Parent Advocacy: Your Hired Gun

Dr. Koziol & Associates at Supreme Court

Here you will finally discover your hired gun. That’s how one front page news story described Leon Koziol. He is a parental advocate with over 23 years of experience in federal and state courts as a criminal defense and civil rights trial attorney. He has secured large verdicts, settlements and legal precedent which earned him interviews on the CBS program 60 Minutes, CNN and front page of the New York Times. Now he can become your hired gun. For over six years he has been providing effective non-legal advocacy for divorce and family court victims all across the country.

Leon will employ his unique background to uncover what is really occurring on your case and formulate a strategy for accountability. It is a highly discreet process to expose corruption in our divorce and family courts. If you’ve followed our daily publications on this site, you have learned about divorce and custody bribes, judges imprisoned for contractor kickbacks requiring the overturning of 4,000 illegal court orders and Leon’s own custody judge removed from his case for “political espionage” and from the bench altogether for admitting to sexual misconduct upon his handicapped five year old niece.

Dr. Koziol has also authored books for victims, developed reports and public presentations while generating public support for reform. He has assisted victims in exercising their free speech through organized rallies, conventions and viral publications. Our video-documentaries have provided justice and accountability where state and local ethics commissions are failing us. The one below featuring a university professor fleeced of $2 million in divorce lawyer fees is only one example. Feel free to discover if our form of advocacy is right for you at Leon’s personal contact number: (315) 796-4000.

2008 Television clip of Dr. Leon Koziol’s accomplishments as a trial attorney prior to creating the Parenting Rights Institute as its Director


Dr. Koziol discusses case strategy before United States Supreme Court

6 thoughts on “Parent Advocacy: Your Hired Gun

  1. I am ready to talk or take action if you have the time? It looks like you are going or getting busy with that police shooting. Are you going to have any time to help a guy (me) out? Steve

  2. Tanya

    I would like to see what it takes for your organization to help assist me. I am suitable to adopt from state and provide care for state children however the family courts are denying me and hurting my children

  3. Anonymous

    I have experienced one of the worst cases of civil rights and victim abuses in family court. I have been led out of family court in handcuffs and shackles. I have evidence to prove all the counsel colluded and engaged in racketeering, even broke Federal Obstruction of Justice Laws, in an attempt to shut me down. The DOJ, referred me to the attorney generals office, their rep referred me to the FBI. Only they say they can’t touch my case until it comes to a close… In the meantime, I was told to contact the ABA who told me to report the attorneys for misconduct… Only it turns out, the counsel reviewing my complaint is of the same local bar as all the counsel and judge in my complaint, and says my problem can be resolved in the same jurisdiction of the court… HA! Yeah, that’ll work! Have the Cat guard the Canary.

    It is time. It is time. It is time.

  4. I am up against washoe county school district (Reno, Nevada)–possibly the whole county-state–IEP—Civil rights –justice for my 17–almost 18 yr. old daughter (senior)–me–disabled 59 yr. old single-parent –Air Force Veteran. apparently, schools can do whatever they want—IEP did nothing. Nobody cares about the chilfren.
    Any & all assistance ill be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Lydia Reyes

    775-337-8519 ( I have all documentation)

  5. Jacqueline Allen

    I haven’t had both of my son’s for visitation since July 24, 2010. I took my case back to court to hold my ex responsible for failure to allow me visitation, phone calls, etc.. The judge didn’t change anything and I was told that ma’am do you really want to see him go to jail for not following the court order and he still didn’t put in the visitation agreement that law enforcement can intervene. That’s the real reason my ex got away with not allowing me my visitation besides a narrsacist​. I originally got my boys in the divorce but two years later I was falsley accused of sexual assault which was a complete lie and they never showed up for court and it was dismissed. I lost my children over this and then I get treated horribly by CPS who promised I’d get them back and then CPS went against the judges order stating that neither one of us were to consume alcohol in the presence of the Children but they told me that he had a roof over their heads, cleanest home they’ve ever seen and at his job almost 15 year’s and he can have a few. Much more details but I can’t think about it without knowing they’re to old now at age 17 and 20. I still want the CPS and judge to be held accountable. Their father passed away last year in May and I’m just at my ends with.

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