Earn Hawaii Vacation While Promoting Worthy Cause for Parents and Children

PRI Director, Dr. Leon Koziol in Hawaii on book assignment, winter 2016

Okay here’s the challenge. And you can do it. No strings or gimmicks. It’s this simple. You got friends, acquaintances, maybe even a few enemies you want to exploit. Sell 10 Court Strategy or Self-Representation Programs featured on the Parenting Rights Institute and Leon Koziol.com websites, and you get round trip plane fare to Hawaii. Sell 20 and get lodging for three days on the romantic island of Maui or bustling Waikiki. Sell 30 and get a week of lodging, minimum 3-star quality, and it will be a winter escape of your dreams.

The best part about this opportunity is that the proceeds will go toward family court reform. But what if you fall short of these numbers? No problem, you will get the standard $50 finder’s fee for each sale should you decide to cash in. A win-win situation no matter how you look at it. Plus, it gets all the keyboard warriors doing something exciting and constructive for the reform movement.

And it gets better. If enough vacations are earned, we will add a bonus: free morning seminars to acclimate you to the complexities of custody tactics. You can attend or hit the beach. It’s your time, or our time, but a time to remember, and a time to forget your stressful routines in the states. With all your talents and initiative, this should be an easy task, a no-brainer. So what are you waiting for?

These programs sell themselves. All you got to do is make the connections and off we go to paradise. You can do it by Christmas and earn the holiday gift of your dreams! Each successful sale shows up on our pay-pal registry or cancelled check. If you e-mail us a name which matches the sale, you get a credit of $50 or a point on this offer: leonkoziol@parentingrightsinstitute.com. You can also confirm by contacting our office at (315) 380-3420.

Get your friends or lovers involved. We’re not getting any younger, and let’s face it, in the end, we’re all just food for maggots (or sharks).

Some book subjects are easy to write about, here at a remote location on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai where the Jurassic movie was filmed


New Book Underway Against Parental Alienation


By Dr.Leon R. Koziol

As our followers are aware, I offer professional writing services to those who wish to publish their court ordeals. Many are motivated to expose corruption, others to provide a biography for their children or reputations. Whatever the reason, I have been applying decades of trial and appellate experience in numerous courts to make such stories a reality.

Publishing a book is no easy task. Many claim a commitment to do so but never follow through. There are pitfalls when producing a manuscript and marketing it to a trustworthy publisher. There’s also a concern for defamation particularly when prominent people are being criticized. I successfully sued one publisher for incompetence. It received coverage as far away as London, England, and the company was forced to go out of business.

So do yourself a favor, get a manuscript and publishing process underway by doing it right. Contact me directly for an understanding of your objectives and a fee quote. I require supporting documents before starting the project, and it fares best if we get to know the subject matter personally. You can verify credentials by looking up my recently published novel, Voyage to Armageddon, available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu.com.

Recently I completed an assignment in Hawaii for a woman victimized in divorce court. Her book is not yet released but it represents a phenomenal look at court corruption and intrigue backed by transcripts and official records. Currently I am engaged in a book project which will focus on severe parental alienation experienced by a mother in Pennsylvania.What an assignment!

You may have a similar or untold story you wish to share with the world or just your family and friends. It could lead to a documentary. Movies are typically based on books as you know. I can be reached directly at leonkoziol@gmail.com or (315) 796-4000. I am leaving you with an excerpt from a chapter of my recently completed book manuscript so you can get a feel for the possibilities.

Best regards,



Excerpt from Book on Divorce Court Corruption, Chapter 25:

“Not bad, Leon, but you still haven’t answered my question.”

“Well we can name our project as a war on something. If these radicals and Washington bureaucrats like wars, that’s what we’ll give them, a war on corruption. It’s getting so bad in this country that the public seems to have just accepted it even in these courts. That’s where the corruption is supposed to get justice.”

“Alright, sounds good.”

There was a long respite from our dinner exchanges. We glanced around, mimicked a few lyrics from our entertainment and looked occasionally toward the endless ocean. Then she broke our silence. “You know when you fly out tomorrow, I’m really going to miss you.”

