Dr. Jeckle and Judge King: A VITAL Public Message to Benefit Lewis County Voters

By Leon R. Koziol, J.D

Parenting Rights Institute

Daniel King is seeking re-election as county/family judge in Lewis County, New York. But an antiquated court structure allows him to preside in all the larger counties of the Fifth Judicial District which includes the cities of Syracuse, Utica and Rome. Put another way, by succeeding quietly to judicial office in a county having roughly 25,000 residents, a judge candidate here can end up presiding over non-residents numbering well over a million without their consent.

That makes the judge race here critical to all litigants of this upstate district not only because it features an outdated and irrational court structure, but the vast and unpredictable assignments take time and resources away from the people who actually need it and voted for it.

Most voters are not aware of this bizarre assignment system headed by an administrative judge in Syracuse. Even though the New York bar issued a convincing report to reform the state’s 11-trial court structure on a par with our country’s largest court system in California which has one, that effort ended when a constitutional convention was turned down by voters with union influence in 2017. And that means that if Daniel King is re-elected, his own influence will extend well beyond county borders without any vetting process for impacted voters.

In Dan King’s case, a Jeckle-Hyde demeanor makes him the worst nightmare for the entire Fifth Judicial District. As an unblemished trial attorney in federal and state courts for nearly a quarter century, I have been privy to countless judges, juries and litigants. But when I challenged this antiquated structure as an impacted litigant and qualified whistleblower, I was suddenly targeted and destroyed professionally to an unprecedented degree.

The relentless retaliation coming at me from all directions over a fifteen-year period finally landed me in the emergency room at Albany Medical Center last year with a dire prognosis. The details of my ordeal are now a part of my recently published book, Whistleblower in Paris, as well as the shocking exposures on this blog site, http://www.leonkoziol.com. Daniel King was assigned without litigant consent to my family court matters, and he promptly asserted himself as the “protector” of my precious daughters in July, 2013, six months after his first election.

Judge King was not present when my girls were born, he knew nothing of their upbringing and there were no neglect or abuse petitions lodged against me before any state agency. Meanwhile competing cases were being delayed and criminals allowed to roam free. King’s demeanor on a first appearance was therefore suspect at the very least, but he proceeded to avenge my “audacious” challenge to his superiority by issuing a series of parenting orders that effectively made it a contempt risk to see my offspring in any meaningful way.

This judge, charged by oath and constitution to exert impartiality, refused to hear my side of a custody violation petition, many of which were dismissed among the 40 or so jurists assigned to my domestic matters since 2007. This was and remains unprecedented in judicial history by most accounts, but that same number was sufficient on the record to demonstrate systemic bias after my motion for transfer to another district was denied the same year. It ultimately caused permanent separation from my daughters.

An increasingly informed public has described this as Parent Alienation Syndrome or PAS. So absurd were Dan King’s retaliatory orders that he rendered one on December 2, 2013 suspending child contact based on, among other bizarre conditions, a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” (wedding toast). I am not making this up. Anyone can find it on page 5 of his relevant decision. This order was stayed (temporarily overturned) one week later, but by this time, others came to his rescue due to my continued whistleblowing activity.

My commitment to justice helped expose such corruption as my custody judge which King replaced, namely Brian Hedges, permanently banned from the bench by the high court of New York due to his admission of pedophile behavior with his handicapped five-year old niece. In 2016, Judge King issued a gag order disguised as a protection order on this site. It was removed when I challenged it on First Amendment grounds in state supreme court.

Within weeks of a relevant court order signed against him, Judge King finally stepped down. Not surprisingly, all these exposures and challenges to judge authority made me a pariah, ultimately forcing me to seek human rights protection in Paris. The notion that I could be jailed for a non-criminal debt called “child support” (caused by retaliatory law license suspensions) was too much to bear when considering a parent suicide influenced by a Judge King support contempt order (more on that in a future post).

