Human Rights Violations Condoned in New York Courts


While President Obama pays tribute to Nelson Mandela in South Africa, reminding us of his years protesting apartheid, human rights violations in America go unchecked. Barbaric debtor prisons, free speech targeting and child control laws have reached epic proportions particularly among our founding states. One of them, New York, has been noted for its promotion of liberties and freedoms, but today it has abused its people beyond measure as a means for raising revenues.

To suppress public exposure of the growing atrocities, certain judges and attorney committees have targeted a civil rights lawyer who put his career on the line time and again to protect parents, minorities and every day citizens from government abuse. Its higher courts are now condoning this suppression despite overwhelming proof in the record that its committees simply do not like to be criticized. In short, New York has effectively declared that our third branch of government is above the law, giving credence to European courts that are increasingly denying extradition to the states due to “barbaric” civil confinement practices, Fox News, January 14, 2013. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, William Binney and former Justice Department Attorney, Jessica Radack, make similar assertions, USA Today, front page, June 17, 2013.

But here, in the case of Leon Koziol, we are not dealing with national security leaks or a pedophile fugitive in England. The human right at the core of his ordeal is a petition to spend more time with his children and obtain relief from draconian support collection practices. If you have been following this on our site at Leon, you already know of his courageous effort to expose corruption in New York’s divorce and family courts. More than 25 trial level judges have been assigned, removed or terminated from further deliberations involving his case, many as a result of alarming motions for disqualification.

So blatant is the misconduct today that one of his presiding judges was removed from Family Court in Syracuse for sexual misconduct upon a 5-year old niece. A support judge in the same court literally fabricated a PhD degree among Mr. Koziol’s credentials in a scheme to impute support capabilities and ultimate debtor imprisonment. Oversight entities have simply passed the buck and left the victim to an endless cycle of needless and costly appeals. Additional retributions were imposed upon his law license after 23 unblemished years of practice along with deprivations to childrearing rights and an unlawful invasion of his private homestead. Chillingly, it reads like the ordeal of Chinese Attorney Chen Guang Chen or a real life John Grisham story.

In a 25 page report submitted to the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct, Division of Human Rights and U.S. Justice Department, Mr. Koziol outlined the many instances of misconduct which are being ignored. They are consistent with the targeting practices exposed by attorney ethics lawyers in downstate New York, i.e. Nicole Corrado, N.Y. Law Journal May 16, 2012. In the April 23, 2013 report, a section was devoted to circumstantial evidence as a proper means for exposing discreet and unlawful targeting. However, only one month later, on May 22, 2013, the need for “connecting the dots” was removed when ethics lawyers in the Third Department, Albany, openly conceded that they simply do not like the criticisms featured on this site.

Unfortunately this type of hearing is not transcribed, but the disclosure was apparently inadvertent, causing much embarrassment for the bench according to one witness. A supplemental complaint dated May 24, 2013 was accordingly submitted to the same oversight entities. It was not previously featured here out of a concern for further retaliation, but it can be made available on request today because it does not appear that corrective action is forthcoming. Free speech targeting is now “the law” in New York State in addition to infringements upon other rights basic to any free, civilized and self governing society. These include privacy, search and seizure, abuse of court process and parenting infringements.

The Supreme Court has consistently described the parenting right to be among the “oldest liberty interests” protected by the American Constitution, see i.e. Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000); Santosky v Kramer, 455 US 745 (1982); Parham v J.R., 442 US 584 (1979); Wisconsin v Yoder, 406 US 232 (1972) and Meyer v Nebraska, 262 US 390 (1923). But this right is quickly eroding as part of a new world order, and it requires your protest, American style, before we lose it altogether. To avoid becoming the next victim, you need to join our cause. The Koziol case will undoubtedly make its fourth trip to the Supreme Court very soon in search of a constitution based government. It will take your personal and financial support to achieve the kind of precedent which is long overdue in domestic relations cases all across America. Please help us to pass this message along to media, concerned parents and good government organizations.