Momentum Growing For Parental Rights Rally at Super Bowl

Fathers Rally Outside Federal Appeals Court in Manhattan during precedent seeking case argued by Dr. Leon Koziol, Parental Advocate (Fathers’ Day week 2012)

Concerned Dads to Join Parental Rights Rally at Super Bowl

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Do fathers matter anymore? Should we be paying “child support” so that our children can be taken from us, alienated from their true dads to feed a trillion dollar industry, and made to believe that fathers are inherently inferior in divorce or family court?

Why are fathers still 83% of support obligors according to the U.S. Census Bureau with mothers winning roughly 90% of custody conflicts? Why are male parents being condemned to debtor prisons based on a revenue generating law while mothers who commit perjury are excused time and again with no similar jail sentence?

In New York, a state appeals court in Rochester entertained a lawsuit to free chimpanzees from their caged conditions, yet human fathers are receiving no similar protection. Indeed the court ruled that the petitioners in Nonhuman Rights Project v Boniello should have filed a habeas corpus action (instead of mandamus) which by legal definition is limited to incarcerated persons and children in custody of the state.

Fathers such as Michael Brancaccio served a maximum (caged) term for a support debt. It also landed him on life support, medically traced to the stress caused by his inability to reconcile that confinement with violent felons serving less time. Walter Scott, an unarmed father, was shot dead in the back fleeing a support warrant last year in South Carolina. One of every eight inmates in that state’s prisons are debtor fathers.

When do good fathers finally stand up for themselves and declare “enough is enough?” When will they finally leave the bowling alleys and basketball stands to press the overdue message that we matter too? Gay marriage has achieved far greater success while veterans and law enforcement continue to register high suicide rates due to family court abuse, see i.e. Pearce v Longo, 766 F.Supp.2d 367 (murder-suicide by police investigator leaving support court) and Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class (proud Iraq war veteran taking his own life rather than face felony support warrant and prisoner status).

Throughout pro football world, coaches and players display pink ribbons and attire to promote a cure for breast cancer, and of course we applaud them for it. But prostate cancer will claim many of these men before their own career rewards are achieved. Where are the blue ribbons? Fathers’ and men’s rights have been remanded to the cellar of public attention because of a liberal propaganda machine which put it there.

The sexist slur “dead beat dad” is still being used by Arizona Governor Doug Ducy in his 2016 State of the State address, a state which hosted the NCAA football finals. Such bigotry persists because our third  branch of government promotes it in halls of justice where we would expect the opposite. Family courts have been turned into capitalist courts with judges abandoning their neutral roles to raise revenues and gain favor from court appointed “evaluators” who feed off of discrimination and lawyer instigated controversy.

It is a highly concealed government enterprise which has reached epidemic proportions. Father discrimination, oppression and marginalization should be the number one issue in the presidential race because of its impacts on all others. Yet we see it nowhere on the policy agenda of any candidate. How much longer will the male half of our parenting population remain idle to these growing injustices? How much longer will the victims hide behind the skirts of women commanding the national agenda?

Fortunately there are committed groups of parents in California which recognize this epidemic and are prepared to act. They have selected the greatest sports event to proclaim a basic message: We’ve had enough of court corruption! But the organizers have also emphasized that all parent-child relationships will be the generic diluted theme. While I support that as much as I do a cure for breast cancer, it is unlikely to captivate the media and masses at a Super Bowl. I will reiterate that “Fathers Matter.” They remain the principal victims, and justice will matter when equality is truly achieved in all contexts.

If women’s equality stops at the doorsteps of family court, then the entire movement was a hoax, a farce and hypocrisy of monumental proportion. My successful lawsuits over 25 years for women discriminated and harassed in the workplace were in vain, this coming from a civil rights advocate who represented the former president of the National Organization of Women (NOW). We need to send a recognizable message at the Super Bowl where exemplary fathers such as Peyton Manning are the revenue generators.

Organizers of this rally are focused on achieving justice for all parents. However fathers remain the prevailing injustice which harms their own mothers, daughters, sisters, women partners and family members. We need your help and participation. I have been communicating with rally organizers Ralph Walker and Shiv Paletti. They have a site, for those interested in joining this rally or you can just locate them outside the stadium at Santa Clara (near San Francisco where I have been assisting the effort). Contact me at or personally at (315) 796-4000. You can call Mr. Paletti for event details at (408) 449-0442 or 892-8381.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

National League of Fathers, Inc.