Today I remain a victim of joint whistleblower targeting which would be questioned by the public at the earlier time. However, with all the bold arrests, false charges and preferential treatment being made public these days regarding national figures, my ordeal is now quite believable. To be sure, Judge King was relying on memory loss of his voters and victims when he abused judicial office, but we did not forget with this election opportunity now upon us.

So please, for the sake of families, parents and litigants everywhere, help us end Dan King’s Jeckle-Hyde tenure by electing a worthy and highly qualified opponent, Caleb Petzoltz, for Lewis County judge. Although he was unsuccessful in his Republican Party primary challenge this past June, turnout was low, and he was able to obtain a place on the November 8th ballot on other major and third-party lines.

Do not be fooled by King’s boyish appearance, friendly rhetoric, number of campaign signs or endorsements. A similar onslaught of sign pollution failed to get the late Utica Mayor Ed Hanna re-elected, and presumably none of the politicians endorsing this man experienced his Jeckle-Hyde conduct as a court litigant. Even if they did come before him, would they now get favored treatment as a result?

To conclude, in contrast with the crusade of recent years to discredit my reputation, my prior record as a prominent attorney, dedicated dad and office holder cannot be erased. Among my many accomplishments are precedent decisions, successful jury verdicts and client recoveries totaling well over a million dollars.

I was even able secure decisions in federal and state court against high powered law firms and Department of Justice invalidating the Oneida Indian Turning Stone Casino gaming compact on behalf of politically disadvantaged rural landowners. It earned me an interview on the CBS program, 60 Minutes. A documentary regarding my ordeal is in the works but will not be in time for this crucial publication.

A few case citations proving my true record are provided below:

Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp, 2d 170 (NDNY 2000)(successful First Amendment jury verdict ultimately obtained in federal court)

Patterson v City of Utica, 370 F.3d 322 (2nd Cir. 2004)($333,820.32 federal jury verdict argued beforeb Justice Sonia Sotomayor)

Oneida Indian Nation v County of Oneida, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000)(removal of injunction upon state court challenge to gaming compact); see also Peterman v Pataki, 2004 NY Slip Op. 51092 (U).

Paris, ISIS and Thomas Ball: Is America Vulnerable? 


Dr. Leon Koziol in Paris one year ago seeking international recognition of domestic terror erupting from corrupt family courts


By Dr. Leon Koziol

At first blush in this headline one asks the question: what does Paris, ISIS and Thomas Ball have in common? Well we all know by now the first two involving the greatest terrorist strike upon France since World War II. But who is Thomas Ball?

Before answering that question, a profound irony must be emphasized regarding a nation which refused to participate in the war on terrorism which is now asking everyone else to join it in the eradication of ISIS. Meanwhile our own president refuses to participate.

Could it be that the targeting of the French president at a soccer game has Obama worried for his personal safety? Is it because he’s not in charge of the coordinated effort? Or is there something more ominous which the public is being denied access to?

Events of this past week continue to beg the question of whether we should be meddling into the affairs of foreign countries to incite these terrorist attacks. Viet Nam veterans are familiar with the Tonkin Bay scandal which escalated our involvement in a “conflict” that cost our nation over 58,000 men and 8 women.

Which brings us to Thomas Ball. This Viet Nam war veteran, committed dad and model citizen who traces his roots to the American Revolution, arrived at Family Court in Keene County, New Hampshire on June 15,  2011. It was anything but a court appointment which brought him there.

He was not there to surrender himself to a jail term for back child support. Instead he sat down in front of the courthouse, poured gas over his head and lit himself on fire to protest family court corruption and father discrimination. Imagine what it took to cause a man to resort to such non-court pain and suffering?

Thomas Ball was hoping to incite a civil rights revolution to parallel the one our government supported in the Middle East when only a few months earlier a man burned himself alive in Tunisia. It caused revolutions across the Arab world leading ultimately to the ISIS response in Paris.

