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Pedophile Family Judge Removed From Koziol Case: How Many Are There?

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Civil Rights Advocate, Leon Koziol, joined by doctor, dentist and engineer on steps of U.S. Supreme Court to announce filing of a writ to rectify constitutional violations in America’s divorce and family courts.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

So they say, but they don’t even gossip about this one:

Hell is paradise to the fool who comes between daddy and his little girls.

And so it was when 38 domestic trial judges were assigned to interfere with my father-daughter relationships, unprecedented for any sane justice system. Who were these incompetents to dictate how to raise my girls? What could they know about them in the antiquated framework of a “custody war” which they inflame for profit?

Thirty-five (yes 35) are now gone, many are no longer on the bench,  and one was removed in disgrace after admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped five year old niece. You read that correctly, and it should send chills down your spine as you read on and discover the underbelly of this demented, trillion dollar, child control industry.

Roughly half were wise enough to refuse assignment at the outset. The rest only proved how New York has the most dysfunctional family court system the world has ever known. Take Judge Daniel “a-okay” King. His misconduct reads like a juvenile report on steroids. After suspending child contact for something he condemned as “alcohol related gestures” (a champagne toast at my niece’s wedding), I exposed his booze consumption at a Lowville, New York tavern with his children present.

For nearly three years he retaliated for my whistle blower testimony at the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. By removing his six month gag order on this site and stepping down this past month, Judge King thinks my fury is diluted. But it’s only begun. My girls have been irreparably harmed by his sick ego and outside influences. Yesterday I asked U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to open an investigation into protected corruption in New York’s judicial branch of government. I have all the evidence to back it up.

It’s time we the people reined in the abuses of power in divorce and family courts across America. A protest has been set for Constitution Day, September 17th at Lincoln Memorial. My ex-custody judge, Bryan Hedges, should be all the motivation you need to be there. Please read on for your children’s sake. He could be your judge tomorrow.

Judge Bryan Hedges was the first family judge assigned to my case in November, 2006 when signing an order to purportedly protect my girls, four and five years old at the time.  In reality he was protecting an agenda by the ex to replace me with an unfit, childless millionaire named Joseph Flihan. That order was thrown out only three weeks later but the agenda has continued to this day.

In spring 2007, my elder daughter reported on the phone that this new boyfriend, Joseph Flihan, was in the bathroom where my little one was bathing. No time for B.S. protection orders, this one was a no-brainer based on pure father instinct. Within minutes I was one block away when the ex reported on my cell that he had scooted out the door. For the love of money this ex, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, was placing my little ones at risk. Fate alone prevented a furious ending.

In August, 2011, Judge Hedges was returned to my custody case. You moms can only try to relate but there’s something about a relationship between daddy and his girls that no family judge or biologist will ever understand. I didn’t like this guy and opposed his pending session with my daughters in chambers without the parents present (known as a Lincoln hearing). The creepy, childless “lawyer for the children” William Koslosky appointed by Hedges declared that his reputation was beyond reproach.

At the time, Judge Hedges was addressing an order for parental evaluations which I opposed since they were directed by another judge with a vengeance who had stepped down after she issued them. Fortunately my motion for removal of Judge Hedges was granted based on his misconduct in Morin v Tormey, 626 F3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2010)(unlawful political espionage directed of a chief family clerk resulting in $600,000 civil rights recovery for her). The evaluation orders were thrown out one month later by the next judge.

Shortly afterward Judge Hedges was removed from the family bench altogether for admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped five year old niece. Her dad had been investigating for some time but no one took it seriously until he was caught on a recorder. This pedophile judge actually had audacity to defend that he placed the five year old’s hand over his own hand instead of his privates when gratifying himself.

You might say it’s like defending the abuse of children’s estates in family court by blaming parents instead of the lawyers who orchestrate needless conflict to gratify their bank accounts. It’s beyond my “mental” capacity to imagine what Judge Hedges was fantasizing about all those years with  so many toddlers coming into his Lincoln chambers.

How does one impose psychological evaluations on good moms and dads while failing to seek professional help clearly needed for oneself? If you ask Albany federal Judge Gary Sharpe, he’ll probably tell you it’s due to a human gene which only he knows about that will be discovered 50 years from now. There are too many judges sicker than the people they sentence to prison.

