Good moms stand up for Fathers’ Rights due to its value to our children and society.

Administrator’s note: Leon is still in New York City working with Dr. Eric Braverman for parental equal rights. By now you must be aware of the gay equality decision from the Supreme Court. The New York Times on Saturday featured numerous photos of gay couples on its front page. Yet equal rights  for fathers remains dormant in the aftermath. Hopefully connections and donations will materialize with reform efforts as they progress in Manhattan.

There will be no update from Leon today because he has become unexpectedly diverted to a crisis in his own parent-child relations. A startling story will emerge this week which will explain it all. It will disclose what has been happening without his knowledge since October, 2014 while seeking information, confidential or otherwise, from all our followers. He is concerned about the dangers to his daughters implicated by all this.

This next post will prove how innocent children can be purchased due to the schemes of gold digging adversaries in custody matters. You will finally understand why Leon took the stand he did in 2006 and refused to pay support to a scheming evil person. We hope to generate rallies and reports to proper authorities. The stand needed here will hopefully get national exposure. 

In the meantime, Leon has been invited to stay on at the Braverman home in Tribecca. He has received support from moms who remain concerned that a fatherless America is destroying society (the real fathers not their substitutes). After a busy Saturday garnering input from mothers abused by the same system, he took time aside to know them better. We encourage our followers to continue their support of Dr. Braverman in the Manhattan courthouse at 60 Centre Street tomorrow at 10 am. And as always we ask you for your donations here at Leon


Kendra’s Chronicles III: Apathy Can Cost You Life, Liberty And Child In Family Court.

Gift to Leon Koziol by mom, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, during two years of cooperative separation prior to the greed, retaliation and corruption sustained in family court. Child photos and identities have been removed.
Administrator’s Note: 

This is our third in a series we call  “Kendra’s Chronicles” designed to convey a personal side to this war on parents, children and families in our nation’s domestic relations courts. The reader is encouraged to review the opening segment posted on April 21, 2015 for background. 

An earlier series entitled “King’s Chronicles” exposes the misconduct of a family judge in Lowville, New York by the name of Daniel King. His behavior may be compared to your own experiences but in Leon’s case, power was abused to censor speech, reform efforts on this site, testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption and civil recourse under the American Constitution. 

(Testimony of Leon Koziol, J.D., before the New York Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University on September 17, 2013. Leon’s eye-opening presentation can be viewed at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark:)

Injuries to Leon’s livelihood, licenses and family relationships compelled him to seek justice on a broader scale in Paris, New York, Washington, Nashville, Charlotte and Charleston, South Carolina where an unarmed father was shot dead fleeing from a child support warrant. This month, Leon was invited to Southern California to help expose corruption in that state.

Our domestic courts have become so draconian in their practices that good parents are now seeking shelter in foreign countries. It was a common report in Leon’s travels. One father resisted by setting himself on fire in front of a courthouse in Keene, New Hampshire, a police investigator took his life and that of his ex spouse leaving three childen without parents in Utica, New York, and countless fathers working under the table show that lawlessness is escalating. This is government oppression of the worst kind because children are being exploited.

It is also insidious because the abuses are being carried out in the forums where we expect justice to be served with equal treatment under the law. Unfortunately the ominous trends and ugly facts have been suppressed or misrepresented to the public because court conflicts have generated a trillion dollar industry. 

Welcome to Hillary Clinton’s Village, a socialist court structure envisioned by our former “Secret-ary of State” in the nineties (discussed in our opening post). In light of her secret, even treasonous government e-mails and latest scandals involving the Clinton Foundation (rewarding the rich for their contributions), we must ask ourselves, who is this candidate purporting to serve as our next president? Is there anything left that we can trust about her? 

Here at Leon, we’ve been exposing corruption and cautioning moms and dads about the costly calamities which await us in Hillary’s New World Order. Time and again we have been proven correct. The murder in Charleston is only one example of a growing crisis. Today we continue this series with a look at how money corrupts and turns family court into the ultimate oxymoron.