But here in the states there was no government promotion of reform or sympathy for Thomas Ball. Instead it was just business as usual within days of this shocking event known as a “self-immolation.” It was a form of protest chosen in lieu of the mass carnage we see today.

Three articles are instructive here when Googling Thomas Ball: a June 16, 2011 local report by Free Keene, a June 20, 2011 article by Sovereign Man (foreign blog site decrying the lack of mainstream coverage of this horrific event) and a July 10, 2011 story in the Boston Globe which finally threw a bone for the fathers’ rights movement and the publicity it warranted.

What is significant about all this for purposes of Homeland Security is that Thomas Ball mailed to various media a manifesto of sorts demanding that family courts become the targets of violent rebellion. He even gave instructions on how to effectively deliver a Molotov cocktail to their corrupted chambers. You must read that manifesto, it will send chills down your home town spines.

Family court abuses are causing violent reactions all across America but because they have become a capitalist trillion dollar industry, government propaganda and a complicit mainstream media are suppressing public knowledge and accountability. We need go no further than our local family courts to prove this.

In my own home town, a police investigator exiting family court learned that he would have to survive on $28 per week after deductions for taxes, child support and other mandatory executions. Rather than continue under this oppression, he chose to take matters into his own hands, committing a murder-suicide with the ex-spouse leaving three children without parents.

Evidently the child support bill was never paid after that, instead the police department was blamed in federal court leaving taxpayers with a $2 million liability. It occurred despite confiscation of weapons and imposition of protection orders, see Pearce v Longo. The self crafted remedy was executed with a common kitchen knife.

This emasculation and criminalization of fatherhood in America through debtor prisons and socialist policies are leading to escalations in crime, immorality and child dysfunction. We see it increasingly in the mass killings at schools and public venues like those in Paris.

I visited numerous human rights agencies, offices and media including the AP in Paris. But because these family courts have become so lucrative in Western society, there are no government studies or reforms to this antiquated custody system of child governance.

To address the growing epidemic, I filed an extraordinary lawsuit in the federal appeals court in Manhattan seeking, among other things, a declaratory judgment invalidating this oppressive and discriminatory system of child control. Our followers went off the charts as a result.

As America’s military returns home to debtor prisons, child alienation practices and a money oriented court system, ISIS operatives are no doubt exploiting the injustices here to orchestrate their next attack. Like  9/11 we know it’s coming. The question is how, when and whether our government is drawing properly upon its own people to track it.

 To that end I published a novel last year depicting how the next terrorist strike on our homeland could occur. It’s about a group of career woman on a private voyage across the Great Lakes who unwittingly foil such a plot. Full of intrigue, romance and humor it is titled “Voyage to Armageddon,” available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu on-line bookstores.

I am also offering professional services to those who would like to publish their own court ordeals. Feel free to contact me at (315) 796-4000 if you have such an ordeal, and stay in contact for our next very exciting series here at Leon Koziol.com.

Best regards,

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Civil Rights Advocate

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King’s Chronicles: If An Angry Judge Refuses To Step Down, Can You Defy His Orders?


Part Three: A Vindictive Judge Is No Judge At All But He Will Throw You In Jail Like Martin Luther King.

Our greatest civil rights advocate did jail time for defying laws and court orders that were clearly unjust. Here is what he said about segregation which can be compared to today’s custody laws that effectively segregate parents on account of gender:

“An unjust law is no law at all …How     do we determine (an unjust law)? Any law that degrades personality is unjust… All segregation statutes are unjust… It gives the segregator a false sense of superiority and the segregated a false sense of inferiority.”

Under today’s antiquated custody system, fit parents who seek to remain in their children’s lives are segregated into superior and inferior role models. The state and its custodial parent are the segregators and the male parent is  the segregated who receives no similar assistance. Let’s face it, when was the last time you heard of a mom sent to a support debtors’ prison or jailed for depriving a dad of his rights?

