Should a mother who repeatedly commits family court frauds be incarcerated like support violators ?


All people are created equal and treated that way in the eyes of the law, right? Apparently not in family court. Now we will test the reality of these two conflicting statements when the residence of Leon Koziol’s daughters was concealed from him on the court record for more than eight months.

As we informed you in yesterday’s post, Kelly Hawse-Koziol is the mother of Leon’s children. She is employed as a high school teacher in Frankfort-Schuyler district where she is charged with a duty to set an example for future moms and dads. Will the Commissioner of Education take an interest?

For years she’s been filing fraudulent petitions against Leon in family court to gain a childless millionaire for a replacement dad. For example a series of them was dismissed after she rested her case at a hearing a few years ago without need for a defense (very rare in family court).

She even pressed for incarceration of the real father despite severe income impairments caused by retaliations for his public criticisms of these discriminating courts. Now she has been caught red handed perpetrating a serious fraud upon the same court, the father and even her own children.

Will she therefore be committed to a six month jail term as fathers are for willful support violations? Is money more important than a parent-child relationship? As Americans, can we continue to sit idle as our military and public safety officers are abused here on account of their gender or line of duty?

For all the favor that Kelly Hawse-Koziol has been getting in a biased court system, there is no way she can explain her way out of this fraud. She and her taxpayer financed (child) lawyer William Koslosky offered a court document claiming to show that she gave proper notice of a residential change to the father one year ago  (“within 24 hours”) as required by court order.

Such a short time frame reflects the importance which our courts place these days on the whereabouts of our children. In a society plagued by perverts, rapists and kidnappers, vulnerable daughters need both parents to protect them. Leon has every right to protect his precious offspring from those who view them from sinister eyes.

Kelly Hawse-Koziol provided a purported e-mail submission from a year ago with a character missing from the address. Everyone to date familiar with it have quickly concluded that it was a fraud because it would never have transmitted. It would have kicked back to her as undeliverable.

What’s more, Leon’s e-mail address was used without incident on a regular basis for years. Hence there would be no need to re-type it and then feign an error when the address pops up automatically on the screen. Apprehended by her own computer, the scheme to hide Leon’s children and replacement is proven beyond any doubt.

Technical Analysis: The email has varying fonts and print discrepancies. Subject line and date stamp confirming when the message was actually transmitted are noticeably absent. Authenticity is anything but verifiable given lack of missing information otherwise "normally" provided in the body of an email.
Technical Analysis: The email has varying fonts and print discrepancies. Subject line and date stamp confirming when the message was actually transmitted are noticeably absent. Authenticity is anything but verifiable given lack of missing information otherwise “normally” provided in the body of an email. Note: Where is email confirming “undelivered returned to sender?”

It gets worse for the con-artist. Like her star witness, Veronica Donahue, arrested on $10,000 bail in 2013 for faking lawyer status and indicted for forgery and family law crimes this year, she may have perpetrated a scheme on the school district with the help of the homeowner Joseph Flihan. If you have helpful info, contact Leon at (315) 796-4000,

The old residence was long occupied by a tenant, the new one meant that the children were in a different  grade school district, and the increase in her income plus millionaire side benefits meant that Leon was overpaying support for many months, maybe years.

A purported letter was also submitted by Koslosky claiming additional notice by mail. But such a mode was excluded from the court order, and certified mail used by her for vacation notices was not employed. It’s hard to climb out of one lie to explain another.

Moreover the text of that letter corroborates an after-the-fact scheme in a lame effort to escape liability. She could have texted notice as a simplistic and verifiable mode permitted by the court order but curiously she did not.

So we will see how justice truly works in these family tribunals. Some lingering questions for future posts: Do fathers matter? Does justice apply equally? How far will Family Judge Daniel King go to excuse this clear fraud?

If “mothers” like Kelly Hawse-Koziol can commit such acts with impunity, why should the rest of us play by the rules? Why should a victimized father pay her support to make a rich replacement even richer?

On a broader scale, what are American military overseas fighting for? Why are public safety officers placed needlessly in harm’s way when emotions flare from such injustices? Stay tuned for the next episode which features child lawyer William Koslosky.

What in blazes was he thinking when he offered this clearly fraudulent document on behalf of two innocent children who had nothing to do with it? More abominable, he was offering it to harm their true dad. Was his rage over Leon’s public criticisms so intense that he simply went bonkers? Off the reservation like “red skin potatoes?”  (See prior posts).

You’ve got to admit, asking one’s court adversary to admit to the “genuineness” of his own fraud is pretty stupid. Shouldn’t he get his money back from whatever law school gave him a degree? And shouldn’t we taxpayers demand a refund of his fee? Should his clients sue him for malpractice when they are mature enough to understand his antics here?

Stay tuned friends. This gets very interesting !

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One week after extraordinary lawsuit, Leon Koziol to be reunited with his girls on Thanksgiving.


Kelly Hawse-Koziol, a high school teacher at Frankfort-Schuyler High School in Herkimer County, New York is the mother of Leon Koziol’s two daughters.

Since announcing her agenda to replace the real father with a childless millionare named Joseph Flihan, she has been lying to the courts and alienating Leon’s girls in every manner.

She filed false petitions dismissed for lack of evidence in 2010 costing Leon ten months with his daughters. Two years later her star witness at a custody trial, Leon’s discharged secretary Veronica Donahue,  testified about some kidnapping scheme by a former minority client. It was so absurd that her testimony was actually stricken from the record.

