Once again, our politicians and self-described “experts” misreport the primary cause of another mass shooting

After promoting an agenda for discrediting my decade-long crusade to reform a corrupt family court industry, its beneficiaries continue to hide from their roles in the mass shootings among our schools. Today’s killing of three children and three adults in Nashville is the latest example of collateral damage emanating from a court system that favors profits and revenues over the “best interests” of our children.

The continuing carnage is detailed in my Law Review and News Alert published here on March 17, 2023 and more extensively in my 2021 memoir, Whistleblower in Paris, available at any Barnes and Nobles store, Amazon or major bookseller site. The connections to this tragedy are manifestly complex but accurate in defining a “silent epidemic” of immorality caused by an increasingly parentless society.

This latest tragedy is not about race, gender or gun control but the erosion of moral fiber perpetrated by non-parents promoting woke ideologies and sexual perversions, among other evils, in these same schools. The true victims grow up to be demonic, deprived of genuine loving guidance by those parents anxious to remain a part of their children’s lives in divorce or separated households.

Shared parenting is made subordinate to a custody war reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum in these godless tribunals. They continue to ignore parental alienation and denigration of authority vested in parents seeking to raise responsible adults. The perpetrator of today’s heinous crime defied all the stereotypes of an angry, young, white male to reveal a white, female 28-year-old as the killer.

Insanely, President Joe Biden opens his public reaction to this tragedy with jokes about his wife, chocolates and pointless cravings. He then follows not with a new strategy but that tired old song and dance about gun control. Former New Jersey Governor and federal prosecutor, Chris Christie, had it correct with his reaction emphasizing that we are already inundated by gun laws to address such crimes.

Both reactions were featured on FOX news as this horrific scene was unfolding. Respected anchor Martha MacCallum opened a segment with shock over the gender of this killer thereby evidencing her ignorance of the bigger picture. She is obviously unaware of such child murders as Gabriella Boyd by a mother who chose that option over a custody change order. MacCallum’s guest contributor, Shannon Bream, was more attuned to the crisis by reference to this godless society in her recent publications.

This “silent epidemic” so vigorously exposed here at http://www.leonkoziol.com must be addressed by Congress with oversight hearings into the abuse of federal Title IV-D funds by family courts. And our Justice Department is duty-bound to investigate the escalating human rights violations evident in these same courts. Instead, the “band plays on” to the tune of heart-wrenching losses by families everywhere.

If you have no justification for the exploitation of children in family court, kill the reform message and its whistleblower

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

When I began my bold crusade as a conscientious father and civil rights attorney to expose and reform the lucrative divorce industry, I was quickly targeted by its beneficiaries. As the news conferences, public forums and civil rights actions grew, so did the retributions from my profession.

In the end, these beneficiaries (unscrupulous lawyers, service providers, and lawyers on the bench) united to extinguish my crusade not by any meritorious response, but by killing the messenger. It is a typical tactic of tyrannical regimes throughout human history.

However, this does not mean that I have to tolerate their fraud on the public or the persecution. My adversaries certainly had the power to destroy me as they ultimately proved, but they cannot erase my unblemished record as a parent and professional, and they cannot rewrite history as they strived to do. In that vein, I have been compelled to publish aspects of that record here.

SERIOUSLY? A Parents Bill of Rights to affirm what our Constitution guarantees?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) called it “fascism.”

Congress Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffreys condemned it as an attack on woke teaching.

Liberal lawmakers are going so far as to call it “racist.”

And our very own U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, helped instigate it by comparing parents speaking at school board meetings to “terrorists.”

It’s the Parents Bill of Rights!

Seriously? Did we really need this to confirm and enforce constitutional rights we already had since the founding of our nation? Or is it yet another corroboration of an ominous trend eroding our most basic freedoms in promotion of a new world order?

As this new legislation announced today by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy heads to the Senate to become law, common sense constituents have to ask why it is being considered at all. The First Amendment has guaranteed our right to speak at public venues as the “essence of self-governance,” Snyder v Phelps, 562 US 443 (2011), and the Supreme Court has repeatedly declared the right to parent one’s offspring as the “oldest liberty interest” protected by the Constitution, Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000).