Child Support is Harming The Children That Were Supposed To Be Benefited In Family Court.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

You can’t throw everyone in jail who violates a family court order. We are already the most imprisoned nation in the free world. But as we all know, such orders are being violated all the time in communities across America. So if a guilty party is not thrown in jail, the judge simply takes his ego out on the parents, children and innocent families. Lawyers and third parties profit immensely.

This unprecedented form of injustice is occurring because government was never intended to raise children, at least not under our Constitution, and judges are ill equipped to direct the countless styles of parenting we find in America. But they do it anyway for money, political and career purposes, employing a wide range of costly “experts” and leaving us to make sense of  the confusion and disasters which naturally follow.

Walter Scott learned this the hard way after numerous stints in jail for child support. It was a cycle of debt not unlike the kind that can confront any American citizen, and it landed him in a cage. Most people suppressed under our current governing structure remain incredulous when we report that monthly obligations continue to accrue when a father is imprisoned or denied various licenses. How can they ever get out of debt everyone asks.

Indeed our current federal child support laws take indentured service to a whole new level of absurdity. Ultimately Walter’s bills got him murdered by a cop without commission of any crime. As I explained to a New York Times reporter while in Charleston, nearly 100% of these jailed debtors are men. In my March 1, 2015 report “We Are Fathers,” which was given to her after our discussion, I predicted the high impacts upon minorities and veterans.

The same New York Times reporter, however, followed with a story this past week which excluded these crucial facts. Instead she preferred information from another source citing that one eighth of all inmates in South Carolina are there for back child support. This is additional proof of the information censorship which is occurring here as I have emphasized over the past eight years. And so the band plays on. More deaths, suicides and child injuries will follow unless we victims finally take a stand.

Think about it: one-eighth! That’s one heck of a lucrative debtors’ prison we’re creating in America. Recall earlier posts here at Leon regarding the “Kids for Cash” scandal in Pennsylvania which  landed two judges in prison and the reversal of 4,000 juvenile convictions. If you don’t believe a crisis is already upon us, you’re living in a fairy land, not the quaint kind once enjoyed by my girls in Kendra’s Chronicles II,” but a real life kind which causes children to lose their dads for no good reason.

If you’ve been following our stories in both chronicles, then you know how I lost my children, livelihood and licenses because of a stand that I took against this corrupted family court enterprise. It’s a sacrifice I was forced to make not unlike the ones by Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King. However my ordeal continues to escalate as I refuse to back down.

In 2005, when the separated parents in my children’s lives worked out their own agreements, everything was promising. But when lawyers, judges, “experts” and federal support laws intervened, my girls were irrevocably harmed for the sake of the almighty dollar. Before their arrival,  “mommy” declared to the world that her children’s “hearts belonged to daddy.” Today she is declaring that he belongs in jail, a false and highly inflammatory declaration.

This is what money can do in today’s divorce and family courts. In our next segment we will show you how the Nile River flows south and what happens when greed combines with ignorance to enrich this system even further.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

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Leon Koziol in Charlotte for President Obama’s Town Hall Meeting to Share Counter-Report with Media


ImaginOn Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. site of today’s town hall meeting with President Barack Obama

Administrator’s note: Leon has concluded his Charleston trip and spent the day in nearby Charlotte, North Carolina where President Barack Obama was engaged in a question-answer session with women’s rights activists. Here is Leon’s report:

I came to Charlotte this afternoon to exploit another gathering of national media at the ImaginOn Center on East 7th Street. The president was here to answer questions on the subject of women’s issues including equal pay and child care. He arrived at 2:30 and was gone a little more than an hour later.

President Obama’s trip was highly controlled and scripted. Barricades were set to keep the general public as far away as possible from the building with police cars and large utility trucks blocking off street access two blocks away. If there were any protesters, he would not have noticed them.

This media event was nothing like the ones in Charleston that evolved by the minute. The session itself was not open to the public, and it was not clear that anything was accomplished by such a costly trip. A visit to nearby Charleston could have been added to this itinerary given the growing crises developing over a black father shot to death by a traffic cop to enforce a child support warrant.

