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Recently our Parenting Rights Institute released an Information/Education Product designed to orient parents to abuses in divorce and Family Court. Developed over the past year, it helps you to avoid harm to parent-child relationships. Priced at less than a single competent lawyer consultation, it also addresses countless issues raised by followers of this site over the past several years. Various financial donors have asked that we produce a useful program which they would be willing to pay for in order to avoid the high cost of lawyers and litigation abuses. Our product was completed this past week to answer this demand. It consists of a dynamic lecture and five part reading program with crucial information that you will not find elsewhere. What’s more, a discount and special warranty is included for those purchasers who take advantage of this opportunity before April 1, 2012. All purchasers will be paid $50 for each new sale and another $50 to a participating organization. Put another way, with 12 sales, you can recover your entire cost and earn an income thereafter. Get the details at and order your product today!

FINALLY!!! Avoid Family Court with New Info Product

As concerned parents and families, we must face the reality that divorce and Family Court reform will not occur as long as our children are exploited as part of a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s why Dr. Leon Koziol and the Parenting Rights Institute have spent the past year focusing upon an information/education product designed to keep victims away from abusive lawyers and costly court processes. After careful development in the face of government suppression, this product is now available. Learn how to resolve differences and avoid financial damage through Dr. Koziol’s 3-step program:

1) Purchase the product;

2) Educate yourself to the system

3) Send a copy to your parenting adversary.

The product will then take care of the rest. A limited time offer is made here to all followers of Until April 1, 2012, this $350 item will be offered at a discounted price of $299, less than the cost of many single lawyer consultations. View the promotional video here and check out additional details on our newest website at:

Self-help information product for child custody & support cases being developed

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February 1, 2011, Old Forge, NY – Civil rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., announced today that he is developing a critical and timely information product for self represented parties in child custody and support cases.

Koziol, who has gained widespread recognition for his parenting rights efforts in federal and state courts, emphasized that this self-help package will save mainstream parents thousands of dollars in litigation costs while at the same time giving them a proper working knowledge of the court system. The package will even benefit those having legal representation by enabling them to better evaluate their lawyers and options.

“This one of a kind product has emerged from twenty five years of experience in divorce, custody and Constitutional law”, said Koziol. “For about the cost of a single hour in lawyer consultation fees, subscribers can gain thousands of dollars in benefits.” Skiing in the Adirondack Mountains recently, Mr. Koziol was approached for a quick comment (see video).

A tentative release date is scheduled for early spring 2011. Those looking to be notified of a pre-launch discounted price special are encouraged to send an email to with the words “notify me about pre-launch special” in the subject line before February 15, 2011. Please be sure to include your name, address and telephone number.


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