John Parent Rally a Big Hit in NYC!

They came, they made noise and most importantly, they were HEARD!

It all started in the early morning hours of Friday, June 15, 2012, as the first rally goers began assembling along the sidewalk area directly in front of sprawling concrete steps leading up to The United States Court of Appeals. Some carried banners, while others proudly displayed signs designed to raise awareness of various parental rights related issues. This was their big day! The moment they had all been waiting for, had finally arrived. This was their once in a lifetime opportunity to get one very important message out, “Justice for John Parent;” only two days before Father’s Day.

Within minutes, passing motorists en route to the nearby Wall Street financial district, began lending an additional show of support by honking their horns as they exchanged eye contact with the dedicated rally goers who had eagerly gathered. As the morning went on, a growing numbers of rally goers continued to steadily arrive and take part in an event that was successfully organized in under two months. By noon, a full fledged media entourage was taking place only a small distance away, prompting many of those in the rally to pursue additional news outlets to further disseminate their message.

Friday’s Rally for Fathers’ event was a tremendous success as a large number of individuals and numerous parenting groups from Connecticut, Upstate New York, New Jersey and Long Island had converged upon Foley Square. The rally was in support of equal rights for fathers in a case being heard on June 15, 2012. The case, John Parent v State of New York, asks a federal appeals court to place limits upon support and custody abuses in our nation’s domestic relations courts. “John Parent” is a fictitious name allowed by court order to represent abused parents in this precedent seeking case.

The staff here at Leon Koziol.Com is asking all of our friends and supporters to share this story with the news media in hopes that they will prepare a timely piece for Fathers’ Day. We encourage you to contact the major print newspapers by way of telephone for the purpose of reaching a reporter. Any media inquires should be directed to Dr. Leon Koziol at (315) 796-4000. Additional coverage of the event can be found on FaceBook at: New York Families for Kids

A special thank you goes out to everyone who worked diligently behind the scenes as well as those of you who committed to attending the rally. Again, thank you for helping to make the entire day a tremendous success!

As we prepare for similar future events, it’s imperative that we embark upon a major fundraising campaign in order to help defray the high cost of court filing/copy fees, signage, transportation and other related expenses. Kindly consider making a donation to the Parenting Rights Institute today (use PayPal link on the side of page). If everyone impacted by the issues expressed on made a small donation that was equivalent to no more than a one hour consultation with an attorney, it could make a world of difference for our cause. Also, be sure to check out for conflict resolution, litigation avoidance and a reduction of court costs.

Fed Up With Parenting Abuse? Join Our Federal Court Action Today!


You can persist in the costly court battles, type away on your keyboards, and complain endlessly about a dysfunctional divorce, custody and support process in our state courts. You can also protest in the streets, burn yourself alive like Thomas Ball did, or take the law into your own hands as so many victims are doing today. Maybe even, you will take up a fledgling cause brewing among our followers known as “Occupy The Family Court” patterned off of the Wall Street protests. Or, you can join a federal lawsuit working its way to the Supreme Court known as Parent v State. This case is on track for setting precedent against abusive court processes which impair our fundamental rights of parenting.

You probably did not know such a right or lawsuit even existed. This is because, like the Thomas Ball incident, it is being suppressed by a multi-billion dollar child control industry. Whenever you enter a Family Court, Probate Court or divorce court with children at issue, the state takes virtual control of every aspect of a right which our Supreme Court has consistently described as the “oldest liberty interest” protected by the American Constitution. However, the same court has never established a constitutional limit to these state invasions of family privacy unlike other areas such as abortion and gun control. The time is long overdue for such a limit so that your liberties in childrearing and our family values as a nation may be enhanced.

The Parenting Rights Institute has been promoting this federal lawsuit brought by constitutional rights advocate, Leon R. Koziol, J.D. Filed in United States District Court on February 26, 2009, a federal judge has allowed the plaintiffs to litigate under the assumed identity “John Parent” and “Parents Similarly Situated”. It will soon come up for argument before a federal appeals court in New York City and may wind up before the United States Supreme Court. A related case is already being considered during the current term of the high court on a petition for certiorari. You can verify the Second Circuit docket number 11-2474 and learn more about this precedent seeking litigation by reading the entire Parent brief at

Many followers of this site have contacted us for purposes of joining this case, even identifying their lawyers and personal backgrounds. However, formal joinder of parties would cost individuals many thousands of dollars depending upon the experience and competency of legal counsel retained by each. It would also complicate and delay progress for years. For this reason, we are offering our supporters the opportunity of informal joinder without the need for costly fees. We are creating a list of “parents similarly situated” to become a potential class member of this lawsuit. Any person who donates $100 or more to our cause will have the option of being named to this list. It may make you and your child a part of the legal history of this nation.

We already have a list in the making thanks to our early donors. However much more support is needed to cover the herculean costs of these court processes. Mr. Koziol has sacrificed a lucrative career in law and politics to bring this litigation. We cannot and must not allow his efforts to die out. He has already proven his ability to succeed after 23 years of practice in the trial and appellate courts of New York. Three sample cases that he pursued have been cited in earlier releases, including one which resulted in a final judgment declaring the largest casino in New York State unconstitutional, see i.e. Oneida Indian Nation v Oneida County, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000); Patterson v City of Utica, 370 F.3d 322 (2nd Cir. 2004) and Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp. 2d 170 (NDNY 2000). Kindly pass this on to others.

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Federal Judge Rules to Consolidate and Continue Parenting Rights Case

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DATE:  December 2, 2010

RE:  Federal Court Decision

A decision was received this past week in connection with a parenting rights test case filed against the New York Chief Justice, Unified Court System and others on November 10, 2010. A federal court judge reviewed the background together with an earlier case filed in February, 2009 and argued in September, 2010. An order was then entered which consolidated both actions with the earlier one designated as the “Lead Case” and the latter one as the “Member Case”. All motions for dismissal filed by the New York court defendants were denied along with the plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary injunction. Both actions were then allowed to proceed without prejudice to renew those motions in the consolidated action.

This procedure is not unlike one employed in the Oneida land claim litigation of which I was a part during the nineties, see i.e. Oneida Nation v County of Oneida, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000)(involving successful maintenance of gaming compact challenge against tribal motion for injunction). The current“Lead Case”, brought on behalf of “parents similarly situated”  will soon enter its third year with opportunity for class action status in the event other victims of custody, support and alienation practices seek to join or intervene. This is a comprehensive challenge based upon rights protected under our Constitution and can be viewed in its entirety (the “Member Case”) on federal pacer docket and elsewhere on this site. A planning session surrounding this case and a national Parenting Rights Convention is scheduled for December 26-27, 2010 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, see details on this site.


View Lawsuit Here

Breaking News!!!

Utica, NY, July 8, 2010, Stephen Patterson wins federal court ruling against the City of Utica.

In a decision handed down today by U.S. District Court, Judge David N. Hurd, Stephen Patterson’s civil rights lawsuit against the City of Utica was allowed to proceed despite motions for dismissal filed by the City late last year. Mr. Patterson’s attorney, Leon Koziol, had filed the case in September of 2009 and argued successfully against the City’s motions on January 22nd of this year. This decision presents the unique perspective of Mr. Koziol winning another case from sidelines.

In related news, it appears from other decisions handed down yesterday in both federal and state courts, Mr. Koziol is expecting to have his licensing privileges restored in the near future.

Looks like Steve is in store for another big monetary award against the City.

Congratulations to both Stephen and Leon!

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