For what it’s worth I was there to make a stand for abused, discriminated and killed fathers by sharing my report “We Are Fathers” with national media. Had our efforts been financed a fraction of the amounts given to the hosts of this  “town hall meeting” as it was called, a similar event could have been staged to gain meaningful reforms in our nation’s family courts.

For this very reason, financing remains the principal theme of my report. While the people inside were lamenting the figure of 83 cents earned by women for every dollar earned by men, no one anywhere was lamenting Census Bureau reports that continue to show that 83% of people paying child support are men.

Interestingly the sponsors of this town hall meeting were a digital media corporation and women’s blogger network. According to its website BlogHer Inc. doled out $36 million to women bloggers for the purpose of influencing social media. Is this what it takes to get the president’s attention? If so, we need to do the same. That’s why I released my report and  I’m asking all our followers to help us out.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000


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Leon Koziol Featured on Charleston Television For Fathers’ Rights


Attorney Malik Shabazz, national president of Black Lawyers for Justice demands justice in Charleston

Administrator’s summary; if you’ve been following recent posts on this site, then you know that Leon has been in Charleston, South Carolina this past week advocating for fathers’ rights in connection with the Walter Scott murder. He has been working diligently to shift government and media focus from the race aspects of this horrendous incident to the family court abuses which triggered it. 

To that end he has been distributing his report made public last month in Nashville entitled “We Are Fathers” to civil rights leaders and government representatives. His progress reports can be found here at Leon, a site devoted to family law reform. After vocalizing his concerns before national media, Leon was featured on Charleston television yesterday. 

As we become educated to these draconian support collection practices, it is increasingly clear that Leon’s efforts are vital because good fathers are now being killed by law enforcement for delinquent family court debts. Here no crime was committed. Instead a black father was shot in the back by a North Charleston police officer who is now in jail without bail on murder charges. 

This father had long experienced the discrimination and abuses which convinced him that Justice was better served on the streets than in these courts. He just never expected he could be murdered by a cop for failing to pay his bills. It’s a scary incident which could occur to any father in America today given the false criminal stigmas and sexist slurs being advanced by our own federal government as recently as 2012 in Justice Department news releases.

The Walter Scott incident, preserved on a video seen around the world, shows an unarmed father fleeing arrest on a support warrant at a traffic stop for a broken tail light. The cop fired eight shots from a distance at the fleeing debtor with five bullets entering his back, one in the heart. 

The white officer is then shown casually walking over to his victim and cuffing him face down as he took his final breath. Again there was no crime committed but the family court warrant was now executed with no money or daddy for the children. Here is how Leon finally managed to shift focus in Charleston:

It wasn’t easy, in fact I was beginning to think it was a lost cause. Despite all my appearances, participation in media events and interactions with civil rights protesters and government officials all across Charleston, South Carolina this past week, once again no one was listening. I reiterated my statements concerning the killer in the Walter Scott case, emphasizing not the cop named Michael Slager but the silent and insidious accomplice known as family court.

In yet another news conference today at North Charleston City Hall, everyone was focused on race as a lawyer for protesters in Ferguson, Missouri announced a new wave of protests here. I had delivered my report to the local organizer of the event but the father issues remained without mention by anyone. So once again I asserted myself on the media side of the presentations before the keynote speaker.

In his riveting keynote address, Attorney Malik Shabazz, national president of Black Lawyers for Justice, described black men as the hunted ones, killed “like deer and dogs.” During subsequent media interviews, I raised the father discrimination aspects surrounding the Walter Scott murder which set this case apart from all other racially charged incidents across the country. I cited three status based factors which worked against this particular victim: he was black, a man and a father. I urged all in attendance to support my public appeal for a Justice Department investigation to prevent more of these incidents.

At the request of the event organizer, I was asked to hand deliver my report “We Are Fathers” to Attorney Shabazz at the podium. A resounding applause ensued when I did. The keynote speaker joined in the issues raised and went further. He agreed that the support warrant was a major concern and that he would study my report for answers and reform efforts.

Following this national media event, I was approached by African-American victims of court injustices. Of course I could not provide assistance due to the retributions experienced back in New York for my public predictions that materialized here. I was then asked to give a separate live interview on Charleston television. I will provide further details in a later post.