Dr. Koziol in San Francisco beneath Golden Gate Bridge


Over 70 Million Fathers Have Yet to Organize for Equal Rights



 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

From the Film
Tears of the Sun
featuring Bruce Willis

In America today, our government is engaged in the lucrative expansion of a child control bureaucracy that is harming our families, productivity and moral fiber as a nation. This vast public enterprise has invaded every aspect of private life, often wielding power beyond that exercised by the NSA, CIA or IRS. It is a silent and insidious trend eroding parental rights repeatedly declared by our Supreme Court to be the “oldest liberty interest” protected by the United States Constitution.

This interest is shared equally by fathers and mothers. But in practice, the male half has not been accorded its rightful place among our human rights due to a profit motive in family court driven by needless custody, support and divorce contests. Census Bureau reports continue to show the gender disparities on all domestic fronts. After promoting a parental rights cause in Paris recently, I was amazed to note how a million people together with world leaders could rally in that city within days to support free speech. Meanwhile, here in the states, more than 70 million fathers have yet to mobilize after a century of widespread discrimination.

Such discrimination is having harmful impacts on all aspects of society and quite likely the female population more so than its counterpart. Veterans, minorities and high profile figures are particularly vulnerable to a court system that has placed money and politics over genuine parent-child relationships. Fathers are a vital component of any social or family structure as they have been since the beginning of civilization. Unfortunately federal entitlement laws and incentive funding to the states have marginalized that role to a point of virtual extinction. This has led to educational costs, heinous crimes and moral deterioration on a vast scale corroborated by an exodus from all manner of religion. In practical terms, our taxpayers are funding the creation of social ills and then forced to pay for it on the back side with costly welfare programs.

Future generations will look back one day and be amazed at how truly barbaric our domestic relations courts once were. A scheme of laws and processes derived from feudal equity doctrines has been retained which features loving parents engaged in brutal contests over their offspring in a public arena. A winner-take-all battle for custody leads to overregulation of families by the state and marginalization, alienation or outright extinction of one fit parent from the children’s lives. Anal investigations of the combatants’ backgrounds by self serving advisors incite further controversy to last a lifetime. It is a spectacle reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum.

No person or entity has ever been able to achieve a comprehensive study of the vast detriment which this archaic custody and support system has had upon our society. Any such effort would assuredly be stymied because custody and unequal parenting are highly profitable. Yet common sense dictates that our nation could be well served with sweeping reforms here in our least scrutinized branch of government. We can put a man on the moon, split atoms, engage artificial intelligence and achieve vast breakthroughs in medicine but remain unable to extricate family courts from their nineteenth century practices.

On March 1, 2015, I released a Public Initiative Summary and Funding Request which aims to make family court family-friendly. Entitled “We Are Fathers,” it is a nationwide effort to promote shared parenting laws and accountability in our nation’s divorce and family courts. A six point action plan features a rally in our nation’s capital on the Friday of Father’s Day Weekend and a Political Action Committee comprised of parental advocates from our fifty states. It is an ambitious project but one which warrants our time and financial support. It will take literally millions of dollars to successfully oppose the bar associations and political insiders who profit from father discrimination. Yet since this initiative was released, followers of our site continue to pass over the “donate” and court program options.

One experience illustrates why fathers can expect more abuse in these courts for decades to come. One father in Florida contacted me for advice on how to find a good lawyer after his last one cost him $10,000 and did absolutely nothing. He wanted to visit lawyers in action to discover one who would truly fight for him. I offered our court program for a mere $299 which explains how lawyers’ hands are tied by the federal support and funding laws. It shows how custody is abused to fleece money from extended families with small chances of altering the status quo no matter how much is spent on lawyer fees. Nevertheless he was committed to throwing more money after bad with another $10,000 donation to the lawyers. Nothing was committed to his true allies here.

If you have a heating problem in your home, it might well be considered an emergency. You don’t just look at it and pontificate with your neighbors because you then risk greater problems when your pipes freeze. So you logically pay for a repair service, preferably one with the experience and commitment to do the job right, and your family’s well being is thereby preserved. In the father’s rights movement, the opposite is occurring. We are actually feeding the system which has resurrected debtor prisons, effectively criminalized fatherhood, and made us pay for the child alienation and marginalization of our roles as natural parents. We see the emergency and know the consequences, yet the victims keep multiplying with apathy and some misguided notion that reform is free and easy, that there is always someone else out there who will do the repair work for you.

