America’s children suffer when speech is censored in family courts. Enough !

Dr. Leon Koziol with 60 Minutes host Morley Safer in Leon’s office when courageous stories were aired worldwide. Will a documentary crew return ?

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Within 24 hours of getting a gag order against this site from Family Judge Dan King, I filed a challenge while refusing to shut it down. See yesterday’s post. We’ll keep you “posted” if this form of government allows it.

Hopefully you’ve been following developments so you know how we’ve been exposing corruption and assisting victims of family court abuses. Yesterday we explained how our work saved another dad from suicide. Now for the mom side.

During the same weekend I got an incoming call from a mother threatening to do herself in as a result of the criminal type targeting she sustained for 15 years. Yeah that’s how long they’ll hound you for money. It’s too long a story here but will be published with my help in an upcoming book .

As Stephen King was once quoted in Shawshank Redemption, some people have feathers that shine too bright and they cannot be caged especially when committing no crimes. Today it’s becoming a crime to love your children along with just about anything else we do.

In his 2008 book “A Promise to Ourselves,” actor Alec Baldwin disclosed his suicide attempts when hounded by divorce court. I was invited to his book signing in Manhattan. By all indications today, he is happily remarried and enjoying an outstanding relationship with the daughter he allegedly once abused.

But court abuses have produced another type of injury which mainstream media is ignoring. Vast numbers of good parents are being imprisoned to collect money while others are being forgiven on far greater violations to parent-child relationships.

A prime example is a fit and loving dad named Michael Brancaccio, one of Judge Dan King’s many victims. Jailed for a maximum six months for a first child support offense, he was too poor to pay a $5,000 figure. So he spent last Christmas in jail for the full term while repeat felons around him were serving the same or lesser “sentences .”

Now you can read his ordeal in a complaint filed with a Judicial Conduct Commission.  Michael nearly died as a result of Judge Dan King’s dysfunctional court process. Is this what money and greed has done to our “family” courts? Does this guy understand he’s dealing with human beings, their extended families and not judge resumes?

Was it all about self advancement and court revenues when King acted with such absurd and sadistic arrest and commitment orders? Did it make him feel all powerful like convicted felon Sheldon Silver once did? Make no mistake. It’s a trillion dollar industry getting more barbaric by the day, and we have to join together nationwide to save lives. Here’s the proof:

November 28, 2015

Michael Brancaccio
5496 Woodlawn Place
Marcy, New York 13403

State of New York
Commission on Judicial Conduct
400 Andrews Street
Rochester, New York 14604

Re: Family Judge Daniel King
Dear Members of the Commission:

I am formally lodging a complaint against Lewis County Family Judge Daniel King. I was incarcerated for a maximum period of six months in the Lewis County Jail for back child support and nearly died as a result. I will do my best to explain this shocking but true story. Before being released this past June, I was severely mistreated by Judge King and prison guards as a “city slicker.” I was placed in solitary confinement for five days for defending other abused inmates. It was so cruel in there that I suffered tremendous psychological pain and trauma.

In August, I was rushed to the hospital where I was held for five days. They discovered a large tumor pressing into the back of my lungs and a growth on my Thyroid gland. It produced bleeding internally and externally from all openings of my body with the exception of my eyes and ears. It was traced to all the stress I suffered from my six month imprisonment by Judge King. One of my fellow inmates, Justin Hurley, was gay and abused for that reason. I did my best to protect him time and again. That is why he confided in me personal information about working on Judge King’s home and camp. He explained how he got special treatment as a result.

For example, Justin was given drug treatment instead of prison time and released while I was there. He had been convicted of multiple felonies with a long record of crimes back to 2007, this time for operating a meth lab in Lowville, New York. When I got out I also shared this information with Leon Koziol because I wanted him as my attorney for winning a criminal jury case many years ago that kept me out of jail. If he could have represented me in an impartial court, instead of the one operated by Judge King, none of this would have occurred. I also knew what happened to Leon by the same judge and all the harm it caused to his family, health and professional career.

So a group of us travelled to the Lowville courthouse during the last week of October, 2015 to get public records verifying the information I received while in prison. We also went to Judge King’s clerk to get information on my case because I had never come before him at any time before, during and after my six month incarceration. Two of the inmate files obtained next door at county criminal court backed up the information I was told. One of them was this Justin Hurley. Leon needed a statement from him for a federal case he filed against Judge King on November 13, 2015. But Justin committed suicide in the same jail this past Wednesday after being returned since the time we went out to see him at his apartment. Also I was returned to the hospital for three weeks before he went back in.

