DAY 143: Liberty Right Under the American Constitution

This week we feature the “Liberty and Justice Series” in the sequel of dedications leading up to the Founding Fathers March on Washington set to occur on April 20, 2012. It comes to you from the hallowed grounds of the Saratoga National Battlefield. Women continue to be the dominant responders behind our cause for domestic relations reform and preservation of constitutional rights. Among them is a very dynamic and talented victim in New York City seeking to reverse a custody order which reduced her to a status dominated by men, the “non-custodial” parent.

This woman asked to join our Institute because of a keen understanding of the system. She knows how it is harming both men and women through the exploitation of our children. She understands how the system causes good moms and dads to fight with one another so that contributions can be made to the needy lawyers’ fund instead of our families and children. If all moms and dads could come together like this, we would be a real force. Instead, it’s more money for lawyers, less money for you, so keep clicking uselessly on those lazy keyboards, or get busy doing something about it, like this woman has.

Today is dedicated to that time honored concept of “Liberty”. Fewer Americans each year retain a true appreciation for this particular aspect of our Constitution. Yet our country was built upon it, countless veterans sacrificed themselves for it, and the patriots here at Saratoga Battlefield gave their lives for it. This is the component of our series which enables you to type on your keyboards, quit your work, collect benefits, open a business, move to another state and pursue an education or calling. It also guarantees your right to bring children into the world and raise them without undue state control.

These and other liberties are not specified in constitutional text because our founding fathers recognized their inherent existence in the laws of nature. Imagine a delegate in 1789 seeking to draft a parenting liberty into our Bill of Rights. He would undoubtedly be laughed out of the Convention. It was too fundamental in its day to require expression among those fringe rights being violated by the former mother country, for example speech and press. Justice Scalia is the only member of the Supreme Court unable to grasp this. All other justices, joined by the vast majority on the bench during the 20th Century, have understood this right, repeatedly declaring it to be the “oldest liberty interest” protected by our Constitution.

The violation of the parenting right is principally recent vintage due to the vast increases in divorce and lawyers in society, some 300,000 sharks in California alone. There is simply no one outside the feeding frenzy with sufficient courage and patriotism to challenge this. As one of the few conscientious ones who did, after 23 years of unblemished practice, I was suddenly deemed unworthy by this profession. Details can be found in my federal court filings. This parenting right is largely indistinguishable from speech, press and assembly. However, because the state claims an interest in our children, the courts allow it to infringe upon this right with impunity. The focus upon money disguises a reality that the state is exploiting the laws of nature.

Such exploitation is being challenged in my test cases. Understand it as a four tier caste system among parents which keeps them in a constant state of opposition. Instead of facilitating free parenting agreements and mediation, state and federal support formulas require all separated parents to name a “custodial” and “non-custodial” parent. Moms, dads and untitled parenting orders are not allowed in these court processes. Consequently, a lucrative caste system has developed which keeps the litigation coming until no money is left to fight over.

The top tier is occupied by custodial moms. These parents receive money awards and the power to regulate members of the lower tiers. The next tier is reserved for custodial male parents. These are unconventional occupiers who enjoy many of the same benefits as their counterparts, but because their adversaries are women, judges are not inclined to throw support delinquents and contempt candidates in prison. Statistics and case studies bear this out. The third tier is the conventional non-custodial father who is made to feel proper in a weekend warrior role even though he is accorded little right to participate meaningfully in his children’s lives.

Judges are sadistically programmed to incarcerate this third class of parent for support delinquencies. They gain political satisfaction with the violence stigma and dead beat slurs associated with this parenting class. It’s a “slam dunk” as one New York magistrate put it. The bottom tier is occupied by non-custodial female parents. These are the walking dead in the sense that they are deprived the same rights as the earlier tier but they are stigmatized as drug addicts, mental incompetents or child abusers. Simply stated, they exist under the stigma that something is seriously wrong with them to be remanded to this status, no matter how they endeavor to explain it.

