move when i graduated or when my gramdma passed. Since then I recently took my daughter’s father to court trying to regain residential custody on the grounds of abuse and drunkenness of her father. The case, after two years of nothung being done, came to a close on January 22 of this year. I walked away with absolutely no visitation rights, no custody rights, ordered to pay almost $500 /mo child support and could habe supervised visits at the father’s digression when and how he so chooses. I have no history of mental, drug or child abuse, no criminal record, nothing at all that constitutes such an order. All the while the father was caught drinking by the guardian ad litem, admitted to child protective workers the abuse my daughter alleged, and continued to act and be found in contempt of all orders ever put in place. Yet i get completely ripped out of my daughters life???? Please help. I have been fighting in Missouri Court’s for 11 years and continue to get less and less justice for my family. My daughter is 13 now and both she and inare completely devastated. I am supposed to file appeal in a court with one judge and the same judge that put this order in place. Not really sure how that is going to help.!!! That is why I need your help. I am out of options and it feels like all hope is lost but for my daughter I have to keep trying. Please if anyone reading this can help I’m desperate. My name is Christina, I am 33 years old and a mother of three, my daughter is Leigha and we need your help.

  7. Christina L. Wright

    Sorry for the numerous typos, I am so livid and have typed so much to so many that I sometimes overlook the silly autocorrect of my phone until it’s too late:)

  8. Joy Bolex

    Please contact me , regarding a very corrupt and biased judge here in Fresno Ca. My story you will find is almost horrifying. This judge has made so many biased decisions, and has virtually “shut me down”, provided 50/50 custody to a man who is very abusive, who had been arrested for violating 7 restraining orders and finally raping me before they did something about it. He later gets out of jail and a drug program, applies for custody, then the judge grants it to him for completing his programs. No questions asked 50/50!! I was made out to be the drug addict and horrible mother (only with his statement and a couple of letter from his close friends (that his attorney filed electronically the day of the hearing! All false, easy to prove, I had no idea that they (judge) would even find him to be a creditable witness after all the abuse, then being a felon on probabtion? He continued to abuse my children and me after obtaining custody, he would threatened me and caused me to almost give him most of our assets, which I did out of fear of making him angry, then having him try to take the children after I had already been threatened by the judge if I withheld visits, she would award him full custody. I filed ex parte order twice, nothing was done even after he threatened to kill himself and my son. The judge threated me, I was accused of “making it all up” his word was taken over mine, even though I had evidence to back myself and my son’s abuse up after he was interviewed by a seasoned detective, it was not the first time. However; this judge allows my ex’s attorney to send her written documents from his therapist and his “supporters” with out my knowledge or giving me the opportunity to defend my and the children, I find them being electronically uploaded after going onto the court website. They hardly ever serve me, and the judge will still allow the case to be heard and go forward, without proof of service. I have been ripped off my attorneys, have lost faith in the system. I am almost to the point of being forced back into the abusive relationship, only because he has been given complete control over me once again, so why did I even leave?. I feel I have no options, or go to jail on contempt for not allowing visits. Children are terrified of him, and they should be very afraid after considering all he has done to me and to them! All the while this judge laughs at me, tells me to “shut up” “until I am spoken to”, treats me like a child. But speaks to the ex and his attorney as if they are all best friends. I feel like I am the criminal here. She even went against my Civil Protective order that was in place for me and the children during the time she awarded custody! as if it meant nothing. It was supposed to be in place for 5 years. Please help or I will be forced back into an abusive relationship just to protect my children. And I have filed complaints with the SF Judicial System. They are investigating, but I doubt that they will really investigate as they say they do. I have lost faith in this court system of ours…what a shame it is!! Especially for a mother who has given up everything for the protection of her children, then to have the system throw us back into the “cycle of abuse” as if we are nothing but numbers!!

  9. April Wagner

    I am the custodial parent here Michigan, as determined by FOC during the divorce. After trying to protect my girls from the danger while with their dad, the entire situation was spun out of control. Why? Because there is a young 35 year old biased Judge over my case. I have not seen my girls in 5 weeks. She suspended my parenting time for trying to protect them.