Get involved with these critical issues that are affecting you with higher taxes, increased crime, unwanted pregnancies, teen suicides and destruction of American values by supporting the nonprofit Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc and Parenting Rights Institute.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Former School Board Attorney

(315) 796-4000

Christmas Tree at Half Mast

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

This year I decided to forego the traditional elaborate decoration of my 70-foot pine tree. Instead, I displayed a scaled down version halfway up which I call my “CHRISTMAS TREE AT HALF MAST.” I did this to signify the deaths of my father-daughter relationships at the hands of a corrupt family court system.

Kristen and Cassandra: if you are reading this, recall the many Christmas seasons we shared together. We were all so happy then. There is still time to reverse some of the damage done to us that would mean so much to your loving dad this holiday season.

As always, please call me.

I am also decorating at “half-mast” to recognize parent-child alienations everywhere. Many of the judges, lawyers and players who pursued it as a custody tactic or whistleblower retribution in my case are literally dead. But wherever they are now, they will hopefully be held to account for their mortal sins on humanity.

These were God’s creations that they abused.

In the end, their fees, egos and possessions could not be taken to any afterlife if you believe in that sort of thing, but for my part, the “CHRISTMAS TREE AT HALF MAST” will also be a memorial to them, not in a good or holy way, but as a reminder of the depravity of separating a loving parent permanently from his or her child.

This would be a good post to share with the world for inspiration

What Happened to Governor Kathy Hochul’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Forensic Evaluations: More Broken Promises at Election Time?

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

Whatever happened to that taxpayer financed Blue Ribbon Commission on Forensic Evaluations which Kathy Hochul touted with great media fanfare on September 9, 2021? Upon assuming her position as governor following the resignation of disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo, she promised action on New York’s dysfunctional divorce and family court system, most importantly the lucrative abuses of forensic evaluations.

Her disrespect of constituents and victims who took the time to given testimony on that day and again on September 23, 2021 was never more evident than the inaction which followed, typifying New York’s dishonest politics and rampant, near daily, scandals. This hollow commitment renders her unfit to hold office that she was never elected to.

Among the speakers was a highly agitated parental rights advocate, Francesca Bancroft Amato. From her i-phone on the driver’s side of her vehicle, she lambasted the hearing process as a sham and waste of valuable time. Her angry attacks were rapid-fire and by far the most volatile of the speakers at these hearings.

I remember thinking how her outbursts may have undermined her positions, but in the end, she was proven correct as this commission morphed into yet another window-dressing entity and a scam to benefit aspiring politicians. Indeed, it followed the pattern of her predecessor Governor Cuomo who empaneled a “who’s-who” of law enforcement experts he dubbed the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in 2013. Its objective was to address a “culture of corruption” in Albany.

So why should we voters trust anything that Hochul or Cuomo spews forth today for self-advancement?

To be sure, when Governor Cuomo was personally exposed by Moreland speakers, not unlike years later, he disbanded his commission prematurely. Here is a reprint of my highly relevant testimony given before Hochul’s Commission. Why is no one in the media exposing her for this? Your referral of this message to the New York Post and other mainstream news is now vital to our joint citizen cause for accountability and reform.

 Leon R. Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

1336 Graffenburg Road

New Hartford, New York 13413


     (315) 796-4000

 September 23, 2021

Testimony Before the Blue Ribbon Panel of Governor Kathy Hochul to Examine Forensic Evaluation Abuses in New York Divorce and Family Courts

Good Morning Members of this Blue Ribbon Panel.

My name is Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute in New York. I am also a civil rights advocate who practiced law in the courts of this state for more than 23 years. As a

dedicated father of two daughters now in college, I bring together a highly relevant background to the work of your panel and the duties charged upon it by our new governor, Kathy Hochul.

On September 17, 2013, I was invited to testify before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, a dream team of lawyers, experts and law enforcement as it was called. Meanwhile countless would-be speakers were denied access due to the volume of complaints which ultimately led then Governor Andrew Cuomo to dissolve his commission prematurely. 

That self-serving event led to federal convictions of the leaders of both houses of our legislature and a top Cuomo aide after an outraged speaker, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, seized commission files to complete the job. The concern today is that my time is not once again wasted with testimony which is so critical to the functioning of our government and its court system. 

There are countless parents, children and families victimized by abusive forensic evaluations in our divorce and family courts. It is part of a lucrative process and silent epidemic that is causing needless murders, suicides, domestic violence, parental alienation, criminal and drug abuses, and an overall decline in the health and productivity of the people of this state.

