Judge King’s “Alcohol Related Gesture” shows how far an ego will go to avenge public critics

On November 25, 2013, Lewis County Family Judge Daniel King was prepared to throw a judicial temper tantrum. He was eager to avenge public exposure of his gross incompetence by Leon Koziol two months earlier before the state’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. Among other things, King had used two college degrees that this attorney-father never earned to raise his support obligations in a family court case then pending.

Some background is in order. Judge King was newly elected, demonstrably inexperienced and assigned to an outside case. That assignment was exploited to concoct degrees as a means for punishing a qualified whistleblower of court corruption. This would please other judges similarly exposed, and Dan was anxious to be a part of their club. He would issue the highest of obligations to justify a jail term for support violations while income was being deprived through similarly orchestrated license suspensions.

Now, on this day, November 25, 2013, King was hearing a custody matter involving the same targeted father of two girls. Based on the slightest allegations of a scorned ex-spouse bent on replacing this father with a substitute boyfriend, he issued an order directing both parents to refrain from any alcohol use in the presence of the children. He also directed that these same children be lodged in separate rooms at any hotel near the location of a wedding reception involving the dad’s niece one week earlier.

The nefarious agenda of this judge came into focus again when the attorney-whistleblower-dad was accused of alcohol consumption at that reception. A so-called “mini-hearing” was therefore held on a first appearance that day to decide whether King’s conditions for attending this reception were violated. Because the proceeding was not duly noticed consistent with due process requirements, no witnesses or evidence could be provided.

Nevertheless, Judge King concluded that a champaign toast, even if never consumed, constituted a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” sufficient to justify a suspension of parenting time, one that would extend over an ensuing eight-year period to the present day. To further support that barbaric outcome, he found that the girls, aged ten and eleven at the time, although lodged in separate bedrooms of a hotel suite, were not technically in a separate location from the dad’s then fiancee.

An appeals court temporarily blocked that bizarre decision unsupported by any unfit parenting. Indeed, there had never even been a complaint to any protection agency, no alcohol related event, and no criminal record while prison inmates were being favored. However, for reasons never disclosed, the same appeals court allowed a second fully noticed hearing to go forward one month later. In that proceeding, Judge King simply set aside basic trial protocols to orchestrate a record that could support his earlier bizarre rulings. It forced the victim to walk out of that hearing after undue threats were made from the bench.

It was all simply a foregone conclusion that this so-called family judge would abuse public office for illicit reasons. Accordingly, the victimized father commenced his own inquiry into the hypocrisy of this judge based on his rumored alcohol use in the presence of his own children at a bar near the family courthouse in Lowville, New York. Together with other court victims, he was able to find that Judge King was a regular at Jeb’s Restaurant.

The interviewed bar staff even had King’s standard cocktail committed to memory with his own children seated at a nearby table. It was much more than a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” because his subjects in the courtroom could not possibly know what such a gesture might be for violation purposes. Beyond the obvious, Daniel King was a judge held to the highest standards of public office exhibiting a hypocrisy of monumental proportion.

There is so much more to the abuses of judicial office not only by King, but by many of the forty trial level jurists removed or disqualified from Leon Koziol’s 15-year proceedings. The human rights violations and whistleblower punishments over this needlessly protracted period are more than sufficient to justify an investigation by the Justice Department and Civil Rights Bureau of the New York Attorney General. Complaints before both have been filed. The ordeal is detailed in a newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, available at any Barnes and Noble store, Amazon, publisher Author House or major bookseller on-line.

If you are a resident, litigant or voter at Judge King’s upcoming re-election in 2022, you should make your own inquiry into this judge and his protected misconduct. Many readers have expressed doubt that such bizarre orders and outcomes could be real. But a copy of the December 2, 2013 decision containing them is available for inspection. If you have anything more to offer, feel free to contact Leon directly at (315) 796-4000 for the sake of victims, parents and children everywhere.

Fathers Encouraged to Join Protest at Super Bowl

Image result for tim mckyer image
Three time Super Bowl winner Tim McKyer of the San Francisco 49ers (pictured above speaking at a Washington, DC Parenting Rally) was a keynote speaker at our Parent Convention held at the Hotel Utica in April, 2011

By Administrator

Okay so you’re outraged by the injustices of divorce or family court, you may be a loving dad forced out of your children’s lives, a victim of corruption or false charges, maybe you’ve even “done time” in a “child support” debtors’ prison reserved these days for male parents only. The continuing erosion of the most basic rights historically protected by our men and fathers in uniform has reached shocking dimensions.

