Record crime will grow due to overwhelmed cops and shameless failures in oversight

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Citizen Commission Against Corruption Inc.

Does it get any more insane than this: While serving a 14-year sentence in a maximum security prison for armed robbery, a Georgia inmate managed to steal more than $11 million by impersonating billionaires using contraband cell phones. This inmate, Arthur Lee Cofield, Jr., a gang member, is also believed to have purchased a $4 million home with a portion of the stolen money.

Where was the oversight on such expansive criminal activity in the very facilities where correctional services are supposed to occur? Like a script from Shawshank Redemption, or the real life prison break at Dannemora in northern New York, this audacious theft could not have succeeded without insider involvement.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg in today’s corrupt society. When the president of the United States is pressuring Texas border mayors to downplay an escalating migrant crisis, the oversight failures of government become more than brazen. They encourage insider crimes from the top down. Our trust in the wolves guarding the chicken coop then become irreparably compromised.

This growing trend is exemplified by the shameless misconduct of FBI director, Christopher Wray, who continues to usurp his authority by immunizing Hunter Biden from grand jury investigation. Meanwhile the director himself was caught misusing the FBI’s private jet, authorized by Congress for counter-terrorism purposes, to fly to his summer home in Saranac Lake, New York. According to Senator Chuck Grassley, Wray left early from an oversight session to address business matters on one of these flights.

It should be no surprise, then, that some 14 whistleblowers have surfaced within the FBI bureaucracy. However, the retributions commonly suffered by this rare group discourage reporting. Qualified lawyers with independent means are crucial to effectively advance oversight of the oversight. Unfortunately, there is no legal protection for lawyers who expose misconduct within their own profession.

This can be verified by the absolute immunity from civil accountability which our judiciary has seized for itself. It polices its own members and the bar with a disciplinary structure that violates due process and is routinely weaponized to punish free speech outside the courthouse. It remains a highly confidential process devoid of jury rights which is therefore able to dodge media scrutiny.

As a prominent whistleblower in this context, I was subjected to widespread retaliation after 23 unblemished years as a civil rights attorney. I helped expose the kind of misconduct which “shocks the conscience” and caused New York’s high court to issue a permanent ban from judicial office against my child custody judge, Brian Hedges, for admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped five-year old niece. My horrific ordeal has been captured in my recently published book, Whistlelblower in Paris.

Such exposures only incited more severe retributions as my law licenses and contact with my daughters were wrongfully suspended. Meanwhile, the ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me were cited by the state’s solicitor general for falsifying their time sheets. These standard-bearers of lawyer conduct, chief counsel Peter Torncello and deputy lawyers Elizabeth Devane and Steven Zayas, were never publicly prosecuted, criminally or ethically. Instead, they were allowed to return quietly to private practice.

This sort of widespread dysfunction in our oversight system, together with an ongoing dilution of parental authority in our public institutions, has become a silent contributor to the current escalation in criminal activity that has overwhelmed law enforcement in cities across America. It is evidenced not only by the numbers but by their depravity as mass shootings grow in our malls, grocery stores and even our schools. The random murder of little boys and girls in their classrooms is beyond credulity.

Ominously, the downward spiral shows no sign of relief. Last week ushered in yet another round of utterly demonic news. Deranged parolees are now stalking subway users for the purpose of pushing them into speeding trains. In Manhattan, a woman was egged on by fellow pedestrians when she pick-pocketed a man under the wheel of an errant truck. Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx are struggling with a rash of stabbings and drive-by shootings. And the normally uneventful fifth borough on Staten Island has been inundated with migrants filling its lodging facilities and wandering door-to-door begging for food.

Random shootings hit home for our oversight leaders when Congressman Lee Zeldin, candidate for New York governor, learned that his teen daughters were nearly struck while studying at their Long Island home. His opponent, current un-elected governor, Kathy Hochul, answered the call for ending controversial bail reform by promoting the lawyer who advanced it. And former governor, David Patterson, disclosed on a weekend radio program that he “never felt unsafe as (he does) now just walking around.”

Against this backdrop, a group of good government advocates have taken matters into their own hands by forming a nonprofit, independent entity known as the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc. Its purpose is to do the job which oversight agencies are not. As the founder of this citizen group, I am seeking critical funding to staff offices and act on legitimate complaints of government abuse. Our only current office can be reached by calling (315) 864-8176 or e-mailing me personally at

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Self-Representation: Be Effective with Expert Trial Advocate Program


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

After spending more than 30 years in litigation, 23 as a trial attorney in federal and state courts, I have seen the serious pitfalls and adverse outcomes of those who have endeavored to represent themselves. Never mind the adage that a person who represents himself has a fool for a client, that’s a good joke for lawyers who overbill their clients, then lose to malpractice. But with economic devastation facing us today,  there may be no choice for countless litigants in our “New Normal.”