We’re making progress fellow parents, fathers and victims. Regrettably I feel like I’m doing it alone in Charleston but a profound statement had to be made here for all family court victims across America. We’ll continue to keep you informed.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

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Charleston, state poised to lead way on social change with Walter Scott case:

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Civil Rights Advocate Leon Koziol Meets North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey

Leon Koziol, J.D. & Mayor R. Keith Summey of the City of North Charleston, SC

Administrator ‘s note: Leon has been in Charleston, South Carolina this past week promoting fathers rights and racial justice in our family courts emanating from the Walter Scott murder. He’s been making headway at numerous events, becoming known among community leaders and protesters on a broad spectrum of attendees. Here’s what he’s reporting today:

The Los Angeles Times refers to him as the popular South Carolina mayor who’s weathered the storm over the police killing of an unarmed African-American father fleeing from a child support warrant. And I had a chance to meet him personally after sharing my purpose for being in his city.

His name is Keith Summey and he was  accompanied by a very personable and helpful assistant who listened intently to my own ordeals as a fathers  rights advocate. Later I participated in another media session outside the church in North Charleston after hearing a riveting sermon by Reverend Al Sharpton. Don’t ask how I managed to get in, but the kind ushers I’ve come to know at various events helped out.

Here the people have been remarkably kind, compassionate and even cheerful. They have welcomed me with open arms during these trying times. And you have to hand it to Al Sharpton, he really knows how to get a crowd going in so many ways. From passionate sermonizing to stand-up comedy, Reverend Sharpton had everyone laughing and loving one another by the time of benediction.

Outside, it was back to business as Mayor Summey gave an update short of disclosing details of ongoing investigations. A civil rights lawsuit has already been filed of the kind I routinely prosecuted back in New York. I have been invited to join a congregation which is sponsoring a candlelight vigil at the scene of the Walter Scott shooting made infamous by that shocking video seen around the world.

Last night I spoke with leaders who sponsored a protest inside North Charleston City Hall. I’ve been handing out my 25-page report released last month entitled “We Are Fathers.” In it, I predicted continued violence and victimization among minority fathers due to a broad failure of our family courts and federal government to recall and reform draconian support enforcement practices. I also predicted that it would place law enforcement in harm’s way.

You don’t take a child away from its parents without proper cause. Support debts are not a valid cause, and you don’t come between a father and his children without risking serious emotional reactions. I shared my report with Fox News and other media on the scene of these daily events. Excerpts of that report have been published at Leon in a series entitled “King’s Chronicles.” Stay tuned for more updates to include a mass protest at City Hall tomorrow which was announced only moments ago.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

See what Charleston media is saying:

Lauren Sausser of the Post & Courier describes the constant threat of incarceration that non-custodial fathers know all to0 well:

Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post says: One-Eighth Of South Carolina Inmates Were Jailed Over Child Support Payments. Walter Scott Was One Of Them.


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Leon Koziol Raises Fathers’ Rights During News Conference Outside Walter Scott Funeral


Administrator’s Note: Leon is busy getting us news updates and family law reform in Charleston. He was at the Walter Scott Funeral today. Some media are steering clear of the fathers’ rights issues so we will give you the news as it’s  happening here at Leon Think of this site as the concerned parent’s portal to the issues affecting all Americans today. In fact, we know of media visiting this site to learn of cutting edge information which our followers have been getting all along.

Well he didn’t have a media pass while coming upon a congressman giving an interview surrounded by cameras and reporters from all across the country. But how was Leon Koziol to know? So he just joined the interactions. 

Leon had paid his respects to family members at the funeral for Walter Scott inside the W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center when he came upon a crowd outside. The pastor inside had just taken aim at the state’s unjust child support practices and  Charleston Congressman James Clyburn was giving his take on it.

Frustrated that no one was raising father discrimination as an overriding issue, what we have called the “elephant in the court room,” Leon cut in with  questions: “Isn’t there a serious issue of fathers’ rights here?” he began. It continued with an exchange concerning “draconian support collection practices” as Leon described it. 