Federal support statutes require this degrading form of segregation for states to receive incentive funds (Title IV D). No longer is it based on our children’s best interests but for court budgets and lawyer fees generated by needless custody battles. It’s all part of a trillion dollar socialist child control industry explained at length in earlier posts here at Leon Koziol.com.

To make this unequal structure work, judges chastise fathers for resisting their roles as money machines stripped of genuine child rearing authority. Children are left to believe that fathers are not really parents but nuisances. Something’s got to be wrong with him to be so limited with “visitation,” servitude and supervision. He will be removed altogether from his children’s lives if necessary to keep this lucrative unequal arrangement.

A natural human rights tension is therefore constantly at play in these courts. As Americans, we are naturally drawn to resist unequal treatment under the law. Most veteran judges understand this principle and the natural human emotions that emerge. They perform admirably despite an irreconcilable conflict between supreme laws under our Constitution and inferior state laws in the sensitive resolution of family issues.

But other judges are hopelessly in love with themselves. They show off their powers and create needless disputes. They issue sadistic orders to assuage their egos with no regard for the long term injuries which they cause to innocent children. In short, they exhibit deranged behavior which requires disqualification from a case or removal altogether from the bench. One such judge is Dan King who was recently elected by less than 300 votes of 11,000 cast in Lowville, New York.

Dan King was assigned to my personal family matters in July, 2013. He has abused his powers as a family judge in order to censor the valid criticisms and reform efforts featured here and in the media. He has even referenced this activity in self orchestrated orders which made it impossible for me to see my children after 12 years of fit parenting. Meanwhile in the same family court, a mom and dad doing repeat stints in prison for drug abuse have received custody orders.

When I secured a higher court order restraining enforcement of one of his punitive orders, Dan King followed with a restriction which placed me in violation of two conflicting orders. When he could find no competent evidence of parenting violations, he made one up after the fact and called it an ” alcohol related gesture.” With no record of any alcohol issue as the higher judge found, somehow it was detrimental to my girls that I toasted my niece at a wedding reception.

One month later, when a properly noticed hearing was held, Dan King exhibited an anger and venom for all this which ultimately prompted me to secure permission to exit proceedings to avoid a contempt by ambush. I have been before countless judges and researched many more in my nearly 30 years of successful litigation in federal and state courts. Never before have I observed or experienced the kind of childishness and misconduct as I did with Dan King. That hearing is a book unto itself and the subject of tomorrow’s  “King’s Chronicles.”

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

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King’s Chronicles: How Do You Know If Your Judge Is Hiding A Mental Defect?


Judges Are Typically Prosecuted For Deranged Crimes Prior To Motions For Competency Evaluations.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

So your judge is acting strange. She’s engaged in social banter with the lawyers, ruling for your adversary in disregard of your evidence, and acting like she knows things about you which are not in the court record. You’re confused, incredulous, maybe even bitter about what’s happening. But there’s nothing you can do because the standards for showing judicial bias are utterly unattainable. A prosecutor has it easier in a criminal case.

Welcome to “King’s Chronicles,” part two of an expose about court corruption which every litigant in America should review. Today we focus on that ever elusive question of bias. If it exists, no amount of preparation, merit or lawyer fees is likely to help you. The outcome has been predetermined and your fate sealed. Worse yet, you may not even know that the misconduct is occurring as the culprit twists your own behavior to suit her decision.

In yesterday’s post, part one, we provided a short list of victims who learned all too late that their presiding judges had suffered from delusional thinking. Not one could be expected to admit to any bias and circumstantial proof, however compelling, is routinely disregarded on appeal. In the “kids for cash” scandal, for example, more than 4,000 juvenile convictions had to be overturned, but how did that help the wrongfully incarcerated kids, their families or the taxpayers? Due process had been tortured beyond repair.

With this backdrop, we bring you a story of a family judge assigned to my custody case after 30 prior trial judges had to be terminated or disqualified, many due to retributions for my public criticisms. It is an ordeal that reads like a John Grisham story but you may find your own experiences familiar. You can also gain valuable insights based on 23 years of trial experience here or give a loved one some consolation by sharing this post.