Well now is your chance to do something about it. Dr. Koziol has been in San Francisco advocating for parental equality and court reform. The group he has been promoting has set up a website for you to consult for purposes of joining a rally for court justice. Details about that rally can be found at www.YourParentalRights.com. If you can’t make it, call a friend near San Francisco to join the event outside the stadium in Santa Clara this Sunday.

Followers of Leon Koziol.com, Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc. are aware of Leon’s sacrifices and commitment to justice in these courts. In April, 2011 we sponsored a parental rights convention in upstate New York. The featured speaker was three time Super Bowl winner Tim McKyer of the San Francisco 49ers. Family advocates from numerous states attended to give testimony ultimately submitted in a report to the U.S. Justice Department.

Unfortunately divorce and family courts have become a trillion dollar industry. Without proper financing, the reform movement continues to get crushed by high powered lobbyists, government suppression and domestic bar associations. This site has repeatedly featured the 2013 testimony of Dr. Koziol before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University which exposed alarming judge misconduct.

This Commission was created by the governor to root out growing corruption but it was prematurely dissolved when evidence began implicating the governor himself, at the time “substantially” delinquent in his own child support obligations according to the New York Post. Fortunately an aggressive federal prosecutor, Preet Bharara, secured Commission files resulting in the convictions of top leaders of New York’s Legislature.

But it was not nearly enough considering all the corruption which persists there. On a positive note, after the Moreland fiasco, our FBI began posting signs along New York’s highways asking victims to report corruption of our public servants, including family judges. Here at Leon Koziol.com, we will challenge the prestigious law enforcement agency to act on our upcoming report. It will be published here regardless of a recent gag order by family judge Daniel King of Lowville which is being challenged in a higher court.

Our Super Bowl series this past week has generated calls from around the country regarding court corruption in other states. Momentum is building. Now is your chance to make a difference with your own sign or simply joining the rally this Sunday. Unless you make noise, the violators will be ignored and the injustices to our families and children will continue. Do not expect others to make that noise for you. You can also give us your confidential tips which we may research and include in our report. However it must also be reiterated that we are not a public agency. We rely on your donations.

Leon is currently on a book publishing assignment on the West Coast but you may contact us at our office at (315) 380-3420, Dr. Koziol directly at (315) 796-4000 or by e-mail at leonkoziol@ParentingRightsInstitute.com.

See you at the Super Bowl!

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Gag Order Placed on Leon Koziol.Com While Website Saved Another Father From Suicide


By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Well family judge Daniel King of Lowville, New York has had enough of us and our First Amendment convictions. Such rights apply only to the other two branches of government like convicted New York Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver.

Had it not been for the First Amendment at the hearings before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption (where I testified), Sheldon Silver would still be abusing taxpayers and lining his pockets with bribes.

Leon’s testimony can be viewed here at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark:

As explained in our last post, federal prosecutor Preet Bharara had had enough of corruption when his own testimony was kabashed by Silver’s influence to disband that Commission. Now the all powerful Silver is just another convicted government felon like former New York Chief Justice Sol Wachtler.

The Silver conviction took place after Judge Dan King’s gag order here to suppress accountability for his own misconduct. As we told you folks last week this is all going to get real ugly. So strap yourselves in for an upcoming showdown between a biased angry judge and a parent who will not yield to money like Silver did.

Now Judge King is flexing his muscle, also like Silver once did, and we are so concerned that I decided to bring more public exposure to his misconduct by filing a state mandamus action in a higher court which will bring even more public attention to his misconduct. If our courts cannot protect our most basic rights, all we have left is anarchy.

Yeah this site is staying up just like those who stood up to tyranny, took the front of the bus in the 60s or voted in the 1872 elections (i.e. Susan B. Anthony). We’re ready for a public officer holder who either doesn’t understand the basics of paternal commitment or has no problem using fraud artists to advance censorship of our public criticisms .

While my adversaries were working overtime to get this gag order, I experienced a most bone chilling event over Thanksgiving weekend. I decided to check on one of our many followers after not hearing from him as anticipated for more than a month.

He confided in me that he was about to place that noose around his neck because of family court abuse when I called. It was several days later when he disclosed how my call saved his life. So yeah, this site is staying up, We save lives here from  family court abuse. Over the years our site has saved veterans, public safety officers and plain good guys who love their babies as much as moms do.

