Is Hillary Above the Law? Should We Follow Her “Lead” to Armageddon?


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

From the Whitewater scandal of the nineties to an Arizona tarmac in 2016; Monica Lewinsky in 1998 to the Benghazi hearings of present day, Hillary Clinton has managed to dodge accountability for her crimes time and again.  Meanwhile many around her have been convicted or mysteriously eliminated through death or intimidation. Even her husband, Bill, was impeached, held in contempt and disbarred as a lawyer for perjury after turning our White House into a whore house.

But not Hillary. Her (not our) Attorney General and her (not our) FBI Director violated their public trust by refusing to indict her for misconduct which benefited each politically whereas in other cases it led to resignations and prosecutions, i.e. General Petraeus. The salacious  focus on Donald Trump’s personal life as a private citizen is calculated to deflect attention from Hillary’s horrific scandals as a public office holder at the highest levels. She has only one last “grand jury” to dodge on Election Day, and the world is hers, free of accountability.

So what kind of world will that be? Will it lead to a modern day form of anarchy where the people defend their own crimes and misconduct by citing our first woman president as “precedent?” Is this the kind of president women will be remembered for? Shouldn’t we wait four years? With all the liberal focus on women, did Hillary’s New World Order somehow “terminate” the other half of the human population? Will our children now belong to her “Village” in a complete state take-over as it did to education? How will that help women?

Is it also true as she testified before Congress that “it really didn’t matter” how soldiers died in Benghazi? Will military and law enforcement respect and honor the directives of a “leader” who holds herself above the law without remorse or respect for “men?” Did you ever hear an apology from Hillary on anything? Is she a god in her own mind, the Anti-Christ, the Masih ad-Dajjal or the Armilus of Christian, Islamic and Jewish faiths? Is she a combination of these evil beings who will bring our world to an end or Armageddon?

Perhaps you’ve already asked yourself such questions. Surely it’s on the minds of countless voters. They watched in horror as Hillary Clinton made her way up the political ladder with that bizarre laugh, steroid-level deceit, psychotic look and cruelty beyond conscience. What’s really behind it? Who are the players in her New World Order? How did she manage to trump Trump’s billions in this campaign? Why such a liberal piling-on to get her elected at all costs? Why are our First, Second and Fourth Amendments being viciously suppressed and targeted for extinction? Are you truly aware of our times?

This “Anti-Christ” has been defined as the “single figure of concentrated evil.” It may be an entity we are not meant to recognize, an evil so hidden that its host may not even know it. Originating in the Bible and depicted in religious lore as the ultimate opponent of Jesus Christ, it has parallel figures in Islamic and Jewish religions. This evil adversary brings about Armageddon or the end of humanity as we know it.

Recent documentaries have described how the Anti-Christ is now among us given our capacity to end the world through a nuclear holocaust. Scholars have predicted the end when world conflict centers on the holy land of three major religions. If you watched the presidential debates, isn’t that already happening? Iran versus Israel with nuclear powers taking sides?

We’ve now seen civil wars or nuclear threats in Iran, Israel, Syria, Afghanistan, Gaza, Egypt and Libya. The entire Middle East has become consumed by world politics due to the meddling of Hillary and her liberal-socialists. Perhaps it’s time to move to the Southern Hemisphere before radiation rules the north. Think about it. What targets are down under? Why are so many millionaires moving there?

After the last debate, British news reported the largest movement of military by the Russian government since World War II. Photos showed a new Russian missile with the name “Satan II” imprinted on its side capable of destroying Britain twice over. It was the Russian-Soviets who detonated the largest nuclear device in history known as “Tsar Bomba.” And that was in 1961!  They were the first to put a satellite into orbit.

So is this a government to provoke through escalating involvement by our former Secretary of State in countries around the world? Under her influence in administrations over three decades, American military pressure has arrived at the Russian border with Ukraine. If they respond in Cuba or Mexico, what would happen? Is this the kind of “experience” we need from a power broker committed to long discredited socialist policy for child rearing?” If you think family court is a nightmare today, you won’t want to see how she reforms it.