At another time and place I might be citing victims such as Utica Investigator Joe Longo who committed a murder-suicide that left four children without parents. I might reference Thomas Ball who burned himself alive on the steps of a family court to protest corruption, or the mother who murdered her two-year old girl, Gabriella Boyd, rather than comply with a custody change.

But I need not expound upon such victims today because I am a victim myself. Originally set to testify on September 9, 2021, I was instead recuperating at a hospital from a heart condition caused by the stresses I endured as a whistleblower of family court corruption. It included forensic evaluations ordered in retaliation for my testimony before that Moreland Commission. 

Governor Hochul’s Blue Ribbon Panel

September 23, 2021

Page two

Two such orders were based on the lone accusations of a custody adversary seeking to alienate me from my girls. I have never been found to be unfit, no agency complaints, and all offense petitions were thrown out. Yet none of that mattered as these orders typically derive from a lawyer’s playbook and an outdated custody framework for allocating parenting rights.   

The whimsical manner in which these forensic orders were issued, vacated and then re-issued is beyond presentment here. But in the end, I was deprived over seven years of child contact in proceedings conducted without constitutional safeguards such as a jury, impartial judge, proper burden of proof, and a standard of appellate review limited to sound discretion. 

It remains a saga that reads more like a John Grisham story. And as timing would have it, that saga is now found in my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris. The subject of abusive forensic orders is addressed in alarming detail throughout that book. A copy has therefore been provided to this panel. Extensive research supports the existence of this silent epidemic, and I am joining countless other victims today seeking genuine accountability and reforms.

Respectfully submitted,

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.  

Matt Castelli: oblivious to court funding abuses, he will harm parent rights if elected to Congress: Elise Stefanik is preferred in 21st District

Leon Koziol, J.D.

Yesterday afternoon I had occasion to attend a Matt Castelli public forum at the town offices of Lowville, New York in the far north reaches of the state, only an hour from the Canadian border. He is challenging incumbent Elise Stefanic in the 21st congressional district which extends from Vermont to Lake Ontario, Mohawk River to the St. Lawrence River. It is by far the largest geographically, comprised mostly of farmers, small businesses and middle class families.

I was anxious to determine if a candidate for such a high level position was anywhere on the radar of a reform movement seeking to gain accountability for federal funding abuses under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (child support program). I also wanted to see if his campaign promises were genuine given my four decades in law and politics, having made a run for the same office on the same party line in 2006. What I discovered was alarming.

Mr. Castelli refused to address my questions before a small audience of 30-40, mostly senior citizens, even though there was still ten minutes left to his question-answer session per his public release. Instead, he invited me to share my concerns privately at its conclusion. However that proved more alarming when he displayed utter ignorance of the Title IV-D program that impacts so many in the district he proposes to represent. He also evinced a lack of genuine concern for parental rights. Having completed numerous jury selections as a trial attorney, I concluded that his candidacy was more committed to self-promotion than public service.

To be fair, Mr. Castelli was a political newcomer highly distracted by media and attendee interruptions. And he did ask for a copy of my relevant 2015 report to former U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch. But my time is valuable, and resources limited, as it appeared unlikely that he would ever read it. Instead, his seemingly blind commitment to the liberal-socialist agenda plaguing our federal government convinced me that any exchange of documents would be a gesture in futility.

Sadly, and ominously,this is the political landscape of today.

I therefore urge all Democrats to cross party lines and vote for Elise Stefanic on this year’s election ballot. The Republicans are sure to take over the House, and as a high ranking member, Congesswoman Stefanic is far more suited to give us the clout we need in northern New York.

With Roe v Wade overturned, will the Supreme Court target our parenting right?

Dr. Leon Koziol

Director, Parenting Rights Institute

Founder and president, Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

In his ominous concurring opinion in Dobbs v Jackson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas declared that other landmark rulings should also be overturned based on the reasoning used by the Court’s majority in striking the right to an abortion. He cited gay marriage and contraceptives as some of his targets given their lack of any textual source in our Constitution. Unlike the right to bear arms enshrined by our Second Amendment which the same Court reaffirmed only one day earlier, these rights are not found in any amendment or bill of rights.