Another development is arising as word spreads about this judge Dan King. He has abused a lot of other good folks who love their little ones (the state does not own them). They are calling for a protest in front of a certain business, home and courthouse. I have no control over this. That’s the way it works when you rile up a self governing society. Tomorrow’s post is dedicated to Judge Dan King and his gag order.  I’m an American. I love my country and my children.

God bless America and all you  fellow citizens and service people who keep us truly free.

Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate


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Did lawyer William Koslosky violate a high ethical duty to underage girls in a family court fraud?

Happy Thanksgiving! Should we have red skin or Yukon gold potatoes today?

William Koslosky is a child lawyer in Utica, New York who’s made a living in family court. Appointed by judges and typically paid with tax dollars, he has a hatred for his long deceased dad, and he wants everyone in court to know about it.

Then Billy takes that childhood disorder out on innocent dads even if it means harming his so-called “clients,” children too young to know his antics until it’s too late. If you have this guy anywhere near your case or are concerned about judges in need of mental evaluations, this post is for you.

William Koslosky is being used as means for suppressing Leon Koziol, a father and long time public critic of family court dysfunctions. In a closing statement during his custody hearing, Billy related a parental argument at the Koslosky homestead 50 years earlier. You gotta hear this, it’s not made up and verified by a court transcript.

Evidently Bill’s mom and dad were debating the relative quality of Yukon gold and red skin potatoes at the dinner table. His police man dad had a gun and Billy wondered aloud a half century later what he might do with it (maybe like shoot a burglar?). Anyway Billy saved the day by going to the store for the right potatoes. And, as he explained to Syracuse Judge Walsh-Hood, he doesn’t even like Yukon gold.

Seriously Bill? What does this have to do with a custody hearing 50 years later? Why did the judge allow Billy to carry on like this minutes after Leon left because he could take no more of it? Shouldn’t this so-called child lawyer hang his head in shame and return his fees to the hard working taxpayers? Well we all know this guy has no shame but maybe he will have to return the fees anyway.

You see on September 17,  2015, Billy traveled all the way up to Judge Dan King’s family court in Lowville, New York, a 120 mile round trip for a motion argument on submission. In lay terms, that meant there would be no argument. So other than lining his pockets, why was he present alone in the courtroom?

Worse yet, the court conference was to be conducted by telephone as it was with the other participants. By now it will be known if Billy put in a bill for that unauthorized trip. Is it any different than the two ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against Leon who were fired for falsifying their time sheets? We shall soon see, along with an earlier phone conference in which he was a no-show. Shouldn’t Judge King be scrutinizing this as he has Leon’s every move?

Moving on, if you read yesterday’s post, then you know how Billy is participating in a fraud today with the mother of Leon’s girls, Kelly Hawse -Koziol, regarding an alleged e-mail and notice of relocated child residency which was concealed from Leon on the court record for more than eight months.

The e-mail notice was reproduced in that post to show it to be a fraud on its face. This cannot be explained, denied or excused, unless of course these two were expecting favor from a biased judge. The mother was apprehended by her own computer.

Well if things are supposedly equal between support debtor dads and child rearing moms, this mother must be violated and committed to a six month jail term. But William Koslosky’s jail term should be much longer, right? This is because he is representing Leon’s two little girls, allegedly with no conflict between them.

Yes, William Koslosky has a higher duty than a regular lawyer with adult clients because these little ones cannot know Billy’s childhood disorders, court no-shows, and frauds upon their rights to a loving father. They cannot know how their unsolicited lawyer, appointed to harm their dad, filed a motion in an appeals court falsely stating facts clearly non-existent in the record.

It was yet another scheme to defame Leon and impair his child support capacities. Exactly who is Koslosky purporting to represent or benefit here other than his angry family court friends ? To date, that fraud has not been factually disputed. And as it stands right now, he has Leon’s innocent girls engaged in this fraud with their mom. Is that the way King, Koslosky and Hawse-Koziol will have the courts raising our children?

William Koslosky has allowed his quest for vengeance and this child lawyer job go to his head. Childless, never married and hungry for hero status, he goes about the court room like he’s Johnnie Cochran. Pleeeze Bill! This is family court. Don’t abuse it to impress the ladies you can’t impress elsewhere. We see all the fan mail to your site from  the mother here when she gets the e-mail address correct.