This four caste structure is maintained despite its antiquated nature, derived from a day when moms stayed at home. In the case of Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS 2d 315, a veteran judge even declared that “custody and visitation have outlived their usefulness”. Such institutional terms keep parents fighting in a court system which cannot deliver justice because of its inherently unjust structure. This is fundamentally a violation of our liberty interests in free parenting. The caste structure must be removed except in cases of genuine abuse, neglect or abandonment, or the traditional justifications used by the Supreme Court for state interference. However, because money is at its core, not the “best interests” of our children, reform can only come through marches such as ours on the final frontier of civil rights remaining unchecked in America today.

November 30, 2011                                                                                Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Saratoga, New York                                                                                Parenting Rights Institute

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Day 146 of the Founding Fathers March, sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, is committed to judicial reform. Our march is not simply one to secure fair treatment for fathers in domestic relations matters, it is also intended to restore basic rights exercised by all people under our Constitution. Today we are focused upon the right to own and enjoy property as secured through our Bill of Rights. In divorce and support court, this right has been severely eroded simply because the state has declared that it is acting in the best interests of our children.

A case is featured on our site in which a father was made subject to an unlawful invasion of his home by a state tax department in order to seize his vehicles for so-called “child support” obligations. In fact, the father was current on his payments and a court order entered by agreement of the parents only two months earlier had specifically excluded any such seizure as a remedy for any delinquency. In addition, the warrant provided by local police and child support agents was directed to another location. In short, the “swat” team of flatbed trucks, at least two patrol cars and multiple tax agents was trespassing and stealing property like common criminals.

The subsequent civil case for damages should have been a no-brainer, but because the plaintiff-victim was a public critic of New York’s domestic relations courts, the matter was passed along between courts until venue requirements finally placed it in Albany (because an injunction was being further sought against the state tax department to avoid another swat-like assault during the holidays). However, the presiding judge there, Thomas McNamara, made it clear that he was not inclined to grant such an extraordinary remedy. He also conceded that he had not even read my court papers. Decision was put off for a week, and then, on the Friday before Thanksgiving, he denied my motion as premature and unsupported by “clear and convincing” evidence.

It was obviously another miscarriage of justice in an ongoing ordeal caused by the victim’s exercise of rights under the First Amendment. There can be no clearer case for an injunction than this one. Indeed, only six months out of law school during the eighties, I managed to secure an injunction upon a $30 million high school project on a lesser showing of proof. The case was anything but premature given its prior history and weeks of consideration. It was certainly far more developed on the record than the swat assault hastily and violently put together by a collection of law enforcement agents incapable of reading the terms of a simple one page warrant.

A lawless government cannot be tolerated by a free country. It represents tyranny of the kind which was rampant in this very same community 200 years earlier when the Crown used the people’s homes to quarter troops and seize assets. Anarchy and revolution followed along with a Constitution so that such abuses would never again scar the American continent. And yet here we are in the year 2011 faced with a judge, who like his counterparts in colonial Albany, New York, is too timid to hold our tax department accountable. In those days, the judges that did exist were more concerned with their nobility and personal livelihood than they were the rights of the citizenry.

Today’s case begs the question: what is it that Judge Thomas McNamara fears? We know that the tax department conducts audits and provides the revenues for recently scheduled judicial pay raises, see i.e. Chief Judge v Governor, 65 AD 3d 898 (AD 1, 2009)(lawsuit by New York’s court system against people of New York for judicial pay raises from $136,000 to over $170,000 annually). But the tax department is not exempt from the Constitution any more than the Governor or state police are. Why is he acting like his predecessors who presided over the people here when they were governed by a King. If our courts will allow this kind of abuse to occur to a civil rights advocate and constitutional law expert, imagine what they will do to you. Why pay for a lawyer? Please donate to the Parenting Rights Institute and help us make the Founding Fathers March happen on April 20, 2012

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Day 148: Shopping With Martha on Black Friday

Judge Martha Walsh HoodDay 148 in the sequel leading up to the Founding Fathers March is committed to Martha Walsh-Hood, a Family Court Judge in Syracuse, New York. Martha recently participated in National Adoption Day with highway banners and taxpayer advertising designed to find homes for foster children. Certainly an admirable cause, it was unfortunately masked by a court process, administered by the same judge, which produced the very products that Martha was seeking to sell to an unsuspecting public.

