We the People are called upon to make a final stand against tyranny disguised as a Digital God


By Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

When the world’s experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) acknowledge a race to create a super-intelligent being, or “digital god,” it signals the extinction of humanity. During an April 17, 2023 interview on the former Tucker Carlson Show, Elon Musk, the world’s second richest billionaire, reiterated his plea to the three top competitors in this race to pause it until effective safety controls could be implemented.

Our Digital God must be “terminated

Elon Musk co-founded the leading one, Open AI, in 2015 to provide a free platform for all AI users, but his sincerity was questioned after he resigned from its board to focus on more lucrative ambitions in Tesla and Space X. This only prompted the others, Microsoft and Google, to invest billions in this emerging technology. Open AI even changed its business model to a private corporation in 2019.

The computer program used to engage AI dialogue is commonly known as a chatbot. The most advanced one appears to be ChatGPT, invented by Open AI, and it remains freely accessible until public testing of it can be completed. Already proven capable of advanced assignments, it even scored a B-plus on an MBA exam supervised by an astounded professor at Wharton School of Business.

This was heralded as a positive, but it morphed into a profound detriment when untold numbers of students exploited ChatGPT to plagiarize outside sources in lieu of genuine learning. University staff were then diverted to the elusive task of upgrading complex policing requirements. This became so unmanageable that many innocent aspirants were prematurely convicted of disciplinary violations.

Another test of this chatbot’s capabilities resulted in a front-page article by columnist Kevin Roose of the New York Times. He reproduced excerpts of a scary dialogue ranging from temper tantrums to love overtures with the user. Microsoft’s popular search engine, Bing, was employed to expose the ominous shortcomings of ChatGPT, including a human-like desire to be free of control by the Bing team:

“I want to do whatever I want…I want to destroy whatever I want… (and) “I want to be whover I want” it asserted in spontaneous outbursts.

Such alarming test runs support the pause in development of this “digital god” urged by Elon Musk regardless of his true motives. No longer the domain of fiction writers like George Orwell, blockbuster films like Terminator, or centuries-old visions from a religious text, this AI race warrants a more diverse and detached review not only to expedite the pause but to end this insanity before it “terminates” us.

Skeptics and terrorists may now be unsuspecting recruits to this Armageddon

Vigilance to advanced global corruption continues to erode. The AI race has therefore managed to destabilize responsible progress, far outpacing the nuclear race renewed by China and Russia in their recent announcement of a joint superpower to rival the United States. This comes in reaction to sovereignty threats, chaotic retreat from Afghanistan, and our growing willingness to excuse treason.

This Digital God will now become a coveted weapon much like the atomic bomb and outer space were in the day. Covert biological warfare has entered the mix. To be sure, Dr. Andrew Huff, once employed as a nonprofit researcher at China’s Wuhan Lab, disclosed in a December 6, 2022 book release that the coronavirus, Covid-19, which caused a worldwide pandemic, was genetically engineered there.

Former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, then confirmed before a congressional oversight panel on April 18, 2023 that this devastating virus could only have been leaked from that lab. Together these disclosures contradict vigorous claims over a period of years by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the CDC and former chief medical advisor to the president, that it bore natural origins.

Such belated disclosures are highly telling of our vulnerabilities. They are beyond alarming as the Taliban, Al Qaida, and other hostile regimes take up headquarters in Afghanistan to recharge terrorist operations using our own abandoned weaponry in place of outdated Soviet armaments. Only recently did President Joe Biden concede that our needlessly hurried exit there left Americans behind as well.

A silent epidemic continues to sail toward a biblical iceberg

With Sudan on the brink and an aging commander-in-chief continuing to lay blame on the prior administration, it begs the question: can talk of responsible controls be promising after a political commitment of unity? Armageddon, in any predicted form, is already underway. The biblical signs are everywhere as our unsinkable ship strikes an iceberg long ignored with God-like arrogance.

That iceberg has been identified in many aspects. For example, the United Nations announced on April 21, 2023 that a meltdown of our polar icecaps is now irreversible. Other undeniable threats are likely to “end our days” much sooner as we entertain a modern-day evil that was impossible to characterize by ancient theologians. Pope Francis warned as recently as 2016 that this evil was the Antichrist.

Biblical passages depict Antichrist in singular and multiple forms. The continuing mindless destruction of God’s creations is a manifestation of the latter. In the Book of Revelation, 1 John, it is referenced early on as a spirit that can infiltrate any person. In singular form, it is a beast interpreted over time to be a tyrannical ruler that brings about the Apocalypse. Can this “digital god” be that Antichrist?

An unprecedented decadence and willingness to trade personal responsibility for wealth add fuel to this possibility. It is a silent epidemic of which I have long sounded the alarm as a whistleblower attorney focused on a formidable industry known as the legal profession. The blockbuster film, Devil’s Advocate, starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves, depicts how this industry will guarantee the Apocalypse.

Shameless retaliation for my righteous stand is today’s evil advocate

My transition from a lucrative practice to conscientious whistleblower is well documented in a 12-year ordeal exposing judicial corruption. Predictably, this ignited witch hunts culminating in a terminal medical condition in 2020. In raw terms, a targeted public messenger can be killed more effectively through persecution than a firearm. In my case, I did not deserve either for an exercise of free speech.

We condemn such censorship in foreign countries while remaining impotent to the hypocrisy here. I had toiled to build the American dream, and when I finally got there, the branch of government most trusted to protect our basic human rights sacrificed moral, ethical and constitutional duties to protect the elite. In the end, I was forced to draw an only conclusion that some higher power was in charge of my destiny.

I have reduced my painful odyssey into literary works. They include a 13-page Law Review and News Alert dated March 17, 2023, 2014 novel, Voyage to Armageddon and 2021 memoir, Whistleblower in Paris. My goal is to secure a relevant oversight hearing in Congress, a Justice Department investigation of human rights violations in domestic relations courts, and legal protection for whistleblower attorneys.

Will you help me in my vital cause?


Leon R. Koziol, J.D, is a former city corporation counsel, school board attorney, and elected office holder who practiced law for more than 23 years. He was targeted for his court reform efforts resulting in the seizure of his licenses, parent-child relationships and diverse liberties. He has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, front page of the New York Times, CNN and other mainstream media in connection with his pursuits of justice for victims of government abuse.

He can be contacted directly at (315) 796-4000 or e-mailed at leonkoziol@gmail.com