Anyone who has followed this site, Leon, knows that I have sacrificed everything for this cause. It is a worthy initiative with impacts to last generations. However, it is also plain to see that my public message is being discredited by our adversaries with the goal of extinguishing any promising reform effort. There is a reason why this site and its sponsor are being so targeted. However my efforts can last no longer without meaningful support. So if you truly believe in your country, your free speech rights and most important, your children, do not pass over the donate button. In fact, you should go that extra step by soliciting other donors to the cause and sharing this post. Finally you should start a personal initiative to grow the numbers for a rally in June. If our government does not hear of a problem, it will not act upon it. That’s just how a self governing society works. Our military sacrifices for these rights every day. Let’s honor them properly. Will you finally make your voices heard, all 70 million of you?

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
National League of Fathers, Inc.
(315) 796-4000

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Founding Fathers March to Congress & Supreme Court

On Friday, April 20, 2012 the Founding Fathers March concluded with diverse activity designed to give parents, and fathers in particular, equal protection under the Constitution. A rally set to occur at Senate Park was transformed into a peaceful protest in front of the Supreme Court by a group of fathers carrying signs and messages. According to one participant, it was a small group that quickly grew with passers-by supporting the cause.

At the same time, inside our halls of Congress, teams of grass roots parenting advocates from different states converged upon member offices and staffers to deliver our information packets. We are calling for a Congressional hearing and inquiry into the abuses of Title IV-d funding and custody laws. More than half of the Senate and a third of the members of the House were covered over a three day period. At 3 pm on Friday, three advocates met with members of Senator Schumer’s staff to conduct an open conference call with victims in the New York metropolitan area.

We hope to follow with mass e-mailings to assure that all members of Congress receive a packet. Many thanks to those who contacted their own representatives to expect our arrivals. We focused on those members because many staffers indicated that their constituents would receive greater attention. One such e-mail is attached. It is now very important for those who stayed home to make such contact immediately. Here you will find copies of vital components of our packet so that you can include it with your own mailers or e-mailings. In this way our individual and joint concerns can be strengthened with unity.

The three day event accomplished a crucial goal of making noise on this issue. We took note and photographs of vehicles with posters and messages regarding other causes parked along Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues. They proved how much more effective our march would have been if so many victims did not stay home. We all had excuses at our disposal. As emphasized, those who expected their neighbors to protest for them were predictably disappointed because those phantom neighbors never showed. Hence, the combined inaction assures that the abuses upon parents and children will continue.

At this time I want to commend the many participants who took up the slack and made things happen. In our Thursday and Friday planning sessions, we turned a makeshift group of concerned parents into an effective reform team. From decorated t-shirts to suit and tie, it caused me to pass right by some of you in the hotel. Indeed, we made an impact with the people we talked with at the various congressional offices. Upon receiving a final list, I hope to post the “Founding Fathers” of this event. It proved to be more effective than any lawn festival.

At a concluding session on Friday evening, a consensus was achieved behind a future workshop and event. We must build on this momentum if we ever expect to succeed against such powerful adversaries. However, all of it requires major funding. Your financial support is greatly needed. Please make a donation today on our site or mail a contribution to Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. You can also purchase an Information Product at at the now extended discount price.

See information packet (Click Here)

Please help support grass roots reform efforts today:


It was with some shock and dismay that we learned last week that the Nazi Party hired a full time lobbyist to secure socialist reforms in Congress. Meanwhile American fathers continue to rely upon self financed volunteers like Dr. Leon Koziol to promote court reform which is so crucial to family preservation and our moral fiber as a nation. What few fledgling organizations exist to protect the father’s half of the parenting equation fall quickly into disarray, impotence and eventual demise. Money is central to this unfortunate trend and the inequities found throughout our domestic relations processes especially when considering all the federal funding and propaganda contributions going to opposition groups.

We need to find a financing mechanism for our own lobbyist. When considering all the commitment and professional performance seen in light of the few resources with which our group has struggled, imagine what could be accomplished if we got a fraction of those same contributions. Too many supporters are registering their grievances ineffectually from the comfort of their keyboards, and it is getting us all nowhere. Attached is a copy of the cover sheet being distributed directly this week to members of Congress and the Executive Branch in Washington. Here you get a glimpse of all the hard work.

We hope to arrange meetings with various lawmakers and influential people while employing volunteers on the belief that we can reach every member of both houses. That’s over 500 visits and 5,000 copies of paper in our lobby packets. We obviously need your help. If you will not be attending our march, rally or lobby initiative (see April 13th itinerary), kindly consider a donation at Tomorrow, our office will provide this site with information concerning a direct call from a father deployed in Afghanistan. He is supporting our march and asking for help in a divorce which is causing a severe alienation from his child.