Congressman Clyburn responded with a quip about his lack of authority in his own household. Eventually the Congressman admitted candidly, refreshingly but also surprisingly that he felt a bit uninformed on the issues raised by Leon. Yet, if you’ve been following our site, especially our recent posts, these practices are the cause for Walter Scott’s panic and flee from the scene of a simple traffic infraction. As we all know now, it led to his execution on April 4, 2015.

In the next interview featuring a family attorney, legislator and family representative, it was reaffirmed contrary to yesterday’s late media reports that in fact a “bench warrant” for support had been outstanding during the traffic stop. This prompted Leon to state that if sophisticated media was in conflict over the warrant, how could anyone expect Walter Scott to know of its existence.

A family representative explained that Walter was a wonderful father but job difficulties had caused him to fall behind in support. It landed him in jail a number of times. South Carolina has some of the most draconian “debtor prison” laws in the country. A father is prosecuted after only five days of delinquency and can be sentenced to a year in prison without committing any crime.

The impact on  minority fathers is particularly devastating in this southern state. Local government and law enforcement responses were commended by the family (as we did in yesterday’s post). In response to another media question, the family representative stated that no definite conclusion of racial motive had yet been made due to a “lack of clear evidence.” 

We will keep you updated on these fascinating developments. Whether a media pass was required to participate in this conference is still not known, but you can see now the profound benefit of secondary media and the internet which you folks capitalize on to help inform the public of all the important issues. Please share today’s post:

Civil Rights Expert Leon Koziol in Charleston: Walter Scott Support Warrant Requires Justice Department Inquiry.


Charleston May be the Saratoga or Gettysburg in this War on Fathers.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Here in Charleston, it’s not just another racially charged killing in America. It’s much more. A black man was shot dead in the back by a white cop because of a money debt called “child support.” This is the elephant in the court room which everyone is ignoring, almost as if such obligations were sacred simply because the word “child” is attached.

Yet because of this money debt and an arrest warrant from a support judge, this heinous murder occurred. Such warrants are doled out like candy and countless fathers do not even know they exist. Substandard notice procedures are employed because these are supposedly civil courts with no criminal implications. But as the Walter Scott incident abundantly proved, these warrants are anything but civil. Debtor fathers are treated like criminals in the end. Poor notice procedures are akin to being shot in the back as a defenseless man.

Indeed in my civil rights reports, I have shown how the federal government and our family courts are literally criminalizing fatherhood for revenue generating purposes. Any competent investigation by our Justice Department must include the judge, lawyers and participants of a court process which treats fathers as lower class citizens due to their birth status. These money obligations are imposed in discriminatory fashion with minority fathers especially abused.

It was all explained in my 2012 report hand- delivered to our Justice Department and a public initiative summary made public only weeks prior to this travesty entitled “We Are Fathers.” Child support is enforced through draconian means with debtor prisons as their ultimate outcome. If it was not for a court process which is getting increasingly out of control, a more routine ending would have occurred. A traffic ticket would have issued and Walter Scott would have been on his way home .

If these courts were truly family friendly, if fathers were truly respected as parents, and if greed did not trump the true best interests of our children, no warrant would have issued to cause a desperate father to flee the scene of a simple traffic stop. Fathers are not just second class citizens in our family courts, they  have been reduced to sub-class status with less parental authority than teachers and teen baby sitters.

To be sure, fathers are routinely made to exercise a degrading form of parenting known as “visitation,” a term more properly applied to prisons and funerals. Whenever someone mentions child support, a male pronoun is always attached. Indeed, fathers do not even get the respect of having  the phrase “dead beat dad” treated for what it is, a sexist slur.

Walter Scott ran from the scene not because of a broken tail light, not because he was black, not because of any crime he had committed. He ran because he had been in family court enough times to know that he could not get a fair shake there. He knew that child support was often used for purposes other than the child. It was a scene that could have played out anywhere in America.

