Ethics Lawyers in Witch Hunt Against Parental Advocate Leon Koziol Removed From Office Due to Ethical Misconduct


Once again folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. For decades we’ve all wondered why lawyers lose their conscience, look the other way or undermine long overdue reforms to our justice system. Well, when a conscientious attorney, unblemished over 23 years, tried to do just that, his reform efforts were made subject to a succession of false claims by ethics lawyers masquerading as public watch dogs. It caused this lawyer, Leon Koziol, to describe them as an “unethical ethics committee” in federal and state lawsuits.

Shocking as it may seem, Leon’s depictions proved correct. This past week, these same dogs, Peter Torncello and Steven Zayas, were terminated from their positions with the Committee on Professional Standards in Albany, New York after coming under investigation for falsifying time sheets along with other ethics violations, see New York Law Journal online, July 10, 2013. These are the same lawyers who targeted Leon’s public speech at a civil rights forum he sponsored (see news item attached). They did so with false statements and protracted inquiries, all designed to prevent the kind of legal representation which has not only remedied suicide attempts but also resulted in six figure recoveries while restoring family relationships (see second news item).

On May 22, 2013, in an Albany appeals court, “ethics” lawyer Steven Zayas, in the presence of his boss, Peter Torncello, falsely stated to his now former employers on the bench, that Leon Koziol had actually admitted to the false charges presented for deliberation, prompting the presiding judge to correct him. The lawyer also opposed Mr. Koziol’s license reinstatement by citing his public forums, offensive website and precedent seeking litigation. This constituted clear targeting and a violation of our most basic constitutional rights. No matter. Two of the three false claims prevailed as did the time sheets until they were properly investigated by the state’s Inspector General. The Koziol case is now pending before the state’s high court.

Fellow parents, this is all compelling proof that we must avoid these courts at all costs. Our children depend on us for something more than power and money titles exploited by unscrupulous lawyers for profit (custody and support awards). The harm is reaching epic proportions in every segment of society today. That’s why our site was established, why Leon sacrificed a lucrative career for the sake of his own children, and why we must rally in our state capitals while time still allows. In the meantime, check out our Court Avoidance and Self Representation programs available at

After this most recent fiasco, we can only ask ourselves, what’s next, a Family Court judge abusing children sexually? But then again, that too has already happened. If you’ve been following our stories here, Syracuse Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges was removed as a presiding judge over Leon’s custody case in 2011 and from the bench altogether this past year after admitting that he sexually abused his 5-year old handicapped niece. The lawyers for the mother and children in Leon’s custody case defended Bryan Hedges as a judge beyond reproach during a motion for disqualification. Fortunately, for the children’s sake, Leon prevailed.

The judge was thereafter removed from the bench by the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct. But this occurred only after it received a letter from District Attorney Fitzpatrick, a member of Governor Cuomo’s newest “ethics” commission. Now ask yourselves, what would happen if you, the average citizen, made such a complaint? Would the same commission take similar action? More troubling, what if your children were allowed into a special session with Judge Hedges outside your presence? It is actually required practice in New York, known as a “Lincoln Hearing.” Please, for the sake of your loved ones, get involved! This is our government, not theirs to abuse.