Hey I’m not making this up, see United States v Cossey, 632 F3d 82 (2nd Cir 2011)(Judge Sharpe removed from case due to his disgrace of judiciary). In these private chambers, the judge engages in spy sessions to decide which litigant should become the super-parent. I’m only grateful I never had to speculate about Hedges’ opinions of my own daughters. My ex condemned me for challenging Judge Hedges. But hey what does she know? She’s not a daddy. Today she still defends Joseph Flihan.

Stay tuned as the exposure of corruption becomes more alarming in upcoming posts here at http://www.leonkoziol.com. We have new services available to help protect parents and children. I recently filed for a writ at the United States Supreme Court, I’ve been authoring books for court victims and offer a court education program. Please share this message for every parent’s sake. As you can see, it’s very serious! Contact me at Parenting Rights Institute at (315) 380-3420.

Fathers Day card from mom until money took over her soul. This family court epidemic is destroying religion and morality at a record pace. Our duty to reverse it extends to future generations.


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New York High Court: Parents Protect Children at their Peril



As our faithful followers know, we are a blog site dedicated to safeguarding parental rights even when our courts refuse to do their duty of enforcing them, see i.e.Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000)(parental right is the “oldest liberty interest protected by our Constitution”); Parham v J.R., 442 US 584 (1979)(parents presumed to act in their children’s best interests).

However we rely on much more than a 200 year old blueprint to defend ourselves from ever intrusive encroachments upon the privacy of family life. We at Leon Koziol.com go further to base our crusade on an inalienable human right to raise our offspring since the beginning of civilization itself.

Simply because two parents reside apart does not provide sufficient cause for family judges to scrutinize every aspect of a parent’s decision making authority, whether custodial or non-custodial. It does not offer fertile ground to incite needless custody wars that enrich lawyers at the expense of our children’s sustenance and college funds.

And now, just when we thought it was safe to come out, along comes a decision from New York’s high court which pretends to respect parental rights to eavesdrop on their children’s conversations but with the reservation that you do so at risk of incurring a criminal prosecution. Wow! Did this really happen?

Writing for a 4-3 majority, Judge Eugene Fahey ruled that a father’s recording of a threat to beat up a five year old boy was protected from criminal eavesdropping laws. But he added, if it was done in “bad faith,” a criminal conviction would be warranted. Seriously? Who’s going to make that judgment call on the spot?  Eugene? Some lawyer?

By the time “good faith”parents get a judgment call from the state, numerous participants of a court process will weigh in until it reaches Eugene at this same court after a period of years. Will any of them take responsibility for a seriously injured child when a parent decides not to risk commitment to a prison cell next to the real criminals we are monitoring?

We know they will simply punt with an excuse that it’s “the law” even though they created this law along with another one known as absolute judicial immunity. That’s “the law” which protects them from liability unlike the rest of us when we violate the public trust. As our precedent seeking litigation has proven, they’re all protected, and now they’re protecting the criminals.

Who are these people that they can substitute their judgments for those truly concerned about our children on an hourly basis? How much more scrutiny can we withstand before we finally wake up to a reality that our families are controlled by New York lawyers and judges. This is 2016, we live in a dangerous world where our children are exposed to all sorts of predators.

Take for example judges and lawyers. Attorney Steven Lever was convicted of using his employer’s law office computer to have sex with a thirteen year old girl. An attorney disciplinary judge recommended a six month law license suspension with favorable references for his return to employment.

Yes this really happened, look it up yourself at In re Lever, 869 NYS2d 523 (1st Dept. 2008). Attorney Lever served no time and his suspension was converted to three years despite public pressure and a dissenting opinion for disbarment. Leon is still suspended after six years without any criminal charge due to his public criticisms of these courts.

If you think it gets better with judges, one was removed from family court for admitting to sexual misconduct on his handicapped five year old niece. He was Leon’s custody judge, Bryan Hedges. Look him up too along with his chief judge, James Tormey, at Morin v Tormey, 626 F.3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2011)($600,000 liability against both for “political espionage”).

Against this backdrop, the three dissenters in today’s eavesdropping case, led by newly installed Leslie Stein, went off the deep end. They would have us all litigating such issues in divorce and family court. Translation: more cash for lawyers, less for our children. So that’s our report for today and a powerful warning to our sister 49 states: New York is coming for you, it’s called Hillary’s Village where the state owns your children.

Now for those of you who missed our highly important censorship post of the past week, we are reproducing it for you here. It is crucial that you share it and help us get the staff and financial resources to fight this ever-encroaching system of government:

Courts Extinguishing Parental Rights Through Censorship


Okay so we’re not Breitbart or Infowars, we’re just an expanding blog site known as Leon Koziol.com dedicated to parental rights. That puts us with mainstream social media. As Chief Justice John Roberts declared in Snyder v Phelps, speech and press must be “robust” in any self-governing nation.