Even if such a Cuba type response is unlikely, it cannot be denied that we are already in a virtual war with Russia in Syria. A single air clash could provoke an unstoppable wave of escalating retributions in the Israel-Arab world. We would be “terminated” before Donald Trump could deny the latest foolish accusations in his campaign. He wisely wants to pull back from the Middle East as Obama once promised. Is it such a bad thing to have good relations with the only other country capable of ending our world? Not Hillary. She has a world to save, or is the word “conquer?”

The Anti-Christ and Armageddon were central themes in the 1997 blockbuster movie, Devil’s Advocate, starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. The latter is a successful attorney who never lost a criminal jury case until he discovers his success was influenced by his father, Pacino, the devil itself. He becomes disbarred in the end upon rejecting Pacino and his army of demon lawyers. He openly declined further representation of his guilty client, a bragging child molester. Sound familiar on this site?

So even though the media and electoral college have already dictated your vote, you must be marked and monitored through birth numbers, cell phones, satellites and registrations. Satan’s ultimate deceit in this climactic election may be this: Humanity was expecting a man figure to emerge as the Anti-Christ, but it came in the form of a woman. GOTCHA !

In this 2014 novel available at Barnes and Noble and other major booksellers, Dr. Leon Koziol applies his political, professional and voyaging experience on the Great Lakes to depict how nuclear terrorism can be executed.

State budgets are broke, parents are being fleeced, what’s next?

Miracle On 34th Street

Okay, so we don’t have a 34th Street where I’m from. We’re more like the rest of America when we reach Ninth Ave in nearby Yorkville (not the one in Manhattan). Anyway, if you’ve been following our updates for the meeting this Sunday in NYC, I submitted a petition for writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday (a request for review of one of my test cases for parenting equity in our courts). Now for the rest of the story. It almost didn’t happen, and I wish I had a nice professional explanation on how it miraculously did minutes before a 6 pm deadline. But I don’t. Simply stated, it must have had something to do with that teleconference this past Sunday with religious and family rights advocates. Anyway, after working long hours on the project, I discovered on the morning of its due date that the petition did not satisfy certain highly technical print requirements. By 11 am, I nearly abandoned the filing effort because in our small town, there is no print shop capable of assembling 55 booklets of the kind which the Supreme Court requires in a matter of hours. Then a friend at my regular location referred me to a special contact. I quickly called and drove my papers to his shop (we have no traffic problems in our metro area). I then learned that he had completed such a writ project only weeks earlier and reworked the booklets after they had been rejected (giving them a 60 day extension). Imagine the chances of that in our town given the small number of petitions nationwide. Even more fortunate, the two partners had done work for my office when it had a staff and both had experienced parenting injustices among family and friends. They were familiar with my reform movement and had evidently read my full page advertisement which was recently paid for by a former client (available on this site). They dropped everything, directed me to e-mail them certain files, and by the grace of God, the 40 booklets with copies upon adversary counsel were all completed and timely submitted with filing fee. This may not have occurred on 34th Street, but it features the same Christmas “spirit”. Happy Holidays to all of our friends and followers. We look forward to seeing those of you coming to the Plaza Hotel.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Lawsuit/Planning Meeting Update: Civil Rights Conference Call of 12/19/10

A one hour conference call was held at 1 pm yesterday at the request of family preservation leaders and past rally organizers on the subject of my recent lawsuit and upcoming planning session in NYC. A focus upon the involvement of religious groups produced an inspirational discourse mirroring the history and development of past civil rights movements. Ironically, the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal was being hailed simultaneously in national media as the “last frontier of civil rights movements”, demonstrating to the rest of us just how silent and mindless the true “frontier” remains in connection with parenting rights, see our prior posts on the subject. My responses to questions and commentary from lawyer and leadership participants in this conference revolved around the need for renewal, positive action and unity of purpose. Unlike prior test cases, my federal action is comprehensive in scope, addressing a full range of constitutional violations routinely caused by a wide array of state intrusions upon parent-child relations. Put another way, there is something in it for virtually every aggrieved parent and child. When confronted with a question concerning the uphill battle we all face, I responded with a parallel to Brown v Bd of Education upon which my lawsuit is partially based. The lawyers and lay advocates who backed the consolidated cases behind that landmark ruling were burdened with far greater risks and challenges than we face today. Yet without their sacrifices in 1954 and the legitimacy of principle secured at the Supreme Court level, the civil rights movement of the sixties would never have materialized. We need similar legitimacy here. More important, we need similar commitment and sacrifice. These efforts require funding and serious participation if we are ever going to elevate the true frontier to its deserved level nationwide. Thanks for all your support and motivation.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

“Dr. Lee” (Koziol) Comments on Dr. Phil (TV Show)

Earlier this week, we encouraged followers of LeonKoziol.Com to watch the 6/29/10, Dr. Phil (McGraw) show entitled “The Fight Over Your Child.”

