Parents Fight Back With Program to Avoid Cost of Divorce and Custody

$140,000. That’s what it cost one divorced couple recently to complete a custody case involving two children. You are reading that correctly, spelled out, it’s one hundred forty thousand dollars! We’re not talking about wealthy or prominent people here, no movie stars like Tom Cruise or Alec Baldwin. It involved two middle class parents who could not afford an appeal after the money ran out, after mom kept custody of one child and dad was able to get custody of the other. Neither was happy with the outcome instigated by lawyers who depleted both parents of their savings and assets. Their children were put in the middle of a winner-take-all court contest.

It turned out great for the lawyers, however, because there are no losers on their side of this contest. They simply shrugged off any negative outcomes before moving on to their next victims, typically explaining the bad parts with complex distractions and even blaming their own clients for coming to them. “It was their decision to fight”, they might say, never mind how the laws created this contest and how an unequal doctrine of parenting necessitated the fight. No one gave them a candid portrayal of how the custody system actually works, how it damaged the targeted children by fleecing them of their college funds and dreams. When the money ran out, so did the lawyers, leaving a hapless pair like these two on their own to clean up the mess.

Now parents are fighting back with the purchase of a court management program designed to educate divorce and Family Court candidates before they are turned into victims. It was prepared by Dr. Leon R. Koziol, civil rights advocate and founder of the Parenting Rights Institute. Consisting of a seminar DVD and five part reading program, it promotes litigation substitutes such as mediation and agreement. Details can be found at A recent purchaser has offered her recommendation of this product. In addition to others: Here is what Cindy had to say:

“After running out of money for my lawyer, I discovered the program offered on-line by the Parenting Rights Institute. I digested it in my spare time and was able to go confidently into court and win a motion against my adversary. This was the same lawyer that was costing my ex-husband so much money. I wish I had access to this program before I hired my own lawyer. I could have saved myself and my children so much money and grief. It was worth every penny. If you would like to know more about my experience with this program as a parent, contact me through the Institute at (315) 796-4000.” ~ Cindy H., Syracuse, NY.

Starting today, and for a brief holiday period only, this program can be obtained by making a donation in the amount of $250. The product retails for $350 on any other site across the country where it is being made available, a savings of $100. Once you’ve activated the donate button below, please complete all requested fields. Once payment is confirmed, your program will be shipped out within 3-5 business days. You can also make your donation by submitting a check or money to: Parenting Rights Institute, 1518 Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13502.