But we weren’t picketing against gay military as they were in that case. We were promoting all military who return from foreign wars only to experience more oppression in divorce and family courts. That made our third branch of government the subject of our public criticisms.

It’s an epidemic captured by Second Class Citizen.Org in Purple Heart’s Final Beat. We’re part of a loose network of advocates seeking vital reforms. That makes all of us bloggers important to our nation’s politics because the divorce epidemic has received sparse coverage by other media.

Today more than ever, we are victims of a powerful bureaucracy seeking to control every facet of our liberties. Families are the last bastion. Accordingly the people rely on secondary media for information and protection. It may be our final frontier before the machines take over.

When major media is censored, they resort to our courts for protection as they should. These forums were created by the people to be the primary guardians of our constitutional rights. But what if the courts are the ones doing the censoring? Where do those victims go for protection?

Welcome to Leon Koziol.com, the most court-censored blog site in America. It started innocently enough, a loving dad and attorney seeking to spend more time with his daughters. He went against his profession for turning our children into a trillion dollar industry.

And boy did they retaliate. This site was offered to fight back, and since its inception, we’ve exposed court corruption like toxic spills from a chemical plant. With each post, public forum or court filing, judges and spineless lawyers acted to extinguish our protected activity.

The Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are some of the major media seeking relief in our courts whenever they are censored. Their publishers, editors and reporters are never seized of their children, livelihoods and homes as a punishment.

Secondary media are not so fortunate. They lack real influence. But what we do have is an army of free service providers so the big guys can have something worth reporting. Here, because the courts were targeted, we became the most censored news site in America. Now for some proof:

On November 25, 2015, a state court gag order was issued against this site. It was so expansive that its details here could implicate a contempt citation and imprisonment;

In June, 2015, a disciplinary hearing was opened to the public for the first time on Leon’s request to address a law license suspension caused by an insider fired from his office in 2009. That insider was not convicted for her crimes until 2016 after damage was done. Hence it could not be used sooner to defend against a 2010 suspension;https://leonkozioljd.wordpress.com/2016/02/26/finally-veronica-donahue-to-be-sentenced-for-felony-forgeries-join-us-for-justice/

The ethics lawyers in the witch hunt against Leon were fired for falsifying their time sheets by the same court which suspended Leon. That fact was used to resist charges of inadequate insider supervision which Leon then applied to the judges before him regarding their own ethics staff. No public charges were ever brought against them;

The 2015 hearing was video recorded by Divorce Corp because of a You-Tube interview with Leon which it publicized in June, 2015 on the subject of child support corruption. This publication caused Leon to be censored at a family law reform convention at our nation’s capital in November, 2014 sponsored by the same entity;

On April 8, 2014, the state’s Committee on Professional Standards issued a report opposing reinstatement of Leon’s law license. It cited and attached seven blog posts out of more than 200 as offensive in content with no ethics charges ever brought;

One of the cited blog posts consisted of Leon’s 2013 testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption regarding fabricated college degrees found by judges. It cannot be detailed here due to the gag order. Another post was merely a dedication to Leon’s recently departed mother, adding a sadistic flavor to it all;

• On May 22, 2013 at a closed hearing, ethics lawyers for the Committee on Professional Standards declared to a court panel that they would oppose reinstatement of Leon’s law license as long as he continued his public criticisms of judges. None was specified or prosecuted while “anonymous” complaints on other subjects were;

The criticisms included a civil rights forum sponsored by Leon on January 19, 2010 featuring parent testimony for a report to the Justice Department. It was monitored by divorce lawyers. The later fired ethics lawyers asked Leon to explain why he did not introduce himself as a “suspended lawyer” prior to his first ever suspension.

• On January 9, 2008, Leon argued his first appeal challenging a lucrative system of custody classifications which forced parents to fight over their offspring. It was before a court which also appointed ethics committees. One member was his ex-spouse’s divorce lawyer. On the same day, an ethics prosecution was opened for the very first time against Leon after more than two decades of unblemished practice;

• On October 8, 2008, a divorce judge ruled that Leon’s support obligations under that challenged custody law were proper under Title IV-D (Child Support Standards Act). That meant that the judges and lawyers who disrupted the parents’ 2006 agreements did so for no good reason other than lucrative parental conflict. A violation was nonetheless filed to cause another basis for suspending Leon’s law license. Those details are also omitted here due to the gag order.

