UPDATE: May 3rd Parent March on Washington. Spread the Word!

The above video documentaries produced in December and February describe the reasons and itinerary for the Parent March on Washington set for May 3rd. Its agenda can be found on a prior post (click here). Both videos were sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute and released by an NBC production crew.


Here is a report on some of the participant offerings at our last weekly conference call of February 14, 2019:

DIXIE BANNER, Anchorage, Alaska, operates Legal Shield, a consulting agency. She has agreed to be our point person for veteran recruitment to our March. She has interacted with Sarah Palin and uniquely became a court victim due to her service in the military as a single mom. I recruited her as a newcomer to our last conference, and she promptly called the next day with her plan of action.

I believe it was JEREMY THOMPSON who was to set up a Facebook Page, Twitter and other social media expansions for our March. No report yet.

EVERETTE STARKATZ  (spelling could be erroneous) from New York has offered travel agency assistance to coordinate transportation. We’re hoping to solidify this when the participant numbers are better known.

MARCEL  (last name not provided) from Montana has followed up our last call with a recruitment and fundraising effort of his own focused on the contacts he has obtained in the movement.

FRANCESCA AMADO BANKROFT  from New York has offered to grow our numbers through contacts she has developed over the past two years and to improve our conference call effectiveness through video conferencing and other tools. No report yet.

RICHARD MONZONE from New York offered to contact participants from both conference calls to date for one-on-one strategies strictly to grow our numbers. This is the overriding goal of our first three Thursday calls. There is little point to obtaining March permits, transportation and other requirements until we can conclude that something real is developing. The enthusiasm is definitely growing but woefully short of actual effort needed to make this a reality.

Richard has predicted an easily attainable average of 20 participants from each state to make a minimal 1,000 strong event, many times the largest known to date. (Divorce Corp Family Law Reform Conference in 2014 had roughly 300 attendees but that was not a March). That would be a decent number but we need many thousands. There is no upper limit, and if too few show, we will fall back on our lobbying effort as in the past. I have sent Richard our two call lists but he will be tied up for three days. He does not have all the names, only the phone numbers, so expect a cold call soon.

A DOCUMENTARY PRODUCER from California joined our second conference call and gave an extensive rendition of court corruption on the west coast. He hopes to cover our March and share his findings.

BOB NORTON from Massachusetts will provide managerial support and suggestions, hopefully he can provide a publicity function.

MELISSA ANTIO from Michigan has followed up with a posting to collect case summaries for delivery to Congress during our pre-March lobbying day on May 2nd. I have suggested changes to her format and it is now approved and underway.

AN  UNNAMED  PARTICIPANT  during our first call suggested that someone open a Go Fund Me page to help finance such an ambitious March. No one stepped forward, so I did it myself  last week with a $50 starting donation from KATHY LYNCH. You can click anywhere on the link at the bottom to add your contribution or referral. Donations since our Thursday call: ZERO.

There were many other great ideas and suggestions but my experience with these sorts of things is that ideas are a dime-a-dozen. To be of any value, they must be turned into reality. That takes serious commitment. The parental rights movement tends to betray a one-and-out character with no follow-up. People actually believe that someone else will do the work for them, but that someone else does not exist. It must be you today!

Your participation will bring credibility and action to your grievances. Countless organizations that have become splintered, ineffective and even conflicting will obtain overnight credibility. Our unifying theme is court corruption and parental rights. We will not allow “moles and trolls” to infiltrate these calls. Fortunately nearly all participants to date have been constructive and serious-minded, having recognized some early attempts at hijacking or derailing that core theme.

I define “moles” as those planted within reform organizations to suppress their efforts for self-serving reasons. In our case, it could be a divorce lawyer, secretary or court clerk. I define “trolls” as those who infect a good cause with bizarre ideas that waste valuable time better committed to recruitment and fundraising. These aren’t all bad people as the moles are, but we cannot allow fringe or conflicting causes to dilute or swallow whole our main purpose. Such invasions have been the cancer for destroying so many other attempts to get noticed. Our ultimate goal is to influence congressional hearings and a federal investigation of our divorce and family courts.