This dad knew that if he surrendered to this cop, he would be thrown into a debtors’ prison, there would be no jury of peers to decide his fate, and one person in a robe, rewarded by the number of support orders to be enforced, could not rule impartially. Why even show up to such a kangaroo operation when the only  crime that Walter Scott committed was that he was born the wrong way under antiquated laws.

Protesters are now running out of steam to maintain any ongoing purpose here. Unlike other racially charged incidents, the people and government of South Carolina are not trying to justify the aberrant behavior of Officer Slager. They had him promptly charged with murder, committed to jail without bail, and they even surrendered their investigative authority to outside agencies. Unless I’m missing something, what more could be done?

Well, if I may be heard, not only as a white man but as a civil rights attorney who took on the challenges that no one else would, you have an epic purpose here. It is one  that could make civil rights history. But I assert this as a parent. It is a status I have in common with this victim and one that could unite all Americans behind a worthy cause to root out corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

Walter Scott is someone I can relate to as a father. I have resisted the same draconian debt collection practices for reasons too numerous to state here. They are aptly provided in prior posts here at Leon In short , these practices violate rights under the American Constitution which our military fights each day to preserve only to return to the same unjust laws.

Walter Scott’s sacrifice cannot be allowed to go without real purpose. He is our turning point in this war on fathers. When a loving dad is shot dead in the back fleeing from a child support warrant, all fathers become victims. This is our fraternal bond since the time of creation itself. My objective here in Charleston knows no color or origin. It remains the final frontier of civil rights reform left unchecked in America today.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

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As a Civil Rights Attorney, Dr. Leon Koziol Warned Us of Charleston; As a Fathers’ Rights Advocate, He is Headed There to Mourn Walter Scott.

Rest in Peace Walter Scott

Welcome Syracuse.Com Readers – See Our Latest Update (Click Here)


This is not just another racially charged incident, it is a fathers’ rights travesty. I warned of it, no one listened. Maybe they’ll listen now.”

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

What crime did Walter Scott commit to warrant his execution in Charleston, South Carolina? We’ve seen the video; the cruel, cold and callous manner in which he was shot multiple times in the back. There was not even a rush to check on the victim’s condition by the police officer who casually walked over and planted a device upon the body.

The shooter was not seeking to defend himself, he was not in danger, there was no crime behind the detention of Walter Scott. Instead an American father was shot dead because of a money debt called “child support.” And the killer had a badge under an oath to protect the public. But who or what was he protecting here?

There will be those, publicly or privately, trying to downgrade the incident by noting that the victim was defying a police directive, he was fleeing the scene and could have sought recourse in a court of law. But this particular victim had three strikes against him: his race, gender and parental status as a father.  Had the detainee been a white mother in debt, she would not have been shot dead.

As for recourse, Walter Scott had none. For starters, he would have been sentenced to a debtors’ prison even though such draconian practices have long been discontinued. We all know of fathers who have fallen behind in support obligations because of a job loss or inability to secure the kind of income a well paid judge thinks he can get. Fleeing the scene may have been this father’s best chance at justice or freedom.

It’s all part of a growing crisis being fomented by an antiquated divorce and family court system which has placed money over the genuine interests of families. The victim’s children here lost much more than “child support,” they forever lost their dad. Homeless fathers remain an overlooked by-product of this dysfunctional family court system.

As an accomplished civil rights attorney for more than 23 years, I predicted events that are now occurring. In 2010, I sponsored a forum to receive testimony from family court victims for a report to the Justice Department. It was triggered by a white police officer who committed a murder-suicide after leaving support court, leaving three children without parents. One month later, a black war veteran was mistakenly gang tackled by the same police department despite being a shooting victim at a domestic incident.

Federal child support laws were a focus of this forum because lawyers, bureaucrats and third parties are being rewarded through incentive grants to the states based on the number and magnitude of support orders manufactured in their family courts. All sorts of schemes have been concocted to maximize revenues and fees at the expense of struggling fathers who continue to comprise 85% of support debtors.

Despite hand-delivery of my report in Washington, the Justice Department refused to conduct an investigation. Meanwhile local operatives retaliated by targeting my law license and children. Ethics lawyers conducted a witch hunt but were fired in 2013 for falsifying their time sheets. No public charges were brought against them.

