Child Support, Like Obama Care, Headed for the Supreme Court

Administrators Note:

The following column was published on March 6, 2010, as a special to the Utica Observer-Dispatch. It properly described child support as a welfare tax upon fathers and non-custodial mothers (roughly half of the separated parenting population). Now, this very issue will be presented before the same Supreme Court that ruled yesterday that the health insurance mandate is a valid welfare tax (transition to a socialist government). The relevant writ in Dr. Koziol’s Parent Vs. State will be filed on Constitution Day, September 17, 2012. We are asking all victimized parents of divorce, custody and support laws, to join us in a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court. Together, we hope to convince our nation’s high court to hear this precedent setting case regarding crucial family issues.

Published Guest Column:

David Dudajek
Opinion Editor
Observer Dispatch
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, New York 13501

Dear Editor:

If you believe that children require money more than they need their fathers, read no further. This column is based upon traditional beliefs, biological equality of parents and our cherished rights under the American Constitution. It is made necessary by gross mischaracterizations of my child support/license suspension headlines.

The public’s diverse experience with domestic matters has made me an undeserved sounding platform for gripes having no relevance to my personal case. After commending my civil rights accomplishments, for example, writer Mary Ules “takes offense” with my sacrificial stance on child support by citing irrelevant parallels to her life as a single mother during the eighties. A gender insecure Robin Cecilia follows with a gripe in outer space proclaiming ownership rights over children based on a birthing process caused by human evolution.

The problem with this platform is that I owe no child support to either Ms. Ules or Ms. Cecilia and certainly nothing to my ex spouse. My hard earnings are owed only to my dear children, and I need no government directive, vindictive lecture or career blackmail to recognize this. It is a principle of natural law fully protected but not properly enforced under our Constitution.

Successfully observed by committed parents since the beginning of civilization, this principle has become tortured by a mandatory custodial institution of childrearing for those who simply choose to live apart. It is a gender discriminatory process which places money and children over parents as a part of a barbaric and never ending “custody” war, hence the social and moral breakdowns of our day.

Our Constitution prohibits government interference in childrearing privacy unless serious abuse, neglect or abandonment is found. No such finding could be made or even concocted when I quietly filed an uncontested divorce in September, 2005 immediately prior to my prominent bids for public office. It was based upon more than one year of successful (joint) childrearing activities in separate homes. However, when the state intervened in February, 2006, based upon a money collection formula, four years of escalating controversy brought us to the world stage at the United Nations.

During this period, my petitions for parenting time were routinely denied while money petitions were vigorously enforced. This led to the absurd result that I was paying the state and its appointed “custodial” parent to systematically end my parent-child relationships. Support money was being diverted from my children to lawyers and court costs thereby making me the sole payor for both sides of the process. This is not uncommon to countless oppressed fathers simply due to an arbitrary caregiver doctrine and their gender status at birth.

Such discrimination is rationalized for the same reason that slaves, ethnic minorities, and women were oppressed in an earlier era: free labor and arbitrary empowerment. Unlike dictatorial regimes, however, our government has perfected this oppression through legislative propaganda which exploits the child into a multi-billion dollar industry, fleecing parents of finite resources and discouraging income productivity.

Quotes and sound bites to a vast audience unfamiliar with a complex case could not hope to overcome decades of stereotypes and draconian laws designed to perpetuate this child control industry. My best hope, therefore, existed in a news conference at my home where genuine child support could be observed first hand. A father’s mortgage, taxes, play areas, and holiday enjoyment are a father’s child support, made impossible when a third of income goes to taxes, and another third to a support collection unit.

My point continues to be this: a self sufficient father has the same right to enjoy a family unit as a self sufficient mother. An American form of government encourages each to grow those units. Under the current socialist form, I nevertheless satisfied years of one sided obligations until they were abused without any child payments in return. This showed not only that I was a responsible parent, but prepared to commit my career to enforce God given rights to raise my children.