Now for some background to understand why all this is happening. The 2006 Matrimonial (Miller) Report to the high court of New York recommended changes to divorce and family courts. Experts pointed out the flaws of  a high conflict custody system which is being “shoe horned” into family matters.

Among the few implemented was a replacement of “visitation” with “parenting time.” In the end it was all window dressing because the culprit was a mandatory custody classification scheme which brought billions in federal incentive grants to state courts. The dysfunctional process was also retained because it generated needless parental conflict and lawyer fees.

Actually this costly report did more harm than good when “law guardian” was replaced with “attorney for the child.” Strangers were turned into substitute parents overnight with an added fight and profit motive that only aggravated protracted cases. A courtroom with one or two lawyers was now burdened by five or six to complicate decisions beyond rational capacity.

It was a gold mine for lawyers but a disaster for families, children and cooperative parenting. As the adage goes, a village that can’t support one lawyer can always support two. More lawyers were put to work with record fees while families were fleeced of their assets, earnings and college funds. Most victims never even knew what hit them.

Enter William Koslosky, a veteran conflict maker who has made a living representing children in these courts. In the case of parental advocate Leon Koziol, he was re-appointed by family judge Daniel King this past year despite being removed by a prior judge for counter-productive involvement.

Koslosky was returned after Leon disclosed fictitious college degrees by both judges in testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. A victimized father, Leon was seeking reforms which the lawyer dominated commission failed to achieve. The degrees were used to elevate Leon’s support obligations in retaliation for his public criticisms.

We parent and their victimized children have had enough of William Koslosky. If you would like to register a formal grievance against him, here’s the address:

Attorney Grievance Committee for the Fifth Judicial District
Syracuse Square
224 Harrison Street, Suite 408
Syracuse, NY 13202-3066

Phone: (315) 401-3344

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One week after extraordinary lawsuit, Leon Koziol to be reunited with his girls on Thanksgiving.


Kelly Hawse-Koziol, a high school teacher at Frankfort-Schuyler High School in Herkimer County, New York is the mother of Leon Koziol’s two daughters.

Since announcing her agenda to replace the real father with a childless millionare named Joseph Flihan, she has been lying to the courts and alienating Leon’s girls in every manner.

She filed false petitions dismissed for lack of evidence in 2010 costing Leon ten months with his daughters. Two years later her star witness at a custody trial, Leon’s discharged secretary Veronica Donahue,  testified about some kidnapping scheme by a former minority client. It was so absurd that her testimony was actually stricken from the record.

Leon’s parenting time was doubled after that and Donahue was jailed on $10,000 bail one year later for presenting herself as a lawyer on behalf of an unsuspecting “client.” The judge was notified beforehand. In July of this year she was indicted for forgery and family court crimes (See Oneida County Sheriff Active Warrants List).

Undaunted, in 2013, Kelly Hawse-Koziol concocted every imaginable issue to result in conflicting and absurd parenting conditions which Leon refused to honor on principle alone. Children deserve their real dad, the one who created them genetically and raised them without incident since birth, not some scary substitute or utopian figure concocted by a spiteful family judge and his appointees.

A new family judge (Daniel King) in remote Lowville, New York gave Leon a fictional college degree to raise his support obligations and issued such absurd conditions as “prohibited alcohol related gestures” regarding a wedding toast when no competent evidence of unfit parenting could be found.

After two more years of abuse, Leon filed an extraordinary action for civil rights violations in a federal appeals court in Manhattan. He sued this judge, the state’s “custodial parent” and taxpayer financed child attorney William Koslosky, among others, for abusing their entrusted positions to suppress Leon’s public criticisms.

One week later, he was granted parenting time again with his precious girls. They will spend Thanksgiving Day together this year. Ironically Leon will be reunited with his girls by court order from the same Judge King. But this time Kelly Hawse-Koziol and lawyer William Koslosly are implicated in a profound fraud upon the court, the children and their father.

The court’s judge, Daniel King, is expected to excuse the fraud due to Leon’s public criticisms of a dysfunctional family court system. But this time it’s going to get very ugly. Kelly Hawse-Koziol and Attorney Koslosky filed court papers claiming that this “custodial parent” gave proper notice of a residential change to Joe Flihan’s home one year ago as required by court order  (“within 24 hours”).

E-mail or text was the specified mode of notice. But on closer inspection of the offered proof, it revealed a purposeful omission of a character from Leon’s e-mail address. The full one, used effectively before and after this purported notice, would have popped up automatically on her computer screen to prevent needless re-typing while assuring consistent transmission.