“I’m gonna miss you too, especially all those great breakfasts in the morning.” I laughed slightly.

Most of our issues were addressed and a plan of action was formulated to promote court reform in America’s divorce industry. It was focused on fund raising, growing an army of parental advocates on social media, a central website and demands for investigations under Title IV-D.

This was a movement designed to unite all others, to bring victims out of their foxholes so that justice and hope could grow in a meaningful way. We were also looking for criminal prosecutions of corrupt judges, a RICO action and accountability at the U.S. Justice Department. There was much more, and it was all contained in a master plan we thought about naming, “The War on Court Corruption.”

“Hey look at the moon, notice anything?” I asked. We both gazed up into the Pacific night sky.

“Yeah it’s bright white and nearly above us now.”

“But see that dark wall of clouds working its way toward it.”

“Yeah pretty ominous looking, the first I’ve seen since you got here three weeks ago.”

“You know most people are not aware that our moon is actually leaving us. Each year it gets farther away. Astronomers say that humanity will not survive when it gets far enough to disrupt that gravitational balance it creates with mother earth. It’s kind of like our parenting cause. We need our children as much as they need us. Is that a sign?”

“You know I never thought of it that way, but I love the analogy. I think I’ll keep it.”

We watched intently as the billowing clouds made their way between mother earth and her moon, creeping resolutely until a full moon became half, then a quarter. Finally it was gone.


Dr. Leon Koziol in Hawaii on Book Publishing Assignment

Hard at work on a secluded beach in Hawaii


After promoting a Super Bowl rally for parental equality and court reform in San Francisco, Dr. Leon Koziol left for Hawaii where he was retained to author two books for a mother and father victim of divorce, custody and support court. He is expected to be in Florida next month to continue his work for victimized parents with a goal of making parental equality and family privacy rights a key issue in the presidential elections.

The Super Bowl rally was sponsored by an upcoming group of parents in California fed up with abuses in these courts: http://www.YourParentalRights.com. Messages contained on the various protest signs ranged from “Fathers Matter” to “Stop Family Court Corruption,” and they resonated among the fans entering and leaving a packed stadium. It is hoped that momentum will continue to grow for a rally in our nation’s capital this June.

Dr. Koziol has helped parents make their ordeals known for reform purposes. His manuscripts have become highly useful for sending crucial messages to politicians and news organizations. After a conference with influential clergy in Manhattan last month, Leon is hoping to draw interest from CBS 60 Minutes and other producers where he was once featured. These books play a major role for convincing policymakers and news makers that parental equality and court reform are the paramount issues of our day.

Even if you are not keen to public acclaim, the books he helps publish provide autobiographies for those who wish to “set the record straight” for their children, families and future generations. However it seems that everyone wants to write a book, but only a small percentage ever see a bookstore or book signing event. Stories are a dime a dozen. It takes litigation experience and proven credentials to transform complex ordeals into a marketable publication.

Leon has used his experience to publish such books as his 2014 novel, Voyage to Armageddon, available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other major bookseller sites. He has authored reports, appellate briefs and argued cases before a federal appeals court in Manhattan and other locations. If you would like a fee quote or to offer a proposal for publication, feel free to contact him at his office at Parenting Rights Institute, (315) 380-3420; leonkoziol@ParentingRightsInstitute.com or direct at (315) 796-4000.

Book Projects by Parental Advocate Dr. Leon Koziol Expose Court Corruption

You  hear it all the time, people who want to tell their life stories, unique ordeals, perhaps a legacy for future generations. And yet the vast majority are never told beyond the cafés, workplaces, shopping malls and bar stools.
But what if a book project leads to court corruption and verified misconduct? What if your long festering story results in official investigations and charges? Can you make your mark to prevent others from becoming victims? 
That is what is emerging from the latest book project this month by parental advocate, Dr. Leon Koziol. Fact checking has led to revelations which are shocking to say the least and the early draft manuscript may have to be released to authorities.
This week he’s been talking to a number of divorce and family court victims around the country anxious to tell their court ordeals through a published book. But as explained in our October 7, 2015 post here at Leon Koziol.com, the process has many costly pitfalls for the novice writer regardless of background.

