Discrimination Now Legal on Both Sides of Mason-Dixon Line

Leon Koziol at Country Music Hall of Fame
Leon Koziol at Country Music Hall of Fame

Fatherless Friday, June 19th, Set for Rally at Supreme Court

It used to be that discrimination was legal only in states south of the Mason-Dixon border, but after completing our fathers rights meetings this week in Nashville, we have concluded that discrimination is now legal on both sides of that line.

On an increasing scale each year fathers are being remanded to the role of visitors or virtual parents in their children’s lives simply because of their male birth status. They are then subjected to indentured service to scorned adversaries known as custodial parents ultimately becoming legal sub-class citizens with the specter of debtor prisons hanging over their heads.

Indeed all manner of constitutional protection has been set aside under a judge made law dating back to feudal England known as equity power. Under this authority fathers can be targeted as criminals simply because they have relocated to other states in search of employment. The vast majority of fathers cannot possibly know that they are considered criminals due to a support debt treated as a tax by our government.

The situation today is completely out of control because fathers are allowing it. They would rather go bowling or watch tournament games than get personally involved in a long overdue reform effort. Not a single one to date has stepped up to the plate to recruit participants at a rally in Washington on fatherless day, June 19th.

For those of you unfamiliar with the fatherless day tradition, it is the annual Friday before Fathers’ Day which equal rights advocates have set aside to conduct nationwide rallies against Family Court abuses at courthouses and state capitals across the country. Most Americans are unaware of this tradition because the media has suppressed it and our government has exploited discrimination for profit. It simply does not fit into the civil rights categories defined by liberals and feminists.

But the reality is that father discrimination is at the root of social ills in this nation. Here in Nashville we have decided to do something about it. A series of posts at Leon Koziol. com  describes a We Are Fathers campaign to end the last bastion of legal discrimination remaining unchecked in America today.

But for this campaign to succeed, all concerned people must get involved. Reform is not free and it won’t be done by your neighbor or  some stranger. These are your children too and they rely on your donations and personal recruitment efforts. Otherwise, like all prior reform efforts, it will suffer a quick death.

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Dedication to America’s Soldiers Betrayed By Their Government in Domestic Courts

Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D., co-founder of the Parenting Rights Institute and National League of Fathers, Inc. traveled to New York on December 11, 2011 to issue a public statement and commitment to returning soldiers victimized by discriminatory and abusive laws in America’s domestic relations courts. From Liberty Park on the New Jersey shore, Dr. Koziol paid tribute to the sacrifices of our fighting fathers in the military returning home from service abroad. Taken from the base of a 1985 monument with the Statue of Liberty in the background, Dr. Koziol asks our citizenry to join the effort to reform lucrative child exploitation laws which are leading to a fatherless America. Underemployed parents are being needlessly separated from their children and remanded to debtor prisons.

Fraudulent “awards” known as “child support” provide Title IV incentive funds to the states based on the number and magnitude of court orders mass produced in the states. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry based not upon the true needs of America’s children, but upon the greed of lawyers and politicians. Escalating levels of suicide and child abandonment are the result fueled by a mass prejudice inflicted upon mainstream fathers. These good men are victimized simply because of their birth defect (male traits) and separated childrearing environments. Such money awards are producing un-remedied frauds, perjury and violence in and out of our courts to create an epidemic in domestic relations here in the states.

Few are paying much attention to this epidemic. However, its combined effects are impairing the productivity, health care and public safety of an entire nation. Dr. Koziol is asking all viewers of this news item to help him raise funds behind a growing movement and the Founding Fathers March on Washington set for April 20, 2012. We need serious and immediate participation to bring proper awareness to this vital cause. People are registering their approval but falling short of any meaningful commitment to the sacrifice and efforts of the Institute and its satellite entities. Please do your part. All families and children in particular will benefit in the end.

Help support pending litigation costs to reform oppressive custody and support laws! (Read Here)