This is only a small sampling of Leon’s ordeal and punishments for protecting fellow parents (and others who cannot be mentioned here due to the gag order). None of it has ever been disproved or even denied, and this is not the first time Leon sacrificed himself for the people and their rights under the First Amendment.

As chief (corporation) counsel for an upstate New York city, he gave up his post and successfully sued a mayor in federal court for a gag order on public employees. You can look it up at Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp.2d 170 (NDNY 2000)(supported by federal appeals court in Manhattan). On October 9, 2015, the same federal court issued an anti-filing order against Leon.

We continue to fight this battle on principle and for those who cannot be mentioned here. Leon is also fighting for parents, families and children everywhere. But he has been deprived his livelihood for more than six years while a local lawyer convicted of tax fraud on $2 million in client income was never denied his law license even while serving time in prison. We therefore ask you to support us with a donation and anything else you can do.


Extraordinary Lawsuit Exposes Human Rights Violations in U.S. Courts

Dr. Leon R.Koziol in Paris seeking international recognition of human rights violations in America’s domestic relations courts

While our federal government is promoting human rights across the globe, its military is returning to domestic courts which exploit children for profit. That’s the opening statement in a precedent seeking action being filed on November 16, 2015 in a federal appeals court in Manhattan.

Known as a mandamus action, it seeks extraordinary relief due to human rights violations exhibited by presiding judges abusing public office to promote a trillion dollar industry in America’s divorce and family courts. It is a “must-read” for any abused parent. See a copy of Dr. Koziol’s mandamus action: (Click Here)

The lawsuit targets judicial corruption, free speech retributions and a federal funding scheme known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Highly suppressed in public, this law rewards state judges for the number and size of child support orders issued in these courts.

The federal incentive grants render support magistrates inherently biased because they generate revenues for court operations and performance standards for higher office. The atrocities caused by this discriminatory and oppressive law include veteran suicides, heightened risks for public safety officers and needless controversy for parents and children.

The recent murder of Walter Scott, an unarmed father fleeing a support warrant in South Carolina, is one of many examples cited in the action commenced by Dr. Leon R. Koziol, a civil rights advocate. He won substantial verdicts, precedent and a judgment declaring the largest casino in New York unconstitutional.

It is an extraordinary writ for additional reasons including complicity in the human rights violations by a federal judge. This life tenured judge, Gary Sharpe, was previously removed from a case for inventing a human gene yet to be discovered by the scientific community to explain criminal conduct.

Dr. Koziol practiced law in both federal and state courts for more than 23 unblemished years until he became a target of retribution by custody, support and disciplinary judges. They even cited his exposure of judicial misconduct at New York’s prematurely disbanded Moreland Commission on Public Corruption as a reason to keep him in a suspended state concerning his precious daughters and law license.

It is an ordeal which reads like a John Grisham novel. Now you can read it here. The text of Koziol’s lawsuit explains how these domestic courts are seizing increased controls over our children for fee and revenue generating purposes to their ultimate detriment, why our society is suffering as a consequence and how the moral fiber of an entire nation is harmed.

If you have a similar ordeal which needs public exposure, feel free to contact Leon for a free publication consultation at (315)  796-4000. He is being retained by abused parents to write books. As a published author his professional services can be reviewed at Leon Koziol.com

Please share this link: http://wp.me/pXgi5-W9

Is the American public surrendering self-governance to rampant corruption ?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

I have lived to experience something I never thought I would: a voter ballot without any choices. It was Election Day at ward 2-3 in New Hartford, New York and all candidates were unopposed. There was not even a proposition for me to ponder.

When I ran for state Senate ten years ago, a statistical tie resulted with a retired state Supreme Court justice as my opponent. The polls were active, the debate lively throughout and it was only a primary. City voter turnouts doubled the number this past week.

After recounts, the winner in my Senate race convinced me to run for county executive the next year where I garnered nearly 25,000 votes. Again the debate was lively and lines nearly out the door at the same ward 2-3, this time in the general election.

On Election Day 2015 I was the only voter at peak time. Eight workers behind two district tables could not hide their disappointment. After questioning my purpose,  I announced I was there to honor their commitment to democracy. Profound gratitude followed with one volunteer remarking that I had just made their day.

What’s happening here people? The incumbents may have you believe that they are performing so well that opponents are not needed. Adolph Hitler thought the same, but humans by definition are imperfect. Contested races bring out issues needed for democracy to function properly.