We like to think of America as the land of the free, place of opportunity and beacon of liberty, but those founding principles are quickly eroding. Your book may have a vital impact. Newcomer political candidates continue to garner a tremendous following because they are expressing the frustrations of our people.

Well how about you? Are you less important to society? Have you thought about leaving something valuable behind ? After all, even the rich can’t take their wealth to the grave. Alec Baldwin published “A Promise to Ourselves ” co-produced by a writing expert. Here we offer you an exciting range of consulting and publishing services.

A profound void exists in publishing on the subject of real life court abuses, particularly in matters of divorce, custody and support. In countless cases, books have led to documentaries or even a movie of the kind occasioned by John Grisham or Tom Clancy. If enough stories are told, maybe we can collectively influence long overdue reforms in our courts to benefit children and families.

Unfortunately in our publishing experiences (Leon successfully sued a book publisher for incompetence), a well developed manuscript could be tortured by unscrupulous profiteers. Dubious publishers are prosecuted for greedy business practices only to reorganize under different names.

Therefore you will need proper guidance if your story must be told. Leon has traveled to many places to get to know our book clients. It lends a crucial personal touch behind any such venture. And in the end it may be your only remedy to a miscarriage of justice, your own final chapter in life.

If you would like to explore such a venture, contact Leon directly at leonkoziol@gmail.com or (315) 796-4000. Fees are dependent on the complexity of your assignment. For every serious inquiry, we will provide a free copy of Leon’s latest manuscript entitled Voyage to Armageddon published last year and available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu Publishing on/line bookstores. Make your passion for justice and reform a meaningful and potentially lucrative one.

Should the people revive Moreland Commission on Public Corruption?


By  Dr. Leon R. Koziol

While criminal prosecutions continue against leaders of New York’s Legislature as a direct consequence of the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, serious questions linger. For example, what came of all the shocking testimony and petitions lodged by the general public, limited as it was, on Constitution Day, 2013 at Pace University? What about the hundreds of speakers excluded from that hearing who were left outside protesting as a result? Why was the Commission prematurely disbanded, why were so many citizens misled into believing they could be heard and answered, and how much corruption remains rampant here in New York State due to the utterly impotent nature of that Commission?

It certainly cost our taxpayers substantial money to create this “dream team” of prosecutors and experts to root out corruption in state government. And while we certainly commend U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for his follow-up investigations and prosecutions, a review of the public testimony raises far more concerns than the ones supporting a prosecution of two legislative leaders. That testimony is found on our site at Leon Koziol.com. As one of the few who were allowed to participate from the general public, I raised serious issues concerning documented retaliation for my public criticisms on that site and my complaints of judicial misconduct in diverse filings. The retaliation has only escalated dramatically since that hearing.

Testimony of Leon Koziol, J.D., before the New York Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University on September 17, 2013. Leon’s eye-opening presentation can be viewed at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark:

Therefore I am recommending the creation of a citizens Commission on Public Corruption headed by a “dream team” of good government advocates who can complete the work of the governor’s quickly dissolved “ad hoc” entity. Here are a number of observations from the Moreland proceedings which warrants such a public commission:

1)  Ellen Oxman, of Women for Justice in New York Courts, provided compelling testimony of her abuse at the hands of a wealthy opponent with connections to the judges in her divorce and family proceedings. Where did her petition go, where is she today, and what came of the brazen level of injustice she carefully documented before the Moreland Commission?

2)  Carl Lanzisera of Americans for Legal Reform and a co-member gave startling revelations regarding a 20 year history of court corruption including the similar impotent conclusion of the 2009 Senate hearings on judicial reform. The chair of that Senate Committee, John Sampson, was later indicted for official misconduct while in office. Among the recommendations made by this organization was the mandatory psychological testing of judges who take our children from us to bring them on par with other government officials.

3)  Michael Kraveski, a regular citizen, provided a heart wrenching seven year ordeal in Kings County Family Court which has become all too commonplace in America today, one which led to an unarmed father shot to death in the back while fleeing a support warrant at a traffic stop in South Carolina less than two years later. He described himself as a victim of a “money extortion scheme” through impossible obligations, fraudulent tactical petitions and a “Star Chamber” court. He suffered a stroke in the end after losing his job and life savings.

