Former Deputy Involved in Custody Dispute Convicted of Killing Ex-Wife


Today’s latest story of FCIV (Family Court Inspired Violence) comes from The Roanoke Times:

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Almost every single day, we receive countless stories about good fathers getting “screwed over” in the court room. As previously expressed here at, we believe that litigant abuses taking place in family court involving divorce, custody and child support matters are leading to far more violence than what is actually being reported by the news media today. So, why isn’t anything being done about this? For starters, anyone who attempts to expose such information would more than likely run the definite risk of retaliation (see report). Who would possibly retaliate and why (see report) ? The answer may come as quite a surprise.

By acknowledging and admitting the detailed existence of such abuses (see the elephant in the room picture above) not only would it be an indictment of the entire legal profession and judiciary but, even more so, it would prove to be a public relations nightmare and embarrassment of the worst kind for our nation’s family courts. Especially, when their personal self-serving financial interests are routinely satisfied at the expense of predominately male litigant victims in what has now become a multi-billion dollar child control industry. It’s often these same fathers who find themselves unexpectedly placed on the defensive in the majority of court proceedings, whereby custody determination is routinely awarded to the mother as evidenced by the indisputable recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics (Table 2, page 6). Sadly, there seems to be a growing trend amongst these victims, including those with established law enforcement careers, like Jonathan Agee and others, who feel “locked out” of this very same system, which they had at one time pledged to honor and uphold. As a result, they see no alternative but, to take the law into their own hands.

However, thanks to the courageous efforts of Leon Koziol, J.D, who sacrificed a lucrative law practice, as well as countless others who have worked diligently to expose these injustices, the truth is getting out and spreading like a wild fire. While we do not condone violence in any such manner, Leon Koziol, J.D.’s, recent report to the Judicial Conduct Commission was intended to serve as a wake up call and continues to reinforce that both corrective action and reform must take place in order to prevent similar future tragedies from occurring. Ironically, this same report contains and eerily similar paragraph that reads much like the Roanoke Times story and involved a member of our own local law enforcement community, who after support court was reportedly reduced to living on $26 per week.

“As our domestic courts degenerate from their constitutional design to a money-driven enterprise, violence is increasing on an alarming scale. One of many cases that may corroborate this trend is Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp. 2d 367 (NDNY, 2011) where a police officer executed a murder-suicide leaving three children without parents. Abusive court processes were ignored as a cause. I urge your members to examine this submission carefully. It sheds new light on a spreading cancer and will be shared with the Justice Department and Human Rights Division. As the band plays on, our state is sinking to new lows in moral fiber, public service and family preservation.”

At, we are proud to salute those in law enforcement who risk their lives to protect and serve us. It’s our sincere hope that meaningful reform can be achieved and future tragedies can be averted. We ask that you kindly consider making a contribution to the Parenting Rights Institute (using PayPal link on side of page) in order to help offset the cost of our ongoing efforts.

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Custody Battle Led to Deadly California Salon Shooting

Custody mayhem in California could have been avoided by reform litigation being pursued by parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D. 

Regrettably, the kind of violence evidenced by this incident could have been prevented through the efforts of parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., and his test cases currently being reviewed by the United States Supreme Court and federal appeals court in New York City. This latest incident as predicted, was described in a post on his website only several days ago, appearing on October 10, 2011.

In a very ironic and timely twist on this, Mr. Koziol’s case will be conferenced by the Justices of the United States Supreme Court tomorrow, October 14, 2011, for a possible precedent setting decision. On the other case in New York City, the United States Justice Department, New York Attorney General and defense firms, have secured extension for their briefs and arguments.

For a fuller description of Mr. Koziol’s efforts to reform laws that harm parent-child relationships, please visit: Leon Koziol is available for commentary regarding this current news story and pending litigation. He can be reached at (315) 796-4000. We are also asking our regular followers to please share this story with regional and national media connections.

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