Momentum Building for Fathers’ Rights Rally

The final push is on for this week’s Rally for Fathers’ Rights scheduled to take place on Friday, June 15th at Foley Square in lower Manhattan starting at 9 a.m.

Over the past several days, we have received a number of telephone calls from various parenting groups in Connecticut, Upstate New York, New Jersey and Long Island that have committed to attending this major event. In addition, representatives from the Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network have also confirmed and agreed to send members of that organization to participate in the rally.

If possible, please bring a sign or placard as they will not be provided. One suggestion for a message would be, “Justice for John Parent” (“John Parent” is a fictitious name allowed by court order to represent abused parents in this precedent seeking case). For those of you who need directions to Foley Square, here is a link to Map Quest (Click Here).

“The Occupy and Tea Party movements featured an admirable focus upon economic justice, however, we look to our courts to do this job. This will not occur as long as there is a profit motive in such government forums. The biggest victims here are mainstream fathers and minorities,” says Dr. Leon Koziol. Therefore, we are asking all followers and supporters of LeonKoziol.Com to help make the final push over the next 5 days! We urge you to pick up the telephone and call media, friends, clergy, Rabbi, family, victims, citizen groups and most importantly, get yourself to Foley Square!

Rally for Fathers’ Rights

Date:  Friday, June 15th
Time: 9 am
Location: Foley Square in Lower Manhattan

Two civil rights groups have applied for permits behind a rally in support of equal rights for fathers in a case being heard on June 15, 2012 in New York City. The case, John Parent v State of New York, asks a federal appeals court to place limits upon support and custody abuses in our nation’s domestic relations courts. “John Parent” is a fictitious name allowed by court order to represent abused parents in this precedent seeking case. Finally, an opportunity has arrived for all abused parents and families to show unity and support. It may never come again. But you have to be there to make a difference, otherwise the abuses WILL continue! Don’t think that someone else is going to do it for you. YOU are that “someone else”.

Breaking News: Federal Appeals Court to Decide Parenting Case in New York City

The United States Court of Appeals in New York City released its weekly calendar today which includes the case of John Parent v State of New York. This is a consolidated test case seeking to establish a privacy limit for parents and families subjected to abusive divorce, custody and support practices in state domestic relations courts. It is being argued by Dr. Leon R. Koziol, a parental advocate who spent more than 23 years in federal and state courts litigating civil rights cases on behalf of minorities, women and victims of government abuse.

It comes in the wake of the Founding Fathers March on Capitol Hill this past week and is set for Friday of Father’s Day weekend. Whether the June 15th date means anything for long discriminated fathers is already the subject of widespread speculation. Regardless, civil rights activists across New York’s metropolitan area are already organizing a rally at the Foley Square court in lower Manhattan. Although oral arguments are not scheduled, this is the date set to begin deliberations, and it affords Family Court victims an opportunity to express their support.

The plaintiff, John Parent, is not a real person. Like the case of Roe v Wade, it is a fictitious name allowed by a lower federal court on a sealed record to protect privacy interests. The name is also employed to represent the concerns of “parents similarly situated”. In this manner, the high cost and complexities of a class action lawsuit were avoided. In short, you may be an interested party to this action, and your personal and financial support is crucial to its success. The lawsuit and appeals brief can be found on line at Today’s news was received with guarded optimism given the uphill battle. However, Dr. Koziol had this to say:

“Shared parenting and family retention are the final frontier of civil rights to be defended under the American Constitution. When parents raise their children, they exercise virtually every human right contemplated by that venerable document. And so, this is where I draw my line against further invasions of family privacy. I will not back down.”

The case deals with a full range of parenting interests, including child alienation, attorney misconduct, oppressive collection practices and equal protection violations. A “separate but unequal” doctrine of custody laws is being challenged because it mandates superior and inferior classifications among separated paternal and maternal family units even when it harms parent-child relationships. Litigants are needlessly forced to fight over power and money awards which produce lucrative controversy for lawyers. Debtor prisons and other barbaric practices inflict greatest injury to minority fathers. The case is being defended by the U.S. Justice Department, New York Attorney General and law firms on behalf of named lawyers and municipalities.

See Complaint and Appeals Brief (Click Here)

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