Could it be that corruption in government is so rampant these days that the people are simply surrendering to it? I testified at the 2013 hearings of the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. The complaints were so numerous that the vast majority were locked outside Pace University.

As we know when top state leaders were implicated in those proceedings, the Commission was prematurely disbanded. Fortunately an angry federal prosecutor who also testified at that hearing seized the files resulting in the indictment of top leaders of New York’s legislature.

As our followers also know I was targeted for my testimony resulting in the loss of my livelihood, children and law practice. The ethics lawyers in the witch hunt against me resigned after falsifying their time sheets. My custody judge was removed from family court after admitting sexual misconduct on his handicapped five year old niece. No public charges came of these crimes. The list goes on.

As Americans we have to act on this. For my part I continue to vote and influence politics where I can, like a convicted felon as local council president who was upset by a newcomer at the polls. I also seek accountability in our civil courts, but like Moreland, I am now being locked out.

As a final resort I am writing books for corruption victims with one nearing publication. There are many ordeals that are never told and the scandals are thereby covered up. Feel free to contact me at (315) 796-4000 directly if you would like to retain my professional services.

Do You Trust Family Court to Protect Your Children? If So, Read This!


If you knew that your adult neighbor had committed sexual misconduct upon his five year old handicapped niece, would you allow your children near his home? If it turned out they became victims, might you be worried about your parental rights for a failure to look into his background?

Well for years in a Syracuse, New York courthouse, children were being ordered to appear in chambers without parental supervision to interact with a family judge who committed this very misconduct. There is no way of knowing how his proclivities may have impaired his judgments and custody orders, but unlike the “kids for cash” scandal in Pennsylvania, resulting in 4,000 reversed juvenile convictions, there was no similar review or remedy here.

You really have to stop and grasp this reality because our third branch of government has generally received the highest public trust, even presiding over disputes and crimes of our other two branches. If this “family” judge, Bryan Hedges, had not been caught admitting to his disgusting behavior, he would still be on the bench meeting with little boys and girls at these so-called Lincoln hearings designed essentially to get our littles ones spying on their parents.

You can only imagine what was going through Bryan’s demented mind as he questioned unsuspecting toddlers about the fitness and behavior of their mommies and daddies. For those of you curious about my motivations for court reform here at Leon Koziol.com, it should be disclosed now that this same judge was assigned at one time to my custody case.

Judge Hedges would have met with my little girls had I not successfully moved for his disqualification. The children’s mother, lawyer and judge-appointed attorney all opposed my motion with depictions of Hedges as an impeccable jurist beyond reproach. Judge Hedges nevertheless disqualified himself on an “appearance of impropriety” without public elaboration.

This may be explained by my grounds for removal which included his status in a civil rights case brought by a court clerk accusing him of using paid staff to conduct “political espionage,” see Morin v Tormey, 620 F.Supp.2d 363 ($600,000 ultimate recovery). Being a public figure with an opposite political affiliation, I could not accept this judge’s presumption of impartiality when I had been recommended by a retired state Supreme Court justice to run for judgeship in the same district.

The story doesn’t end there. Judge Hedges’ co-defendant in the civil case, Chief Administrative Judge James Tormey, assigned more than 35 trial level judges to my originally uncontested divorce case. Any competent lawyer will tell you that this undisputed fact alone makes my case an extraordinary one.  But  other factors showed that the appointment process itself could be manipulated for purposes of censorship.

Most judges were disqualified, thereby justifying my prior (denied) motion for transfer to a downstate judicial district. But certain opposite party judges hung around long enough to exact retributions for my reform efforts before passing their damage on to the next one. Another Syracuse judge, Martha Walsh-Hood, was forced to throw out fraudulent petitions for lack of evidence. I then cited her many violations of judicial code as a cause for the combined harm to my children, but the Judicial Conduct Commission refused to even look into the matter.

This was undoubtedly due to misconduct so extensive that any public inquiry would bring unacceptable reputation damage to the state’s judiciary. Hence, the expedient solution was to kill the messenger despite my 23 years of unblemished law practice, model citizenship and fit parenting. I held elective office, served as city corporation counsel, school board attorney and was featured on the CBS program 60 Minutes, CNN and other reputable news organizations.

Most recently, a junior judge in Lowville, New York, Daniel King, ventured the claim that he was “protecting” my children with new restrictions upon my parenting rights. They were based again on more fraudulent petitions prior to any hearing. I replied that I had been the one properly “protecting” my girls since their birth including any contact with Judge Bryan Hedges.

