Parent Apathy is Fueling an Epidemic: It’s High Time We Took Serious Action

Opening News Story at the time Parenting Rights Institute was founded in 2010

From the PRI Administrator

The Parenting Rights Institute (PRI) was founded in 2010 as an advocacy group for moms, dads and families victimized by abusive divorce and family courts across the country. An office was opened in New York with a Court Program to assist poorly represented or self represented parties. It featured a seminar lecture and five part reading program with court forms and transcripts to educate parents and prevent serious financial and personal harm. Its updated version is available at or by ordering it from our office at (315) 380-3420.

The work of the Institute expanded in the years since. A planning session was conducted at the Plaza Hotel at Central Park in Manhattan attended by lawyers, former judges and parental advocates. In 2011 we conducted a Parental Rights Convention at a hotel conference room attended by activists from different parts of the country. Five time Super Bowl winner Tim McKyer was a featured speaker. In April, 2012 we sponsored a lobby initiative in Congress. Two months later, a rally was held at the federal appeals court at Foley Square in Manhattan to support the parental rights case, Parent v New York, argued by Dr. Leon Koziol.

In 2013, Dr. Koziol was among those selected to give testimony on behalf of the Parenting Rights Institute before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University. That testimony can be found on Leon’s personal website at and it was cited by a lawyer committee in Albany to suppress and censor his reform efforts. Corruption exposed at the Moreland hearings included Leon’s pedophile custody judge, Bryan Hedges, removed from his case for “political espionage” and from the bench one year later for admitting to sexual misconduct upon the judge’s handicapped, five year old niece. He also exposed fictitious college degrees used by his replacement Judge Daniel King to impose draconian support and custody orders in retaliation.

In 2014, Dr. Koziol participated in a video documentary produced by Dr. Joseph Sorge of Divorce Corp focused on child support abuses, judicial corruption and marginalization of parents for profit. These abuses have remained without real accountability and causing taxpayers mounting expenses for their criminal and family court systems. Another censorship process was commenced by a lawyer ethics committee against Leon citing the video as its source. That process was vigorously challenged on First Amendment grounds but it prevented him from making a formal presentation at the Divorce Corp Family Law Reform Conference in Washington D.C.

In May, 2016 gag orders on our public statements were removed after Leon filed an extraordinary mandamus action in New York Supreme Court. We have achieved a record for holding lawyers, judges and family court predators accountable where our political ethics commissions are failing us. We have traveled as far away as Hawaii, California, Nashville, Carolinas, Canada and Paris seeking recourse for parent rights violations. Children are being abused, needlessly alienated and exploited for profit in a manner never seen before in human history. The media is ignoring a growing epidemic at the root of our societal problems, moral decay and worker productivity. Bar associations and special interests anxious to preserve a trillion dollar gold mine are suppressing reform, true accountability and parent advocacy groups such as the PRI.

A documentary published this month by Dr. Koziol and PRI produced immediate reactions from powerful adversaries. Entitled “Family Court Epidemic in Rural America,” it exposed shocking aspects of unmitigated corruption in divorce and family courts which is escalating all over the country. These are plain talk presentations publicized through You-Tube and viral sites everywhere that eventually work their way to the top of Google searches regarding the lawyers, judges and entities we are investigating and exposing. In this way the Parenting Rights Institute has become a citizen’s commission for judicial accountability. We are doing the vital work of those who are neglecting their paid public duties. In short we have become the Judicial Watch or NRA for abused families.

However, we cannot effectively advocate without resources. Currently we refer legal representation to trusted outside attorneys. We would like to hire in-house counsel and investigatory staff to properly assist victims in their individual cases. A professional video crew could bolster publishing efforts while employed to support formal complaints to government agencies. Our goal is to monitor court proceedings, publish books and documentaries and lobby Congress and our courts for reform and proper accountability. We have a petition for writ pending before the United States Supreme Court and are prepared to file another with co-petitioning victims (joiners) from around the country. Indeed we have done remarkable things with a fledgling volunteer staff and nominal donations which cannot keep up with expenses.

These are only some of the strategies underway and detailed in a business plan which is available to potential donors and investors. Accordingly we are appealing publicly to you for help. You may be in a position to join our efforts or invest personally. You may also know of a business, estate or philanthropist who can provide the needed financial support. Our potential cannot be denied. The proof is found throughout our website pages at Leon or the Institute.  As the thirty second television clip here shows, our PRI Director Leon Koziol has won numerous high profile cases, but this “War on Parents” is clearly his greatest challenge. Help us help you. Invest in our Institute. Download, share and e-mail this message. You can also chat directly with Leon at (315) 796-4000.