4)  Rich Velotti, an attorney for Act Now New York made an ominous prediction of sorts when he described how Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver, Senate Leader Dean Skelos and former leader Joe Bruno conspired to influence and limit the work of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, an entity comprised of members selected by them and the governor to investigate misconduct in Albany. All three were prosecuted criminally by federal authorities, none by the state. Attorney Velotti labeled the JCPE “a joke” with a strong recommendation that the Moreland Commission, with its independent investigatory powers, be made permanent.

5)  Marie Tooker, a single mother of three, described a criminal enterprise in our courts which left her homeless with $12   in her bank account.

6)  A Fordham law professor commended the Commission as an example of good government, never imagining that it would be dissolved in six months for doing the very work it was charged to perform. She emphasized the need for permanent “structural” changes to replace the “prophylactic” approach to public corruption which remains in place.

7)  Elena Sassower was so emotional over the lack of judicial accountability over many years that she refused to yield to her allotted time as a speaker, even under threats of removal.

8)  Katherine Wilson, a victim of divorce court, began her testimony with a request that certain Commission members cease their texting during the general public segment of the hearing. She also asked that one or more members who had left for the lobby during that segment return to their seats so that she could have the benefit of a full Commission. Needless to say, she elicited a resounding applause for her bold introductions after emphasizing her experience with “guns in her face” while living in Ireland. It left her without any fear of this Commission. When asked to conclude her remarks, she defended her few minutes of space with the one hour spent by the Commission chair lauding the credentials of members which were already found in the table brochures. She cited shocking examples of domestic violence victims who preferred to return to their abusive home environments than face the “battering” they sustained in New York’s matrimonial courts. You simply have to listen to her full presentation as I cannot do it justice here.

9)  Marguerita Walter gave yet another heart wrenching ordeal at the hands of a corrupt divorce system with a “de facto termination of (her) parental rights,” some $150,000 spent on “supervised visits” and the ultimate permanent alienation of her children. She described 12 years of cruel and retaliatory acts for her exercise of fundamental rights after giving birth to children abandoned at an early age by their father. She was a Cuban refugee as a child herself fleeing from a corrupt communist regime headed by dictator Fidel Castro only to find far worse oppression here.

10)  Not to be out done, Mr. Gallison, a reporter for secondary news sources, Truth-out and Black Star News, provided the Commission and its audience with a shocking rendition of corruption involving the selection of Jonathan Lippman to the highest judicial post of Chief Justice at New York’s Court of Appeals. He gave testimony before the 2009 Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, provided complaints before the state Judicial Conduct Commission and furnished reports in response to Preet Bharara’s request for input following the disbanding of the Moreland Commission, all of which went un-answered.

What happened to these speakers and their presentations? Where are they today? More to the point, what can we, the people, do to get the answers? What can we do to obtain follow-up on all the corruption which could have been heard from all those good citizens left out in the audience or in the streets? Why is all this being swept under the carpet? If we do nothing, we guarantee more of the same or worse corruption in years to come, not a very good legacy for all the children and future generations harmed by the same corruption. It’s a trillion dollar “cottage industry” as one speaker plainly put it, and it shows no sign of correction.

Consequently I am asking our followers and advocates of good government everywhere to join my petition for a People’s (Moreland) Commission on Public Corruption. Kindly spread the word, make it viral as you are so good at doing, send me your credentials, suggestions and support, and let’s give this government something it never expected. We can conduct a preliminary conference call when enough interest is offered, followed by a meeting at Pace University, State Plaza in Albany or any other location for hearings. We can apply FOIA and subpoena powers where possible, and issue our own final report for media consumption and government deliberation. And, unlike the costly Commission, we can do the necessary follow-up ourselves in public, political and electoral processes. An organized protest is long overdue on this crucial subject.