This 33rd assigned judge then went so far as to fabricate a college degree among my credentials in a scheme to impute fictional income for support incarceration purposes. He also made it highly risky for me to see my children with conflicting directives including one that violated a higher court restraint. With each public criticism there arose a matching retribution through an abuse of judicial office.

Daniel King’s misconduct was featured in my testimony at the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. But when that Commission was disbanded to protect top state officials (the Assembly Leader was later arrested by federal agents on bribery charges implicating prominent lawyers, judges and millions of dollars in public money), state ethics lawyers turned their guns again upon my public criticisms and complaints.

The chief ethics counsel and his two attorney subordinates involved in this witch hunt were fired for falsifying time sheets only weeks after admitting in a closed hearing that they had been targeting my website. No public charges were brought against them for any crimes or civil rights violations. Threats of contempt in both family and attorney hearings then prompted me to seek protection in Paris.

As I’ve stated time and again, my ordeal reads like a John Grisham plot. So the next time you entrust your children and hard earned money to this antiquated and lucrative custody system, think again. Ask yourself the all-important question: do you trust this person on the bench simply because he or she wears a robe? Here at the Parenting Rights Institute, we offer a program  to avoid court or manage your family disputes. It’s based on reality not lawyer profits.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

 (315) 796-4000

Follow Leon Koziol, J.D., on Twitter: (Click Here)

Koziol Selected to Speak at Moreland Commission Hearing on Public Corruption


Administrator’s Note:

On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, Parental Rights Advocate, Leon Koziol was selected to provide testimony amongst hundreds of people who had gathered at Pace University in Manhattan to participate in the first round of the Moreland Commission hearings on the subject of public corruption.  Mr. Koziol’s presentation was well received by both the audience and the commission. Outside the event, there were widespread demonstrations and public protests taking place resulting in a number of arrests.

We will keep you updated as details emerge.

Update (1) 11:55 PM :

Public Blocked From Moreland Commission Hearings (Click Link),
U.S. Attorney To Commission: Political Corruption Is Out Of Hand In N.Y. State (Click Link)

Below is a copy of Mr. Koziol’s presentation that was made to the commission:


Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13502
(315) 380-3420

September 17, 2013

Moreland Commission on Public Corruption
Commission Hearing
Pace University
One Pace Plaza
New York, New York

Testimony by Dr. Leon R. Koziol, Director
Parenting Rights Institute

Dear Commission Members:

Good evening. My name is Leon Koziol, and I serve as Director of the Parenting Rights Institute, a private consortium committed to systemic reforms in our nation’s domestic relations courts. I am a former school board attorney, chief counsel for an upstate city, and two term councilman. Over a period of 23 years, I secured large recoveries for victims of government abuse and final judgment declaring the largest casino operation in New York unconstitutional.

I am here today because of retributions I sustained after criticizing and reporting unethical judges and lawyers to proper authorities. Serious misconduct committed upon unsuspecting parents in matters of divorce, custody and child support was the common theme. It included exorbitant legal fees, protracted litigation, needless controversy, and money generating schemes that simply “shocked the conscience.” The retaliation I sustained reads like a John Grisham novel, and some of it can be found at Leon Koziol .com

My public complaints and civil rights forums were targeted and suppressed because government has turned our children into a trillion dollar industry. Entire families have been reduced to bankruptcy, productivity in the private sector has been compromised, and our prisons fill to capacity not for any criminal wrongdoing but because of civil disputes inflamed in these courts. Simply put, parents are being required under the current scheme of laws to fight over their own offspring in pursuit of awards that have little to do with the so-called “best interests of children.”

War veterans and public safety officers like the responders at 9-11 are coming home to a court system which continues to feature institutional discrimination against fathers. It is nice to know that our governor has given women 75% of the executive composition on this Commission, but men remain 85% of the child support population according to Census reports. It is problem of epic proportion, and we see the consequences every day in our schools, streets and homes.

Koziol Statement on Public Corruption

Page 2

The files we have generated cannot be summarized here, but I will provide you with pertinent news stories and a series of complaints filed with the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct. All of them over a period of years have failed to reach the investigation threshold, leading the common citizen to logically conclude that such commissions are mere window dressing which does more to facilitate misconduct than it does to rectify it.

It is one thing to ignore public corruption, but quite another to target and punish the whistle blower in violation of the federal and state constitutions. How can a self governing people become properly informed through qualified attorneys to maintain accountability over their third branch of operations? To bring this all down to earth, how can we stop the first minority commissioner in Utica, New York, a/k/a “sin city” and “mob files,” from attempting suicide in the city lock-up after years of successful litigation because I could no longer represent him?