This should deeply alarm all parents because the right to raise one’s offspring is also devoid of any textual recognition in that same venerable document, making it ripe for judicial assault. Indeed, like prey evading the shark, it is a right that may be said to be hiding among those targeted for review. Moreover, it is one that is already being bitten apart in our schools, homes and communities. Simply stated, we parents have taken it for granted much like abortion advocates had for a half century.

However, the parenting right derives from a different source than privacy or that “penumbra” of rights found elsewhere in our Constitution which the high court used to rationalize its shaky decision in 1973. The parenting right exists solidly within the “traditions and history” of our republic, and it was unquestioned by the framers of that Constitution in 1787. It was first given formal recognition 75 years ago in the landmark case of Meyer v Nebraska, 262 US 390 (1923) and expanded to countenance grandparent rights in Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000).

In the latter case, writing for a plurality of the Court, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor declared this right to be the “oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution.” Hence it may be assumed that this right will remain protected for the foreseeable future because it rests upon a different prong than abortion and privacy. But given the whirlwind of recent Supreme Court rulings, the renewed drive to pack the Court, and outright bedlam across America, we parents must stand guard.

Here at the Parenting Rights Institute we have been acting aggressively to promote fathers’ rights and parental rights generally since 2010. This is largely due to our growing status as a “fatherless America” which, in turn, has triggered widespread violence and declines in our moral fiber as a nation. To that end, as a victim and civil rights attorney, I have exposed judicial corruption that is destroying our families.

This 12-year crusade for overdue reforms led to severe retributions by my profession leading to the loss of all contact with my precious daughters, closure of my law practice and ultimate hospitalization in 2020 for a life-threatening condition. This is the price to be paid by whistleblowers in our third branch of government while the band plays on.” Hopefully my sacrifices will be a beacon of light for parents immersed in the same crusade who are being ignored and censored by our government.

Parent Alienation is more than a syndrome or human rights violation, it is a killer

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

The following text is taken from the concluding paragraphs of my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris. It is highly relevant for those suffering from parental alienation. This book addresses a silent epidemic and is a must-read for those engaged in divorce, custody and support conflicts. It is a rare education opportunity to educate yourself to the realities of these court processes and based on more than 30 years of litigation experience. This extraordinary read is available at any Barnes and Noble store, Amazon or major on-line bookseller (published by Author House). You can also visit the book’s website at http://www.whistleblowerinparis.com.

Epilogue (concluding segment):

This alone warrants a Justice Department investigation of my extended ordeal. It would benefit countless moms, dads and families similarly situated. There are tremors of unrest throughout this country which are being ignored. Hardly a day goes by without some child murder, needless suicide or unpredictable homicide traced to these dysfunctional courts. What remains of a stable society is largely made possible by the free exercise of parental liberties and self-governance. It is my fervent hope, therefore, that a powerful movement emerges from my sacrifices that forces our government to pay attention to its own parents.

In the end, my daughters lost a model father, someone who could have continued to develop family pride and helped educate them well beyond the capabilities of their other parent. That parent took father alienation to a whole new low as she recently changed residence with such secrecy that the location of my daughters became unknown. Making matters worse, resort to the courts was long foreclosed due to continuing systemic bias. The endless assignments of jurists to my case made any such resort a painful gesture in futility. If a judge like Daniel King could invent a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” (wedding toast) as a reason to suspend child contact, how could I expect any sanity from the judges who replaced him without correction since his childish December 2, 2013 decision? 

Taken together, it required consideration of an amber alert by a father still subject to child support orders. All of this will needlessly impact the alienator’s new marriage on hate alone. It is a prime example of how dysfunctional family court has become, the newest forms of evil it has spawned, and the vast downward spiral which the lucrative litigation yielded over a fifteen year period. In short, all incentive for financial support has been tortured through corruption. I lost many years of those special moments of child development which can never be recreated, and this heinous outcome arose simply because I hurt the feelings of family court judges.

In raw terms, you can kill a targeted person with a gun or accomplish the same outcome with a drawn-out process that chips away at your existence. Parent alienation is such a process. It is more than a psychological syndrome or human rights violation, it is a proven killer of victimized parents. Whether it be a suicide, terminal illness or some other consequence, the needless separation of a loving parent from his or her children is simply unconscionable. But when forcing the victim to pay for the child abduction through support payments under penalty of lock-up in a debtor prison, it becomes utterly barbaric. 