A family judge assigned to my custody case was removed from the bench for admitting to sexual misconduct upon his handicapped five year old niece. In response to my public criticisms, his replacement then imposed conflicting conditions on my parenting liberties to make it impossible for me to father my children, let alone see them on risk of contempt.

The combined retributions upon my First Amendment rights forced me to seek protection in Paris. In November, 2014, I filed an application for extraordinary relief before a federal appeals court in Manhattan, a case destined to reach the Supreme Court this year. I returned to New York after a threatened support warrant was never issued.

One month later, I informed family court that I would continue to resist these draconian practices in the civil rights tradition of Martin Luther King. Extensive justification was provided last month in a 25-page report entitled “We Are Fathers.” It was designed to incite reform nationwide with warnings that violence would escalate.

Emphasis was placed on veterans and minorities as the likely victims of arrest from these family court abuses. Again no one listened. The band played on, and today we see the horrendous consequence in Charleston. It begs the question: was the police officer acting alone when he killed Walter Scott or could we say he had an accomplice known as family court. Closer to home, I ponder how easily it could have been me resisting that support warrant.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000


Administrator’s Request: Please help Dr. Koziol cover any travel expenses that he may incur on his way to Charleston, South Carolina where he plans to meet with civil rights advocates and media representatives in order to bring attention to the underlying issues that contributed to the killing of Walter Scott. Donations of $25 or more would be kindly appreciated. (Click Here)








Does Your Court Ordeal Warrant A Book Publication?

Dr. Leon Koziol in Paris


In a Self-Regulated System, Abused Litigants Find Recourse in Books.

So you came into court thinking that your complaints would be properly heard, your case would receive fair treatment and justice might be served. Instead you left terribly confused, utterly disillusioned or irrevocably injured. This was anything but what you expected from your third branch of government.

Maybe you resorted to costly appeals and government agencies for an alternate remedy. You learned too late that the misconduct could easily be overlooked in a self-regulated environment. They’re all profiting from your misfortunes and would rather keep the disputes going to exploit this gold mine they call divorce and family court. Welcome to the justice system you never read about in civics class.

The worst thing about all this is that they made you feel responsible in the end. It’s your fault that a court system structured to inflame needless conflict has left you alienated from your offspring or courting bankruptcy. So what can be done? You know you can’t just let them get away with this. Your posterity is hanging in the balance, the way you want your loved ones thinking of you in generations to come.

Well if you’re an American with an ingrained character for holding your public servants accountable, you take action. Countless victims talk about writing a book to expose the injustices, yet that never seems to happen. Think about it, when was the last time you heard of one that truly tackled the issues? You may even have the ideal story. But a book project is a profound undertaking. It requires much more than professional guidance, it calls for a partnership committed to justice.

That’s where we come in. As a result of  our current series about court abuses entitled King’s Chronicles, victims from around the country have consulted with us to do book projects. We’ve already looked at offers from a mother in Michigan, a surgeon in New York and a professor in California. They involve good citizens wrongfully denied their dignity and basic rights.

Here at Leon, we’ve been at this for many years, sponsoring conventions, litigation and reform initiatives. Our current chronicles provide some illustration of how well your story could look with royalties to recoup court losses. But the road to publishing is paved with pitfalls and scam artists. If you’re going to expose injustices to the world, you need to do it right or not at all.

We should know. Dr. Koziol was forced to bring litigation against one publisher due to grammar defects, fraudulent commitments and outsourced incompetency. The federal lawsuit received international publicity as far away as London, England resulting in a substantial recovery and the company being dissolved shortly afterward. We can provide the legal proof and news references. You don’t have the time or money to become mired in such trial and errors.

With the unique background offered by Dr. Koziol, his 23 years as a  litigator in federal and state courts, and an uncanny ability to review court transcripts and legal documents, we can turn complex experiences into a story which gives you the vindication you deserve. Moreover, as a published novelist, Dr. Koziol can tailor your story to give it broad public appeal. Any other lawyer with genuine time must be careful to avoid professional retributions, something which Leon has already proven he can withstand.

