Blue-Ribbon Commission votes to eliminate forensic custody evaluations while ignoring accountability and defective hearings

Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Would it have been such a burden to notify hearing presenters of a report issued on January 11, 2022 by a state Blue-Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluations? Instead, a final report was released to media with no indication that many who made presentations at two virtual hearings were respected. Those hearings in September were conducted in haphazard fashion, some presentations without video recognition, and no reply to complaints regarding their conduct by a domestic violence employee.

Welcome to New York, land of useless oversight bodies appointed at taxpayer expense to create an illusion of public accountability. Like the 2013 Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, this so-called blue-ribbon commission assumed the mantra of a window-dressing entity. By a vote of 11-9, it recommended that forensic custody evaluations be eliminated in the state’s divorce and family courts. It also recommended that in the event such evaluations are continued, evaluators be monitored, qualified and stripped of qualified judicial immunity from civil liability.

Of course, none of these recommendations will be adopted by New York Governor Kathy Hochul whose predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, created both the Moreland and forensic panels. His non-elected replacement is being publicly criticized as a state leader who may be worse than her predecessor, preserving that long entrenched “culture of corruption in Albany” which these oversight panels were created to address. But the corruption has only worsened as the “band plays on” in Albany.

There were presenters who identified certain judges, evaluators and wrongdoers but none were mentioned in the report. Moreover, if the evaluators are to be stripped of their immunities from civil liability, i.e. from a consequential child murder, parent suicide or court-induced mental condition, why were judges given a free pass, those who often rubber-stamp the reports of these same evaluators? We all know that lawyers in robes will never consent to waiving their “absolute” immunities as they impose million-dollar judgments for comparable negligence on their litigants.

Therefore, we victims must take matters into our own hands as the time is long overdue for a legislative enactment or constitutional amendment to eliminate that self-protection. Let’s face it, the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission is yet another useless window-dressing entity investigating less than 10% of complaints annually. Civil suits would make up for that void. Besides, if judges are complying with ethics and criminal laws, they have nothing to fear. And you know that few would leave these prestigious posts if immunities were removed to comport with the accountability applied to the rest of us.

This blue-ribbon commission has yet to respond to my complaints, separately submitted from my testimony, which addressed the conduct and outcomes of these public hearings. This includes severe parental alienation caused by judge-appointed evaluators and a requested referral to the Justice Department and state attorney general for a comprehensive investigation. Such disregard in advance of the recent final report shows how state government remains an elitist body far removed from the people being served.

These evaluators, often appointed to yield campaign contributions, have produced horrific outcomes that warrant monetary compensation. When the Moreland Commission was prematurely dissolved by Andrew Cuomo to evade growing evidence, a federal prosecutor seized commission files resulting in federal prison terms for the state’s legislative leaders and a top Cuomo aide. The federal-state corruption investigation known as Operation Greylord ended with the convictions of nearly 100 judges, lawyers, law enforcement and state officials in Chicago.

In contrast, this impotent blue-ribbon panel proved to be yet another political exercise without accountability or reform. And where was any genuine investigative report from our mainstream media despite all the notice given to them? We victims need to join forces and protest government corruption as the population exodus from New York continues to escalate along with the abuses, taxes and overregulation of the people.

Due to the oversight dysfunction, a citizen commission was recently organized as a nonprofit known as the Citizen Commission Against Corruption. Get the details at or call its office at (315) 864-8176.

Is public accountability for New York’s commissions now deemed “harassment?”

Leon Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

Public input is now harassment.

That was the message conveyed by Ellen Schell, a lawyer and government protector for the State of New York. In an October 22, 2021 e-mail to me, she conveyed the legal position that a staff member for the state’s Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) was not required to respond to my valid inquiries regarding the conduct of a virtual public hearing held on September 23, 2021. Such a response could have been a simple one, but consistent with the extremes and absurdities now championed by this office, the staff member, Rosemary Pelletier, decided to twist my public input into a form of harassment, something it clearly was not, thereby dodging her accountability and responsibilities altogether.

Rosemary was the person who exchanged notices, prepared speakers and conducted the hearing at issue. Therefore, at the outset, she was the proper person to whom my inquiries and complaints were conveyed. Those who actually took the time to give their input at this hearing should not otherwise be required to navigate through the jungle of New York’s bureaucracy to perform follow-up. That is what Ellen, Rosemary and other public servants are paid to do. The subject hearing was sponsored by Governor Kathy Hochul and her Blue-Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluations but conducted by Rosemary and fellow OPDV staff.

What a domestic violence office was doing in connection with a separate blue-ribbon commission is confusing enough but to visit that conflict upon presenters defies good conscience. These overseers must have been too overwhelmed by irrelevant complaints among their official duties because they obviously refused to render a basic response to my valid complaints. Instead I was referred to “General Counsel” as if there was some protection to be afforded them from a hallucinated feeling of harassment. By twisting my inquiries (two e-mails and phone calls) into a fabrication, Rosemary and Ellen exhibited the delusion that my valid public input could be suppressed contrary to the most basic principles of our constitutions.

My You-Tube video below was produced prior to this bizarre exchange with Ellen and Rosemary, and it summarizes my grievance. This video was also referenced with a request that it be shared with the full commission. It is now clear that its recipients were offended by its content and not anything else fabricated to dilute and discredit that content. There was certainly no “harassment” here, and if this Ellen lawyer is going to continue to misconstrue our harassment laws and constitutional rights in this manner, she should go back to whatever law school she got a degree from and ask for her money back. Take the time to review this video. You be the judge.

In an October 31, 2021 article by Amy Neff Roth of the USA Today Network, New York’s governor (by default), Kathy Hochul, is depicted as a clean politician anxious to rid state government of the drama and “culture of corruption” left behind by ex-governor Andrew Cuomo. But as exemplified here, we can expect more of the same. Where does the average citizen now go to achieve what our constitution and self-governing principles require, what our “public servants” have now disregarded in their elitism, self-love and accepted level of corruption?

Judicial Whistleblower Exposes Corruption in Public Release


The alarming video above is unprecedented. It exposes corruption in New York’s court system while addressing the need for overdue reform nationwide. It is being submitted to media and key government officials to demand accountability especially in our divorce and family courts where innocent children and unrepresented parties are most impacted.

The whistleblower here, Dr. Leon Koziol, exposes the abuse of federal funds and human rights in these courts based on more than two decades of litigation experience as a trial attorney and twenty years as an aggrieved parent. You can get a free insight on his book, Whistleblower in Paris, at the book’s website

Help us publicize this video so that reform may finally become a reality.

Dysfunctional public hearing mirrors government in post-testimony video exposure


This video is a re-creation of testimony before the Blue-Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluations, This expert panel was sponsored by Governor Kathy Hochul to study forensic evaluations in divorce and family courts.

The video was completed, published and re-submitted to the commission due to the dysfunctional manner in which a virtual hearing was conducted on September 23, 2021 by the New York Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence. It was based on complaints received from participants and the historic futility of these window-dressing entities.