Judges are quick to overlook this reality as they routinely find breaches of various duties in personal injury cases to achieve million-dollar verdicts. But when greater breaches of ethical duties are presented regarding their own conduct, they cloak themselves with judicial immunity on the rationale that such liability would deter qualified candidates from seeking judgeships. But lawyers crave these prestigious titles, and a judge complying with job requirements has nothing to fear. If anything, this absolute immunity encourages misconduct while politically-appointed oversight commissions fail us time and again.

This literary work is by no means an indictment of our justice system or legal profession. However, it verifies in painstaking detail how a conscientious attorney, model parent and judicial whistleblower can be so ruthlessly punished for his crusade to deliver overdue reforms to our system of family court justice. It serves to illustrate the need for attorney whistleblower protection. Finally, it is directed against the divorce industry and the predators who are dragging it all down to hell, a people’s courthouse reduced to a giant profit center. All this corruption might compel another victim to resort to violence. But I was able to achieve some justice in more constructive ways. My old friend, Sir Walter Scott, gave me sage advice in that regard:

For he that does good, having the unlimited power to do evil, deserves praise not only for the good he performs, but the evil he forbears.

Blue-Ribbon Commission votes to eliminate forensic custody evaluations while ignoring accountability and defective hearings

Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Would it have been such a burden to notify hearing presenters of a report issued on January 11, 2022 by a state Blue-Ribbon Commission on Forensic Custody Evaluations? Instead, a final report was released to media with no indication that many who made presentations at two virtual hearings were respected. Those hearings in September were conducted in haphazard fashion, some presentations without video recognition, and no reply to complaints regarding their conduct by a domestic violence employee.

Welcome to New York, land of useless oversight bodies appointed at taxpayer expense to create an illusion of public accountability. Like the 2013 Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, this so-called blue-ribbon commission assumed the mantra of a window-dressing entity. By a vote of 11-9, it recommended that forensic custody evaluations be eliminated in the state’s divorce and family courts. It also recommended that in the event such evaluations are continued, evaluators be monitored, qualified and stripped of qualified judicial immunity from civil liability.

Of course, none of these recommendations will be adopted by New York Governor Kathy Hochul whose predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, created both the Moreland and forensic panels. His non-elected replacement is being publicly criticized as a state leader who may be worse than her predecessor, preserving that long entrenched “culture of corruption in Albany” which these oversight panels were created to address. But the corruption has only worsened as the “band plays on” in Albany.

There were presenters who identified certain judges, evaluators and wrongdoers but none were mentioned in the report. Moreover, if the evaluators are to be stripped of their immunities from civil liability, i.e. from a consequential child murder, parent suicide or court-induced mental condition, why were judges given a free pass, those who often rubber-stamp the reports of these same evaluators? We all know that lawyers in robes will never consent to waiving their “absolute” immunities as they impose million-dollar judgments for comparable negligence on their litigants.

Therefore, we victims must take matters into our own hands as the time is long overdue for a legislative enactment or constitutional amendment to eliminate that self-protection. Let’s face it, the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission is yet another useless window-dressing entity investigating less than 10% of complaints annually. Civil suits would make up for that void. Besides, if judges are complying with ethics and criminal laws, they have nothing to fear. And you know that few would leave these prestigious posts if immunities were removed to comport with the accountability applied to the rest of us.

This blue-ribbon commission has yet to respond to my complaints, separately submitted from my testimony, which addressed the conduct and outcomes of these public hearings. This includes severe parental alienation caused by judge-appointed evaluators and a requested referral to the Justice Department and state attorney general for a comprehensive investigation. Such disregard in advance of the recent final report shows how state government remains an elitist body far removed from the people being served.

These evaluators, often appointed to yield campaign contributions, have produced horrific outcomes that warrant monetary compensation. When the Moreland Commission was prematurely dissolved by Andrew Cuomo to evade growing evidence, a federal prosecutor seized commission files resulting in federal prison terms for the state’s legislative leaders and a top Cuomo aide. The federal-state corruption investigation known as Operation Greylord ended with the convictions of nearly 100 judges, lawyers, law enforcement and state officials in Chicago.

In contrast, this impotent blue-ribbon panel proved to be yet another political exercise without accountability or reform. And where was any genuine investigative report from our mainstream media despite all the notice given to them? We victims need to join forces and protest government corruption as the population exodus from New York continues to escalate along with the abuses, taxes and overregulation of the people.