    She had the police come to my house to turn the children over to the abuser. It does not end here……She ordered my supervised parenting time for no reason whatsoever. Ordered me a psych exam because she is biased. Ignored Michigans 12 factor rule. Ignored the fact that my ex was arrested for DV against me. My ex admitted to slapping his 14 year old daughter to the floor. This judge has violated my constitutional rights to due process. She has violated my Fundamental rights as a parent who has never harmed any of my children. Nor have I neglected them. I did not have a fitness hearing. Never deemed unfit! I have not seen my girls in 5 weeks and it is hurting them! My attorney is money crazy and keeps harassing me to make a payment. DEMANDING payment. I am drained, mentally, emotionally and financially.

  10. My ex wife got custody, she decided that she would take 5 thousand dollars, and relinquished custody to me. I raised my son here in Las Vegas. When he was 22 years old LA County said I owed $ 128,000.00 in back child support to them.

    I told them to pound sand, that I raised him, along with his older brother here in Vegas, with irrefutable proof! LA, along with the entire state of California is bankrupt. They took a 30 year old divorce agreement, gave a copy to the Clark County D.A., and has Nevada collecting for LA County. Both are getting title IV D, Federal Funds. No signed court orders, never been in court since the divorce. I’ve been told that due process doesn’t apply to the family court, only criminal cases. WTF?
    I’m convinced that the U.S. Constitution, and Nevada State Constitution mean nothing. 7th Amendment, and the Supremacy Clause, are worthless. America is broken ,and it can’t be fixed.
    This is involuntary servitude= SLAVERY, usury interest, and a direct denial of civil rights. My son will be 38 years old 1/9/2019. I’m still paying support, but not one cent goes to families, or children. Look up Blessing vs Freestone, it all goes into the general fund to pay the crooks salaries, and the Feds give them 67 cents for every dollar they collect. Nevada, and California, are double dipping. Both states are collecting for the same kid!

    In my case, I can’t renew my passport, my tax returns are garnished along with my wages. With the usury interest they charge, the total sum never changes. I haven’t been arrested, because I keep paying.

    As a former combat Marine, that fought and bleed for this country, I never thought in my wildest nightmare that anything like this could ever happen to anyone in this country.

    The Family Court System, has made me hate the United States, and it’s corrupt court system.

  11. Christina Marsh

    Please contact me, my daughter is in danger as a result of the corrupt nature of both Missouri and Iowa Courts who have violated many, many constitutional rights of both my daughter and I. Her father is abusive, I’ve tried for years to get her help but was ultimately stripped of all my parental rights and my daughter forced to live in a home a victim of severe emotional abuse that is now becoming physical against her. I have been acting Pro Se for the last 4 of 13 years in the courts and have been completely denied rights to hearings, fair trials, and deemed mentally unstable without even having any such diagnosis by a medical professional or having a psychological evaluation completed by the courts. Long story short…Help!! Please!! He’s hurting my daughter and the Courts have continued to sweep the facts under the rug to rule in favor of this abuser. I can be reached at 5633131293.

  12. Cathleen Schwartz

    I have not had parenting contact with my beloved only child for over ten years. My lawyer procrastinated, and did not file for a custody decision until it was too late. My daughter was alienated from me by then by my narcissistic ex-husband. I have seen her at two family weddings, with no acknowledgement. That’s in over ten years. The judge in my case was clearly biased in my case, allowing the opposing lawyer to shout out allegations of abuse and psychological instability during hearings. At one hearing that I did pro se, as I had spent over 40k already, I began to speak and the judge yelled “I don’t want to hear that!”, shut me down, and immediately ruled for my ex husband. The courtroom I experienced is a circus. I worked for the Federal government as a Supervising Inspector General Investigator. I was awarded by DoD for my work. We had policies, procedures,and directives regarding the execution of our duties. We were held accountable if there were errors or omissions in our investigations. Further each investigator knew and respected that the outcome of an investigation could impact real peoples’ lives, livelihood, family stability, retirement benefits, medical care, etc. We were about the truth and correction of problems, and justice for abuses. WHO DOES THIS FOR OUR CHILDREN AND US, WHO ARE AT THE HANDS OF A PATHOLOGICAL PARENT AND THE CORRUPT COURTS? You know the answer.
    Keeping in mind the job I held, the responsibility and seriousness of the position, and the workload I handled, while raising my daughter and dealing with an emotionally abusive husband for years, without incident, the loss of my daughter due to the negligence, abuse, corruption of my lawyers, judge, opposing counsel, and most of all, the narcissist hell bent on punishing me for putting him out, I am now being treated by a psychiatrist and therapist for depression, anxiety disorder, ADD, and worst of all, Complex PTSD. I have been hospitalized twice for psychological reasons, once against my will. I have been suicidal many times. I’ve learned not to tell the professionals this, as they will order you to the hospital. The hospitals are a whole other nightmare.
    I tell you my “before” state of mind, juggling multiple stressful responsibilities and succeeding so you can compare it with my current state of mind to illustrate the power of parental alienation on a loving, targeted parent. Without my child, my life is simply a series of days I try to get through. My physical health has suffered as well, but the constant grieving, thoughts of the happy times, thoughts of the court experiences, and the unchecked abuses of power that left me unarmed in the war for my child, play through my mind continuously. I cannot turn it off, and it interferes to the point of making me frozen in this hell. I am still fighting, doing what I can to reach out to my daughter, but after over ten years of no contact, the odds are against any reconciliation. It kills me to even type that. I worry about my 28 year old daughter’s mental health.
    We have to have major exposure and explosive intervention to correct the unchecked abuse of our children and ourselves. We are a parent. They cannot take “Mom” from me, but they can and have, taken any opportunity to happily parent, guide, and enjoy my daughter’s life. I am bent, but not broken. I still reach out to my baby and assure her that her Mom loves her so much, and dearly misses her presence.
    Thank you for reading this. There is probably a whole book of more info, but most of you have lived it, too. I pray for all of the children and targeted parents of this crime daily. God bless you.

