Day 153: Dedicated To The Child

Today’s sequel leading up to the Founding Fathers March is dedicated to the child. Throughout human history, autocratic rulers have exploited children against their parents in order to promote state interests. From Sparta’s warriors to Hitler’s youth, parents have been viewed as a hindrance to government rule. The notion that religion and family should play some role in a child’s upbringing has become something of an anomaly in a culture defined by the morals of Hollywood and Wall Street. The propaganda has simply been altered to exploit young boys and girls for money or pleasure.

 The fact that this crime upon the child has reached intolerable levels should surprise no one. We live in a country which prides itself on democracy and freedoms. Flag burning has been legalized, gun laws have left us defenseless, and politicians have been caught sexting teen girls with no sense of respect, humility or morality. Family Courts have been turned into profit centers with substitute evaluators, incompetent themselves to raise our children, finding fault with every manner of parenting. In this way, impressionable youth are transformed into spies upon their creators, a veritable tail wagging the dog, so that lawyer fees, entitlement grants and interest revenues can be maximized.

In today’s news, we find the child prominently displayed at Penn State and Syracuse. I view these reports with either skepticism or disgust, but one thing stands out which is found nowhere on the radar screen, namely, the impact of all this upon our victim parents. Have we expelled parents so much from the childrearing equation that they no longer play any role. Police and university officials scramble to address media inquiries yet no one seems to care that the parents were either never notified or involved. These incidents, if they did occur, were reported while the victims were minors over two decades ago. How did all this manage to escape their right to secure accountability?

Perhaps I am the only one asking these questions. Regardless, there is a message being carried by our Founding Fathers March which is relevant here. Fathers remain unique in their genetic make-up and sense of responsibility. We are not care givers as much as we are protectors of our young, and that means keeping a vigil upon predators and stalkers of all kinds. However, when our own government takes this right away from us, and places it in the hands of a dysfunctional program, the need for reform is more crucial than ever. This is the same government which gave us trillion dollar deficits and a $10 billion state debt.

It’s too late in the day for police investigations and proclamations from our local prosecutor. Fathers must unite behind our march at the nation’s capital on April 20, 2012 to reform this free living mentality. Our message is basic. Bring fathers back into the lives of our children so that they can better protect them. I for one can assure all would-be predators that if any of my loved ones became your victim, you would have to pray for police protection. It’s the only way you will come to know God, because no defense lawyer can help you, no parole board will let you out, and our taxpayers would have one less cell to pay for. We are fathers, your worst nightmare.

November 20, 2011
Syracuse, New York                                                               Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Parenting Rights Institute

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