Our purpose is to expose the propaganda of America’s “child business” as one Family Court put it. This propaganda is plainly seen in the parenting disputes manufactured by lawyers and judges (former divorce lawyers). These disputes produce federal incentive grants, child support interest revenues and all kinds of fees based on the number of “custodial” and “non-custodial” parents mass produced in these domestic relations courts. They also produce the kind of products, foster children, which the public is asked to shop for on Black Friday.

I have described this as the “custodial institution of childrearing”, a collection of laws which keeps otherwise cooperating parents engaged in bitter disputes over “custody” and “support” awards. If these disputes can be perpetuated long enough, parents will resort to lucrative tactics for lawyers, even false charges, which can then lead to “unfit” behavior and the state’s placement of more children in foster care. It is, very simply, an underhanded exploitation of a rule of nature. Lawyers know that parents will do anything to keep their children from an enemy (the other parent) created by state law.

These custody and support awards are mandated even among self sustaining maternal and paternal family units which have no need for them. Unequal parenting laws are inherently unjust, based on a time when moms stayed at home, and for these reasons parents return to court time and again duped into believing that this is where justice can be found. In reality, it is a multi-billion dollar child industry they are facing, one that is engaged in profits and political patronage. It is the ultimate gold mine in which parents are targeted as unwitting employers and facilitators.

Reform is long overdue, however, even progressive judges are quickly overturned while like minded parenting advocates (like me) are suppressed. See for example Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS 2d 315 (Albany Family Court, 2001) where a veteran judge found that custody and visitation have “outlived their usefulness”. He was reversed only months later. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is happening. In the end, parents and children suffer while the state takes over childrearing until it has more victims than it can handle.

As a result, New York’s judicial branch of government, known as the Unified Court System, is sponsoring “Adoption Day”. In so doing, it has violated the most basic tenets of our Constitution and reason for its existence. The judicial branch is required to maintain independence from outside activity so that its neutrality might not be compromised by events which later come before it. Judicial canons of ethics further require judges to avoid even “an appearance of impropriety” in these outside activities.

Recently this court system brought action in its own courts against the people of New York for pay raises, scheduled now to acclimate from $136,000 to over $170,000 annually in a state which is $10 billion in debt, see i.e. Chief Judge v Governor, 65 AD 3d 898 (AD 1, 2009). People like Martha Walsh-Hood know that the more controversy which can be created between parents in “her” court, the more resources that can be made available to pay for all this.

The Parenting Rights Institute would like to see a good home for all foster children. But we must first reform the system which is adding to their numbers. On our Thanksgiving Day post, and prior ones dedicated to the “Child” and “Purple Heart Soldier” (Days 155, 153 and 149), you can gain a better understanding of this epidemic which is causing vast injury to the productivity, moral fiber and health care capacities of an entire nation. Let’s all join together in a reform effort to end Martha’s shopping sprees.

November 25, 2011                                                                Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Syracuse, New York                                                               Parenting Rights Institute

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Day 149: Happy Thanksgiving, Dedicated to Fathers and Families

Today is Thanksgiving, and we here at the Parenting Rights Institute would like to recognize the fathers and families of America deprived of their rights to spend a part of this day with their children. The people we honor today are the parents, children and family members denied contact as a result of abusive and discriminatory divorce, custody and support laws. The state’s preoccupation with money has resulted in countless good fathers giving up the fight to be with their children because the system is so one sided and fraudulent.

Unequal parenting laws are designed to create and perpetuate controversy over any issue that can be orchestrated by lawyers, politicians and the courts in order to generate fees and revenues. Money, and not the child, comprises the true goal behind these antiquated laws and processes. As a direct consequence, countless fathers (85% of victims), noncustodial mothers (10% of victims) and other parenting figures (5% of victims) will either not see their children today or be subjected to lower class treatment.

Many good parents of course have accepted or learned to live with this treatment. However, others have taken their lives, given up hope, or left their children to be raised by others. The impact upon our society has been devastating and costly for taxpayers. In short, it represents a steady transition to socialism and state controlled parenting. Most are unaware that our precious liberties are being eroded with our own consent on the simple claim that government is acting in our children’s “best interests” when they pass and enforce these laws.