To put you in my shoes, imagine being in front of a new family judge facing yet another petition from a scorned ex-spouse to have your children taken from you. Prior petitions have been thrown out by his predecessors for lack of evidence, but this judge is exploiting the current one because he is offended by your proper criticisms of him, reasons having nothing to do with the merits of this case or your innocent children’s genuine interests.

On a first appearance, the judge has already entered a stigmatizing restriction upon your parenting time based on the one sided story in the petition. That story is just that, no witness, no corroboration, only more hearsay and tired old delusions of the ex-spouse directed against her replacement, your fiancée, living in the former marital home for years.

An astute judge would easily detect the fraud. He certainly would not jump to conclusions and sign an order which impairs a fundamental right protected by our Constitution. But this is family court, things can get very political, and unfortunately we’re also dealing here with a biased judge pretending to see sudden legitimacy to the allegations.

If he bothered to accurately read the record, Judge Daniel King would know of the scorned litigant’s history of court abuse. Instead, he has his own abuse in mind, a petition with an opportunity for him to discredit his public adversary. So when you finally get to be heard for the purpose of removing that stigma, this judge cuts you off and simply declares that he is “protecting” your children.

It’s bad enough that the misguided jurist has trampled all over your due process rights, but these are not his children, he knows nothing about them. He was not there when they were born, knows nothing about the real story, all your sacrifices, love or commitments, and he certainly wasn’t there to save one of them altogether when you pulled her back from darting out into traffic at a playground.

But so what, this is Dan King, suddenly a supreme being. He’s a judge for Pete’s sake, he wears a robe and people all rise when he enters “his” courtroom. He’s read chapter and verse about his “legal” authority to protect children from their own parents. He can do a lot with such an awesome and overbroad power. There’s no jury here, the lawyers are all making money over the asinine petitions, and who’s going to believe an angry litigant over a judge anyway?

What’s more, that logical human emotion called anger can be exploited to impose more conditions such as costly anger management sessions. It occurs all the time to benefit third party “experts” who replace your judgments  with theirs in a confusing mesh of opinions that can defy logic. To be sure, failure to display anger at a wrongful seizure of your loved ones is about as normal as Norman Bates at a domestic violence convention.

And so, over a period of only six months, in a pathetically demented agenda of speech retaliation, Judge Daniel King assured that two little girls would never see their daddy again. He imposed a series of absurd or conflicting restrictions which left this author at constant risk of contempt. Accordingly I will not see my girls again, if at all, until they reach a mature age. Even then, I may be foreclosed if the scorned ex-spouse finishes her child alienation schemes which were utterly disregarded.

It is an injustice of immense proportion occurring undetected among family courts all across America today. In a self- regulated environment, judicial commissions overlook such misconduct because orchestrated conflicts are lucrative for lawyers, therapists and judges looking to advance themselves with political contributions.

When this newly elected family judge referenced himself to my ex-spouse as “Dan King” in a later teleconference, it provided further proof of his bias. Under the judicial ethics code, a judge is expected to avoid any appearance of partiality or impropriety.  Yet this story gets even more shocking. But you’ll have to await part three of our continuing series entitled “King’s Chronicles.”

Dr.  Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

Administrator’s Note: This week we came upon an interesting website called the Oswego County Peeled Onion. Ironically, their observations about Dan King’s courtroom behavior are eerily similar despite never having had a prior discussion with their staff:

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Should Family Judge Dan King be Ordered For Comprehensive Mental Evaluations?

Dan King

Think About it. Where Does a Parent  Go to Assure a Judge is “Normal?”

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Welcome to “King’s Chronicles,” part one. In yesterday’s post, we brought you a series of cases involving the removal of deranged people from the bench which reads like a docket sheet in any criminal court. Given their secretive and brazen nature, we also posed the question of how many similar cases may be out there which will never be discovered because this epidemic is not being taken seriously.

