Let’s Make History: Parents Joining to File Writ in Supreme Court

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Are you concerned about the state of parent-child relations in our divorce and family courts? Have you gone there trusting that justice will be served only to learn all too late that orchestrated controversy led you to the brink of bankruptcy? Are you aware that your constitutionally protected parental rights are being eroded with an ultimate goal of having the state assume control of our families?

Parents are 150 million strong in this country, yet we have little voice in our government. Not a mention was made of our struggles in either political convention or in any presidential debate. Every aspect of our private lives has been infringed through state power exceeding that of the NSA, IRS or FBI. Our children have lost college funds and their health to lawyers and court appointed psychologists, see i.e. Universal Health v United States, No. 15-7 (6/16/16)(teen girl referred for mental treatment suffered a stoke leading to her death due to incompetent drug administration).

Clearly an epidemic is underway warranting the attention of our high court. There are dedicated advocates doing our best to reverse this trend. However it is a trillion dollar industry protected by special interests. Many parents, fed up with this system of mandatory custody and Title IV-D incentives have turned to our federal courts for relief. But in virtually all courts across the country our cases have been dismissed. The Supreme Court rejected at least three of them at a single conference on September 26, 2016. Over 750 petitions were supposedly reviewed at that conference.

Of the 10,000 petitions filed each year, 9,900 are rejected. While abortion, gun rights and capital crimes are regularly heard, not one shared parenting case has ever been heard. The last time a related issue was taken up, it was to explain how a father could be properly jailed for child support without an attorney, Turner v Rogers, 564 US ___ (2011). The last time custody was addressed, it was in Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000), but that case focused on grandparent rights.

In Michael H. v Gerald D., 491 US 10 (1989), the Court turned down a biological father’s rights despite good child relationships based on a statute which presumed the legal father to be the husband when a child is born during an adulterous marriage. In Santosky v Kramer, 455 US 745 (1982), the Court ruled unconstitutional a family court process, but that was in the context of terminating parental rights. In Caban v Mohammed, 441 US 380 (1979), the Court ruled that a father had equal rights with a mother to contest adoption. That pretty much sums up the importance of our nation’s moms and dads in the eyes of the Supreme Court in modern times.

As a result I have pressed on with reform efforts despite all the sacrifices and set-backs. Within 24 hours of my latest denial on Monday, I filed for another personal writ before the Supreme Court, raising new issues concerning its accessibility for parents across America. To that end I contacted a Supreme Court clerk in August to confirm that an extraordinary writ could be sought under Rule 20 should my petition be denied. That option is still available but I will not undertake the complexities of filing unless I can get thousands to join. Joinder is not allowed after a petition is filed although supporting briefs can be offered.

Of course we can expect detractors and pontificators. But until the retributions for my reform efforts, I maintained a successful and unblemished constitutional rights practice for more than 23 years. My achievements on 60 Minutes and New York Times can be found at www.parentingrightsinstitute.com. Put simply, history can be made with your participation. I will be providing regular updates on this site: http://www.leonkoziol.com. I can be contacted at the PRI offices at (315) 380-3420 or e-mailed at leonkoziol@parentingrightsinstitute.com. All joiners must provide an electronic or regular address with phone number for confirmation purposes.

I am asking fellow victims, current and potential family court litigants and concerned citizens to set up and circulate an on-line petition under the following issues which can be modified or supplemented:


1) Has the Supreme Court rendered itself inaccessible to petitioners and the vast majority of our citizens in violation of due process and Article III of the Constitution?

2) Has the Supreme Court erected and ratified onerous obstacles to federal court jurisdiction for parents victimized in divorce and family courts contrary to due process, a fundamental liberty interest and genuine principles of federalism?

3) Has the Supreme Court encouraged or justified private remedies for law abiding citizens to vindicate their constitutional rights when its duties were abandoned here?

Documentary Preview on Parent Alienation in Divorce and Family Court


A book and documentary are coming to fruition regarding the parental alienation epidemic in our state domestic relations courts. Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, they seek to expose the underbelly of a child control industry which is being suppressed by government and media. The mission focuses on a well concealed federal law that rewards state courts by the number and extent of lucrative conflict generated at the expense of parents and children. Indeed parental rights are being eroded systematically by the day.