Today we send a message of hope for the victims. On April 20, 2012, we are sponsoring a Founding Fathers March on Washington. It’s designed to secure long overdue reform of our nation’s domestic relations system and get government out of the “child business” as one Family Court put it. We need you to make this happen. We are also sending a message to the politicians and lawyers responsible for destroying fatherhood in America. While you take care of yourselves and PAC groups that promote these draconian laws, the constituents you were elected to serve are being injured. Your actions and inactions speak louder than words and tax financed mailers.

As you look over the video included with this post at, you will note the absence of fathers, families and children at today’s Thanksgiving dinner table. This is the scene that is growing all across America for the victims of your money making schemes. Congratulations! Adolph Hitler himself could not come up with a better strategy for seizing our children while making the victims pay for the process (welfare payment propaganda known as “child support” used to pay for lawyers, state fees and health care impacts). Tomorrow we will expose yet another judge who is using this system for personal gain.

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Day 153: Dedicated To The Child

Today’s sequel leading up to the Founding Fathers March is dedicated to the child. Throughout human history, autocratic rulers have exploited children against their parents in order to promote state interests. From Sparta’s warriors to Hitler’s youth, parents have been viewed as a hindrance to government rule. The notion that religion and family should play some role in a child’s upbringing has become something of an anomaly in a culture defined by the morals of Hollywood and Wall Street. The propaganda has simply been altered to exploit young boys and girls for money or pleasure.

 The fact that this crime upon the child has reached intolerable levels should surprise no one. We live in a country which prides itself on democracy and freedoms. Flag burning has been legalized, gun laws have left us defenseless, and politicians have been caught sexting teen girls with no sense of respect, humility or morality. Family Courts have been turned into profit centers with substitute evaluators, incompetent themselves to raise our children, finding fault with every manner of parenting. In this way, impressionable youth are transformed into spies upon their creators, a veritable tail wagging the dog, so that lawyer fees, entitlement grants and interest revenues can be maximized.

In today’s news, we find the child prominently displayed at Penn State and Syracuse. I view these reports with either skepticism or disgust, but one thing stands out which is found nowhere on the radar screen, namely, the impact of all this upon our victim parents. Have we expelled parents so much from the childrearing equation that they no longer play any role. Police and university officials scramble to address media inquiries yet no one seems to care that the parents were either never notified or involved. These incidents, if they did occur, were reported while the victims were minors over two decades ago. How did all this manage to escape their right to secure accountability?

Perhaps I am the only one asking these questions. Regardless, there is a message being carried by our Founding Fathers March which is relevant here. Fathers remain unique in their genetic make-up and sense of responsibility. We are not care givers as much as we are protectors of our young, and that means keeping a vigil upon predators and stalkers of all kinds. However, when our own government takes this right away from us, and places it in the hands of a dysfunctional program, the need for reform is more crucial than ever. This is the same government which gave us trillion dollar deficits and a $10 billion state debt.

It’s too late in the day for police investigations and proclamations from our local prosecutor. Fathers must unite behind our march at the nation’s capital on April 20, 2012 to reform this free living mentality. Our message is basic. Bring fathers back into the lives of our children so that they can better protect them. I for one can assure all would-be predators that if any of my loved ones became your victim, you would have to pray for police protection. It’s the only way you will come to know God, because no defense lawyer can help you, no parole board will let you out, and our taxpayers would have one less cell to pay for. We are fathers, your worst nightmare.

November 20, 2011
Syracuse, New York                                                               Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Parenting Rights Institute

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In our countdown to the Founding Fathers March scheduled for April 20, 2012, Day 154 is dedicated to a prominent founder of the women’s rights movement, Susan B. Anthony. In many respects, her experiences 150 years ago are not unlike my own in the effort to secure equal rights for fathers. Everyone recognizes generally the contribution which Susan B. Anthony made for women. However, few are familiar with the fact that she was a convicted criminal.

Susan endured this stigma after casting her ballot in Rochester, New York during the 1872 Presidential Elections, thereby violating the law which prohibited women from voting. She was later convicted under circumstances which deprived her of a fair trial. After her case was transferred from Monroe to Ontario County, presiding state Supreme Court Judge, Ward Hunt, read an opinion before the trial even started, he refused to allow Ms. Anthony to testify, and he directed the jury to return a guilty verdict. She was never imprisoned but fined $100 which she forever refused to pay.