Today is Constitution Day, and I would hope that our rights do not incur further erosion through suppression, inaction, fear or ignorance in the wake of Edward Snowden, the IRS scandals and the Trayvon Martin case. If the public cannot secure rational justice in our courts, where can this Commission go with its findings? Violence and disobedience are the natural by-products. It is our duty under that same Constitution to demand accountability. This may require a lecture about democracy and equality from the president, but Vladimir Putin is not one of your speakers.

An alarming report was sent to Loretta Lynch, a confirmed presenter, and I discussed my ordeal with her deputy attorney. I have yet to receive a return call six months later. A secretary was planted in my office to orchestrate ethics violations as part of this retribution process. She was finally arrested in a rural county with our assistance for passing herself off as a licensed attorney over a period of years. She remains at large for multiple felonies committed across state lines.

If a reckless secretary can succeed as a professional imposter for so long, how will we know that Homeland Security can track down highly skilled terrorists? More to the point, how can I report criminals without subjecting myself to further retributions from my own government? I authored two books about terrorism with help from a minority public safety commissioner, police chief and military colonel. I can assure this Commission that we remain at serious risk.

Based on my quarter century of relevant education and experience as a parent and trial attorney, I am making the following recommendations to our governor and state before this Commission:

First, I am asking for a review of domestic relations laws for their combined injury to parental privacy. The goal here should be to get our courts out of the “child business” as one family judge put it. Jurisdiction should be limited under the Constitution to child abandonment, abuse or public charge. Custody awards and welfare transfers inflame needless controversy and are not in our children’s long term interests when similarly involved parents are self sufficient.

Koziol Statement on Public Corruption

Page 3

Second, the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct should be investigated and decommissioned much like the former Commission on Investigations. It is an entity which is politically impacted and ill equipped to properly address judicial misconduct. Only one judge above trial level has ever been publicly admonished, many are town or village judges without law degrees, and the state’s former chief judge, Sol Wachtler, like so many higher level criminals, had to be apprehended, prosecuted and sent to prison by federal authorities.

Third, I am asking this Commission to investigate our current chief judge, four appellate division judges in the Third Department and one in the Fourth Department for their unlawful targeting of my civil rights activity. In a highly unprecedented move, an entire appeals court disqualified itself from my professional and family matters after I filed a complaint in federal court. On May 24, 2013, ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me conceded in open court that they were targeting my public statements. Weeks later, they were terminated for falsifying time sheets, apprehended not by a self regulating court but by the Inspector General.

Compelling precedent behind my requests can be found in the case of ex-chief judge Sol Wachtler. He directed publicly paid court staff to investigate a New Jersey lawyer to impair his licensing interests in New York because he represented a threat to the judge’s criminal activity. Given the limited time allotted to me here as a speaker, I am offering print material for your deliberations. The notion that judges are immune from accountability is answered here by a sampling of misconduct cases which should have every parent and family in America concerned.

From the top down, judicial misconduct reads like a docket sheet in any criminal court. Examples include New York Supreme Court Judge Gerald Garson, convicted of bribery and official misconduct in 2007. He was caught on camera accepting a $9,000 bribe from a divorce lawyer in chambers to fix a custody case. Had the mother not sought assistance from the FBI, she would have lost her children for a payment much less than most contested divorce retainers. The judge served minimum time in prison due, in part, to the many references from his colleagues.

Supreme Court Judge Thomas Spargo was convicted for soliciting $10,000 from a lawyer facing a personal divorce in exchange for favorable treatment. The money was required for growing legal fees to defend against ethics charges. Much of the misconduct in my case involved judges with offices in a Syracuse courthouse. The chief administrative judge there was among the defendants named in a civil rights action brought by the chief court clerk alleging political espionage against a competing judge of the Family Court. It resulted in a $600,000 recovery.

Another named defendant was Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges who was removed from the bench in a recent published decision. He admitted to sexual interactions with a handicapped 5 year old niece. The sordid details are better left to the decision, but only months prior to his removal, this same judge presided over my ongoing custody case. My motion for his removal

Koziol Statement on Public Corruption

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was opposed by the divorce and child attorney on grounds that he was beyond reproach. It was fortunately granted prior to the standard child session in chambers without the parents present.

