Alarming Video of Corrupt Family Judges: Outraged Parents Headed to Washington


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Unfortunately delayed for nearly two months, an NBC production crew has finally released this second in a series of alarming videos which documents widespread corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It is the product of research and visits to victims across the country by the Parenting Rights Institute. Because judges are being exposed in serial fashion, this delay is no doubt caused by a scrutiny of content for accuracy.

The sampling of judges illustrates just how serious corruption has become in these courts. Many victims place blind trust in their “gods of justice” only to learn too late that they are permanently victimized. These judges were once the same lawyers profiting off of lucrative controversy to cause severe parental alienation, veteran suicides and debtor prisons under the guise of acting in our children’s “best interests.”

The time for talk, keyboarding and sermonizing to the choir is over. The system has become a trillion dollar industry with psychiatrists, counselors, case workers and countless court predators swallowing whole your earnings, savings and college funds to feed an endless greed. Children who once respected and loved both parents are taught to spy, hate and disown them with little or no cause. The alienation here is worse than the ordeals of illegal aliens being protected at our borders.

Outraged parents are wasting their time with complaints to federal and state agencies. Such parents (legally here) are no one’s priority because the state is seizing our childrearing authority as part of a New World Order. Only last month, representatives of our Institute met with a high ranking delegate to the United Nations only to learn that we would get no sympathy there. If you have survived these courts or even if you have never been to one, you are harmed in countless other ways by the societal costs.

That is why we have had enough. These lawsuits, complaints and reports are a waste when our own government does not even have the courtesy of giving a reply to so many. We have to take our case to Washington on May 3, 2019. We are going there to demand a federal investigation of these courts, to support a national shared parenting bill for an end to custody and alienation tactics, and a repeal of Title IV-D funding that is being abused to fill our jails, hospitals and morgues.



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As we reach the two week mark in our Founding Fathers March on Washington, another protest may be brewing at the courthouse steps of New York’s high court in Albany. It comes in the wake of a formal complaint issued to current Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman by parental advocate Dr. Leon Koziol regarding a political poster featured on the courthouse walls. Convicted criminal and former Chief Judge Sol Wachtler is presently being advertised as a former candidate on the Republican line for judgeship to this same court. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Wachtler, he was prosecuted for blackmail, racketeering and stalking a former lover, among other crimes during the nineties, even using court personnel to target a New Jersey lawyer for purposes of impairing his law license.

It all resulted in a guilty plea and federal prison term for Wachtler. Yet our highest court continues to praise him as a man of “integrity” on our public courthouse walls. The complaint underscores the need for parents to be vigilant of their rights and to protect their children from judges themselves. To be sure, Judge Wachtler threatened to kidnap his ex-lover’s child with audacity to send condoms to her 14 year old daughter! You can see why the Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc. are joining forces with other concerned groups to protest corruption in our courts. Help us by organizing your friends and family in a peaceful demonstration on the west lawn of Senate Park in our nation’s capital on April 20, 2012. Kindly pass this on to others and exploit any media contacts that you may have.

See a copy of the recently filed complaint (Click Here)

Day 150: New York High Court Features Political Plaque Honoring Criminal Judge

In the countdown leading up to the Founding Fathers March on April 20, 2012, we have promised daily news items and dedications acclimating America to the abuses we are seeking to reform in our nation’s domestic relations courts.When court papers were served upon the current New York Chief Justice and court system in my federal action posted elsewhere on this site, I became aware of a plaque posted on the wall of the clerk’s office at the Court of Appeals in Albany, New York, the state’s highest court.

 One year later, that plaque was still there greeting members of the public who filed papers, argued cases or simply toured our halls of justice. It’s a giant campaign poster urging the public to vote for “Sol Wachtler”, among others, on the Republican line for a judgeship to the state’s highest court. Evidently, the court is memorializing the campaign which resulted in Wachtler becoming its Chief Justice, prior to his arrest for extortion, attempted kidnapping and harassment of a woman and her minor daughter during the early nineties.

The former Chief Judge was eventually convicted and imprisoned for more than one year. You can find more disgusting details of his exploits in multiple news accounts and his very own book. Like the Spitzer and Bruno cases, neither New York’s state police nor its Judicial Conduct Commission could manage to bring this man to justice. It took a federal agency to end his torment upon a young girl and her mom. This is the same judge presiding over a court system which commits many good fathers to prison each day simply because they could not afford to pay a tax known as “child support” for the “privilege” of seeing their own children.

In a day when Penn State is erasing images of Jerry Sandusky around campus on the mere allegation of child abuse, New York’s high court finds no similar urge to remove a political advertisement asking voters to support a judge convicted of some very heinous behavior. If you care to know how I might have handled the situation, see our post and video dedicated to “the Child” found at “Day 153”. We all like to believe when we come before judges cloaked in dignified robes that superior character and law abiding behavior would come as a benchmark for others to emulate. Instead we find one example after the other which shows that our disputes might be better off placed in the hands of the local bartender or diner waitress.

It’s time we showed our disgust with a system that sets such a bad example. You will find other examples of corrupt judges who abused our children, taxes and entrusted duties elsewhere on our site. In the meantime, please pass this message, associated video and confirming picture of Sol Wachtler to others. Ask your media representatives why they are not doing their part under the First Amendment to further expose this corruption. For too long they have looked the other way as America’s fathers remained subject to our last bastion of institutional discrimination.

Albany, New York                                                                 Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

November 23, 2011                                                              Parenting Rights Institute

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