In remarkably similar circumstances, my licensure case was transferred from Monroe to Albany County and my custody case was transferred from Utica to nearby Syracuse where an “Acting” state Supreme Court Judge, Martha Walsh-Hood, prejudged the merits, refused to allow me to testify on the same footing as my adversary, and she rendered a decision without any jury. I refused to pay a child support obligation for the same reasons that Anthony refused to pay her fine: men are not allowed to participate equally in domestic relations matters and the support order emanated from a biased judge in violation of my constitutional rights.

Perhaps the greatest of ironies, however, may lie in Anthony’s certificate of conviction which is found on a memorial plaque at the Rochester courtroom where my license was suspended for non-payment of support. I certainly never expected justice to be tortured in the same fashion as my mentor, but it all demonstrates one thing: gender equality has become a one way street now that women have secured their rights to vote and preside over litigation. They have simply reinvented the rule of law which says that some people are more equal than others. Sounds a lot like the communists once promoted, circa the book “Animal Farm”.

Rochester, New York                                                                             Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

Family Courts: Have They Been Compromised?

Have Our Family Courts Been Compromised?Have our family courts been compromised?

Since the inception of this website, our staff here at has tried to keep the majority of our content focused largely upon issues surrounding what we believe is the state’s ever-expanding intrusions upon private child-rearing matters. Occasionally, there is sufficient reason to feature other stories and information which may not necessarily have anything to do with parental rights, but rather illustrate the growing frustrations that American’s are experiencing with our government today when conventional remedies such as the family courts and public acts of civil disobedience simply do not work.  In no way are we advocating or suggesting violence. However, we will continue to ask the same question that repeatedly goes unanswered when our public officials are called upon; what recourse do citizens of the United States of America have when they continue to be ignored by their government?

What are the family courts afraid of?

There is little doubt that the drum beat is growing louder with each new day. American citizens are being wrongfully and systematically pushed to a breaking point of disenfranchisement with their government. The first video is eerily similar to what many non-custodial parents (particularly fathers) routinely experience as they are unfairly treated in our nation’s family court rooms today. In this video, there are many parallels that can be made between Jesse Ventura’s frustrations with the court system’s refusal on the basis of jurisdictional reasons to hear his case involving what he believes is the Transportation Safety Administration’s unreasonable search and seizure policies not unlike what civil/parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D. has experienced when attempting to bring test cases “on behalf of parents similarly situated” before our high courts. The truth is, these cases are simply falling on deaf ears because they are not politically correct and more than likely pose a specific threat to a predetermined political agenda. Rather than hear these cases and the Constitutional grounds for which they are built upon, we now have an entire legal profession dedicated to protecting itself by using the influence of the family courts to discredit those who dare challenge the system. Our role here at is to better educate and inform the reader as to what is actually occurring free of both government and corporate influence.

The second video depicts an agitated police state that will do whatever it takes to “neutralize” a perceived threat in order protect the “status quo” which would include shooting an innocent camera person. The logical question one is left to ponder is, are we now living in a third world country? Or, as Jesse Ventura best puts it, “the Fascist States of America.

Family Courts: Are they biased towards men?

Historically, children were regarded as the fathers pre-industrial assets and custody was out of question. Consequently, the ‘tender years’ doctrine dictated that young children be kept with their mothers (Newsweek, [Online], 1995). But as perceptions about parenthood changed, fathers have become just as much involved as mothers in nurturing their children. For this reason, today, many fathers in family court are seeking primary or joint custody of their children when a marriage or partnership is dissolved. However, it is questioned whether the  family court system is biased against men in matters involving custody and access to children when these family breakdowns occur. It can be argued that, when deciding custody and visitation, a family court gives the best interests of the child the highest priority and not gender (Levin ; Mills, [Online], 2003). Apparently, it is clear that in most custody cases; approximately 90% of the time, primary residential custody of children is awarded to mothers (McNeely, [Online], 1998), thus indicating the presence of gender bias in the family courts. It is our belief that children are deserving of equal time with both parents whenever possible. In theory, this sounds like a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, nothing is going to change anytime soon until those who have been affected by current draconian child support and custody laws decide to unite for the purpose of letting both our elected public officials and family courts know they’ve finally had enough.