I can be reached at (315) 796-4000 or leonkoziol@parentingrightsinstitute.com. You can also mail your input to my attention at P.O. Box 8302; Utica, New York 13505. Finally it must be emphasized that there are many court ordeals sampled from the general public segment of the Moreland hearings which warrant a book or documentary publication. As a publishing consultant, I can offer professional assistance to anyone interested in this powerful means of influencing justice and reform. You will find the details in my October 7, 2015 post here at Leon Koziol.com.

Best regards,

Leon R. Koziol,  J.D.

Civil Rights Advocate

How Important is Your Life Story? Lawyer Consultant Offering Publishing Services.


Public Advocate Dr. Leon Koziol in Niagara Falls on Book Assignment.

You hear it all the time, people who want to tell their life stories, unique ordeals, perhaps a legacy for future generations. And yet the vast majority are never told beyond the coffee shops, beauty salons and bar stools.

It’s really unfortunate because we are now immersed in a fast society which needs guidance from those who have already charted the course for others to follow. From government reform to  simple entertainment, getting these stories out is vital to free speech.

This week I’ve been in Niagara Falls at the request of a mother who suffered a phenomenal ordeal in family court. It spanned the world and two decades of abuse. You might call it the women’s version of  “the fugitive ” and it will be coming to a bookstore near you. 

We like to think of America as the land of the free, place of opportunity and beacon of liberty, but those founding principles are quickly eroding. Donald Trump is garnering a tremendous following because he is conveying the frustrations of our general population. 

Well how about you? Are you less important to society? Have you thought about leaving something valuable behind ? After all, even the rich can’t take their wealth to the grave. Alec Baldwin published “A Promise to Ourselves ” written by a consultant. Then he abandoned it.

A void consequently exists for others to fill, possibly leading to a documentary or even a movie of the kind occasioned by John Grisham or Tom Clancy. If enough stories are told, maybe we can collectively influence long overdue reforms in our family courts to benefit children and families.

Unfortunately in my own publishing experience (I successfully sued a book publisher for incompetence), a well developed manuscript could be tortured by unscrupulous profiteers. Dubious publishers are prosecuted for greedy business practices only to reorganize under different names.

Therefore you will need proper guidance if your story must be told. I have traveled to many places to get to know my book clients. It lends a crucial personal touch behind any such venture. And in the end it may be your only remedy to a miscarriage of Justice, your own final chapter.

Here on the other side of the border, a mother is maintaining her anonymity as you may wish to do. Her identity will remain confidential until she is ready for her book’s release. If you would like to explore such a venture, contact me at leonkoziol@gmail.com or (315) 796-4000.

Author Leon Koziol Offering Professional Services For Book Projects Regarding Court Ordeals.

Leon taking time aside to edit book manuscripts at Holiday Inn, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

After all the hectic activities in Charleston, Dr. Koziol is focused on book projects for court victims including his own to be published later this year.

We received a wonderful outpouring of support for my recent unexpected trip to Charleston regarding the Walter Scott murder. It was a travesty with a natural draw upon my combined background as a civil rights attorney and parental advocate. Callers included a woman lawyer in New York, an aggrieved father in Florida and a shared parenting activist in Texas. We thank every one of you along with the media agents joining our growing list of followers with each new event.

The lawyer was uniquely encouraging because she spent an entire day reading our website here at Leon Koziol.com. She did so to support her long held view that the bench and bar will take out the most conscientious of their members, if necessary, to preserve a “status quo” as she described it. Needless to say it was one of many lively conversations this past week as I continued my mission for justice in America’s divorce and family courts.

The killing of a loving father by a cop to enforce a non-criminal support warrant raises the discussion of court abuses to unprecedented levels. But there are many more ordeals out there which must be exposed to the world if we are ever going to win this war of accountability regarding our children. Yours may be one of them.

Many victims of court abuse replied to last week’s post regarding my offer to provide professional assistance to those wishing to publish a book. In that post, I described pitfalls that can be encountered as an experienced author especially when dealing with “turn ’em and burn ’em ” publishers. I cited a successful lawsuit I brought against one such publisher which went out of business shortly after we settled with its insurance company. You need proper guidance to avoid becoming mired in such costly complications.

