The Founding Fathers March

Mark your calendars, April 20, 2012, for the FOUNDING  FATHERS  MARCH, sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, National League of Fathers, Inc. and all other groups or persons wishing to join a growing number of Americans committed to the principles of our Constitution. We are seeking to end discrimination against fathers and non-custodial mothers in childrearing laws, among other abuses. The time of exploiting our children for money is over.

This is a modern day movement which is long overdue in our domestic relations courts, state houses and Congress. Lawyers and politicians have discovered a gold mine based upon a scheme of custody laws which forces good parents to fight over their own offspring. Like slavery, separate but equal doctrine and women deprived their right to vote, this “custodial institution of childrearing” is outdated, oppressive and based upon a time when mothers stayed at home.

The abuse of fathers and working moms has now reached a breaking point. Increased numbers of parents are resorting to lawlessness along the last frontier of civil rights reform in America today. From employment under the table needed for survival to murder-suicides by those enduring severe despair over their children, the harm to America imposes a duty upon all of us to help one another. There can be no greater liberty than the right to rear one’s own children.

Welcome to the Founding Fathers March, an event which combines our civil rights movements, Wall Street protests and tea party events into a motorized convergence upon our nation’s capital. Our goal is to promote principles established by our founding fathers. When they gathered in the dangerous climate of their day, they sought to make all persons equal with rights to pursue happiness. They entrusted us to assure that such principles would last beyond the parchment.

Accordingly, over the course of our history, millions of men, fathers and able bodied soldiers answered the call of duty, returning home only to find that spineless decision makers had no intention of enforcing the rights for which they sacrificed. In our family courts, there is no Constitution, only an abuse of power premised upon our children’s purported “best interests”. Money has overcome justice, equality, compassion and plain common sense.

Fellow parents: enough is enough. No more complaining and keyboard appeals. No one is listening to you. It’s time for action, a visible statement with a united presence so that meaningful reform can be achieved. Do not count on your neighbors or politicians to make this happen. You are an integral part of America. It’s your job to make a future for our people. Otherwise just accept the abuse, the crime, the corruption, and damage upon our moral fiber.

This march can happen, and it must happen, if our children and principles mean anything to you. It has precedent, and here is how it can work. We’re not promoting a sixties type street demonstration so much as we are a motorized one. With today’s technology, we can coordinate a motorcade of cars, bikes and trucks down America’s interstate highways, converging upon our capital’s beltway in a manner never seen before. Each vehicle can bear its own message.

Not long ago, this approach was successfully undertaken by a citizens group in New York led by the same person authoring this announcement. In one event, some 2200 vehicles circled an Indian casino in protest of sovereign land claims. They frustrated access and gained attention of media across America. It was followed by a direct motorcade from Buffalo to Albany that was featured on 60 Minutes. In the end, land claims were dismissed and tax reform was achieved.

We need you now to make this happen nationwide on April 20, 2012 while Congress is in session and the presidential elections are in full swing. Our Thomas Ball Society is gaining interest and can act as a steering committee of delegates from all 50 states (a veritable continental congress). Fathers in particular must make this stand, bearing their work uniforms to show how America was built and defended over two centuries.

Today is Day 157 to the time of our event. Each succeeding one will be dedicated to a person victimized by constitutional violations. Stories and education pieces will follow. So stay in contact with our site,, and successor sites, as the movement becomes viral. Send us your own experience, your ideas and, most importantly, your contributions. Together, we can combine talents to make our government responsive to all people in the land we occupy.

November 16, 2011                                                        Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parental Rights Advocate

Thomas Ball Society Announced – New Video Emerges!

PARENTING ALERT:  We’re making our next move. The Parenting Rights Institute today announced a proposal for the creation of the “Thomas Ball Society”. This group of parent, child and family advocates will join efforts across the nation in protest of a system of laws which is taking children from good parents on an escalating scale. In some cases, the seizure is carried out directly by state agencies purporting to act in our children’s so-called “best interests”. Using the same propaganda, the state seizes other children through oppressive “custody” and “support” processes which force parents to fight over their own offspring.

Sgt. Thomas Ball burned himself alive in front of the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse in Keene, New Hampshire this past June to bring attention and reform to these oppressive processes (see his manifesto). We cannot even relate to the level of commitment, sacrifice and pain this man endured in an effort to safeguard our American value systems. However, unlike the protester he was seeking to emulate in the Arab world uprisings, Tom’s event was profoundly suppressed and received hardly any mainstream news media coverage. You could imagine the opposite effect if a mother burned herself alive in protest of domestic violence at the same courthouse. Countless state agencies would benefit financially from the public outcry.

Tom stood for the most basic principles upon which our nation was founded. However, the child has been converted by the state into a multi-billion dollar industry – America’s new modern day version of capitalism. Our government will promote money interests not unlike Hitler promoted Nazi youth and Soviet imperialists promoted socialism. The difference here, of course, is that we have this thing called the Constitution. It was designed to check government advances upon our most cherished liberties. And there is no liberty or privacy interest more cherished than the right to rear our own children free from utopian philosophies and lucrative child transfers.

It is our job, as the “People” in that Constitution to place limits upon state power. Otherwise it is nothing more than parchment destined for sterility by an authoritative substitute. In this alert, we are providing you with a link to learn more about Thomas Ball. Also we are continuing to solicit donations behind the parenting rights litigation brought by Parental Rights Advocate Leon Koziol. In coming weeks, we will be contacting family rights leaders around the country to join this society. If you are interested, please contact us at or You can also call direct at (315) 796-4000. The physical life of Thomas Ball may have been extinguished by a final dying ember at a courthouse of a small American town. But from Tom’s ashes, a patriotic spirit has been renewed which can never die.

The following news documentary video is courtesy of our liberty-minded friends at FreeKeene.Com which aired on July 18, 2011.  We would like to thank them for doing an outstanding job of producing such a fine masterpiece! As of today’s posting, this video has yet to receive the kind of viral-like circulation that it deserves amongst the parenting rights movement. Help spread the word – we encourage you to share this video of the Thomas Ball story with others in an effort to let the truth be known.

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