In short it was a patent fraud  on the court with the record retaining the old residence (occupied by a tenant) until Leon discovered the new home of his children by happenstance on Fathers Day, 2015. Child exchanges were ordered elsewhere by King after Leon’s “alcohol related gesture.” So this was a well orchestrated scheme.

Next to health and well being of one’s children there can be no more crucial right to a parent than their whereabouts. Had a father done this he would have been treated like a kidnapper. Based on a conceded facetious text of being in Rio during a child exchange in the mother’s driveway,  this overly scrutinized dad was hauled in to explain it all at a costly hearing. Again we’re not making these things up. It really happened.

Kelly Hawse-Koziol is high on gold and money even if it means sacrificing her own offspring to gain the favor of a childless millionaire with a background which is harmful to these unsuspecting children. We will bring you more on that in coming posts.

A father’s first priority is to protect his children, sacrificing himself if necessary. That’s just the way it’s been since the beginning of civilization and that’s the way it will be here regardless of the socialism and insanity which are consuming these courts. They can be as dysfunctional as New York’s Legislature when it comes to common sense.

Stay tuned for more info on this all important parenting rights cause and please support Leon in his ongoing ordeal with any donations and helpful information.

Happy Thanksgiving !




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Kendra’s Chronicles II: Diamonds Are For Lovers, Children Are Forever.



An Important Message To All Our Followers:

We have received heart warming compliments from around the country regarding this site. Some state that they look forward to our posts each day, others that we give them hope to avert serious consequences, and more who simply encourage us to press on. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you. We also wish to re-emphasize that we need resources to continue this site with its valuable information. Kindly consider making a donation while reaching out to others to do the same. We’re in this together!

Administrator’s note: 

This is our second in a series of posts intended to convey a personal side to this war on parents in our divorce and family courts. Although discriminated fathers are an undeniable aspect, extreme harm occurs to both moms and dads when they are fleeced of their hard earnings and even their life’s savings through needless or protracted litigation. 

The combined financial and emotional damage is ultimately passed on to innocent children in unconscionable ways. We are here to advocate for all such victims. But there is one which has received little or no attention in family law reform. It’s the parents’ partners impacted by the same system, perhaps through a scorned ex-spouse for reasons having nothing to do with a child’s “best interests.” 

What about them? What are their stories? The girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses anxious to get on with a new life with divorced or separated parents. They suffer a different kind of harm. This post is dedicated to them, and the reader is encouraged to review our opening background for Kendra’s Chronicles found in an April 21, 2015 post here at Leon Koziol.com.


By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Daddy, daddy, look, I’m a princess.”

There standing in front of me were my two little girls caked with cosmetics of all variety. I couldn’t tell you what they were but I’ve seen them many times before on adult women in the course of my personal and professional life.

But not like this. Shelly had lipstick on her cheeks, powder in her hair and colors that would have made Picasso proud. Not to be outdone, Debbie sported a masterpiece of her own to include a new dress, arms and legs. She even performed a ballroom dance of sorts to convince her dad that this little princess was headed for stardom. What just happened?

“Holly did it for us,” Debbie explained while reaching for more eye shadow.

“Holly did this?” I asked in disbelief.

“I think what she means, Lee, is that  your girls found my purse and went through my stuff while I was upstairs.”

The adult explanation came from Holly, our newest addition to the household as she descended from our second floor bathroom with a clean-up kit. We had met over the summer in 2008, and this was her first chance to get to know my girls, aged five and six at the time. I was out mowing the lawn figuring that everything was under control.

Holly wanted very much to impress me through my daughters. We had just returned from a book signing with Alec Baldwin in Manhattan, and this was certainly not what she had in mind. But to her credit she had the resourcefulness to repair this calamity. Looking back, it was real special, an event destined for our scrap books.

After all, how could Holly know how two little girls could go off on their own adventure to leave her in this circumstance? But no harm was done, and soon she would become close to these mischievous ladies. A fashion consultant one day, a girly confidant the next, and a scapegoat for misbehavior whenever they needed her, who could ask for a better partner for their dad?

“It was much worse but I’ve just gotten started here,” she added sheepishly. “Don’t worry, I’m good at this.”

