Breaking News: Hillary Clinton the Anti-Christ. How True Is It?


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Perhaps you’ve already asked yourself that question. Surely it’s on the minds of countless voters. They watched helplessly as Hillary Clinton made her way up the political ladder with that bizarre laugh, steroid-level deceit, psychotic look and cruelty beyond remorse. What’s really behind it? Could she be the Anti-Christ or something like that in character?

The Anti-Christ has been defined as the “single figure of concentrated evil.” It may be an entity we are not meant to recognize, an evil so hidden that its host may not know it. Originating in the Bible and depicted in religious lore as the ultimate opponent of Jesus Christ, it has parallel figures in Islamic and Jewish religions. This evil adversary brings about Armageddon or the end of humanity as we know it.

Recent documentaries have described how the Anti-Christ is now among us given our capacity to end the world through a nuclear holocaust. Scholars have predicted the end when world conflict centers on the holy land of three major religions. If you watched the presidential debates, isn’t that already happening? Iran versus Israel with nuclear powers taking sides?

We’ve now seen civil wars or nuclear threats in Iran, Israel, Syria, Afghanistan, Gaza, Egypt and Libya. The entire Middle East has become consumed by world politics due to the meddling of Hillary and her liberal-socialists. Perhaps it’s time to move to the Southern Hemisphere before radiation rules the north. Think about it. What targets are down under? Why are so many millionaires moving there?

After the last debate, British news reported the largest movement of military by the Russian government since World War II. Photos showed a new Russian missile with the name “Satan II” imprinted on its side capable of destroying Britain twice over. It was the Russian-Soviets who detonated the largest nuclear device in history known as “Tsar Bomba.” They were the first to put a satellite into orbit.

So is this a government to provoke through escalating involvement by our former Secretary of State in countries around the world? Under her influence in administrations over three decades, American military pressure has arrived at the Russian border with Ukraine. If they respond in Cuba or Mexico, what would happen? Is this the kind of “experience” we need from a power broker committed to a”village” for child rearing and “New World Order?”

Even if such a response is unlikely, it cannot be denied that we are already in a virtual war with Russia in Syria. A single air clash could provoke an unstoppable wave of escalating retributions in the Israel-Arab world. We would be “terminated” before Donald Trump could deny the latest foolishness surrounding his candidacy. He wisely wants to pull back from the Middle East as Obama once promised. Is it such a bad thing to have good relations with the only other country capable of ending our world? Not Hillary. She has a world to save, or is the word “conquer?”

The Anti-Christ and Armageddon were central themes in the 1997 blockbuster movie, Devil’s Advocate, starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. The latter is a successful attorney who never lost a criminal jury case until he discovers his success was influenced by his father, Pacino, the devil itself. He becomes disbarred in the end upon rejecting Pacino and his army of demon lawyers. He openly declined further representation of his guilty client, a bragging child molester. Sound familiar on this site?

So even though the media and electoral college have already dictated your vote, you must be marked and monitored through birth numbers, cell phones, satellites and registrations. Satan’s ultimate deceit in this climactic election may be this: Humanity was expecting a man figure to emerge as the Anti-Christ, but it came in the form of a woman. GOTCHA !

In this 2014 novel available at Barnes and Noble and other major booksellers, Dr. Leon Koziol applies his political, professional and voyaging experience on the Great Lakes to depict how nuclear terrorism can be executed.

An Urgent Call to Action: Let’s Make America Great Again!


A Plea To The Trump Campaign

Administrator’s Note: In yesterday’s post we introduced you to Moms and Dads for Trump or MAD for Trump, a new political action group that has been well received over the past 24 hours.  Today, we are calling upon visitors to LeonKoziol.Com for your help!

For years now, you knew there was something wrong with the system. Like many parents, you may have even doubted yourself. Until now, the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. The chickens are coming home to roost. It’s no longer a secret what’s happening all around us. The parallels between what both Mr. Koziol and Mr. Trump have said, are virtually identical. Unfortunately, the retaliation and the attacks by the establishment for exposing the truth have also come with a hefty price tag for both gentleman.

As the 2016 presidential election cycle unfolds, it should be no surprise that Mr. Trump’s message of exposing corruption is no different than what Mr. Koziol and many parents alike have been saying all along about our nation’s domestic relations courts here in America. Our government is operating under the collectivist notion that parents no longer have a right to parent their offspring – but rather, our children belong to the state and it’s your obligation to finance such a scheme or risk going to jail.