Only last month, a Michigan judge was exposed for presiding over a child support case in which the mother was his secret lover. He admitted a practice of allowing the female litigant privileged access to his chambers for the purpose of engaging in “special” relations. It caused an unplanned pregnancy and major back peddling to explain impartiality. The list goes on: a Pennsylvania judge convicted for imprisoning 4,000 children in newly built facilities in exchange for contractor kickbacks, and a Texas family judge exposed on his daughter’s video for child abuse.

This is only a sampling of judges actually caught for their misconduct. Many more would be exposed if judges honored related code obligations which mandate accountability for unethical conduct. In my case, they simply passed the damage on to successor proceedings as a mode of retribution, thereby causing serious injuries, costly appeals and vacated orders. There have been 30 trial level judges and more than 50 decisions requiring an appeal. How is this even possible? How does it comport with minimal requirements of due process and an orderly system of justice?

On the lawyer end, collusion between the bench and bar is implicated in civil rights cases brought by New York City ethics counsel, Christine Anderson and Nicole Corrado. They paint a very disturbing picture of insider protection for lawyers committing serious misconduct and discipline for targeted lawyers outside the system. In my case, the targeting process carried over to my children in Family Court and the same appeals court where my law license was impaired.

The misconduct here is extensive, but suffice it to state, an agenda was put in place to orchestrate child support violations for incarceration purposes. To do this, various judges fabricated degrees and accomplishments behind imputed income so that support orders could be artificially elevated to unmanageable levels. One judge awarded me a PhD in the text of his formal decision. I filed a complaint regarding gross incompetence. It concluded with deference to the appeals process.

When I filed my appeal, a higher judge agreed that I possessed no PhD, but he whitewashed the incompetence as a mere “passing” and “harmless” error. The appeals judge then awarded me a Masters degree in his formal decision. I have no such degree, my ex-spouse possessed that one. Indeed the litigation process has become so retaliatory, so demented and so torturous to my children, career and income producing capacity that I was forced to ask our state courts for no more degrees, no more concocted employments and no more phantom awards.

I leave you with a true story about a former client upstate which demonstrates the enormity of work entrusted to you by the people. He was arrested on multiple criminal charges within days of his dismissal from city employment after exposing secretive salary hikes to the media. I was able to get a jury acquittal in less than 20 minutes and dismissal of a felony charge for a $16 city gas card purchase made within hours of his discharge. It was a standard reimbursement for his last week of services. At the same time, here in New York City, a man stole more than 50 billion dollars before he was finally arrested and charged with any crime.

Koziol Statement on Public Corruption

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The relative aspects of public corruption on these two cases must be placed in perspective. The one here in this city involved not a mere $16, not a hundred dollars. It was not thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. It was not hundreds of millions or even the big “b” word. It was more than 50 billion dollars. How did this happen with all the commissions and regulatory agencies in existence when Bernie Madoff was guarding the chicken coop and running loose on the streets of Manhattan? Will the Bernie Madoff of the legal profession finally be held accountable after my presentation before this Commission?

I appreciate this opportunity to share my concerns about public corruption in New York State.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Institute

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Judge Removed From Koziol Custody Case Now Removed By High Court


You just can’t make this stuff up!

Once again, well ahead of his time, Leon Koziol targeted a family court judge back in August of 2011, seeking to have him removed from a custody case involving his 7 and 9 year old girls in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Koziol repeatedly objected over the years to any sessions known as “Lincoln” hearings conducted without the parents present in the privacy of a judge’s chambers. Eventually, Judge Hedges granted Mr. Koziol’s motion and removed himself from the case. Only 6 months later, the judge was brought up on charges of sexually abusing a 5 year old handicapped girl and the New York Judicial Conduct Commission removed him from the bench.

This is the same commission where the 28 page report was submitted by Mr. Koziol that was published here at Leon Koziol.Com on April 23, 2013. Just 2 days later, the high court of New York affirmed Judge Hedge’s removal.

See New York Daily News Article (Click Here)

The following excerpt was taken from Page 9 of Mr. Koziol’s report:

Another named defendant was Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges who was removed from the bench by this Commission in a recent published decision. He admitted to sexual interactions with a handicapped 5 year old girl (relative) while in law school. The sordid details are better left to the decision but only months prior to his removal, this same judge presided over my ongoing custody case. My motion for his recusal was opposed by the divorce lawyer and child attorney on grounds that this judge was beyond reproach. It was fortunately granted prior to the standard “Lincoln” session in chambers (without the parents) involving my then 7 and 8 year old girls.