Holly was a hairdresser, she knew how to look pretty, elegant, or whatever the circumstances called for. You might say she resembled the cartoon princesses which my girls had become enamored with on the videos we all watched together. For a dad struggling to be both a mom and dad on our weekends, I felt like Jude Law in the blockbuster movie, The Holiday.

Whether she knew it or not, this eventual fiancée in my life was special in a lot of other ways. She had no children of her own and no desire to play mom here. She assured me of it time and again but was willing to make my life better where she could. That alone made her another princess in my life. It was a fairy tale worth living, at least until the courts intervened.

Over the next six years, the four of us would enjoy so many wonderful and joyous times, holidays, birthdays and extra-curricular events at schools and churches. It could not all be recounted here, but anyone who has ever been in this circumstance can relate. You have to balance nature’s laws with those of deranged outsiders to make sense of the world we live in today.

Unfortunately one of those deranged outsiders was an infinitely scorned ex-spouse lurking behind the scenes to find any opportunity to strike. Kelly Hawse-Koziol would exploit family court to find fault with everything we did. When a para-sail adventure got my girls reporting all their enjoyment in 2013, the trap was set. A newly seated judge already seeking to avenge my public criticisms now had a means for completing it.

“Family Judge” Daniel King in Lowville, New York was not happy with my 2013 reform testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. Far removed from our county of residence, he imposed mounting conditions upon my parenting liberties based on false petitions. They were being lodged by the month in the latter half of that year. He went so far as to order separate lodging for my children and fiancée during my niece’s wedding out of town despite six years of joint residency without incident.

When it was all said and done, I could no longer function as a normal father. Dan King had seen to this with judicial misconduct further explained in our earlier series, “King’s Chronicles.” This man could not possibly know anything about our private lives to play God in the manner he did. Worse yet, he showed no conscience for the damage he caused. Lovers come and go, but children are bound to their parents for eternity. Only a corrupt regime would allow such a “family judge” to get away with something so evil.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parental Advocate

(315) 796-4000

Readers’ Note: Leon is offering professional editing and consulting services for those wishing to publish books regarding their own ordeals. For further information, see our earlier posts on the subject or simply call him directly.


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Kendra’s Chronicles: A Story of Two Little Girls Harmed by a Corrupted Family Court in Hillary Clinton’s Village.

A loving dad’s surprise gift to his little girls with memories to last an eternity.

Crucial Introduction:

A lucrative child control industry has emerged in America’s divorce and family courts, inflicting moral, educational and productivity declines among our cities, towns and villages. It has made us the most litigious nation in the world as we spend our valuable time and energies on court contests instead of more constructive pursuits. 

It’s one thing when the fight concerns products or property but quite another when innocent children are exploited. As parents bound by laws of nature, we cannot remain idle in this escalating crisis while lawyers, bureaucrats and “experts” profit at our children’s expense. How many little ones will never see a good education or career in today’s competitive global market because their parents squandered life’s savings on endless court battles?

It’s not all our fault despite what many judges claim. They know privately that needless court battles are ended only because the money runs out. In the meantime, they could care less that our children or families suffer. Outdated custody doctrine is vigorously retained over shared parenting because unequal classifications beget controversy which, in turn, justifies state intervention. It is a crisis created by socialist-liberals who made the policy case long ago that government is better suited to raise our children. 

Hillary Clinton made the same case against both moms and dads in her 90s era book, “It Takes a Village.” Her propaganda sounded good at the time because children were used as a pretext for big government, but it resulted in further erosion of parental authority, leaving minors free to set their own standards of behavior. Almost anything a parent does today to correct a child can be the subject of an agency inquiry, school report or custody impairment. 

In plain terms, Hillary’s village works like this: get the people of a community gossiping about their neighbors’ private affairs. Convince them to report objectionable styles of parenting to authorities. Once under a court’s jurisdiction, these fit parents can be conformed to an elusive standard for lawyers to argue and profit over. It goes on all the time in divorce and family courts with “parent education” programs and court ordered evaluations.

This is our latest series regarding court corruption entitled “Kendra’s Chronicles.” Here we provide you with real life injuries caused by socialist policies injected into family litigation. Judges overwhelmed by their “super-parent” roles and overcrowded dockets issue orders based on scripted testimony or lawyer summaries having little regard for the human tragedies they produce. It can easily become a “turn ’em and burn ’em” enterprise. 

In “King’s Chronicles” we showed you how a new family judge named Daniel King of Lowville, New York abused state power in retaliation for Dr. Leon Koziol’s public criticisms and reform testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. His criticisms included King’s fabricated college degree, parenting conditions in violation of a higher court order and impositions which placed his critic (Koziol) under risk of contempt by ambush.