Evidently, some of you have written to the show promoting Leon as a possible featured guest. Leon has already appeared on the CBS show 60 Minutes, NY Times and CNN, however, he had not seen any episodes of the Dr. Phil show prior to this one. Based on his commentary which follows, it is unlikely that he will do so in the future.

Dear Friends,

I had heard of the Dr. Phil Show before, and based upon staff contacts here at LeonKoziol.Com, I encouraged everyone to view a timely episode entitled “The Fight Over Your Child.” After viewing the one hour segment in its entirety, it was clear that this Dr. Phil was simply playing to a select audience designed to elevate his television ratings. It was little more than a perpetuation of the tired old stereotype of fathers as violent unfit parents and mothers as victims of various battered woman syndromes. It was indeed shocking that such a show aired as it did ten years into the 21st century.

After showing one of the couple’s child drafted letters to the father (containing graphic adult depictions of the father as a cheater with other women) Dr. Phil was able to get the mother to concede that she had been the true adulterer in the marriage and had caused the child to draft the disgusting piece. It was seen as a form of projection and parental alienation.

At that point, the entire balance of the show (some 45 minutes) was devoted to an attack upon the father as a disgruntled and vindictive ex-spouse unable to focus on his children’s “best interests”. This earned the host a fully predictable applause from an audience, which like the rest of us, believes in the protection of our children (a simple no brainer).

At another point, Dr. Phil lambasted the father for his opinion regarding an “incompetent” family court system and emotions prominently displayed (and exploited) on his show. When the father refused to yield by citing his many costly and futile petitions for child-rearing time before an antiquated and gender biased court system, the host responded with his own emotions prominently displayed by essentially defending that same system. Dr. Phil went so far as to cite his early stint as a “litigation advisor,” whatever that meant, prior to his long tenure as a talk show promoter.

The problem, doctor, with your entire approach to this very sensitive private issue is that you completely overlooked the inherent flaws of this long antiquated “custodial” framework of child governance which forces parents to “fight” over their own children in the first place. It is a money making framework for lawyers, forensic agents and a child damaging bureaucracy. The evidence was all over the face of your show. Arbitrarily positioned with each parent on the set was a lawyer assigned to support each side. As the show progressed, however, acting in the self-appointed role of a “judge”, you managed to influence even the father’s so-called “advocate” to engage in a public attack upon the male victim.

The entire disgusting star chamber resembled very much the environment which good loving fathers experience in family courts around the country every day. Indeed, this doctor went so far as to place the young daughter’s voice on the air with a message to the father that she did not want to see him again because he was allegedly dangerous. The surprised father then responded how hurtful it was to hear this on the show.

There was no comment from anyone, including the couple’s other child, and nothing to refute the father’s repeated statements that he had never been found guilty of anything to support the daughter’s publicized remarks. The mother’s advocate  immediately responded, as if on cue, and in conformity with standard money making “custody” tactics, with a demand for supervised “visitation.”  The whole gang then concluded with an assortment of costly welfare programs to help the father become a good parent, whatever that meant to all of these diverse strangers to the children’s lives.

I was verily impressed with the father’s courage and perseverance in this gang assault. Although forced to yield to any suggestion that might give him more than one day per week with his children, he refused to allow his attackers to feminize him even in his embattled state on the set. Of course the mother’s advocate eventually raised the money collection issue “child support” and employment stigmas while no one raised the reverse arguments in this gender biased process. Fathers have a constitutional right to a properly enforced relationship with their own children before the state and its agents can be heard to talk about money extractions from their statutorily created sub-class parent.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D., is a civil rights advocate who has practiced law for nearly a quarter century in New York State. He has been a spokesperson for parenting rights and currently publishes an Internet blog site known as LeonKoziol.Com, focused upon reform in our domestic relations courts.