Unlike the fifties, a vast majority of today’s parents are raising their children in separate households. If we can bus five year olds to school, we can certainly allow fathers in the same communities to enjoy equal time with their offspring. Such logic, however, would negate the need for lawyers and child support transfers as the engine behind federal grants and collection unit interest revenues to a dysfunctional state government.

In short, the privacy right which I have been compelled to secure through the courts is a meaningful father-child relationship free from joint power abuses by the state and a superior creature of law known as the “custodial parent.” It may be analogized to the woman’s privacy right established in Roe v Wade.

For those still clinging to the current antiquated system, however, child support is a welfare payment because it lacks accountability. Abuses such as drug or gambling addictions, lawyer generated controversies, partner support, income destruction and father replacement agendas, are highly disguised in our overburdened courts. Still unanswered by my government is how I am supposed to raise my children without a 23 year law license.

Very truly yours,

Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Advocate
(315) 796-4000

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Regional Coordinators Needed for 9/17 Rally of Parents in Washington!

Great News!!!

In less than 24 hours since first announcing the 9/17 Rally of Parents in Washington, D.C., a gentleman from that area has contacted us and offered to become a Regional Coordinator for this major event. In addition, one of our supporters here at, a female teacher and victim of abusive custody and support laws, has offered to host a live video remote broadcast of the rally in order for her classroom students to experience the importance of this particular day. Furthermore, she brought to our attention, an article that references the passage of a 2004 law, stating that any schools receiving federal funds, including universities, are required to show students a program on the Constitution, though it does not specify a particular one. In her opinion, she believes, the 9/17 Rally of Parents in Washington which takes place on Constitution Day; the day commemorating the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, “provides as a tremendous interactive learning opportunity to comply with the law and better educate our nation’s youth regarding the importance of this valuable document.”

Here is how you can help become a Regional Coordinator: Duties consist of promoting the rally, organizing individuals and groups to attend, fundraising, and contacting media. This would involve making personal telephone calls and distributing flyers/news releases. If you’re interested, please contact us at: or contact Dr. Leon Koziol at (315) 796-4000.

Let’s help make the 9/17 Rally of Parents in Washington a success. Please help support reform efforts today!

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Take Back Our Children: 9/17 Rally of Parents In Washington

In the wake of a profound and constructive protest at the federal appeals court in lower Manhattan this past week, parenting advocates have set Constitution Day, September 17, 2012, for their next reform initiative in our nation’s capital. This provides an ideal setting for victims of government abuse to be heard, and it could become a game changer for an otherwise lackluster national election. We ask all moms, dads and family advocates to spread the word, make your plans, and join us at the steps of our United States Supreme Court on that day when a petition for writ of certiorari will be filed with our high court. This petition asks the court to hear a parenting case on the subject of family privacy and discrimination in our domestic relations courts. We plan to visit the Justice Department on the same day to deliver our many individual complaints so that a comprehensive investigation may be commenced into court abuses. Finally, we hope to visit the White House with our petitions for “hope” not unlike gay rights activists who were welcomed there recently by the president himself.

The central mission of this event is to save the American family from further erosion by divorce, custody and support processes which needlessly abuse good parents. The state is taking increased control of our children through expansive monitoring of parent-child relationships and fraudulent report practices. Federal incentive grants reward our family courts based on the number and magnitude of support “awards” entered in these courts, thereby transforming them into profit centers for third parties feeding off of a multi-billion dollar industry. In the end, our parents, children and moral fiber as a nation suffer most. The Supreme Court has repeatedly declared parenting to be “the oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution”. Yet the erosion of this right and federal deference practices have resulted in widespread human rights violations rivaling those in China that have preoccupied our state department. It’s time to get seriously active in exercising our First Amendment rights before we lose them altogether through public apathy. We ask all religious, family and parenting groups to help us promote this potentially historic event.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000

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