Ultimately two innocent children were denied access to a fit and loving  father for a period of 456 days and counting. This human rights atrocity committed upon Dr. Koziol was orchestrated through absurd parenting conditions added with each public criticism until Leon was forced to abandon his role as a natural father. Here we give you some heart wrenching consequences of Dan King’s egotism in a court which might as well be located in Hillary Clinton’s village.


By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Author’s note: My daughters’ names have been substituted with “Shelly” the elder and “Debbie” the younger for purposes of this website post. Collectively, and with further editing, this series will comprise a part of my book to be published later this year.

“Daddy, I want to go there!”

It was an uncontrolled scream from a five year old girl which I will never forget as long as I live. Only words, I’ll admit, but they were the world to me coming from my eldest daughter as I opened the front door to our home early one morning. There in the distance was an elaborate playground constructed specially for her and her sister as a father’s day surprise.

The year was 2007, a long time ago, but only if you measure it as a business person. I can recall every detail of Shelly’s facial expressions as she took in something bordering on paradise. Miraculously it had appeared overnight. That was enough for Debbie to exploit the moment, shoving past her older sister into the sunlit yard with a sound that ignited sparrows, robins and blue jays from all surrounding tree limbs. As if on cue, our nearby frog pond erupted with croaking and splash-outs.

Well it worked! All my efforts to make this event a memorable one paid off. You might call it perfect. But you should also know that it was anything but easy. I had to order the apparatus from Georgia and have the area excavated, rearranged and protected by two retaining walls. On one occasion, I rode my girls on a bobcat during a clearing process to give them a sense of participation in this project (with no idea of what was coming). I never disclosed this fact until just now, so don’t report me to their mom.

When the playground components arrived, my contractor went to work (as I did to my law office to pay for it all). After several days, the assembly phase turned into a real mess. The guys could not seem to put everything together properly. I was furious when learning of it outside the courthouse. But that’s where the rescue came in. I was representing an old college friend who I had just gotten out of a real mess of her own without any fee. She owned a ranch and knew a few things usually reserved to men.

Hearing my dilemma, she quickly offered to rectify the errors. With the help of her woman assistant, she completed paradise in time for father’s day. Favors have a way of coming back around. This client will be forever remembered for her rescue as will another very special woman who arrived one year later, about the time when a trampoline was added to the mix. Together we made this place a regular treat for my little girls. These are exciting stories reserved to a later episode in this series.

You might think that a private playground of this caliber meant that my girls would become spoiled. Quite the contrary, they enjoyed the public venues even more. I can still remember Shelly, she couldn’t have been but one or two, dutifully lugging her “Blues Clues” up the ladder with endless repetition before throwing the poor puppy down the slide with a glee that resonated across New Hartford Town Park. And Debbie, running off to the “wilderness” (trail system) which had me split in every direction.

At Lake George, our summer destination, I will never forget a playground near East Cove where the girls enjoyed themselves as much as they did boating and swimming. I don’t believe those outings were eclipsed until many years later when I took both up for their first para-sail adventure. And boy did I hear it from mom in a family court petition after that one! But she was a “custodial parent” by then which changed everything.

I like to think I was different than most dads at these public playgrounds. While they watched or tended to their barbeque grills, I was chasing my girls all across the slides, monkey bars and whatever else was there to exploit. They easily made lots of friends because the other children would simply join in the games I made up to everyone’s delight. Some of the parents knew I was a lawyer and probably figured that our activities were liability-proof, or more likely that I had regressed to my own childhood.

No matter. I didn’t really care. As a “non-custodial parent,” my time was sadistically limited by our courts, so I would be taking full advantage of such moments, knowing they would one day find their way into memories like this one. Although moms seemed to dominate these places, I actually think that playgrounds were constructed with dads in mind. Such fun places resonated deeply within my girls. That much I know.

In practical terms, these playgrounds are all gone now. The one at my home hasn’t been visited in more than a year. But in my mind I can still hear the laughter, the crying, the giggling, whispering, and happy faces, indeed all the things that made them so special in their day.

Yes, playgrounds were a means for overcoming that weekend warrior status accorded to fathers under “the law.” But above all else, they have reserved to another time and place the fact that my girls had a genuine father who loved them, then and now and for eternity.

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Parental Advocate

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