Due to the oversight dysfunction, a citizen commission was recently organized as a nonprofit known as the Citizen Commission Against Corruption. Get the details at http://www.citizencommissionagainstcorruption.org or call its office at (315) 864-8176.

Hope for Alienated Parents during the Holidays: Help victims by sharing the short video here



NOTE: The above video is reproduced in text below

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

My name is Leon Koziol, a parent advocate who practiced law in federal and state courts. I am also a parent victimized for my exposure of court corruption. As a result, my livelihood was destroyed and my precious daughters alienated from me.

I am therefore well positioned to address this phenomenon known as parental alienation, and I am here today to give hope to fellow victims. So stay with me, it’s worth your time.

This video may lead to parent-child reunions or, at the very least, prevent harm to families and future generations. It verifies that you are not alone in your struggles. Parent alienation is now a national crisis, and the courts that caused it require overhauls.

But it requires much more. We must unite to get our Justice Department to open a human rights investigation. Because federal funds deliver such outcomes, Congress must also step up with public hearings to study misappropriations. Child custody has become a pay-to-parent scandal as I will elaborate.

To that end I need your help to bring parental alienation to the forefront of national policy. All of us have a stake in this, whether or not a parent, because the injustices harm our extended families, health care systems, community interests, worker productivity, education and law enforcement.

Yes, parental alienation has reached crisis levels, but it is being ignored as part of a lucrative framework for adjudication which still infects our divorce and family courts. Judges there end parent-child relationships with little or no cause to serve the growing demands of a lawyer glut that has invaded our society.

There are now more than 300,000 lawyers in California and New York alone anxious to advance their fee interests. There is scant accountability for the greed they generate through needless conflict, and the resulting carnage is ripe for public outrage. But we have to channel that outrage to achieve overdue reforms.

To begin with, it should be no shock that any conscientious attorney who makes a stand against his profession will be targeted. My whistleblower activity elicited horrific retributions which I seriously underestimated. Their brazen nature can be explained by the gold mine I was threatening.

Despite my unblemished reputation and principled litigation for more than 23 years, I was deprived of my children, assets and income capacity while subjected to inflated support obligations to justify a jail term for violations. It left me alone to pursue recourse in creative ways including a stint in Paris, France.

With that behind me, I can now proceed with undivided loyalty to a joint mission because there is little else that can be done to scare me off. I will get to the hypocrisy of family judges shortly. But for now, let us look at those who facilitate parent alienation.

Despite being charged with a duty of dispensing justice, protecting our liberties and assuring equal treatment, there are too many judges violating that duty when they turn a blind eye to this crisis. But make no mistake, parent alienation is a legalized form of child abduction fueled by profits and revenues.   

If you’re a victim, you already know that these abductions are real. When your offspring are seized by your own government, a part of you goes with it. You then become isolated, dreading these festive holidays because of the pain they bring.

Like a solar eclipse, the lack of love or contact with your children darkens your spirits and may lead to dire reactions. Parent suicides, homicides and child murders are on the rise.

This carnage stems from an antiquated child custody system derived from a day when moms stayed home and dads worked. In contrast with shared parenting models, custody laws require parents to fight over their offspring for a winner-take-all award. It can become a brutal contest that pits loved ones against each other and their government, breeding new forms of evil.

Despite a professed concern, judges welcome these battles because they are rewarded by the number and size of support orders they issue. This comes in the way of federal grants that few know about under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

We’re talking billions of dollars annually in revenues for the states and astronomical fees for service providers. Like the tobacco, drug and tech industries, you are merely their pawns, collateral damage to quench unmitigated greed. Sure, you can complain endlessly on social media to wanna-be lawyers with voo-doo advice, but no one with influence is paying attention.

So why aren’t these judges, lawyers and service providers being held accountable? Well for starters, you have to recall that judges are lawyers on the bench. Because they wear robes and enter tribunals with great fanfare does not eliminate that reality.

As for oversight, a single statewide commission that meets sporadically is routinely overwhelmed. Reports show that California and New York investigate only ten percent of complaints. It’s mostly window-dressing as the band plays on.

Beyond that, it would be a hypocrisy for judges to admonish their own, a blemish on high office. So let’s examine a much greater hypocrisy about that high office and its ethics.