However, there is one person who is uniquely qualified given his civil rights background. That man is Dr. Leon Koziol, J.D. Leon understands our complex legal system and recognizes that behind every major civil rights movement, the fast track for change has always been through the courts. Mr. Koziol continues to incur tremendous litigation costs for exposing what he believes is an inherently flawed scheme of multi-billion dollar child control laws that are designed to fleece mainstream parents of their financial resources through unnecessary court room manufactured controversies. In retaliation for his work, the state damaged Leon’s ability to represent people like yourself in various test cases litigated over the past few years. Rather than abandon the cause, Mr. Koziol simply restructured the litigation and continued in a pro se manner under the constitution which is his right. Unfortunately, this has left him with no financial resources to conclude these test cases on behalf of “parents similarly situated.” Over the next few weeks, Mr. Koziol will have to decide if there is enough financial support for him to continue with this important cause. Please show him your financial support today!


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Custody Battle Led to Deadly California Salon Shooting

Custody mayhem in California could have been avoided by reform litigation being pursued by parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D. 

Regrettably, the kind of violence evidenced by this incident could have been prevented through the efforts of parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., and his test cases currently being reviewed by the United States Supreme Court and federal appeals court in New York City. This latest incident as predicted, was described in a post on his website only several days ago, appearing on October 10, 2011.

In a very ironic and timely twist on this, Mr. Koziol’s case will be conferenced by the Justices of the United States Supreme Court tomorrow, October 14, 2011, for a possible precedent setting decision. On the other case in New York City, the United States Justice Department, New York Attorney General and defense firms, have secured extension for their briefs and arguments.

For a fuller description of Mr. Koziol’s efforts to reform laws that harm parent-child relationships, please visit: Leon Koziol is available for commentary regarding this current news story and pending litigation. He can be reached at (315) 796-4000. We are also asking our regular followers to please share this story with regional and national media connections.

As stated in previous posts, resources have dwindled to nothing in connection with our current cases. We are therefore seeking contributions from all concerned. Such cases would cost individual litigants or groups hundreds of thousands in competent fees and litigation expense. It is therefore crucial for all of our supporters to join us in this effort. A pay pal account has been set up to accept your donation. No matter how great or small it may be, every amount helps. Please consider this using the method provided below or by mail to: Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your help.

See CNN News Story (Click Here)

Fed Up With Parenting Abuse? Join Our Federal Court Action Today!


You can persist in the costly court battles, type away on your keyboards, and complain endlessly about a dysfunctional divorce, custody and support process in our state courts. You can also protest in the streets, burn yourself alive like Thomas Ball did, or take the law into your own hands as so many victims are doing today. Maybe even, you will take up a fledgling cause brewing among our followers known as “Occupy The Family Court” patterned off of the Wall Street protests. Or, you can join a federal lawsuit working its way to the Supreme Court known as Parent v State. This case is on track for setting precedent against abusive court processes which impair our fundamental rights of parenting.

You probably did not know such a right or lawsuit even existed. This is because, like the Thomas Ball incident, it is being suppressed by a multi-billion dollar child control industry. Whenever you enter a Family Court, Probate Court or divorce court with children at issue, the state takes virtual control of every aspect of a right which our Supreme Court has consistently described as the “oldest liberty interest” protected by the American Constitution. However, the same court has never established a constitutional limit to these state invasions of family privacy unlike other areas such as abortion and gun control. The time is long overdue for such a limit so that your liberties in childrearing and our family values as a nation may be enhanced.

