It’s time. Let’s write your book.

Publishing Consultant, Dr. Leon R. Koziol, offering professional assistance 

In his 2008 book “A Promise to Ourselves,” actor Alec Baldwin relates his journey through fatherhood and divorce. It became a best seller, and he was ultimately vindicated when his daughter, the subject of parental alienation, became a notable presence in the wedding party of his next marriage. 

I attended Alec Baldwin’s public interview and book signing at a theatre in Manhattan that year. And as we all know, Alec’s later career flourished better than ever despite revelations of a number of suicide attempts in his book. 

As he depicted it, they arose from all the judgment-laced publicity surrounding a frustrated voice mail he left to his daughter. It had been leaked as a custody tactic during his highly contentious divorce with Kim Bassinger.

Because the victim was so close and personal with the divorce litigation, he secured the assistance of a professional to help write his story. The name Mark Tabb is disclosed on the front cover. 

You may have a long held passion for writing your own book, perhaps a court ordeal, an autobiography or documentary to influence public opinion. If so, I can help you bring it to fruition with a highly diverse and relevant background.

We all hear about those wanting to write a book about a life experience. Sadly only a small fraction actually take that all-important step to get started and then stay committed to publication. It’s a complex process requiring professional guidance.

Having published three books in my time using extensive experience as a trial attorney, I recently became a publishing consultant to victims of court abuse. One book, tentatively entitled “No Remedy at Law: A Mother’s Fight and Flight From a Corrupt Divorce System,” is nearing completion. 

This latest book is a highly intriguing story which would have gone to the author’s grave had she not retained me to get the project going. Make no mistake, it’s no easy undertaking. It required months of documentary review, electronic exchanges and even flights to a mutual destination to make it an ideal product. 

Yours may not be so involved, but rest assured there are numerous publishing companies which fail to provide that critical personal commitment. Do it right or not at all, as I learned when my first publisher employed second rate editors outsourced as far away as India to result in a disastrous experience. 

I ultimately sued the publisher successfully and it went out of business shortly after worldwide publicity over the lawsuit which included a London newspaper. If you would like to discuss the possibilities, contact me at or  (315) 796-4000. 

There is an advance payment requirement and contract dependent on the complexity of your book project. I would like to hear your story and will provide every serious inquirer with a free copy of my 2014 novel manuscript entitled Voyage to Armageddon. 

Hard copy and e-book versions are available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu Bookstores on-line. Don’t let your story pass you by. If not for your family or society, do it for yourself. Get started today or share this with someone you know having such aspirations.  Let me help your dreams come true.
Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol



Now available at Barnes and Noble, Lulu Publishing and Amazon, Voyage to Armageddon is an exciting novel which has received additional publishing offers and public attention since it was first released in print version last month. On April 6, 2014, it was offered in e-book, nook and other forms for immediate purchase at, an internet bookstore.

It’s a story about a group of career women suffering a mid-life crisis who decide to throw caution to the wind by getting together for a pleasure cruise on the Great Lakes. These fun loving women engage in nostalgic tales, humorous exchanges and even a ghost story told under the moonlight from their sleeping berths. But nothing could prepare them for a terrorist plot featuring a nuclear stowaway placed covertly in the rear hull of their new motor yacht. They become the unwitting pilots for an unprecedented assault upon major cities.

Fortunately the ladies of Queen’s Castle (the vessel’s name), meet the men of their dreams during various port excursions who help discover this plot. Then it’s a wild ride to Montreal, New York and Washington in a mission to avert Armageddon itself. Diverse subplots are sure to please a full range of readers and movie goers. The author, Leon Koziol, has combined his experiences as a trial attorney, yacht owner and public advocate to blend realism with art to make this a story for the ages.

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