For this sort of venture, a court victim is likely to face scrutiny from judges and lawyers. Indeed this is why you rarely come cross a real life John Grisham type book. To be efficient and effective, you need a manuscript that is properly authored, well researched,  free of spelling and grammar errors, and one that can survive the review of editors and legal staff of any reputable publisher. Revisions and supplements are routine in an age when nooks and e-books are replacing the old world book stores in the literary market.

Let’s face it, you may have no other recourse. Dr. Koziol gave testimony in Manhattan before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption for this very reason, asking the state to disband New York’s Judicial Conduct Commission due to its political and window dressing existence. Valid complaints were being disregarded, giving the impression that all was well with our court system. We the people knew better and many judges were later convicted by federal authorities, but what good did that do us?

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King’s Chronicles: If An Angry Judge Refuses To Step Down, Can You Defy His Orders?


Part Three: A Vindictive Judge Is No Judge At All But He Will Throw You In Jail Like Martin Luther King.

Our greatest civil rights advocate did jail time for defying laws and court orders that were clearly unjust. Here is what he said about segregation which can be compared to today’s custody laws that effectively segregate parents on account of gender:

“An unjust law is no law at all …How     do we determine (an unjust law)? Any law that degrades personality is unjust… All segregation statutes are unjust… It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority.”

Under today’s antiquated custody system, fit parents who seek to remain in their children’s lives are segregated into superior and inferior role models. The state and its custodial parent are the segregators and the male parent is  the segregated who receives no similar assistance. Let’s face it, when was the last time you heard of a mom sent to a support debtors’ prison or jailed for depriving a dad of his rights?

Federal support statutes require this degrading form of segregation for states to receive incentive funds (Title IV D). No longer is it based on our children’s best interests but for court budgets and lawyer fees generated by needless custody battles. It’s all part of a trillion dollar socialist child control industry explained at length in earlier posts here at Leon

To make this unequal structure work, judges chastise fathers for resisting their roles as money machines stripped of genuine child rearing authority. Children are left to believe that fathers are not really parents but nuisances. Something’s got to be wrong with him to be so limited with “visitation,” servitude and supervision. He will be removed altogether from his children’s lives if necessary to keep this lucrative unequal arrangement.

A natural human rights tension is therefore constantly at play in these courts. As Americans, we are naturally drawn to resist unequal treatment under the law. Most veteran judges understand this principle and the natural human emotions that emerge. They perform admirably despite an irreconcilable conflict between supreme laws under our Constitution and inferior state laws in the sensitive resolution of family issues.

But other judges are hopelessly in love with themselves. They show off their powers and create needless disputes. They issue sadistic orders to assuage their egos with no regard for the long term injuries which they cause to innocent children. In short, they exhibit deranged behavior which requires disqualification from a case or removal altogether from the bench. One such judge is Dan King who was recently elected by less than 300 votes of 11,000 cast in Lowville, New York.

Dan King was assigned to my personal family matters in July, 2013. He has abused his powers as a family judge in order to censor the valid criticisms and reform efforts featured here and in the media. He has even referenced this activity in self orchestrated orders which made it impossible for me to see my children after 12 years of fit parenting. Meanwhile in the same family court, a mom and dad doing repeat stints in prison for drug abuse have received custody orders.

When I secured a higher court order restraining enforcement of one of his punitive orders, Dan King followed with a restriction which placed me in violation of two conflicting orders. When he could find no competent evidence of parenting violations, he made one up after the fact and called it an ” alcohol related gesture.” With no record of any alcohol issue as the higher judge found, somehow it was detrimental to my girls that I toasted my niece at a wedding reception.

One month later, when a properly noticed hearing was held, Dan King exhibited an anger and venom for all this which ultimately prompted me to secure permission to exit proceedings to avoid a contempt by ambush. I have been before countless judges and researched many more in my nearly 30 years of successful litigation in federal and state courts. Never before have I observed or experienced the kind of childishness and misconduct as I did with Dan King. That hearing is a book unto itself and the subject of tomorrow’s  “King’s Chronicles.”

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