The brainchild of Dr. Leon Koziol, renowned civil rights advocate, this mission also seeks to grow the number of documented ordeals across the country in order to secure long overdue reforms. Leon has successfully litigated on behalf of those victimized by abusive government practices for more than 23 years until he became a target of retribution himself. If you have an ordeal you would like to add to this mission, contact the Institute office for a cost estimate based on your location and case complexity at (315) 380-3420. Get more details at:  http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com.

Human Rights Conference in NYC includes violations in divorce and family court

View of new World Trade Center in Tribecca neighborhood of NYC where Leon stayed on last day of human rights conference.

Leon is returning from a three day human rights conference in New York City sponsored by an international organization. It started with a petition delivered to the United Nations on Thursday and ended with a presentation of American hostages and terrorism in Middle East.

We decided to participate because the agenda was open to atrocities in “other countries.” So the atrocities of parent alienation, lucrative custody battles and debtor prisons (child support abuses) were added to the agenda through our hand-outs of Dr. Koziol’s newly released report entitled “Custody Court Dysfunction: An American Human Rights Epidemic.”

You can get a copy by consulting earlier posts here at Leon Koziol.com. You can also obtain our Court Education Program at http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com. This report is based on over three decades of litigation experience in these courts. It was distributed to a European documentary producer, international speakers and a policy advisor to Congress.

Contact us at our office at (315) 380-3420 if you want more information.

Thank You to John Parent Supporters in Supreme Court Case

A doctor in Virginia, law partner in Chicago, professor at Columbia University, businesswoman in Syracuse, psychologist from California, fathers rights leader in Pittsburgh, a former congressman, and a retired officer of the United States Marines. These are some of the people who have answered our call for support in the John Parent case docketed for consideration by the United States Supreme Court. There is no guarantee that our high court will hear argument, but there would be no chance of success if someone did not pave the way, a competent advocate who risked his livelihood to make the case for parents victimized in divorce and Family Court.

As we press on by contacting organizations, fellow victims and family sympathizers, it is important to reiterate the uphill battle faced by any lawyer who undertakes a challenge of this kind against his own profession. While moms and dads remain angry and confused over the abuses they incur in these courts, the simple explanation is that they have become a gold mine for lawyers and service providers exploiting their children for money. When family resources run out, so do the intruders with their purported concerns and the needless controversies they perpetuate in countless cases. Our little ones suffer the most.

How did we, as intelligent Americans and loving parents, allow this to happen? How can we go on with our daily lives impaired by the crime statistics, productivity losses and health issues which this child industry has caused? Why are the presidential debates devoid of the most important issue of our day, the need to reform our domestic relations courts so that separated parents can be encouraged to raise their children in cooperative fashion? How can we continue to disregard a parenting rights case in our nation’s highest court which is being trumped by gay marriage advocates seeking the attention of the same court?

It took four years of hard work and sacrifice to get the John Parent case to the Supreme Court. During that time, less than $1,700 was donated to the cause, only $35 since the Supreme Court phase began last month. It cost over $2,000 in filing fees and print requirements alone just to have the case docketed, and even basic lawyer fees for the entire project is estimated to be well into the six figures. Yet many observers, detractors and self made “experts” continue to criticize and pontificate about this case without the slightest positive contribution. Is it no wonder that our family institutions are failing all around us?

A heartfelt thanks to all who have understood the importance of our work and perseverance on behalf of parents, children and families everywhere! We ask you again to get seriously involved in promoting John Parent v State of New York while the Supreme Court still has this case under its microscope. By December, this opportunity may slip by and never return, at least not during our lifetimes. It takes more than words and mere intentions to secure meaningful reform. And when it comes to our most cherished rights under the Constitution, there is no better place than our Supreme Court to make this happen. Just ask Ms. “Roe”, another fictitious plaintiff in the highly unexpected case of Roe v Wade, abortion rights circa 1973.

The staff and supporters at Leon Koziol.com.

Administrators Note: We are asking all followers of this website to kindly help support Dr. Koziol and his efforts to bring forth this precedent seeking case.