Granted, it has been only two days since our second call and little more than a week since this March began in earnest (introduced with lawyer video in December). But the foregoing report does prove that we need to get a full time paid staffer through funding efforts. I cannot do this alone and part time commitments will falter. If we can get $10,000 on the Go Fund Me page (below), I will recruit such a person and the results will be immediately impressive. Special interests have large staff and finance. A key way to overcome that influence is our numbers. And that will take daily commitment.

To that end, starting next month, I will add Monday night calls at the same time with same access info to make them twice per week. In April, it will become a nightly event, perhaps afternoons on weekends. Our next meeting this Thursday, February 21, 2019, will be hosted live from the Courtyard Marriott, 1717 Broadway, Manhattan, New York City. There are participants who have already committed to attend in person as this March graduates into a ground game. We hope to get meetings in every state hosted by volunteers across the country. There are potential donors monitoring our progress but they will not invest unless convinced that we are professional and real.


Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Office: (315) 380-3420








Family Court Corruption: This Short Video Will Shock You And Support A Federal Investigation In Washington!



The Parenting Rights Institute has been lobbying Congress, the Justice Department and FBI to open a comprehensive investigation of our nation’s family courts. It is needed to address horrific and widespread corruption which is being censored on social media, ignored by mainstream news organizations, and suppressed by special interests or bar associations.

While victims everywhere continue to waste their time and resources complaining to therapists and the choir on-line, the abuses of our children, careers and earnings escalate in these courts with an ominous impact on future generations. Sources close to key congressional leaders have recognized this epidemic but without any public noise, they have have advised us that there is no problem to address.

Only a few parental advocates, court reformists and government groups are truly acting to obtain change and accountability for the misconduct of judges and lawyers documented in our video series. It was produced by an NBC production crew, and the first segment subtitled “The Lawyer Epidemic” was released in December (highly acclaimed 6 minutes).

The Parenting Rights Institute is one of the few entities doing something about this growing epidemic, and our track record over ten years proves it. If a federal investigation or congressional hearing is granted, you will finally be heard, whatever your concern, wherever your location. Local federal offices will be engaged as opposed to ignoring your complaints. Just imagine the possibilities, the hope that will be generated.

But you must do your part! Stop assuming that others will protest for you. History has shown, including my own experience as a successful, citizen group litigator, that change can occur if you get involved in a united and meaningful way. Instead, only a feeble number (4 to 300) show up in our nation’s capital (or anywhere for that matter) to voice concerns in a divided manner.

We are a Democracy. That means doing something here and now, instead of scrolling away for more sympathy or distracting entertainment. Call us, make a donation, share this video, expose the trolls who are planted to undermine our efforts, counter the pessimists who do more harm than good, and make plans today to join our Parent March and Lobby on Washington.

If you are still apathetic, learn the seriousness of a parent monitoring process explained at the 3:30 mark of this 10 minute video. Still unmoved? Then keep viewing to the 8 minute mark for a sampling of the serial convictions, imprisonments or removals of family judges ranging from a pedophile to a national disgrace. If you are outraged as all Americans should be, finish up the last two minutes for a plan of action.

Federal Title IV-D funding is being abused to commit these crimes with you and your children as victims. In past lobbying trips, we have headquartered at the Harrington Hotel, a long respected and remarkably low cost lodging facility between the White House and Congress. Maybe we can take over the whole building if we make plans now. No matter the turn-out, we will endeavor to visit all congressional offices.

We predict that impeachment proceedings will be underway by then, and we can exploit the moment with an ideal message against both adversarial parties. They continue to be focused more on political posturing than the people they were elected to serve. If you ignore this call to action and its vital message, you will pay for it tremendously. You will need a second or third job to pay your first, second or third attorney hired to date.

P.S.: Make sure one of your attorneys has a specialty in Bankruptcy Law, because as long as you stay in the comfort of your homes keyboarding to no one who can help, this is what your apathy and excuse-making will earn for you, your children and your society.

Call the PRI Office at (315) 380-3420, our Director, Dr. Leon Koziol at (315) 796-4000 or e-mail him personally at leonkoziol@gmail.com. And keep up-to- date on our March and Lobbying Event in Washington on May 3, 2019 here at http://www.leonkoziol.com.