When we went around Lowville looking for Hurley, we learned that his mother had just died so he was going to get back to us after a grieving period about doing an affidavit for Leon. Before we could get it from him, Justin committed suicide in the same Lewis County jail where I spent six months protecting him. It occurred on the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 25, 2015. The other file was Robert Campany, who was convicted of Grand Larceny, Fourth Degree, involving firearms. He was given the same period I was, six months on a split sentence. He was brought before Judge King a number of times while I was there for back child support and released from jail without any time served for it. This is because locals get preferential treatment from what I was told.

Robert Campany bragged to me how Judge King would make positive remarks about his family members in court. We tried to get statements from him which he promised but he is employed out of state on contract jobs. I had a terrible time making sense of all this special treatment. Despite my own requests to come before Judge King like Campany did, I did not even get the courtesy of an answer. I read a case about another family judge named David Jung who was removed from office for this sort of thing. I am attaching a warrant for my arrest signed by Judge King which required me to be brought before him. It never happened to this day. I was taken straight to Lewis County jail after as many as six U.S. Marshals and police showed up at both my workplace and my home to arrest me on it.

I was told by a state police officer that my sentence of three months was increased to the maximum by Judge King. He was surprised by this, and inmates or CO’s in the jail were even more surprised based on what they were used to seeing. I am attaching a copy of his commitment order showing this. I could not understand how two guys with long criminal records and serious felony convictions could do the same or less time in jail when all I did was find myself unable to get a good enough job to pay a debt. I love my daughter and was deprived six months contact with her including time spent at the hospital. After coming out of my five day hospital stay in August, 2015, with recommendations for recovery and no stress or court appearances, I was summoned back to Lowville Family Court for the money I could not pay while in jail. I was threatened with another warrant if I failed to show up.

Shortly after that appearance, I nearly died from further complications when I became non-responsive to my brother while staying at his home. He tried to wake me up after two days of sleep thinking I was sick. If it wasn’t for my mother calling him and making sure I was alright, I would not be making this complaint today, and Leon would be without another important witness to King’s abuses of fathers in his court. I spent three weeks in the hospital this time. Blood was spilling out into my body from that tumor on my lung, my systems were shutting down, a tube had to be placed into my neck to my heart just to keep me alive, and I had to be placed on kidney dialysis.

My support hearing is set to occur three weeks from now, and I want to assure this commission that I will not be alive to survive another six months by Judge King. For me it’s a matter of life and death just so that Judge King could get money out of me that I cannot earn. According to the attached paper, I owed about $7,000 with a $5,000 purge amount. You will see how Judge King raised the term from three months to six months without explanation and no input from me under that warrant. I believe he is trying to make a name for himself by abusing his office as a judge. This is family court not criminal court but as you can see I was treated far worse than the criminals.

While in Lowville tracking down witnesses we could not obtain from confidential family court files, we stopped into a local tavern/restaurant. Judge King had been making an issue of (parents who use alcohol around their children). We asked the barmaid there if any important people come to that bar. The first person she answered was Judge King, and she even knew what he drank. She also informed us without prompting that Judge King brought his own children there. It is only the tip of an iceberg, and I am asking this commission to remove Judge Daniel King as it did to David Jung. I can be reached anytime unless I’m in the hospital, in jail or court at (315) 534-5960.

Thank you for your concern.

Very truly yours,

Michael Brancaccio

 You’ll see some of these ordeals in books that I am having published. Contact me at (315) 796-4000 if you would like to retain my professional services as a published writer. You can quickly google one of my novels Voyage to Armageddon available at major bookseller sites.

Rather than engage in further risky speech and press here, we will conclude with a copy of that complaint filed against Judge Daniel King. Brace yourself for a shocking story, upcoming book or even another 60 Minutes documentary.

If you have a complaint against Judge King of the Lewis County Family Court, you can file it before the same Commission at the address below (or see attached letter complaint). And kindly consider a donation to our cause or a purchase of our Court Education program at Parenting Rights Institute.

Enjoy your holidays.

State of New York
Commission on Judicial Conduct
400 Andrews Street
Rochester, New York 14604


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