This pandemic will be around for good, and such a litigant would be more of a fool if he or she did not at least learn some of the basics. That is why I produced a program designed to assist such victims. It is tailored to the lay person, the pro-se litigant. Check out this short video, a crash course that could save you thousands in fees, even millions. I’ve worked with such victims from around the country. I know your horror stories. And it’s only going to get worse as we re-open America.

So get “ahead of the curve” with this unique program offered at We don’t just disappear on you. That’s why I am reminding my thousands of followers to join our free conference calls every Monday and Thursday at 7pm ET during this pandemic. The numbers are growing and we will be adding video conferencing. Network with fellow victims by calling (605) 313-4427. Access # 583326. You can also call our office at (315) 380-3420. Help us share this vital post.

How can you hold your judge or lawyer accountable for misconduct?

A picture tells a thousand words in divorce and family court

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Judicial misconduct is the most censored, least publicized and gravest aspect of our federal, state and local governments. You can simply ignore it and move to your next on-line entertainment, but chances are it will find you especially in our nation’s domestic relations courts. So read on and share this post. It may be the most important one you will read in a long time.

The judiciary is our least accountable branch of government. Anyone who dares to reform it can expect severe retributions with no recourse. Judges enjoy absolute immunity for their reckless and even malicious acts. Judicial conduct commissions from New York to California are window dressing entities influenced by politics, typically investigating less than 10% of complaints.

So what does that mean to you? How do you know if your case is not already fixed, rigged or bought-off? You’re spending thousands, even millions of dollars in lawyer fees while your judge has already decided against you due to a bribe or political influence. Are you shocked by that, naive about the people in robes? Well here at Leon and Parenting Rights Institute, we have generated shocking examples of judicial and lawyer misconduct from our work all across America.

We are an up and coming “Judicial Watch” for divorce and family courts, doing the work where our oversight commissions are failing us. Currently we are soliciting investors and donors to upgrade our effectiveness. We will come into your community, home or court to monitor your case and seek accountability for any misconduct. As Director of Parenting Rights Institute with nearly 30 years of trial experience in both federal and state courts, I am dedicated to exposing corruption. It may be the only way you can secure true justice and turn things around.

We offer a Court Strategy Program to keep you from being abused and a team of experts prepared to expose corruption in your case if it exists. It is well worth your while, for the sake of your children if nothing else, to look us up at or call our office at (315) 380-3420. Then take a look at this shocking excerpt of misconduct from a book I am completing:

Examples of court corruption are provided throughout my work for victims nationwide. Many are quietly suppressed and “read like a docket sheet in any criminal court.” That is what I declared publicly time and again. Yet the public continues to hold judges beyond reproach. The fallacy of that belief was well demonstrated by my custody judge who was also declared by lawyers as  “beyond reproach,” at least until he was removed from the bench after admitting to sexual misconduct on his handicapped five year old niece: In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013).

One of the shocking cases cited to make my point, and the need for meaningful accountability, involves a New York Supreme Court Judge in Brooklyn caught on camera taking a bribe from a divorce lawyer. It was part of a scam to shift custody from a mother to an influential father. Had the feisty mother not convinced the FBI to act upon her evidence, this judge, Gerald Garson, would still be dispensing “justice.” It begs the question: how many other such judges and cases are there? What can explain Tamara’s bizarre case? We let you decide as our story continues.

The conviction of Judge Garson for federal crimes was actually not the most shocking part of his case. Due punishment was compromised by judges and lawyer colleagues supporting his early release in 2009. Now you have to ponder that for a moment. If Garson’s colleagues are still backing him after a crime which goes to the heart of our justice system, what does that say for their tolerance of corruption generally? Isn’t this where precedent is set and examples are made?

While the “Honorable” “Justice” Gerald Garson was busy generating unreported income through an abuse of judicial office, another New York Supreme Court Judge, Thomas Spargo, was busy securing a bribe against a father arguing a client case before him. At a dinner conversation, he requested $10,000 to help defray the cost of legal fees needed to defend against judicial misconduct charges pending against him at the time.

Like Judge Garson, you have to ponder that as well. Judge Spargo was already being prosecuted for judicial misconduct and resorted to more serious behavior to get out of it. He referenced this lawyer’s own divorce which might be transferred to him. The pressure was not uncomplicated. Play ball or else. I suppose the lawyer could have won his divorce for a nominal “fee” to this judge when compared to a contested case. He was placed in a real quandary, deciding ultimately to report the crime only after taking steps to avoid false claims that could cost his law license.