To reiterate, a New York Chief Justice was imprisoned for stalking, extortion and lodging false reports to authorities, a Syracuse family judge admitted to sexual misconduct upon his five year old handicapped niece, a Michigan judge was exposed for sexual relations in chambers with a litigant during a child support case, a Texas family judge was caught on video beating his minor daughter, and two Pennsylvania judges were imprisoned for the now infamous  “kids for cash” bribery scandal which required the reversal of 4,000 juvenile convictions.

These are only a small fraction of the known cases and clearly not minor incidents. Many involved psychotic episodes carried out over an extended period under a pretext of judicial immunity. While committing crimes in high office, the same judges were holding the rest of us to contrasting standards in their decisions. New York’s Chief Justice went so far as to profit from his deranged behavior by authoring a book upon his release from prison entitled “After the Madness.”

Such crimes are distinct from all others in society because they undermine the core of our justice system. As parents we are charged with a duty of protecting our children even against those in robes who purport to look out for their “best interests.” As concerned citizens, we must be vigilant to this crisis because the wrong-doers have been clothed with an awesome government power to discredit whistle- blowers and kill our messengers of reform. And they do it through an abuse of judicial office.

To be sure, this species of misconduct is by far the most dangerous to a free society. It is the worse kind of evil, and that brings us to a junior family judge who recently became elected near the Canadian border. After a brief stint as public defender, Dan King was assigned to cases all across central New York including my custody case. The record featured more than 30 disqualified or removed judges prior to his arrival only six months after being elected in another county by less than 300 votes of 11,000 cast.

I have maintained that Dan King’s assignment was exploited to censor my public criticisms through decisions impairing my parent-child relations. Since July, 2013, he has imposed conflicting restrictions and went so far as to violate a higher court order in a scheme to induce contempt by ambush. He has helped fabricate college degrees as a means for imputing income for support incarceration purposes, he has manufactured absurd prohibitions such as “alcohol related gestures” when no significant parenting issues could be found and, among many other abuses, he threatened to remove me from an entire courthouse if another objection was made to narrative testimony of a scorned ex- spouse.

As a court transcript corroborates, Dan King made this threat despite two of five granted objections at the outset of a custody trial. And he did it for the ulterior purpose of facilitating a false record to support pretrial orders that had no sound basis other than retaliation. Dan King was simply seeking to justify his ego at the expense of innocent children, my little girls.

Concededly it gets personal, but a good father makes it that way when his babies are threatened. If we can’t save our children from official abuse, how do we expect to protect them from the evils outside our court system? And what kind of example do we set for democracy and future generations? As a follower of this site, brace yourself for what you are about to read. It will all be found in upcoming posts under the heading “King’s Chronicles.”

These chronicles present a shocking expose on how easily a judge can get utterly out of control in his quest to avenge valid public criticisms. Our posts, taken together, will comprise a formal complaint to New York’s Judicial Conduct Commission, yes the same one which has ignored so many other valid complaints from plain folks. Its political and window dressing nature caused me to ask for its dissolution in testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption.

Interestingly, other Dan King victims have come forward to promote a major protest in front of King’s Court in Lowville, New York. Such an event can spark a long overdue wave of protests across America. Tomorrow we will explain why we are referring to this man as “Dan King” and not some dignified title such as judge or “the honorable.”

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000


Administrator’s Note: What others are saying about Dan King

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Should Judges be Subject to Mental Health Evaluations?


In the Wake of Recent Events, Litigants are Entitled to Better Accountability and Due Process.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

When New York’s Chief Justice, Sol Wachtler, was arrested and imprisoned for stalking a debutant and falsifying reports to authorities, it was clear to the world that he suffered from a severe mental disease. Several years ago, this convict was re-licensed as an attorney and assigned to teach ethics if you can believe that.

