The search for overdue documentary of whistleblower attorney Leon Koziol continues

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The search continues for a reputable firm to complete a documentary highlighting the horrific ordeal of corruption whistleblower Leon Koziol. Such a documentary requires specialized qualifications and any assistance locating one is very much appreciated.

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Its overriding purpose is to expose highly suppressed judicial corruption and Title IV-D child support abuses that lead to lucrative conflict and severe parental alienation at the heart of today’s societal decay. A desired outcome is to secure overdue reforms.

Below is a timely summary of this unprecedented ordeal.

Your input and assistance are welcome.

Whistleblower Alert: horrific ordeal of civil rights attorney Leon Koziol

This is a critical summary in support of an investigation into the unprecedented ordeal of a judicial whistleblower in the aftermath of the three-prong investigation of Donald Trump, the George Floyd murder, and national focus on human rights. 

On July 31, 2020, long time civil rights attorney Leon Koziol was assaulted by New York State Police at a sobriety checkpoint when the whistleblower’s background was discovered. It was the culmination of a 12-year ordeal targeting a highly successful crusader for justice. There was no basis for this assault as the charges were thrown out after a breath test could not support prosecution. However, the victim was transported to an emergency room where internal affairs opened an investigation. 

Despite the injuries to a public figure, no news release was issued, public access to the scene was not allowed, no internal affairs report was disclosed, and no body cameras were employed contrary to law put into effect one month earlier in response to the George Floyd incident. Weeks later, in the same city, a black arrestee was kicked repeatedly by a Utica police officer resulting in a civil rights conviction against that officer in federal court on January 25, 2022.

A comparison of the body camera footage made public by the city mayor and the falsified incident report issued by the state police earlier revealed that unlike the black victim arrested for attempted assault of a girlfriend, the white male victim made no bodily threats to anyone, did not yell out a constant barrage of racial slurs, gave no volatile resistance, and was not charged with any violation of law prior to his entry into the prearranged checkpoint.  

Both victims made reference to the George Floyd incident when describing their treatment at the scene, and Leon Koziol was a well-known attorney for more than twenty years who successfully prosecuted civil rights cases. He owned no guns and possessed no criminal record but was viciously targeted due to his exposure of human rights violations and federal funding abuses in divorce and family courts beginning in 2008. Two years later, his law licenses were suspended.

The ordeal which followed leading up to that false arrest is now the subject of a book entitled, Whistleblower in Paris. It details the persecution suffered by Leon Koziol which ultimately led to hospitalization for a life-threatening condition on December 22, 2020, only four months after the emergency room transport for police assault. It also details how judges exposed for misconduct deprived Mr. Koziol of his father-daughter relationships for more than eight years and how courthouse doors were effectively closed for recourse due to systemic bias.  

Court rulings dismissing precedent-seeking cases filed by this unique victim exploited their complexity to conceal the realities of judicial corruption, see i.e. Parent v State, 786 F. Supp. 2d 516 (NDNY 2011). Without legal protection for qualified insiders, the public is deprived of the most effective means for discovering such corruption. This summary seeks a documentary, news publication, and congressional hearing to expose this horrific ordeal. It represents an ideal example supporting growing public fears of lower level targeting by the IRS and FBI.

Visit for a book summary and insight into the systemic dismantling of the American Constitution.

While the Politicians were Impeaching…

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This 1-second video was taken north of Times Square, not far from Trump Tower on Wednesday, December 18, 2019. It was taken around 6 pm as politicians were wrapping up their day long testimony for a vote on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. 

Curious as to the unique culture surrounding homeless people, I monitored events to learn that the man in red was visiting fellow homeless victims to assure that they had sufficient protection for the night against the single digit snow squalls which I personally fought en route to my hotel. The forecast was a low of 15 overnight.

The guy in red had just delivered some additional cardboard bedding for the man buried under those blankets on the ground. I overheard that guy tell him that he would return to sleep on his other side as soon as he checked on others nearby.


This photo shows a man buried under blankets beneath the marquis of a worship center in Hell’s Kitchen just west of Times Square. While he was fighting to stay alive on the sidewalks of Congressman Jerry Nadler’s district, Jerry was preoccupied with impeachment as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It was a cold, bright sunny day on Wednesday, December 18, 2019 as I drove down the New York Thruway on another assignment to uncover court corruption in Manhattan. A one hour traffic jam at the George Washington bridge made me late for my appointment. Six lanes at the New Jersey side toll booths narrowed to a single lane on the bridge due to vast stretches of ice being removed by construction crews on its south span.

I had already spent travel hours listening to testimony of congress members regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump which was approved later in the evening. Initially I was impressed with most of the statements including those with which I disagreed. However, even as a former office holder and trial attorney, I soon found myself anxious to switch my radio dial to something more interesting, like latino music which I do not get upstate.

That’s how predictable the testimony became, such that the traffic jams I so detest were becoming tolerable. The many reserved and yielded time for glory speeches could not be more boorish. If it was a Democrat, Trump was a treasonous villain compared to the likes of Benedict Arnold. And if it was a Republican, “colleagues across the aisle” were history’s most profound hypocrites, the likes of which would make Alexander Hamilton turn over in his grave.

In the end, the lofty presentations turned cold and grey as the weather was becoming as I finally reached midtown. They were entirely connected to party loyalty and not the gravity of events that would further divide our nation. So partisan were these representatives that the process lost its luster. There was no merit or genuine principle behind any of it. Whatever respect I had for this impeachment process, it was tortured by politicians focused on self-advancement.

Congressman Jerry Nadler represents the 10th District of New York. His district is the second smallest in the nation and one of the most gerrymandered ones on the planet. It stretches from Central Park down along a west side strip of Manhattan deep into the heart of Brooklyn. Obviously this district was carved out for Jerry’s re-election prospects and not for any constituent benefit in such diverse, chopped-up neighborhoods.

Jerry was the “gentleman from New York” who dominated the hearing as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. I must have counted at least four times when he was recognized in a single hour, yielding time to select Democrat colleagues to impress the few outsiders who bothered to hear any of it. I was particularly offended because I visited Nadler’s office with his constituents during the lobby (middle) day of our Parent March on Washington (May 1-3, 2019).

I had been to Washington many times lobbying for court reforms and a federal investigation of Title IV-D funding abuses which are needlessly separating parents legally residing here from their children. Such abuses are causing veteran suicides and aggravated domestic violence, but because of the lucrative nature of this funding scheme in America’s family courts, you will not hear any lofty speeches from these same members of Congress supporting our requests.

Indeed, not a single member or staff in Congress responded to our reports and march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort. After a packed meeting in the conference room of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in which we were promised a reply, none has materialized even after follow-up visits and calls. This is how obsessed he and other Democrat colleagues have become with the impeachment agenda which began shortly after the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile the people and constituents are literally left “out in the cold” based on the many homeless people in Nadler’s congressional district that were taking cover from deadly cold and snow squalls on the day of impeachment. They could also be found only blocks away from that district at Trump Tower on the other side of Central Park. To hear these epic hypocrites recite their “oaths of office” repeatedly during the same day hearings made me cringe given their violations of those oaths among the sidewalks of Manhattan and the family court victims of America.