Folks, this is serious business. Therefore, we are asking you to copy the following letter, sign it and mail it to the Trump campaign at your earliest convenience.

Your children and future generations are counting on you to take action now! Unlike other movements, we are not advocating violence, riots or political disruption.  All we are asking for, is to be treated with respect by our government.

Only one candidate has the potential to bring about meaningful reform for both parents and children. That candidate is Donald Trump. Let’s help put Mr. Koziol in touch with his campaign and do our part to make America great again!


March 20, 2016

Trump Campaign Headquarters
725 5th Ave. – 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Dear Trump Campaign Representative:

I’d like to bring to your attention the name of an individual with many Trump-like similarities who was once described by the Upstate New York media as a “prominent attorney” when he first ran for congress in 2006.

He has previously appeared in the New York Times, on the news program, “60 Minutes” with Morley Safer and on CNN. His name is Leon Koziol, and like Mr. Trump, he too has come under attack by the establishment ever since he first began publicly speaking out against and exposing judicial corruption within our third branch of government. Specifically, in matters relating to the destruction of the traditional family unit in our nation’s domestic relations courts, where otherwise cooperating and unsuspecting parents are routinely forced to fight for their offspring in a barbaric process known as a “custody battle.”

The net result of these proceedings has amounted to a substantial loss of productivity in America, countless suicides, derailed plans for our children’s future – a perfect recipe for a homeland security nightmare as the ominous signs continue to be ignored. Meanwhile, the lawyers, judges, forensic experts and other occupants of Hillary Clinton’s politically correct Utopian village, comprised of the far left, establishment right, United Nations and mainstream news media, continue to play along with this charade while ensuring themselves both profits and job security within “the system” all the while parents and children suffer. At the same time, this self-serving cast of misfit characters are quick to use their political powers to quell any dissent that dares to undermine their precious egos or question their authority. After all, this is America, and “stuff” like this is only supposed to happen in third world countries – so we’re told anyways!

Any attempt to publicly expose, organize, create awareness and remedy such an insidious agenda, immediately results in the discrediting or “killing of the messenger,” for the purpose of preventing any sort of populous uprising. As such, and in the instance of Mr. Koziol, he has experienced a similar fate and mounting losses, nothing short of horrific, including his ability to practice law, protracted denials for reinstatement, an onslaught of character assignation attempts as well as the undeserved deprivation of his children after almost 10 long years of needless court controversies, despite the fact that he has NEVER been charged with or committed a single crime. Perhaps, the only thing that Mr. Koziol is guilty of, is standing up to this very same the system, which has not only financially bankrupted him, but demonized, vilified and denied him any sense of credibility in the public eye. However, given all of these obstacles, much Like Mr. Trump, he’s still standing and not taking a back seat to his countless adversaries.

Afters surviving a recent gag order and numerous attempts to suppress his First Amendment rights, Mr. Koziol continues to operate a website under the constant threat of incarceration, called LeonKoziol.Com. He has earned both a national and global following for his tireless efforts to stand up for the little guy. I firmly believe that he would be a valuable asset to the Trump campaign given his successful civil rights background. Furthermore, I also believe that he would be an influential point of contact for your Upstate New York and national organizing efforts.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you reach out to Mr. Koziol in an effort to connect with another like-minded individual who exemplifies the Trump spirit and has the same desire and willingness to make America great again! Mr. Koziol can be reached at (315) 796-4000.


John Q. Public

Please help get the message out:




By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Okay so you’ve heard of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Welcome to Moms and Dads for Trump or “MAD for Trump.” It’s a new political action group comprised of parents fed up with the abuse of moms and dads in divorce and family court. And we have good reason to be MAD at an establishment and industry which are ruining America.

You’ve heard the war stories, the families bankrupted by lawyers and judges who bleed parents and leave their children without college funds, girls and boys who will never know their real mom or dad because one or both are traumatized, marginalized or so scrutinized by court operatives that they are transformed into something we don’t recognize anymore.

It’s reached epidemic levels across these United States. Mainstream media is ignoring it, business as usual continues to our children’s detriment, and social media? “Raising awareness” from the comfort of your keyboards? Seriously? If anything, that’s causing more harm because nothing’s come of it, no one’s listening, and the villains are empowered more than ever before.

We have to take real action. As concerned parents and conscientious citizens, we have to unite and make ourselves a force to be reckoned with. Here at the Parenting Rights Institute, we’re organizing behind Donald Trump.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump you ask. Yeah that guy, because he’s the only one out there with the guts to produce long overdue reform. He’s the only hope we have to save our families and children, to restore a moral fiber to this nation which is eroding by the day.