Chief Justice Sol Wachtler of New York’s high court was imprisoned for numerous crimes during the nineties. In his book, After the Madness, he explained that judges are made to believe that they are gods. Such deep rooted convictions do not disappear. Judge Wachtler went so far as to direct paid court staff to dig up grounds for preventing licensure of a New Jersey lawyer assisting the judge’s mistress to discover a man making extortionist and kidnapping threats involving her daughter. That elusive man turned out to be the judge himself.

Then there’s that family court judge in the state of Michigan, the “Honorable” Wade McCree, whose case defied all manner of ethics. He admitted to adulterous sex in chambers with a litigant mother while presiding over her child support case. Judge McCree was removed from the bench for all sorts of misconduct involving numerous cases only after the affair (and pregnancy) was confirmed. The father, placed on a tether for support arrears during this affair was denied recovery for the horrific misconduct by a federal appeals court on grounds of judge immunity.

These and other cases are easily found on the internet to verify a judicial corruption epidemic of undefined proportion. Most people view judges as honorable office holders committed to justice, equality and all that other good stuff we read about in high school civics classes. But behind the black robes, in the recesses of chambers and among discreet exchanges in restaurants, bars and golf courses, there is often quite another set of characteristics at play.

Bias, coercion, schemes, scams, deal-making and outright crimes are taking place which violate all manner of ethics formally placed in our judicial codes. In our nation’s domestic relations courts, such corruption is taken to the next level under a pretext of family confidentiality, thereby concealing the misconduct and protecting a trillion dollar industry built on needless conflict.

Lift Your Spirits During the Holidays: Find Hope at Parenting Rights Institute


2008 television clip depicting Dr. Koziol’s achievements as a trial attorney prior to founding the Parenting Rights Institute.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Since founding the Parenting Rights Institute, I have helped countless parents avoid the pitfalls of divorce and family court through non-lawyer assistance and precedent- seeking actions. Here at Leon or Parenting Rights Institute, you will find a treasure trove of professional assistance to lift your spirits during the holidays while helping you save thousands of dollars in fees and irreparable damage to your children. Let’s chat, maybe there’s a unique strategy to resolve your issues which you are unaware of.

I have sacrificed everything for this cause because our nation’s divorce and family courts continue to operate under an archaic custody system which has become a gold mine for lawyers and other family court predators. That is why I have produced video documentaries, court monitoring reports and book manuscripts for court victims across America. We also keep up on the news affecting moms and dads. For example, in an article published in the November, 2016 edition of the Utica Phoenix, yet another veteran jurist (New York Family Judge Joan Shkane) writes:

The Child Support Standards Act (Federal Title IV-D) has not been modified much in the last approximate quarter century. Some experts say that it has not caught up with the realities of modern life. A higher earning parent may pay full child support even if the children are with that parent roughly one-half the time.This is because the law still considers the higher wage earner as the non-custodial parent for the purpose of child support.

What Judge Shkane carefully avoids, however, is how the lucrative custody system exploits children for lawyer profits. She makes no mention of the barbaric harm which this system inflicts upon innocent children. Instead she goes on to emphasize that child support is a right of the child not one or both parents. What she is really saying is that the children belong to the state and not mom or dad because it is the state which mandates the naming of a “custodial parent” for federal Title IV-D funding for the courts. It is the state which enforces child support through draconian practices that include debtor prisons. It is all a part of Hillary’s Village and New World Order.

Consequently you have to learn about the current real life issues in these courts, the kind of information that no lawyer, judge or child predator is going to tell you. That is why you should invest in the Parenting Rights Institute, donate to this site or purchase our Court Strategy Program. Look it all up at I continue to receive compliments and encouragements from my thousands of followers and subscribers worldwide. Here is one received recently from a Dr.Rachael Robertson:


I read the supplemental brief (my first reading EVER) and you have done a great job.  Of course, I have my own story but some other time.  From the maze of intellectual vocabulary and terminology, thank you for standing firm.  I’m not sure if I believed your drive was due to the love of your daughters (after all who loves American teenagers) or the obligation of family unity.  I particularly enjoyed the flagrant inclusion of unjust cases based on race, social standing and mindless radical behaviors. Thank you, in the end your daughters will love you and your fight.  Your daughters will soon acknowledge your heroism and the damage will heal. And although your struggle is real, heart breaking and traumatic, your writing is captivating and electrifying! Forget about the book okay?  Go for the TLC manuscript.  Your story not only applies to fathers but the willful act of majesties and governing bodies to extract money from families.
It is like the inevitability of Charlie Brown to never fly that kite…. in the latest movie .. he does!
Shabbat Shalom
Dr. Robertson

We also offer seminars, lectures, speaking engagements, mediation, video documentaries, trusted referrals and book publishing services. You can call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me directly at (315) 796-4000. Please share this post with parents or court victims you know and check out this critique by one of our book clients, a mom from Philadelphia: