DAY 143: Liberty Right Under the American Constitution

This week we feature the “Liberty and Justice Series” in the sequel of dedications leading up to the Founding Fathers March on Washington set to occur on April 20, 2012. It comes to you from the hallowed grounds of the Saratoga National Battlefield. Women continue to be the dominant responders behind our cause for domestic relations reform and preservation of constitutional rights. Among them is a very dynamic and talented victim in New York City seeking to reverse a custody order which reduced her to a status dominated by men, the “non-custodial” parent.

This woman asked to join our Institute because of a keen understanding of the system. She knows how it is harming both men and women through the exploitation of our children. She understands how the system causes good moms and dads to fight with one another so that contributions can be made to the needy lawyers’ fund instead of our families and children. If all moms and dads could come together like this, we would be a real force. Instead, it’s more money for lawyers, less money for you, so keep clicking uselessly on those lazy keyboards, or get busy doing something about it, like this woman has.

Today is dedicated to that time honored concept of “Liberty”. Fewer Americans each year retain a true appreciation for this particular aspect of our Constitution. Yet our country was built upon it, countless veterans sacrificed themselves for it, and the patriots here at Saratoga Battlefield gave their lives for it. This is the component of our series which enables you to type on your keyboards, quit your work, collect benefits, open a business, move to another state and pursue an education or calling. It also guarantees your right to bring children into the world and raise them without undue state control.

These and other liberties are not specified in constitutional text because our founding fathers recognized their inherent existence in the laws of nature. Imagine a delegate in 1789 seeking to draft a parenting liberty into our Bill of Rights. He would undoubtedly be laughed out of the Convention. It was too fundamental in its day to require expression among those fringe rights being violated by the former mother country, for example speech and press. Justice Scalia is the only member of the Supreme Court unable to grasp this. All other justices, joined by the vast majority on the bench during the 20th Century, have understood this right, repeatedly declaring it to be the “oldest liberty interest” protected by our Constitution.

The violation of the parenting right is principally recent vintage due to the vast increases in divorce and lawyers in society, some 300,000 sharks in California alone. There is simply no one outside the feeding frenzy with sufficient courage and patriotism to challenge this. As one of the few conscientious ones who did, after 23 years of unblemished practice, I was suddenly deemed unworthy by this profession. Details can be found in my federal court filings. This parenting right is largely indistinguishable from speech, press and assembly. However, because the state claims an interest in our children, the courts allow it to infringe upon this right with impunity. The focus upon money disguises a reality that the state is exploiting the laws of nature.

Such exploitation is being challenged in my test cases. Understand it as a four tier caste system among parents which keeps them in a constant state of opposition. Instead of facilitating free parenting agreements and mediation, state and federal support formulas require all separated parents to name a “custodial” and “non-custodial” parent. Moms, dads and untitled parenting orders are not allowed in these court processes. Consequently, a lucrative caste system has developed which keeps the litigation coming until no money is left to fight over.

The top tier is occupied by custodial moms. These parents receive money awards and the power to regulate members of the lower tiers. The next tier is reserved for custodial male parents. These are unconventional occupiers who enjoy many of the same benefits as their counterparts, but because their adversaries are women, judges are not inclined to throw support delinquents and contempt candidates in prison. Statistics and case studies bear this out. The third tier is the conventional non-custodial father who is made to feel proper in a weekend warrior role even though he is accorded little right to participate meaningfully in his children’s lives.

Judges are sadistically programmed to incarcerate this third class of parent for support delinquencies. They gain political satisfaction with the violence stigma and dead beat slurs associated with this parenting class. It’s a “slam dunk” as one New York magistrate put it. The bottom tier is occupied by non-custodial female parents. These are the walking dead in the sense that they are deprived the same rights as the earlier tier but they are stigmatized as drug addicts, mental incompetents or child abusers. Simply stated, they exist under the stigma that something is seriously wrong with them to be remanded to this status, no matter how they endeavor to explain it.

This four caste structure is maintained despite its antiquated nature, derived from a day when moms stayed at home. In the case of Webster v Ryan, 729 NYS 2d 315, a veteran judge even declared that “custody and visitation have outlived their usefulness”. Such institutional terms keep parents fighting in a court system which cannot deliver justice because of its inherently unjust structure. This is fundamentally a violation of our liberty interests in free parenting. The caste structure must be removed except in cases of genuine abuse, neglect or abandonment, or the traditional justifications used by the Supreme Court for state interference. However, because money is at its core, not the “best interests” of our children, reform can only come through marches such as ours on the final frontier of civil rights remaining unchecked in America today.

