Extraordinary Lawsuit Exposes Human Rights Violations in U.S. Courts

Dr. Leon R.Koziol in Paris seeking international recognition of human rights violations in America’s domestic relations courts

While our federal government is promoting human rights across the globe, its military is returning to domestic courts which exploit children for profit. That’s the opening statement in a precedent seeking action being filed on November 16, 2015 in a federal appeals court in Manhattan.

Known as a mandamus action, it seeks extraordinary relief due to human rights violations exhibited by presiding judges abusing public office to promote a trillion dollar industry in America’s divorce and family courts. It is a “must-read” for any abused parent. See a copy of Dr. Koziol’s mandamus action: (Click Here)

The lawsuit targets judicial corruption, free speech retributions and a federal funding scheme known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Highly suppressed in public, this law rewards state judges for the number and size of child support orders issued in these courts.

The federal incentive grants render support magistrates inherently biased because they generate revenues for court operations and performance standards for higher office. The atrocities caused by this discriminatory and oppressive law include veteran suicides, heightened risks for public safety officers and needless controversy for parents and children.

The recent murder of Walter Scott, an unarmed father fleeing a support warrant in South Carolina, is one of many examples cited in the action commenced by Dr. Leon R. Koziol, a civil rights advocate. He won substantial verdicts, precedent and a judgment declaring the largest casino in New York unconstitutional.

It is an extraordinary writ for additional reasons including complicity in the human rights violations by a federal judge. This life tenured judge, Gary Sharpe, was previously removed from a case for inventing a human gene yet to be discovered by the scientific community to explain criminal conduct.

Dr. Koziol practiced law in both federal and state courts for more than 23 unblemished years until he became a target of retribution by custody, support and disciplinary judges. They even cited his exposure of judicial misconduct at New York’s prematurely disbanded Moreland Commission on Public Corruption as a reason to keep him in a suspended state concerning his precious daughters and law license.

It is an ordeal which reads like a John Grisham novel. Now you can read it here. The text of Koziol’s lawsuit explains how these domestic courts are seizing increased controls over our children for fee and revenue generating purposes to their ultimate detriment, why our society is suffering as a consequence and how the moral fiber of an entire nation is harmed.

If you have a similar ordeal which needs public exposure, feel free to contact Leon for a free publication consultation at (315)  796-4000. He is being retained by abused parents to write books. As a published author his professional services can be reviewed at Leon Koziol.com

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Is Chen Guangcheng Really Any Safer in the United States?

Recently we featured a blog entry in regards to Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese legal activist who fled house arrest and sought refuge with U.S. diplomats after local officials waged a vendetta against him for exposing a campaign of forced abortions and other abuses of China’s harsh birth control policy. Over the weekend we learned from the Los Angeles Times that Chen Guangcheng is now safe in the U.S.

Read full story (Click Here)

We are asking our followers here at www.leonkoziol.com, to contact the following reporters (both email and follow-up telephone calls) whose names appear in this article and let them know the truth about how non-custodial parents are treated here in the United States. They may be surprised to learn that those who dare challenge our very own current domestic relations policies are often treated in a similar manner much like that of Chen Guangcheng. Perhaps these reporters could provide a sufficient explanation as to why this is?

Furthermore, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney also appears to need some schooling on our nation’s domestic relations policies. Mr. Romney was quick to criticize the Obama administration for its handling of this particular matter, however, in the next breath he stated, “This episode underscores the need for the United States to forthrightly stand up for the human rights of the Chinese people,” when referring to Mr. Guangcheng’s safe arrival in the United States. In our opinion here at www.leonkoziol.com, we believe that Mr. Romney would be wise to educate himself in advance with respect to the hypocritical state of human rights here in the United States faced by non-custodial parents, before attacking his political adversaries and advocating  for the rights of foreign countries in an effort to garner political support.

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Mascaro reported from Washington, Demick from Beijing and Tangel from New York.

Staff writers Paul Richter and Christi Parsons in Camp David, Md., contributed to this report.

International Human Rights Crisis Brewing in America

Dear Mr. Koziol,

Please help me understand just what exactly is any different about the blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng, who fled house arrest and sought refuge with US diplomats after local officials waged a vendetta against him for exposing a campaign of forced abortions and other abuses of China’s harsh birth control policy in comparison to what you’ve experienced  (Pg. 31) for criticizing our domestic relations laws here within the United States?

Unless, I’m missing something here, how is your ordeal really any different?


Steven Levine
Sarasota, Florida

Dear Mr. Levine:

Your May 1, 2012 message that was forwarded to me by email is quite extraordinary because a growing number of Americans are making the same comparisons of my ordeal as a civil rights attorney here in the states to that of a Chinese civil rights attorney who is currently seeking asylum in the U.S. Embassy in China. Both of us criticized domestic relations policies of our respective governments, both of us were threatened with our livelihoods, both of us were denied contact with our children, and both of us were made subject to similar forms of “house arrest” in retribution for our activities on behalf of victimized parents. Ironically in my federal appeals court brief in New York City, John Parent (Leon Koziol) v State, docket 11-2474, at page 31, you will find earlier comparisons to another (detained) Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng. His experiences no doubt motivated the current (blind) lawyer to seek freedom here.

Unfortunately Attorney Chen Guangcheng might want to reconsider his move insofar as he can expect more retaliation at the hands of Hillary Clinton’s socialist policies should he decide to criticize them as I did. Today she has caused good fathers to be committed to debtor prisons and “retaliation camps”. Many Americans following these parallel human rights cases have already contacted the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. to advise its government of the giant international hippocracy that Hillary is facilitating. They are attempting to expose her communist “village” for what it really is, a government controlled community raising our children and removing parental authority from families to produce a multi-billion dollar industry for her lawyer friends. More than anything else, this is what is destroying our health, productivity and moral fiber as a nation while harming America’s children like never before in human rights history.

Thanks for your astute letter. You obviously know the issues. Please share your message with media and fellow parents.

Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Institute
United States of America