Of course there’s that other candidate, you know the one. She’s been around a very long time and she is every part of the problem. Remember Hillary’s “Village” during the nineties, the notion that “It Takes a Village” to raise our children.

What she really means is more lawyers, more substitute parents and more costly evaluators in family court telling us how to do right, even if they never had children or failed to raise them “properly,” if there is such a standard.

Other countries tried the same sort of villages, they just had a different name for it, communism and socialism for example. Failed systems that are now making their way into this country like a new virus or incurable cancer. Even Adolph Hitler wrote about it in Mein Kampf. Just use the children he prophesized and “the people will happily give up their rights” to the state.

Isn’t that what’s happening here, or has the liberal propaganda overwhelmed you? Come on, we’re Americans, we built this country the old fashioned way. We don’t always get along but don’t make it worse for our offspring. And imagine any daily news conference with Hillary as president. Her lies are so routine that we can never know the truth or what she’s really doing especially with secret e-mails.

Putting it in another perspective, say you received a reliable tip on September 10, 2001 about a squad of terrorists set to board passenger jets the following morning. Would you spend the rest of that day warning authorities or the victims soon to enter the towers?

Quite a choice if you had it. And you know you’d be considered a fanatic yourself with either option. Just don’t hold your breath on homeland security. At least with the victims you stood a chance of saving real lives, however few you might convince even after the ’93 attack.

That analogy might seem extreme but it aptly describes what we’re doing. Most victims could not have anticipated the horrors of their divorce or custody battles, and the deaths traceable to an antiquated custody system exceed the number of parents lost on 9-11.

The problem is, there has never been a study to prove this, and that’s because of the money which this system generates for lawyers, government and power brokers. Like sheep to slaughter, parents sacrifice life’s savings here for the reason that their offspring are made the prize in a war that never seems to end

Often times that war kills off the parents. In the civil rights case, Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp.2d 367 (NDNY), a police investigator enraged by protection orders, confiscation of his weapons and a garnished paycheck left support court to end a divorce his own way. He committed a murder-suicide that left three children forever without a mom or dad.

The main reason this horrific event was not left to another footnote in a police blotter is the $2 million recovery by lawyers for wrongful death against the city employer. The fact that a common kitchen knife was used did not seem to matter. Neither did the igniting event in court.

The true cause behind such needless carnage is routinely suppressed, and the victims cover a full range. Even if you’re happily married or childless, you pay for it every day in our schools, workplaces and tax departments. From veterans and law enforcement to minorities and mainstream parents, this war finds you.

It certainly found Walter Scott. After stints in jail without a crime, this unarmed black father ran from a traffic cop on a support warrant. Simple solution? Just shoot him dead in the back five times. Not so much a racial issue as it was a money one, both white and black cops were charged. Those children also lost a father and the city paid a hefty sum to lawyers.

Ominously the incidents are growing. At its core, the public has been fed an overdose of propaganda behind a custody award for countless disputes involving children. Shared parenting and mediation alternatives are routinely crushed in nearly every state by influential bar associations which have cultivated this gold mine.

The establishment’s preferred framework is not so complicated despite chapter and verse. Custody is awarded to the parent who can best destroy the other in a barbaric contest reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum. Aligned family spectators cheer or cry, and the government band plays on while suicides become commonplace.

When you stop to think, it really is a barbaric process for a nation which styles itself as a civilized one. The collective challenges to our schools, communities and law enforcement are mind-boggling. The public has been duped into believing that custody wars are normal. And judges blame the parents in the end after all the lawyers are paid.

Politicians will condemn needless medical procedures that tax our health care systems. They attack an over-medicated population with costly programs even though government is its biggest drug supplier. Yet they turn a blind eye to these barbaric courts. Why are they being so protected despite overwhelming evidence of their devastation to the people served?

Enough! It’s time we took matters into our own hands and unite behind the only candidate who’s telling it the way it is. We may not support him on everything he’s saying but let’s face it, if you were a candidate, could you survive the scrutiny and twisted media stories about him?

Time’s running out my friends. I’ve been all across this great country over the past ten years seeking reforms to a trillion dollar industry. It utterly destroyed me as a consequence. So much for free speech. If you’re one of our thousands of followers, you already know my ordeal at Leon

So join us! Call or write at and our office, Parenting Rights Institute at (315) 380-3420. The deck’s been stacked against us for too long. Let’s change it with a trump card.

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