The Parenting Rights Institute has been promoting this federal lawsuit brought by constitutional rights advocate, Leon R. Koziol, J.D. Filed in United States District Court on February 26, 2009, a federal judge has allowed the plaintiffs to litigate under the assumed identity “John Parent” and “Parents Similarly Situated”. It will soon come up for argument before a federal appeals court in New York City and may wind up before the United States Supreme Court. A related case is already being considered during the current term of the high court on a petition for certiorari. You can verify the Second Circuit docket number 11-2474 and learn more about this precedent seeking litigation by reading the entire Parent brief at

Many followers of this site have contacted us for purposes of joining this case, even identifying their lawyers and personal backgrounds. However, formal joinder of parties would cost individuals many thousands of dollars depending upon the experience and competency of legal counsel retained by each. It would also complicate and delay progress for years. For this reason, we are offering our supporters the opportunity of informal joinder without the need for costly fees. We are creating a list of “parents similarly situated” to become a potential class member of this lawsuit. Any person who donates $100 or more to our cause will have the option of being named to this list. It may make you and your child a part of the legal history of this nation.

We already have a list in the making thanks to our early donors. However much more support is needed to cover the herculean costs of these court processes. Mr. Koziol has sacrificed a lucrative career in law and politics to bring this litigation. We cannot and must not allow his efforts to die out. He has already proven his ability to succeed after 23 years of practice in the trial and appellate courts of New York. Three sample cases that he pursued have been cited in earlier releases, including one which resulted in a final judgment declaring the largest casino in New York State unconstitutional, see i.e. Oneida Indian Nation v Oneida County, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000); Patterson v City of Utica, 370 F.3d 322 (2nd Cir. 2004) and Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp. 2d 170 (NDNY 2000). Kindly pass this on to others.

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U.S. Justice Department and Others Seek Extensions For Parenting Rights Case

U. S. Justice Department, defense firms and New York Attorney General seek extensions to file briefs in parenting rights case being heard in federal appeals court in New York City.

The U.S. Justice Department has weighed in on the appeal brought by constitutional rights advocate Leon Koziol in New York City. It is representing Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C. who was named as a defendant. The case seeks to promote shared parenting through a precedent setting decision which strikes down a scheme of federal and state laws that discriminate against fathers and non-custodial mothers in divorce, custody and support proceedings.

The complete brief was released publicly on this site,, on September 22, 2011, shortly after its filing. It addresses a full range of parenting rights routinely infringed in our state domestic relations courts. Like the equal rights vindicated by Brown v Board of Education, but unlike the fundamental rights pursued in Roe v Wade, this appeal is designed to promote family values in separated parental settings. If successful, it will provide a weapon for parents everywhere to resist draconian support orders and abusive court processes.

Significantly, U.S. attorneys have joined the New York Attorney General and law firms representing other defendants in seeking extensions to file their response briefs into December, 2011, or the maximum period allowed by law. Mr. Koziol has opposed those requests on grounds that he was able to complete his own brief in less than one week while filing motions, rule statements, record and appendix in a lesser period of time without office staff or support. Evidently this case, years in the works, is proving to have merit or cause for concern.

Unfortunately, as related in our last post, the financial burden inflicted by such delays is having devastating impacts upon Leon’s continuing ability to maintain this litigation. Simply put, it is a case which seeks a proper remedy in lieu of a constitutional amendment in the state legislatures and Congress that could take decades to produce. To our knowledge, only the State of Louisiana has endorsed such an amendment. On the positive side, the current briefing delay opens the door for persons or groups to join the case or provide their input on the arguments.

For our regular followers, input can be made by e-mail at: However you must first read and digest the brief referenced in our last post. In the coming weeks, you will be given the opportunity for virtual participation in our profound litigation by keyboard from your very own homes. Updates on this case and others being pursued by Mr. Koziol will follow. The referenced requests by government attorneys and defense firms may be viewed directly through the links found on our site. In the meantime, we would like to thank our early donors as we continue to urge your support behind this vital cause. Even if you are not currently impacted, the damage caused by these socialist welfare laws is affecting the health, safety, productivity, education and family heritage of an entire nation. Kindly pass this on.

As stated in our previous blog post, resources have dwindled to nothing in connection with our current cases. We are therefore seeking contributions from all concerned. Such cases would cost individual litigants or groups hundreds of thousands in competent fees and litigation expense. It is therefore crucial for all of our supporters to join us in this effort. A pay pal account has been set up to accept your donation. No matter how great or small it may be, every amount helps. Please consider this using the method provided below or by mail to: Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. Leon can be reached directly at (315) 796-4000. Networking and media connections are also greatly needed. Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your help. 

 See Requests for Extensions Here