An Open Letter to Sylvester Stallone and the Expendables in Support of Fathers


Dear Sylvester Stallone:

We enjoyed your movie series “The Expendables.” This open letter builds upon that theme by alerting you to a real life story involving “expendables” in our nation’s domestic relations courts. I refer of course to good fathers relegated to that lower class of citizen known as a “non-custodial parent” and made to exercise an archaic form of parenting known as “visitation.” Such an exercise is more appropriate for prisons and funerals, not children and families.

An insidious trend continues to develop across our country whereby fit and loving fathers are marginalized, alienated and even removed from their children’s lives in order to feed a trillion dollar government industry. This industry thrives on orchestrated conflict, needless litigation and federal incentive grants that reward judges, lawyers and our state governments based on the number and magnitude of child support orders manufactured in these courts. Such orders are dependent upon an unequal scheme of parenting classifications and otherwise threatened by any shared parenting law routinely suppressed by political insiders and bar associations.

It is a trend which requires heroic action of a different kind. I am very respectfully asking you to assemble a team of celebrities in support of a fathers rights cause which could awaken our nation to a serious epidemic with lasting benefits for generations to come. To that end, I have released an extensive report based on my experience as a father and trial attorney which contains an action plan for a fathers day rally in Washington D.C., a writ before the Supreme Court filed the same week and a political action committee which requires financial support. Entitled “We Are Fathers,” it is being shared among high profile figures and the public generally over the viral internet.

I am a civil rights advocate who spent more than 23 years successfully litigating David and Goliath cases on behalf of women, children, minorities and land owners, among other victims of government abuse. When I turned my energies against my profession by seeking family court reforms, an ordeal ensued which reads today like a John Grisham novel. Here is one excerpt from my report which illustrates why my public message, informative website and reform efforts are being targeted contrary to First Amendment protections:

“If you are not yet convinced of the critical need for action and financial support, consider the fact that there are   approximately 300,000 lawyers in the state of California alone with as many law school candidates as there are practicing attorneys nationwide. There is no end in sight to this glut of lawyers entering the market on an annual basis, and the least qualified ones typically end up in family court. This is where apprentices learn their trade and marginal lawyers can instigate lucrative controversy to last an entire career. It begets a host of forensic additions to the mix by request or court order, including psychologists, law guardians and social workers, all in the business of dictating how our children are to be raised on vague, conflicting or utopian standards.

Accountability is as nonexistent as the number of malpractice cases arising in these tribunals. In the medical profession, a surgeon who performs needless operations for profit is discovered through an objective review process. In family court, when a lawyer performs a needless hearing for profit, there is no similar review, no real measure for competent performance. The all-encompassing child’s “best interests” can be satisfied by any half baked participant, and parental alienation is a damage claim that is typically non-recoverable. If you are a person who has not yet been harmed by this system, you pay the price for it in taxes and social costs at the very least.”

Exactly three years ago, actor George Clooney staged a protest in front of the Sudan Embassy in Washington D.C. to bring world attention to the hunger and homeless plight in that east African nation. Here in the states, homeless fathers are being manufactured by an unjust system, and we are merely asking for your support and participation. If you could manage to assemble action hero fathers to produce three blockbuster films, you can become a more profound hero for the ages by doing the same for this vital cause. We fathers have faithfully supported your celebrities: Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damm, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Mel Gibson and others.  Now we need your help.

I will conclude this public appeal by asking all fathers and their loving families to contact these celebrities directly or through their agents to invite greater public support. I will also reiterate a quote taken from a Bruce Willis movie, Tears of the Sun, and an excerpt from my report relating to military and public safety victims:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

                                                                                                            Edmund Burke

     “And so, while our federal government escalates its military involvement around the globe, soldiers are returning to empty homes, child alienation and felony support warrants. I was able to save the life of one such victim from attempted suicide at a parenting convention we sponsored in 2011, but the unsuccessful instances are more telling, see i.e. Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class Citizen.Org (2009). Father discrimination may be the convenient scapegoat for politicians seeking to advance themselves, but as President Calvin Coolidge is quoted: “A country which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.” This message resonates as well with our domestic defenders. Virtually all responders on 9-11 were men entitled to equal treatment under the law. Yet an unpublicized number of fathers became eternally separated from their children and families without any changes to these laws as construed and enforced by our courts.”

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol, Director
National League of Fathers, Inc. & Parenting Rights Institute
(315) 796-4000
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