2008 television clip depicts David and Goliath battles of Dr. Leon Koziol as a New York trial attorney prior to founding the Parenting Rights Institute


2012 Rally Conducted in Support of Dr. Koziol’s Precedent Seeking Action at Federal Appeals Court in Manhattan

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National League of Fathers, Inc. Commends Curt Schilling on Actions Taken to Protect his Daughter


You had to be veritably impressed with baseball great Curt Schilling when he promptly and unabashedly went after the internet trolls and stalker boys who trashed his daughter’s reputation recently. Like a scene from some Steven Segal or Bruce Willis movie, you couldn’t help but get visions of a real man and truly loving father who single handedly took on the virtual attackers of his precious child, causing them to lose their jobs and protective identities. Okay she was college age, but a father never flinches when it comes to daddy’s little girl at any age. So many mothers will never be able to explain this phenomenon. It’s just who we are. This girl must be beaming today to have been born to such a father.

As for our organization, the National League of Fathers, Inc., we are hoping to come up with some kind of first time humanitarian award to bestow upon Curt Schilling. His heroics on behalf of his daughter assuredly exceed any of the achievements of his esteemed sports career, even though we know he wasn’t looking for any awards. That makes it all the more appropriate and deserving, more so than a Nobel Prize given to a newly elected president simply for being a good politician. And so, let us call it the Curt Schilling Exemplary Father Award or the Nobel “Don’t Even Think About Hurting My Little Girl” Prize. We’ll take any other public suggestions.

In the wake of such a refreshing story, it becomes crucial for us to share with Mr. Schilling and the general public another real life story regarding loving fathers in our nation’s family courts. These modern day parents are being prevented from exercising such basic heroics due to state supremacy which has been asserted over child rearing authority in divorce and separated environments. The followers of our site, Leon, are well aware of the discrimination, draconian practices and “politically correct” standards being applied to good fathers in these very same situations. And so we have to change vital facts in the story line to give it authenticity.

First we must alter the name Curt Schilling to any mainstream father’s name, i.e. John Parent. We must then downgrade his status to the generic “Non-Custodial Parent,” that lower class of human typically reserved for fathers regardless of their fitness or model citizenship. A very arrogant Family Court judge is then brought in to supervise any petition brought by the superior “Custodial Parent” to regulate or control the conduct of the inferior one. We give the father an attractive second wife or girlfriend who helps raise the same daughter and, not surprisingly, a different outcome emerges which has the public vilifying the same father for the same behavior.

First, John Parent becomes subjected to a petition from the “Custodial Parent” chastising him for going after the stalkers without first clearing it with the arrogant Family Court judge. Second, after paying for a lawyer and taking time off from work to answer frivolous charges, John naturally loses his composure when learning that a hearing has been set for him to explain his aberrant behavior. Third, in order to help him assess John’s condition, the arrogant judge orders anger management therapy or psychological evaluations (actually helping third parties with their employment needs for career advancement purposes). During the hearing, John is required to explain why he cost the stalkers their jobs with all the emotional distress it caused them. He is asked to point out where in any court order or agreement he was given the authority to go off on this campaign to harm persons who are presumed innocent until convicted by a jury after a protracted criminal prosecution. John is finally denied contact with his daughter until he completes a parent education program and a period of adult supervision during his “visitation.”

To be sure, in Family Court today, there are cases which bear out the foregoing story. Not long ago, a father was required to apologize and close out his website due to offensive criticisms of this form of mistreatment. Two years ago, a family court judge in Syracuse was removed from the bench for sexual misconduct committed upon his five year old handicapped niece. One year later, another (married) family judge in Michigan was removed for having relations with a litigant mother in chambers during a child support hearing. It resulted in a pregnancy but no monetary recovery for the victim father who had been punished for his delinquent support obligations. The list goes on. We ask all of our followers to spread a message of reform. On March 1, 2015, a new campaign was introduced entitled “We Are Fathers.” We will be in Nashville on March 18th to begin a promotional tour. We would appreciate any donations you could make to this cause on our site so that fathers can truly be fathers once again.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
National League of Fathers, Inc.
(315) 796-4000

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