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  14. Tammi Kitchen

    Please help!
    The county kidnapped my granddaughter! They came the week of Thanksgiving and picked up my granddaughter over a jet ski accident that happened in the summer. My son & daughter-in-law with my granddaughter had a accident all 3 were hurt. It was a accident they put my granddaughter that is 6 years old on the stand she told the court that she pushed a button turned something off and my son couldn’t turn the jet ski and it hit some rocks, she said he tried to turn it back on but couldn’t do it in time. The judge should have dropped all charges then. He is trying to charge him with felonies. My granddaughter has been with strangers for Thanksgiving & Christmas. I live out of state so CPS wouldn’t let me get involved, they didn’t even contact me. Now CPS is on my sons side, they said it is the judge. My son was arrested years ago and sued that county and won a settlement and they are after him for that using my granddaughter for leverage. Please help me I don’t know what to do. CPS even said it wasn’t them they have never seen anything like it!

  15. Shalynn Cloud

    Hello my name is Kenya Cloud I am in the state of new Mexico and am reaching out side of my state for serious action to be taken I have been dealing with these cyfd people sense 2016 they have purposely allienated kids from my kids crimes against children is involved sense i was furthering the questions about what happened four months later they came on a child well child: check “and without a court. Document the took my children didnt take them to the hospital and questioned my babies for four hours in this case the adjudication hearing lasted 5 months and they had no burden of proof the same judge in my first case is the judge for the first case he didnt dismiss the case because he said sometimes services need to be continued . while in custody my daughter’s where abused by the foster mom .they have placed my 8 year old in the bair foundation and mind u she has no major behaviors or I.e..p and it wasnt court odered to be placed she only has a ptsd diagnosis the coordinator intergates her after every visit they call cyfd from the things she says in oreder to get her out her face the department keeps saying they are aware of what this coordinator is doing yet they allow my child to be emotionally abused by this woman and she has a personal issue with me i spoke with the tharpist and asked why hasn’t she ever said one bad thing about my child and why she stays quite I told her if she was there for my child why wont she speak for her apparently I said alot of true things she no longer works with the agency . in my 2016 the department denied my mother for a unsubstantiated case but is currently handed licsenses to people who have substanciated calls I was told this by my current case worker and also warned if I ever spoke of knowing this she would deny it saying I am mentally unstable and not talking my meds they have also allowed my son to be sent back with the family in espanloa which they took him out of the home for neglect when they removed my kids the first time they placed them with the foster parents of the foster mom two white women who are claiming to be sisters. I could go on and on please I hope this catches the eye of a real advocate who doesn’t allow child abuse the gaurdian ad litem was suddenly changed with no hearing or notice given to me he continues to not represent my children’s best interest

  16. Ashley

    I desperately need you’re help against a judge you have posted about. “ dweby” aka James eby. Now a family court judge for Jefferson county. I’m going into my second year of dealing with this bias and unprofessional and personally told me don’t summit evidence of my daughters body abused head to toe in cuts , bruises. Doctors saying she shouldn’t return to the care of other parent and he didn’t wanna see or hear it? Please help me I spend 1300-1500 each time we are in court room with him. That’s monthly!

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