November 30, 2011                                                                                Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Saratoga, New York                                                                                Parenting Rights Institute

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You are the front line soldiers in the fight to bring equal rights to the last discriminated class in America, fathers in domestic relations proceedings. It’s not easy, we know, but you must stay the course because other victims, both men and women, most importantly our children, are relying upon you. This day in our sequel of events leading up to the Founding Fathers March on Washington is dedicated in honor of our nation’s fathers’ rights advocates. It’s time that America gave you the recognition you deserve, the same way it did for Susan B. Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King and other civil rights advocates.

Today’s dedication is being made from the hallowed grounds of the Saratoga National Battlefield in historic upstate New York. This venue was selected to revive your spirit and recruit you to our cause. Saratoga was the turning point in a war that made our current nation possible, and it must be employed as a symbolic turning point in the Fathers’ Rights Movement. Like the patriots who fought this battle, and the founding fathers who kept their faith, you must reach out to your friends and allies, the victims in Family Court, and all those who resort to taking matters into their own hands because their so-called “justice” system refuses to honor their petitions and appeals. In this movement, you are literally saving lives, innocent child victims and America itself from the greed of lawyers and politicians. Future generations will see you as their heroes.

Our government continues to use fathers as the whipping post for failed domestic policies and a feminist agenda that is causing more harm to women than men could ever have delivered. Women are now finding themselves paying the household bills for men in their lives faced with draconian support bills to the ex-spouses. In turn, successful men are avoiding relationships with those same ex-spouses out of a concern that their gold digging behavior might be transferred to them. Moms find themselves unable to raise children alone because dad was forced to abandon them in these one-sided court battles. Grandmothers and sisters become victims when male family members are threatened with “child support” debtor prisons. The list goes on.

As a knowledgeable father advocate, you bring these issues to the forefront but wonder who’s watching your back. The feminist agenda maligns your efforts with sexist slurs such as the proverbial “dead beat dad”. You read about gender biased laws such as VAWA to prevent violence against women all the while questioning how that law satisfies the “equal protection” clause plainly found in your nation’s Constitution.  Where is your protection from violent women, the ones rarely reported until they resort to guns, knives, poison and murder-for-hire. When will the same people who pass these laws finally hold women accountable for fraudulent reports designed to gain an edge in custody and money extortion schemes? Such tactics have been universally found to constitute a form of domestic violence.

After a hard day’s work, you pay your business, home and cell phone bills only to find that your Verizon carrier is rewarding you with advertising which depicts “dad” as a “monster” to your children. Your president is telling you on Father’s Day that you need to “man-up” to your responsibilities while he shows no manliness in facing the real cause of today’s “Fatherless America”. In television commercials you find football players in pink jerseys supporting breast cancer research but none with cheerleaders wearing shoulder pads supporting prostate research. When the sitcoms and movies return to your set, you are infiltrated with male actors depicted as dumb, weak and feminine. Finally, you hike out to the mountains and forests with no woman around and still ask yourself, can you still be all wrong out here?

It’s a crazy world which requires a more traditional man, exactly like you, to bring sanity back to America and its future generations. When Sara Palin was tapped to become our nation’s first vice-president, she responded to a question about Russian-American relations near Alaska with a bomb threat. This came not long before feminists announced that men sought public office to advance themselves whereas women sought public office to accomplish things. It’s good to know that after thousands of years of self advancement by men which produced the world we live in today, a woman would come along to turn it all into a nuclear winter, an accomplishment to end all accomplishments.

November 28, 2011                                                              Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Utica, New York                                                                   Parenting Rights Institute

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Saratoga National Hostoric ParkOver the past ten days since we launched the Founding Fathers March on Washington, support has grown from all over the country. If you’ve been following our daily countdown of posts, you already know that it is set for April 20, 2012 and is being organized by the Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc. Among our callers is a representative of We the People Family Preservation, Inc.  This particular group appeared at our Parenting Rights Convention this past spring and is sponsoring a Family Preservation Festival at the nation’s capital for the same day as our march. The Festival covers the weekend from Thursday, April 19 through Sunday, April 22, 2012 and includes public speaking events and congressional lobby initiatives.

We have agreed to join efforts to produce a greater impact. Now our motorcade on America’s interstates to the capital beltway will have a place to land and take a stand on the subject of parenting laws and constitutional rights. To gain further participation, we are releasing this week a sequel of daily dedications called the “Liberty and Justice Series” from the Saratoga National Battlefield and Monument in historic upstate New York. You won’t want to miss this spirited segment. The first of this series, posted yesterday, was entitled “Take Back Our Courts”, and it features a New York Supreme Court ruling which I obtained from a judge who sits in Saratoga County. He was assigned to preside over an ongoing case against the state tax department. We need you to get the word out and start planning for our march. God Bless America!

November 28, 2011                                                                          Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Utica, New York                                                                               Parenting Rights Institute

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