But there is much more to this story which the public has generally not known. For example, while serving in our third branch of government, Sol Wachtler directed paid staff in chambers to investigate a New Jersey lawyer for the purpose of impairing his law license. That lawyer had become too friendly with the debutant Wachtler had been secretly dating as a married man.

Such precedent has relevance to my ordeal as a civil rights attorney, unblemished for more than 23 years, when I began a reform campaign directed to our divorce and family courts. With each public criticism or formal complaint there arose a matching act of retribution which harmed my parent-child relations and professional livelihood, this coming from the branch of government charged with the highest duty of protecting First Amendment rights.

As fate would have it, the “ethics lawyers” employed by an appeals court in Albany, engaged in the witch hunt against me, were fired for falsifying time sheets in 2013, only weeks after admitting in a closed hearing that they had been targeting my website and formal complaints. As a defense attorney, I once had a client who was charged with a felony for alleged misuse of a city gas card amounting to $16. Yet here, the standard- bearers of attorney ethics, Peter Torncello and Steven Zayas, have never faced any public charges while I remain damaged by their misconduct.

Today we read about a deranged airline pilot who crashed a passenger jet into the French Alps. The public is rightfully demanding better mental health accountability. In our family courts, parents and children are being subjected to mental health evaluations every day on self serving accusations of a scorned litigant or state agency. As explained in prior posts here at Leon Koziol.com, such orders yield billions of dollars in fees and revenues for lawyers and bureaucrats.

But what about the judges, top jurists like Sol Wachtler, who issue such orders like burgers at a restaurant? Didn’t his court clerks have a duty under the ethics code to report his misconduct and seek a mental health evaluation before the public was harmed? Did anyone even raise the issue? Or do we conveniently assume that this was all an isolated series of crimes no longer relevant to our system of justice? Well think again, it’s only gotten worse.

In 2013, a Syracuse family judge, Bryan Hedges, was removed from the bench for admitting to sexual misconduct upon his five year old handicapped niece. At the same time, a Michigan judge admitted to an extramarital affair in chambers with a mother during a child support case which resulted in her pregnancy. Shortly before that, a family judge in Texas was exposed on video beating his teen daughter. In 2009, a state Supreme Court judge in New York City was imprisoned for taking a $9,000 bribe to fix a custody case against a fit mother, and two Pennsylvania judges were also sent to prison in the now infamous “kids for cash” bribery scandal requiring the reversal of 4,000 juvenile convictions.

These are only some of the shocking cases of judicial misconduct that we have featured here. When viewed individually, it’s alarming enough, but taken together, it raises a potential epidemic in our justice system. For example, how would you know that your opposing lawyer is not so connected as to fix a custody case? In the Michigan case, an unsuspecting father was prejudiced with monitoring devices and jail threats to the glee of his pregnant adversary. How many cases are out there today which will never be discovered given the brazen nature of these very recent incidents?

Make no mistake, it’s not just ethical misconduct being overlooked by our judicial commissions, but felonies and deranged actions of office holders held to the highest public trust. Children are being alienated and even removed from fit and loving parents simply because an unscrupulous lawyer with a paid psychologist is able to concoct some voodoo syndrome to explain human emotions inflamed by these very same needless and lucrative court proceedings.

Suddenly the children are at risk and court ordered evaluations are required as a condition for seeing one’s offspring. This is the gold mine that is causing people like investigator  Joseph Longo to commit a murder-suicide that left three children without parents. How are such losses any different than those caused by an airline pilot or his German superiors. Shouldn’t deranged judges and lawyers who profit from their misdeeds be held similarly accountable with mental health evaluations?

In coming days, we will be exposing the deranged behavior of a family judge in Lowville, New York who goes by the name of Dan King. He is a quintessential example of incompetence, arrogance and evil which mars our system of justice and harms innocent children exploited as a means of retribution for public criticisms properly asserted against him. Hopefully, with enough public support, we can remove him like we did Bryan Hedges before more harm is inflicted upon families in family court.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000