My custody judge, Bryan Hedges, was banned from the bench after admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped five-year old niece. What sort of thought was he harboring while interrogating children in private chambers? I was fortunate to have him removed from my case before my girls could be traumatized.

His replacement, Michael Hanuszczak, was then exposed for sexual harassment of his court clerks. Yet another, Gerald Popeo, was censured for threats and racist remarks from the bench. A record forty trial jurists were removed from my originally uncontested divorce.

Although much of this can be explained by proper self-recusals, others abused office to discredit my public message. Mine is only one case. How can you know if your judge is taking a bribe to fix a custody case as Gerald Garson and Thomas Spargo were in New York? Both were apprehended by chance and convicted.

Or how about Michigan Judge Wade McCree who impregnated a litigant in chambers. He was exposed only because he was a married man. The adversary in that case then sought recourse but was denied on grounds of judicial immunity. It begs the question: Is judge adultery in court a protected act? Seriously?

Then there’s the kids for cash scandal in Pennsylvania and the list goes on. But now let’s turn to the victims. Thomas Ball, a father and veteran, burned himself alive on the steps of a court to protest extended separations from his child. No major outcry, no national exposure. They merely swept his ashes into a sewer.

Joe Longo, a police investigator exited support court only to secure his own justice by committing a murder-suicide at the former marital home using a common kitchen knife. It left four children without parents and a permanent end to child support.

Walter Scott could no longer endure recurring terms in a debtor prison, so it was no surprise that he ran unarmed from a support warrant at a traffic stop. But it was a shock when the cop gave chase and elected to shoot his target dead five times in the back.

That cop is now doing time in a federal prison. Police officers should be doing police work. Instead, they are being exploited as debt collectors. It raises another question of whether government is now killing for money. Without a concealed by-stander and video, this cop would have gotten away with his false reports.

Only last month, Chad Read was also shot dead unarmed by the boyfriend of his son’s mother. That killer interrupted an argument between the parents during a child exchange at her home. Such arguments occur every day across the country.

But now, picking up your children can become a scene from the wild west as the killer’s lawyer claims self-defense under a no-retreat law in Texas. Is it any wonder that many parents today are walking away from their responsibilities, yet another form of alienation? A human being can handle only so much court insanity only to be blamed for it with costly psychiatric exams.  

And how about the children who are supposedly being protected by those courts? Two-year old, Gabriella Boyd, was murdered by her mother in 2018 rather than surrender to a custody change order. She is now serving a life sentence.

Eight-year old, Thomas Valva, died of hypothermia due to the abuse of his NYPD father last year, and two-year old, Kyra Franchetti, was victim of a murder-suicide by her father who burned down their home. A news reporter disclosed that more than 700 deaths are not publicized by child protection agencies.

This holiday season, countless moms and dads will be denied contact with their little ones. Meanwhile parent alienators will be working overtime to brainwash them to hate the other parent. Their motivations are boundless and often psychotic.

Here at my websites, You-Tube channel, publications and reform events around the country, you can obtain highly qualified options for taking action to stop the carnage. Judges, lawyers and politicians only respond to numbers and influence. 

First, visit my personal site, Leon Koziol.com for updates and valuable information. There is no legal fee for this. You can also subscribe to my talk program, Leon’s Library, on YouTube.

Second, log on to the Parenting Rights Institute website. The programs there focus on mediation, self-help and strategies to keep you out of these courts. It may save you thousands in fees.

Third, in dire matters, contact the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, a nonprofit doing the job of oversight agencies. Precedent litigation is among our weapons. Your donations are tax deductible, without which we cannot fight special interests.

Fourth, my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, provides education and intrigue. It can be obtained at any Barnes and Noble store, Amazon or major bookseller on-line.

Fifth, I have published a citizen petition against parent alienation on Change.org. All you have to do is sign it, short and simple.  

Finally, you can join any of the reform events I sponsor around the country. They include a three-day gathering known as the Parent March on Washington which I hope to repeat.

In 2019, it featured a lobby day in Congress, expert speakers at a hotel ballroom, a march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort, and a candlelight vigil for the lives lost in these matters. Currently a networking program, Amber Appeal, is underway to provide information regarding absentee children.        

Spread this holiday message, a genuine gift for countless victims. You can also contact me directly at (315) 796-4000.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

December 20, 2021