A number of contracts has now resulted and I therefore took time aside after the Charleston trip to prepare or edit manuscripts. At Wrightsville Beach, I took advantage of off-season rates and an inspiring environment to do my work. There may be no consultant anywhere with the kind of passion, writing and litigation experience to give you that edge needed to attract a reputable publisher. I call it a Partnership for Justice.” Call me for a free consultation to arrange a fee to suit your needs.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Author and Parental Advocate

(315) 796-4000

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MSNBC: How Falling Behind on Child Support Can End in Jail

Does Your Court Ordeal Warrant A Book Publication?

Dr. Leon Koziol in Paris


In a Self-Regulated System, Abused Litigants Find Recourse in Books.

So you came into court thinking that your complaints would be properly heard, your case would receive fair treatment and justice might be served. Instead you left terribly confused, utterly disillusioned or irrevocably injured. This was anything but what you expected from your third branch of government.

Maybe you resorted to costly appeals and government agencies for an alternate remedy. You learned too late that the misconduct could easily be overlooked in a self-regulated environment. They’re all profiting from your misfortunes and would rather keep the disputes going to exploit this gold mine they call divorce and family court. Welcome to the justice system you never read about in civics class.

The worst thing about all this is that they made you feel responsible in the end. It’s your fault that a court system structured to inflame needless conflict has left you alienated from your offspring or courting bankruptcy. So what can be done? You know you can’t just let them get away with this. Your posterity is hanging in the balance, the way you want your loved ones thinking of you in generations to come.

Well if you’re an American with an ingrained character for holding your public servants accountable, you take action. Countless victims talk about writing a book to expose the injustices, yet that never seems to happen. Think about it, when was the last time you heard of one that truly tackled the issues? You may even have the ideal story. But a book project is a profound undertaking. It requires much more than professional guidance, it calls for a partnership committed to justice.

That’s where we come in. As a result of  our current series about court abuses entitled King’s Chronicles, victims from around the country have consulted with us to do book projects. We’ve already looked at offers from a mother in Michigan, a surgeon in New York and a professor in California. They involve good citizens wrongfully denied their dignity and basic rights.

Here at Leon Koziol.com, we’ve been at this for many years, sponsoring conventions, litigation and reform initiatives. Our current chronicles provide some illustration of how well your story could look with royalties to recoup court losses. But the road to publishing is paved with pitfalls and scam artists. If you’re going to expose injustices to the world, you need to do it right or not at all.

We should know. Dr. Koziol was forced to bring litigation against one publisher due to grammar defects, fraudulent commitments and outsourced incompetency. The federal lawsuit received international publicity as far away as London, England resulting in a substantial recovery and the company being dissolved shortly afterward. We can provide the legal proof and news references. You don’t have the time or money to become mired in such trial and errors.

With the unique background offered by Dr. Koziol, his 23 years as a  litigator in federal and state courts, and an uncanny ability to review court transcripts and legal documents, we can turn complex experiences into a story which gives you the vindication you deserve. Moreover, as a published novelist, Dr. Koziol can tailor your story to give it broad public appeal. Any other lawyer with genuine time must be careful to avoid professional retributions, something which Leon has already proven he can withstand.

For this sort of venture, a court victim is likely to face scrutiny from judges and lawyers. Indeed this is why you rarely come cross a real life John Grisham type book. To be efficient and effective, you need a manuscript that is properly authored, well researched,  free of spelling and grammar errors, and one that can survive the review of editors and legal staff of any reputable publisher. Revisions and supplements are routine in an age when nooks and e-books are replacing the old world book stores in the literary market.

Let’s face it, you may have no other recourse. Dr. Koziol gave testimony in Manhattan before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption for this very reason, asking the state to disband New York’s Judicial Conduct Commission due to its political and window dressing existence. Valid complaints were being disregarded, giving the impression that all was well with our court system. We the people knew better and many judges were later convicted by federal authorities, but what good did that do us?

If you have a book in mind, contact us. It may be the best move you will ever make. Call our office at (315) 380-3420 or Dr. Koziol direct at (315) 796-4000 for a free consultation. E-mail: leonkoziol@gmail.com.