See Parenting Rights Institute Lobby Cover Letter (Click Here)


On this, the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, in the wake of global warming, nuclear terrorism and deficit spending, the domestic relations courts of Great Britain and United States continue to steer the “Family of Man” into an iceberg. We see the warning signs everywhere, in criminal statistics, worker productivity and our moral fiber as free nations. The transformation of families into war machines for lawyers and government bureaucrats has bankrupted countless parents and produced epic harm to children everywhere.

Unfortunately, everyone is going about their routines with little concern for these issues. Apathy is at an all-time high and self proclaimed experts kill the messengers of reform. We all know that money is the principal reason for ignoring the iceberg as families and loved ones are fleeced under threat of debtor prisons and child seizure. Like Nazi practices of an earlier era, lawmakers and policy builders simply declare that their oppressive processes are in your children’s “best interests”. Here they are producing a multi-billion dollar industry that is causing an opposite impact. Accordingly, the giant ship’s boilers continue to run full speed ahead.

Fathers are no longer required in the childrearing equation and mothers are the next target as they abandon domestic responsibilities to third parties. To keep this part of the industry growing, “custodial parents”, are trained by the war machine to exploit “adversary parents” for money, lawyer fees and welfare benefits euphemistically termed “child support” (because they are derived from federal welfare provisions without accountability for the true needs of the child). So often when a father attempts to assert his age old authority to raise his own children, he is assaulted with false tactical accusations and so-called “protection orders” reminiscent of a prison system. We call it the “custodial institution of childrearing”.

Indeed, a veteran Family Court judge in New York’s state’s capital declared in a progressive decision ten years ago that “custody” and “visitation” have “outlived their usefulness” while perpetuating an “oppositional framework” between parents which harms the child, see Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS2d 315 (Fam Ct. 2001). Still nothing is done to remedy the carnage. How many more murder-suicides, juvenile crime and Thomas Ball incidents will it take before the iceberg finally sinks this corrupted ship? We hope you are making plans to join us this week in Washington D.C. to promote long overdue reform (see itinerary). A lyric has even been offered to a band tentatively scheduled to play on Friday. It is taken from the hit single “Family of Man”, by Two Dog Night. We hope you enjoy it.

April 15, 2012                                                 Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000

Sung to the Music of “Family of Man”:

This di-vorce process was someone’s dream

An army of lawyers on everyone’s team

A four level court fight across the land

We’re building a home for the family of man.

 Court costs are rising

The devil’s to pay

Jailing the parents who got in his way

Law books and hearings to find a plan

Deciding the fate of the family of man

And it’s so wrong, whatever are we coming to

Yes it’s so wrong, with so little time

And so much to do.

Memories replacing the child that is seized

Burning relations before they are eased

Experts replacing what families ran

Time’s running out for the family of man.

So wrong, the family of man….



Our Founding Fathers event in Washington will have one less protester to assist us in our civil rights cause. The reason: he was put in jail this week for so-called “child support” arrears. He is a former Pennsylvania state representative who was set to speak on the need for Family Court reform. Meanwhile, Illinois Congressman, Joe Walsh, continues to be attacked as a “dead beat dad” by sexist liberals for his position against child support abuses (he allegedly owes more than $100,000 to a successful but vindictive ex-spouse). These events illustrate plainly how you, the reader of this post, may become the next victim in this “war on parents”. They also show why the apathy of our victims will cause even more to be committed to debtor prisons or career damage.

While feminists seeking to justify their existence continue to concoct this “War on Women”, the real war on men, fathers in particular, is waged relentlessly and quietly. It’s time that moms and dads rejected the propaganda of a vocal minority of radicals who have been aggressively destroying families and parent-child relationships for more than two decades. We see the damage everywhere especially in the federal welfare laws where the support enforcement bureaucracy is financed. In our lobby packet, we show how the needs of bureaucrats and not our children are at the core of these laws and entitlement mentality which is bankrupting an entire nation.

News articles feature the “equal pay” and “Lilly Ledbetter” laws for women, but the public is denied the information balance of an “equal custody” or “shared parenting” law for men. The plain injustices impact minority fathers more than any other segment of the parenting population. So when you ignore, disparage or excuse yourself from reform efforts like the one scheduled for April 18-20, 2012 in our nation’s capital, you facilitate all this. See our itinerary posted on April 13, 2012 at Put another way, your inaction is effectively promoting the ongoing carnage to family, our Constitution and moral fiber as a nation. Please join us, if not for yourself, then for your children. They need you in their lives.

