Interest in PRI Self-Guided Court Program Spikes!


With the holidays fast approaching, consider giving the gift of the PRI Self-Guided Court Program to someone special who may be struggling with divorce, custody and support related issues during this holiday season.

A recent post here at Leon Koziol.Com featured the headline story of a Manhattan woman who claimed that a family Court Referee had been stringing out her child custody case for more than three years and had already cost her over $200,000 in legal fees. Instead, this woman’s hard earned money is now helping to fund the lifestyle of both the lawyers and forensic evaluators by guaranteeing them job security as a result of the needless conflict that unsuspecting and loving parents often find themselves drawn into.

Had this woman participated in the PRI Self-Guided Court Program and gained some valuable insight into just exactly how the “system really works,” she could have potentially saved herself a lot of time, aggravation and money for less than $300. This is money which could have otherwise been used for both she and her daughter’s future.

In a letter dated last February to an Administrative Judge, the woman wrote, “this case has never been about the best interest of my child, but appears to be a financial profit to everyone the Referee appoints.”

Don’t let this same costly mistake happen to you or someone who you care about! Before you walk into a family court room, take the time to know how the game is really played!

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Parent sues judge over 3-year custody battle

This recent story is one of many cases that we’ve featured here at involving the abuse of parents who are fleeced of their finances while their children are being exploited in the process.


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