Leon’s parenting time was doubled after that and Donahue was jailed on $10,000 bail one year later for presenting herself as a lawyer on behalf of an unsuspecting “client.” The judge was notified beforehand. In July of this year she was indicted for forgery and family court crimes (See Oneida County Sheriff Active Warrants List).

Undaunted, in 2013, Kelly Hawse-Koziol concocted every imaginable issue to result in conflicting and absurd parenting conditions which Leon refused to honor on principle alone. Children deserve their real dad, the one who created them genetically and raised them without incident since birth, not some scary substitute or utopian figure concocted by a spiteful family judge and his appointees.

A new family judge (Daniel King) in remote Lowville, New York gave Leon a fictional college degree to raise his support obligations and issued such absurd conditions as “prohibited alcohol related gestures” regarding a wedding toast when no competent evidence of unfit parenting could be found.

After two more years of abuse, Leon filed an extraordinary action for civil rights violations in a federal appeals court in Manhattan. He sued this judge, the state’s “custodial parent” and taxpayer financed child attorney William Koslosky, among others, for abusing their entrusted positions to suppress Leon’s public criticisms.

One week later, he was granted parenting time again with his precious girls. They will spend Thanksgiving Day together this year. Ironically Leon will be reunited with his girls by court order from the same Judge King. But this time Kelly Hawse-Koziol and lawyer William Koslosly are implicated in a profound fraud upon the court, the children and their father.

The court’s judge, Daniel King, is expected to excuse the fraud due to Leon’s public criticisms of a dysfunctional family court system. But this time it’s going to get very ugly. Kelly Hawse-Koziol and Attorney Koslosky filed court papers claiming that this “custodial parent” gave proper notice of a residential change to Joe Flihan’s home one year ago as required by court order  (“within 24 hours”).

E-mail or text was the specified mode of notice. But on closer inspection of the offered proof, it revealed a purposeful omission of a character from Leon’s e-mail address. The full one, used effectively before and after this purported notice, would have popped up automatically on her computer screen to prevent needless re-typing while assuring consistent transmission.

In short it was a patent fraud  on the court with the record retaining the old residence (occupied by a tenant) until Leon discovered the new home of his children by happenstance on Fathers Day, 2015. Child exchanges were ordered elsewhere by King after Leon’s “alcohol related gesture.” So this was a well orchestrated scheme.

Next to health and well being of one’s children there can be no more crucial right to a parent than their whereabouts. Had a father done this he would have been treated like a kidnapper. Based on a conceded facetious text of being in Rio during a child exchange in the mother’s driveway,  this overly scrutinized dad was hauled in to explain it all at a costly hearing. Again we’re not making these things up. It really happened.

Kelly Hawse-Koziol is high on gold and money even if it means sacrificing her own offspring to gain the favor of a childless millionaire with a background which is harmful to these unsuspecting children. We will bring you more on that in coming posts.

A father’s first priority is to protect his children, sacrificing himself if necessary. That’s just the way it’s been since the beginning of civilization and that’s the way it will be here regardless of the socialism and insanity which are consuming these courts. They can be as dysfunctional as New York’s Legislature when it comes to common sense.

Stay tuned for more info on this all important parenting rights cause and please support Leon in his ongoing ordeal with any donations and helpful information.

Happy Thanksgiving !




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Extraordinary Lawsuit Exposes Human Rights Violations in U.S. Courts

Dr. Leon R.Koziol in Paris seeking international recognition of human rights violations in America’s domestic relations courts

While our federal government is promoting human rights across the globe, its military is returning to domestic courts which exploit children for profit. That’s the opening statement in a precedent seeking action being filed on November 16, 2015 in a federal appeals court in Manhattan.

Known as a mandamus action, it seeks extraordinary relief due to human rights violations exhibited by presiding judges abusing public office to promote a trillion dollar industry in America’s divorce and family courts. It is a “must-read” for any abused parent. See a copy of Dr. Koziol’s mandamus action: (Click Here)

The lawsuit targets judicial corruption, free speech retributions and a federal funding scheme known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Highly suppressed in public, this law rewards state judges for the number and size of child support orders issued in these courts.

The federal incentive grants render support magistrates inherently biased because they generate revenues for court operations and performance standards for higher office. The atrocities caused by this discriminatory and oppressive law include veteran suicides, heightened risks for public safety officers and needless controversy for parents and children.

The recent murder of Walter Scott, an unarmed father fleeing a support warrant in South Carolina, is one of many examples cited in the action commenced by Dr. Leon R. Koziol, a civil rights advocate. He won substantial verdicts, precedent and a judgment declaring the largest casino in New York unconstitutional.

It is an extraordinary writ for additional reasons including complicity in the human rights violations by a federal judge. This life tenured judge, Gary Sharpe, was previously removed from a case for inventing a human gene yet to be discovered by the scientific community to explain criminal conduct.

Dr. Koziol practiced law in both federal and state courts for more than 23 unblemished years until he became a target of retribution by custody, support and disciplinary judges. They even cited his exposure of judicial misconduct at New York’s prematurely disbanded Moreland Commission on Public Corruption as a reason to keep him in a suspended state concerning his precious daughters and law license.

It is an ordeal which reads like a John Grisham novel. Now you can read it here. The text of Koziol’s lawsuit explains how these domestic courts are seizing increased controls over our children for fee and revenue generating purposes to their ultimate detriment, why our society is suffering as a consequence and how the moral fiber of an entire nation is harmed.

If you have a similar ordeal which needs public exposure, feel free to contact Leon for a free publication consultation at (315)  796-4000. He is being retained by abused parents to write books. As a published author his professional services can be reviewed at Leon

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