Notice to all Parenting and Constitutional Rights Advocates

I want to thank the responders to our post yesterday which memorialized the American soldier liberating the oppressed in our foreign wars. It was taken from Liberty Park on the New Jersey shore of New York harbor with the Statue of Liberty in the distance. I received a number of calls offering support and others seeking to disclose their own personal war stories. Once again, it does no good to occupy me with matters I am unable to address personally. What is needed is meaningful networking and fundraising which can elevate our joint cause to its deserved status.

As those of you paying attention to our site know, resources are needed to finance speaking engagements, a march on Washington and the filing of amicus briefs for those engaged in abusive litigation. Absent that, we are all wasting time on our keyboards clicking away with no effect upon this multi-billion dollar child industry. At this point, group leaders need to be organizing individual motorcades from communities across the country to converge upon Washington on April 20, 2012. We need nationwide teleconferences to monitor our progress. I cannot do this with a handful of volunteers locally.

Until we get serious about this issue, there is no point in complaining to one another about our individual horror stories. For example, I have not disclosed details of my own motivations behind this cause. Many have questioned why I would sacrifice a lucrative career in the legal profession to engage in this reform effort. The long term injury to my children tops the list of course. However, the recent dedication to our fighting fathers in the military was taken from a remote park in New Jersey for a reason. From the inscription on the monument, you will read how the American soldier is rescuing a victim from a Nazi concentration camp.

My father spent five years imprisoned in Nazi camps before escaping in 1944 to join the American army. He later immigrated to America through Ellis Island located next to Liberty Island pictured in the video dedication of December 14, 2011. I heard many war stories when I was a child which would make every other one heard here pale in comparison. Make no mistake, we are facing a new form of oppression in America. Hitler exploited children to build a police state. Here we are doing the same thing for money through a bureaucratic dictatorship. When you study the complete dynamics as I did, after 23 years of trial practice and public office, you would relate better to our government’s capitalist propaganda.

Every tax and fee generating initiative, from domestic violence to foster care, is simply given the label “best interests of the child” to mask the underlying greed and corruption which are separating good moms and dads from their offspring. To illustrate media suppression of this all-encompassing issue, take note of this week’s Time Magazine dedication of the year to the “Protester”. While recognizing Wall Street occupations and their source in a single protester in Tunisia who burned himself alive, no mention was made of Thomas Ball who burned himself alive on the courthouse steps right here in America.

Thomas Ball was a parent with family roots going back to our Revolutionary War. He was protesting oppressive custody, support and so-called child protection laws. These laws were drafted by lawyers who empowered government agents to invade our liberties and freedoms beyond anything imagined by the CIA, FBI and IRS. If you believe in our Constitution and principles which people like my own father fought for, you need to make a commitment today to do something about it. Contact funding sources, national media and pertinent organizations such as veterans and social groups to bring attention to our Founding Fathers March. It’s not just about fathers in domestic litigation. It’s about our cherished freedoms and liberties, it’s about moms, dads, families and innocent children fleeced of their life earnings in these barbaric support and custody contests. It’s all explained on our site at Pass it on, stay the course and keep our American spirit alive.

Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Parenting Rights Institute
December 15, 2011
(315) 796-4000

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