Founding Fathers March Itinerary

We are now one week away! Confirmations and attendance continue to come in for this long awaited event promoting the rights of parents, fathers and family members abused in America’s domestic relations courts. The messages anticipated on vehicles and lobby material are varied, however, the central theme continues to be a joint protest against abusive laws and court processes which alienate children from one or both parents for money generating purposes.

              Rally/Festival: L. Wilson, head of “We the People Family Preservation, Inc.” has asked me this week to take over their “Official D.C. Rallyfest” scheduled for the same weekend. However, as of today, without support staff, funding and permit officially in hand, I am unable to accept the offer given its tremendous responsibility. Our organizations, Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc, have not committed to a weekend festival, and we are spread too thin on the eve of our own event to distract from our focus. It remains a public statement and lobbying initiative.

             Lobbying Initiative: The good news is that we are expanding our Washington event to encompass three days of lobby activity culminating in the vehicle display on Friday which concludes at the Senate Park west lawn at 2 pm. On Wednesday and Thursday, April 18-19, we have developed a growing calendar of appointments with congressional staffers, public interest groups and administrative officials. We need people to assist us with the delivery of lobby packets to every member of the Senate and House of Representatives. Here is our tentative itinerary for you to consider:

           Lodging: Hotel Harrington has been used for past rally events because it is close to Senate Park and Congress (only a few blocks away). Located at the corner of 11th and E Streets NW (436 11th Street NW), it is also very economical. We have already secured a number of rooms at $135 per night (parking included) this week and there are still vacancies. However, hotels across the capital are filling up for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Rates go up accordingly, so make your reservations as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Hotel phone is (800) 424-8532 and (202) 628-8140.

             Meeting Place: Old Ebbitt Grill, located at 675 15th Street NW, has been selected as the regular meeting spot for meals and planning sessions for all three days. Once again we have used this location successfully for past events, and it is walking distance from Hotel Harrington. The website advertises it as a popular meeting spot for political insiders, journalists and celebrities. It was a favorite of Presidents Grant, Cleveland, Harding and Roosevelt. Everyone can meet at 7 on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and again Friday morning at 9 am.

            Education Panel/ Discussion:  This event is designed to exchange information for lobby purposes. It is set for Thursday evening between 6 and 9 pm at the Hotel Harrington, however, it may be relocated to the Rayburn Congressional Office Building depending on interest and participation. E-mail us at if you would like to attend or make a presentation. A report will be submitted to members of Congress which incorporates the substance of this exchange. Please remember that we are volunteers drawing upon our own resources to make this possible. We are not a government or publicly funded enterprise. Any help you can provide, such as meetings with your own representative, advertising and delivery assistance would certainly be welcomed. Stay tuned for more info as we draw closer .

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13502
(315) 796-4000

Major Announcement Coming Soon!!!

Stay Tuned!!!

Please Confirm Your Attendance for the Founding Fathers March

Less than 2 weeks away!!!

It’s time to confirm your attendance for the Founding Fathers March scheduled for April 20, 2012 in Washington, D.C.,  if you haven’t already done so.

Please email your name, telephone number, city and state to: in order receive ongoing notifications.



As we reach the two week mark in our Founding Fathers March on Washington, another protest may be brewing at the courthouse steps of New York’s high court in Albany. It comes in the wake of a formal complaint issued to current Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman by parental advocate Dr. Leon Koziol regarding a political poster featured on the courthouse walls. Convicted criminal and former Chief Judge Sol Wachtler is presently being advertised as a former candidate on the Republican line for judgeship to this same court. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Wachtler, he was prosecuted for blackmail, racketeering and stalking a former lover, among other crimes during the nineties, even using court personnel to target a New Jersey lawyer for purposes of impairing his law license.

It all resulted in a guilty plea and federal prison term for Wachtler. Yet our highest court continues to praise him as a man of “integrity” on our public courthouse walls. The complaint underscores the need for parents to be vigilant of their rights and to protect their children from judges themselves. To be sure, Judge Wachtler threatened to kidnap his ex-lover’s child with audacity to send condoms to her 14 year old daughter! You can see why the Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc. are joining forces with other concerned groups to protest corruption in our courts. Help us by organizing your friends and family in a peaceful demonstration on the west lawn of Senate Park in our nation’s capital on April 20, 2012. Kindly pass this on to others and exploit any media contacts that you may have.

See a copy of the recently filed complaint (Click Here)