Dr. Leon Koziol in Hawaii on Book Publishing Assignment

Hard at work on a secluded beach in Hawaii


After promoting a Super Bowl rally for parental equality and court reform in San Francisco, Dr. Leon Koziol left for Hawaii where he was retained to author two books for a mother and father victim of divorce, custody and support court. He is expected to be in Florida next month to continue his work for victimized parents with a goal of making parental equality and family privacy rights a key issue in the presidential elections.

The Super Bowl rally was sponsored by an upcoming group of parents in California fed up with abuses in these courts: http://www.YourParentalRights.com. Messages contained on the various protest signs ranged from “Fathers Matter” to “Stop Family Court Corruption,” and they resonated among the fans entering and leaving a packed stadium. It is hoped that momentum will continue to grow for a rally in our nation’s capital this June.

Dr. Koziol has helped parents make their ordeals known for reform purposes. His manuscripts have become highly useful for sending crucial messages to politicians and news organizations. After a conference with influential clergy in Manhattan last month, Leon is hoping to draw interest from CBS 60 Minutes and other producers where he was once featured. These books play a major role for convincing policymakers and news makers that parental equality and court reform are the paramount issues of our day.

Even if you are not keen to public acclaim, the books he helps publish provide autobiographies for those who wish to “set the record straight” for their children, families and future generations. However it seems that everyone wants to write a book, but only a small percentage ever see a bookstore or book signing event. Stories are a dime a dozen. It takes litigation experience and proven credentials to transform complex ordeals into a marketable publication.

Leon has used his experience to publish such books as his 2014 novel, Voyage to Armageddon, available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other major bookseller sites. He has authored reports, appellate briefs and argued cases before a federal appeals court in Manhattan and other locations. If you would like a fee quote or to offer a proposal for publication, feel free to contact him at his office at Parenting Rights Institute, (315) 380-3420; leonkoziol@ParentingRightsInstitute.com or direct at (315) 796-4000.